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I wish you would write a fanfic where Levi and Eren are females (optional) and Levi is a makeup artist and eren is a model and Levi has to do this complicated design and gets up in Eren's face and the brunette fucker steals a kiss

“Oh yeah, this is my film crew, they’re following me around for a documentary on the modeling industry.”

Levi looked at the cameras uncomfortably. 

“It’s cool, they’ll like blur your face out or whatever. Or you can sign the waiver.”

Levi didn’t say anything, he just went back to grabbing his brushes.

“And these are sterilized?” Eren prompted.

Levi looked at him incredulously and then back to the cameras.

“Levi is such a neat freak, he makes sure all of his brushes are sterilized so I don’t get any kind of infection or cross contamination. That’s how you know he’s a professional,” Eren said into the cameras as Levi shyly angled away.

“Yeah well,” Levi grunted. “You can’t work if you’re covered in oily zits.”

“HA!” Eren laughed, lying back and getting more comfortable in his seat. “See guys? This is where the magic happens. This is where you get my best side, in this very chair.”

“Hold still,” Levi said, gripping his chin gently and dabbing with his blending tool.

Eren sighed and closed his eyes, his face relaxing as Levi administered to him.

“Zoom in,” Hanji the director muttered to her camera man. “And I want lots of close-ups of their faces. We’re creating a narrative here, Moblit!”

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If you're still matching people, I'd like to be matched. I'm a 5'7" brunette demigirl. I tend to have really creative ideas and I love to draw, paint, and sew. I'm pretty pretentious and quite defensive when it comes to art. I actually love having alone time, so I only want affection on my terms. I'm up for anything, be it zip lining, an impromptu road trip, setting stuff on fire(safely, like in a controlled bonfire, I'm not reckless) etc. (just not sex, not cool with that). Thank you in advance

Your match is Denmark!

He would be up for whatever it is, be it road trip or setting stuff on fire! Adventures in relationships is what he’s all about

~Admin Abbi

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ive been following your blog for a long time and tbh I really like your art and just you in general??? You seem really chill and I rly wanna do some fanart for you??? Im practicing more and your OCs are rly cool but I was wondering which one you would prefer having art of?? B)

oh man oh man thank you!! / v \ honestly i don’t mind whatever u think is the most fun to draw! i think Yana is probably my fav OC at the moment and the only one with a finished design tho ahhhh

Bigstar 3rd anniversary

ok so Bigstar is having their 3rd anniversary on July 12th and I just thought it might be cool if we tweet to them using #3yearssinceBigstart or #3yearswithBigstar or something just so we would do it all together you know?  if you have any suggestions please share them with me. it’s so hard to find you Only Ones!
ps: please share this with people that like Bigstar
Oh and if you’re comfortable with sharing this I think it would be cool to tell them where you live (not necessarily your country but for example: America, East Europe or whatever) because they get really excited when they hear they have fans from all around the world!

Am I the only one that thinks she looks like Juvia?
I mean her eyes
Her face
That uninterested look
Maybe it’s just a coincidence and Mashima just made them look alike by mistake or whatever
But yo how cool would it be if she was relayed to Juvia
Especially after Gray’s reaction like woe
And especially since Juvia has no family and her backstory is a mystery

first on this account anyway

ok so i hit 2k yesterday and i decided a follow forever would be p cool but let me tell you….i’m gonna forget some people no hard feelings right


this is to say thank you i love you and don’t ever leave me ily

the santa squad;

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thank you for listening to my rants and whatever you guys are a+

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So one of our visitors is this young couple and they’re kind of annoying as fuck. So this guy is talking about how they had German shepherds growing up and they would dig their yard up and that his dad would just beat them with his shoe when they did.

I couldn’t bite my tongue and said “that is no way to train up a dog.” And his girlfriend/wife/whatever just smirked at me and shrugged her shoulders and said “well they have to learn somehow.”

My blood was boiling but they’re my parents’ guests so I’m keeping my cool and I just said “well I hope to god you don’t have any dogs currently.” and walked away.

Anyway, these two fuckheads go into the backyard and that alone makes me nervous so I go outside because I see the male fuckwad trying to grab Daenerys. So I run out and I’m like “dude what are you fucking doing?” And he goes “yea some training you do. Your dog doesn’t come when you call it.”

I glared at him, turned to Daenerys and said “Daenerys. Here.” And she came bolting toward me and sat in front of me.

I looked at him and said “she IS trained. Trained to come when I call her, and trained to ignore ignorant shitwipes.”

And then I promptly left with her before anyone could say anything else.

aaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa IT´S SELF INSERT WEEKEND ok sunday is almost over here

Bah, I started this week and thought yeah yeah I´ll have enough time but then I suddenly had so much work and I even got this shitty art-block, I couldn´t color at ALL it was so frustrating ;A; so all I could do was flat-coloring……..

but whatever, I think throwing a pajama party, watching cool horror movies, snacking, being lazy and comfy with my husbands would be the best thing ever <3<3<3 (I´m internally screaming and fangirling on this picture!!!!!)

And don´t ask why Maki is half naked I didn´t intend this but it just happened

  • <b><b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> what she says:</b> im fine<p><b>what she means:</b> why does j jonah jameson almost exclusively report about how much he hates spiderman? what did spiderman ever do to him? he never talks about hating other superheros, so why spiderman? why is he allowed to just rant about his hatred of spiderman? isn't there anything else he could talk about like actual news?<p><p><p><p><p>

i wonder how successful the first release of space train to the cosmos was. like, i doubt greg had opened the car wash until he and rose had ‘settled down’ in whatever capacity they could so what other revenue would he be living off of for those first few months/years? plus him recording a song/video w/ the gems implies he was still making stuff for public release. did he record other songs with the gems?

is he like a super indie cult classic and the cool kids generation of post-hipster weirdos all wonder what happened to mr universe. did greg ever release the audio of ‘what can i do’? does that song only exist on that one vhs tape

i have so many questions about greg’s music career 

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How do you think Percy and Annabeth would announce that they're expecting? I think Annabeth would think she convinced Percy to just practically tell their friends...until she shows up to the dinner and Percy has a giant baby costume on

I think she’s a fairly private person so she would probably want to tell them each individually. She would probably be nervous since Hera is the goddess of all that jazz so she would take it slow, wait til she was out of her first trimester and even maybe wait until she started to show a little until she worried about telling anyone. And Percy would be cool with whatever though they of course would have to tell Sally

My dear and awesome friends. I’m going to miss all of you so much. Just remember I’m only a call, text, and whatever else works with the saying, away. We could even try smoke signals or set up some system as those beacons they got in Lord of the Rings. You know, that would be kinda really cool if we could set something like that up, just saying. Anyway, anyhow..there’s not much left for me to say other then Oel ngati kìyevame ye'rìn… 


Okay, so imagine Sarada as the 9th Hokage (because Konohamaru will be the 8th, obviously) and it’s so cool ‘cause he’s his sensei.

Well, whatever.

I just can’t stop thinking how Sasuke and Sakura would react If Sarada really becomes Hokage.

Imagine Sarada knowing the masacre of the Uchiha Clan and all of what Sasuke did in the past. And when she becomes Hogake she’ll make an spech and tell everyone what Itachi did for the village or something like that.

Or someday she goes to the old Uchiha house dressed as Hokage and Sasuke just stares proudly at her.

BECAUSE, C'MON! Sarada would be the first Uchiha that is Hokage and that’s just so cool.

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yOU are the only person I've seen in a while to acknowledge that Dave needs enthusiastic validation instead of Karkat's... whatever he would do. (Nothing against kk, I like him, just not with the blind love I used to have? I dunno??) I have actually seen someone post about how Jade and Dave would be bad for each other because she's naive enough to believe he's actually 100% a coolkid and he's condescending enough to let her????

no one really believes that, terezi came closest maybe but even she called him out. jade thinks dave is cool and his interests are cool, but she doesnt think hes cool when he isnt letting himself have a good time

TG: im not gonna play in the snow
TG: maybe you missed those credentials i flashed which clearly stated me being too cool for that
TG: like federally too cool
TG: my coolness is named after a dead president plus his middle initial to make it sound extra legit
GG: i know youre joking around, you are not too cool at all, you dont even think that
TG: ok

people must confuse ‘jade lets dave hold onto his confidence when it doesnt hurt himself or others’ with ‘jade is naive and unaware of the facade literally everyone knows isnt real’. she enjoys when he likes things genuinely and i think shed be the most encouraging of him to be his true self

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It's your fucking blog, you can post whatever you want. I'm happy to learn about your personal life and opinions and if I didn't like it, I would unfollow you instead of whining about it. I didn't just follow this blog for Community gifs; I followed it because I wanted more *Community fans* on my dash. That's what fandom means to me. There are other people who care about the stuff I care about, and they have real lives and personalities too! Wow, cool!

Originally posted by theblackguyoncommunity

RS Rewritten

Tbh some part of me really wants to rewrite RS with Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, Margaret, and CJ as the main cast where it’s basically more focused on the five of them taking out all of the villains in the RS world.

It would be cool. Whenever Mordecai and Rigby get into some stupid stuff like they summon some demon or whatever, not only are Mordecai and Rigby fighting, but they also have their kickass female friends fighting them as well.

Not only that, but it would be really cool to develop all their characters better, (for example: having Eileen research all the villains and making some kind of antidote to destroy it) make CJ a better person, make it really freaking powerful and hits your feels (but not to the point where it’s completely unnecessary), and just to expand more on their characters.

Here’s the thing tho: I can write like hell but I can’t draw for shit, so idk how that’s going to work. What do you guys think about this idea?

My 2 cents on "coming out"

The whole phenomena and process of “coming out” whether it be via social media, or in person or whatever in my opinion needs to be eradicated. I truly believe that it just perpetuates heteronormativity because we’re assuming being straight is the “norm” and anything that deviates from that is something that needs to be public knowledge before you can talk about anything “gay” openly to anyone. It would be cool if at some point in the near future an individual’s sexuality could be treated as their race in the sense that it’s just a fact about them, they can’t change it, and it doesn’t need to be announced before being comfortable with talking about it. Like I look racially ambiguous but if someone were to ask me what race I was (in an appropriate way) I would just tell them that I’m Indian. Or, that fact about me may just come up in the conversation. I feel like sexuality should be treated the same way. Always ambiguous until told. And not something that has to be uncomfortable to say when you’re not “out” to the group of people you are taking to.

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Zaza D I has a horrible stomach ache because I forgot I have a fragile tummy and ate junk food. :'( could you tell me a funny story maybe? (I know, I'm still five years old inside)

*pets you gently* poor Ashlee dearheart. i know those feels all too well. okay story time. my fourth year in uni, i lived in a high rise that was full of other students. everyone was cool, so i left my door unlocked. if ppl wanted to chat, or needed to vent or whatever, they would just pop on over. 

so one day this gal knocks, and i’m like “oh hey come on in, what can i get you to drink? i’m having wine, would you like a glass? who told you to stop by?what’s up with you? things going alright?” 

she takes the cup, sits down on my couch and is looking all nervous. then i try to be extra comforting, i’m like, “i see you’re troubled, you can tell me whatever you’d like- i won’t judge you, i’m just here to listen.” 

and then she goes, “i was looking for my friend in room 1204″

*facepalm* my room was 1104. lol! she was all apologetic, like “you were just so nice i didn’t want to tell you i had the wrong room. but hey, do you wanna come up for a drink with us?” and that is how i made 2 new friends for life!


astrophantomplanet okay so here’s what I was playing around with before I got your message. Sorry I lost quality on some of these but they should be more than good enough once you shrink it down to icon size if any of these strike your fancy. :D

And I realized that I don’t actually have masters of All Time on DVD and my internet isn’t great for streaming HD so I was just working with the screenshots I could find via google search (only one with full body dancing, sorry!) XP But yeah let me know if you want me to try something else with any of these…

(I’d be fine with anyone else using these as icons too, just don’t use whatever astrophantomplanet picks. and some form of credit would be cool)

like it’s very true what the dream said in that billboard interview about how taylor swift, being white, can say no to spotify a lot more easily than a black artist can, and black artists often can’t afford to leave exploitative systems like spotify because otherwise their exposure to a broader audience is limited by other racist media outlets. there are a lot of struggling artists who have no choice but to just take whatever piecemeal cheque spotify doles out. but like. i don’t understand why the response to this becomes, “taylor swift is such a privileged bitch” rather than, “boy, it would be cool if other artists who can afford to take the fall would follow taylor’s lead and remove their libraries from spotify in protest until fair payment models become standard in streaming”