whatever i have a crush okay



Oh…. boy.

That’s not good.

Are we gonna have problems?

Jesus Christ, is the fucking…. gravity whatever overheating? This doesn’t seem like it’s supposed to happen.


That’s pretty fucking cool.



Oh…. right. Hyperspeed

I’m guessing there won’t be much of Greg to save if they crash into the zoo.

Come on Steven, you’re a strong boy.

I’m sure you can counteract all this massive force trying to crush your body.

I really, really hate parents who aren’t open to you.

Like, they’re accepting of certain people and things and are super enthusiastic about insisting they’re perfectly fine human beings, unless it’s you.

Then it becomes “No, you aren’t bisexual or gay or whatever, you’re just mistaking aesthetic attraction for romantic attraction” when you try to come out

Or “I never liked boys or had a crush on someone when I was your age” no matter how many times you say ‘no, it’s not that, I’ve never liked men period and I know I never will’

“You don’t have OCD. You just need to change your diet and excercise more” after a tentative ask for help after the stress of a particular ritual left bloody gouges in your skin.

It’s okay to be them. As long as you aren’t.

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oh my god I just found your charliemac 8tracks playlist... where's the fanfiction for this. (would u mind explaining ur song choices? even just if one line fits I'm curious. whenever you have time, doesn't have to be with this ask)

omg sure!! the fanfiction… does not exist but maybe it will someday

okay so when i make 8tracks playlists i generally try to go for some sort of narrative with the songs? the narrative in charlie confesses his feelings for mac is that he’s always had this kinda-sorta crush/love/whatever you call it for mac and then finally one night, while drunk as a skunk, he actually tells mac. to charlie’s surprise, mac reciprocates and the two of them end up together!

song choices

  • yellow cat/red cat- this song just screams charlie to me in general (as do a LOT of say anything songs tbh). it’s less about charlie and mac in this context and more just about charlie’s life
  • unconsolable- “i hope we stay thick as thieves” is a pretty charliemac line i thing? and the song is about someone important in the speaker’s life feeling, well, unconsolable. i personally hc mac as having had sexuality-related breakdowns with charlie when they were younger, which is where this fits in. alternately, i guess you could flip it and have it be about mac comforting charlie one night when he gets too wasted
  • modern world- another one that’s just to set up charlie/the world. it’s about feeling sad and poor and left behind and forgotten which i think describes not just charlie and not even just charlie and mac but really the entire gang?
  • a daydream away- it’s a song about getting happy drunk together with someone you like and thinking about how much you wanna be with them but also about how overwhelming the idea of being with them is…. need i say more
  • skeleton- most tfb songs are also good grounds to be charlie/charliemac songs which is most of the reason this is here
  • i wanna be yours- it’s another song with that sentiment of wanting to be with someone and i just think the sort of drugged-out melancholy this song has going on is really fitting
  • claustrophobia- see yellow cat/red cat and modern world. i think this is just a really good charlie kelly song. particularly the line “the claws are slowly sinking in” could be interpreted as charlie talking about nightman nightmares
  • i’m low on gas and you need a jacket- it’s a song about getting fucked up and missing a former lover…. the line “all these cold empty mattresses and falling stars” in particular struck me as being appropriate for the tone of this playlist
  • neighbors- this one is such a jarring tone shift from the songs that come before it but i intended it to represent the inciting incident that gets charlie drunk enough to finally tell mac
  • the kids are all fucked up- i mean i think the title alone on this one is pretty self-explanatory
  • flashlight- see skeleton. i just really like this song i don’t think there was any really strong lyrical reason that i included this one
  • bail me out- charlie asking mac to help him out, whether in regards to his feelings or to how damn fucked up he is
  • bed sores- it’s a song about childhood friends hanging out in the suburbs and lamenting about how weird and surreal their lives are and how they kind of expected that they’d be doing more with themselves by this point. could also be mac bringing charlie back to the apartment to take care of him
  • always- charlie talking about how he’s always had a thing for mac. he wouldn’t do it nearly as beautifully as this song does though lmao
  • it’s not a side effect of the cocaine- similar to bed sores in that it’s two people discussing the trajectory of their lives and their bond. also this song is just objectively gay that’s all i really have to say
  • aquaman- themes of trying something you’ve been afraid to do aside (charlie telling mac, mac being with a guy), there’s just a really cute charliemac amv set to this song on youtube and i like the song
  • back to life- just like….. the two of them rallying their now-gay asses and reviving the party or whatever the hell prompted charlie to get so fucked up in the first place
  • the richest kids- this song, like modern world, is about feeling sort of lost from time and poor and forgotten about, but in a MUCH happier way than modern world tells it
  • summertime- this song always sounded like it was an exchange between lifelong friends and possible lovers to me so it was a fitting choice
  • your old man- partybaby just feels like being two broke kids out on the streets enjoying your lives together. also “do you ever talk to your old man? and does he understand what we do on the weekends?” sounds like a HELL of a thing for charlie to say to mac
  • renegades- it’s about feeling like outcasts together but being empowered by that and vowing to never change….. mac and charlie’s white trash asses

thanks so much for asking!! i forgot about this playlist tbh but i do still have a pretty big soft spot for it as you can see haha

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How do you get over someone?

I’m honestly hopeless with this kinda question to be honest I’m still tackling crushes and stuff I had back when I was like . 4 y/o (partly bc I’m still close to the person lmao)…. I just love a lot of ppl and never let go of it completely . Like the feels I had have changed but . Still got like something to some folks yk? But it’s not all bad and unhealthy as that may sound, I just mean it’s okay to still think abt people who meant a lot to you at one point (In whatever way) - it’s not bad to care …….that being said tho, sometimes you just have focus on moving forward, you know?? Sometimes you just gotta be ‘a little selfish’ (which is a ridiculous saying bc it ain’t selfish to care for yourself. Your just as valid as a person as the person you’re tRying to get over so give yourself that TIME you give thinking abt them!!!

Sometimes you just gotta put your foot down and realise moving forward is the best way to get over someone. People may come and go but you’re story is still being told. Keep yourself occupied, do things that make you happy, make others happy, be kind, be curious and have fun. General life stuff ygm? And remember you got time . Don’t force yourself to get over mourning, change can be tough to handle at times but - it ain’t the end, it’s a new beginning every time. A new chapter of your story. Take the pen and write with it to the pin where looking back won’t hurt anymore . You got this, bud. You got so much potential to learn from the past (from faults of others or even your own) and even now you’re /still great for just asking this. It’s going to be okay. You’re gonna be okay.

I’m v tired and lying in bed having a hard time falling asleep . idk where this came from but I hope it ???? Helps???? Ily anon. Rooting for u always xoxo

petition for jshaya to end exactly like topanga's crush on eric did

please Disney Channel…..don’t encourage 14-year-old freshmen-in-HIGH-SCHOOL girls to avidly pursue 18-year-old young adult males going into COLLEGE

like. adult age gaps are fine, whatever. I’m sure there are many many happy middle-aged couples who are 3-10 years apart in age that have a healthy, happy, fulfilling relationship. that doesn’t mean it’s okay to tell the younger audience watching the show that it’s okay for girls to pursue boys who are in a completely different path of life

the way Eric nicely (but realistically) let Topanga down in BMW was honestly beautiful. he explained to her that, even though she may be wise/mature at a young age, it doesn’t mean that all boys are going to love her for her brain/maturity. some boys are going to try to take advantage of her. and that’s not okay. Eric rejected her in the nicest, most genuine way he could. at that time, Eric was a sophomore in high school while Topanga was (I believe) in 6th (or 7th?) grade.

hmm. an age gap like that sounds oddly familiar to josh and maya, hmm?

please. I honestly have nothing against relationship age gaps in general, but it completely rubs me the wrong way for Josh to tell Maya things like “you grew up gorgeous” or give her a false sense of hope in the whole “wait until you’re no longer a minor for us to date” thing (VOMIT) when he KNOWS he doesn’t want to be with her. Josh is generally uncomfortable with the thought of dating Maya.

yes; we all know Maya is beautiful and confident and strong-minded and has a sort-of old soul…but that doesn’t make it okay for the Writers to keep this relationship plotline going on and on without real closure for both the characters, as well as us – the audience.

Why Can’t you See?

Request: Hi! I love your blog! It’s just so good! Notifs are always on so I can read your amazing stories! Would you be able to do one where the reader and Dean have to act like a couple for a hunt and this act was all fake but the reader secretly has a crush on Dean and he doesn’t know it? And you can add fluff or whatever you want, you seem to know what to put to make it good :D


Warnings: violence, blood, swearing, fluff

Word Count: 5127

A/N: Ahh I finally got a story out! Okay, I hope you guys like it! Feedback is always welcomed. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post a lot but I have so much in the works and should be posting more very soon!

    You sat in the motel room, waiting for Dean and Sam to come back from the police department. You tried doing some research, but since you guys had next to nothing to go off on, you couldn’t do much research. Instead, you decided to catch up on some much needed sleep.

    You took out one of Dean’s shirts since you forgot your bag in the impala. You put it on and got into one of the two beds that was in the room. You wrapped the blanket around yourself and almost instantly when your head hit the pillow, you were out.


    Sam and Dean opened the motel door. The boys looked at your sleeping figure. “Wow, all that research must be getting to her.” Sam joked. Dean shook his head with a laugh.

    Sam undid his tie as he watched Dean walk over to you. Dean slapped your butt and you awoke with a start. “Seriously?!” You yelled, sitting up on the bed. Dean laughed and took off his suit jacket. You sighed and wrapped the blanket tighter around you. “So, what did you guys find?” You asked.

    “Well, for starters, we think it’s a vengeful spirit.” Sam said, taking out his laptop and opening it. “Second, we’ve come to the conclusion that this specific spirit is targeting couples.” He explained.

    You looked over at Dean. “So, what’s the plan?” You asked. Sam gave you a smirk. “What?” You asked, completely oblivious.

    Dean laughed a bit. “We were thinking of going undercover.” He told you.

    You looked at the both of them. “I mean, I don’t know if people would buy you guys as a couple.” You explained.

    Sam choked on a laugh as Dean’s face went pale. “N-no. Not Sam and I.” Dean said.

    “Sam and I then?” You asked, looking at the younger brother for confirmation. When Sam shook his head you looked back at Dean. “You and I?” You asked.

    Dean nodded. “We need Sam to stay back so he can track us. Lord knows that I can’t do what he does for the life of me.” Dean explained.

    You sighed and laid down. “So, what are we going to do?” You asked.

    Dean smiled a bit. “Well, we’re going to a house that one of our hunter friends has set up and we’re going to act like we just moved in. We’re going to get rings and we’re going to act like a married couple.” He explained.

    You couldn’t help but bask in the fact that Dean was going to act like he was in love with you. You were extremely excited. “When do we start?” You asked, trying not to sound too eager.

    Dean couldn’t help but smile. “We’re getting the rings in the morning. By tomorrow afternoon we will be Mr. and Mrs. Winchester.” He told you.

    You laughed. “Well, that should be fun.” You joked. Dean looked a bit offended as Sam just started laughing.

    You yawned and closed your eyes. “How are you so tired? All you’ve been doing is sitting here.” Dean said.

    “I haven’t been sleeping lately, okay?” You snapped. Dean put his hands up in surrender. You sighed. “Wake me up in the morning when you’re ready to leave.” You said before snuggling further into the bed. Dean sighed and let you sleep.


    “Hey.” Dean shook you awake. You rolled over to see him kneeling on the ground. You groaned at him and tried to roll back over, but Dean grabbed you to keep you where you were. He smirked and reached into his pocket. Your heart sped up. “(Y/N), will you be my fake wife?” He asked holding up a ring.

    You couldn’t help but laugh. “Of course.” You said. He smiled and put the ring on your finger. It was a simple silver band with a heart shaped diamond in the middle. You smiled down at it. “Good choice.” You told him.

    He laughed. “I didn’t want anything flashy. I knew that wasn’t you.” He told you honestly. You nodded and stared down at the ring in awh. “Anyway, Sam bought us a new wardrobe to make it look like we are the movie perfect couple like the others. Yours is in the suitcase. I’ll leave you to get changed and pick you back up in twenty so we can head over to our “house”” He explained, doing air quotations with his fingers.

    “Alright.” You said, standing up out of the bed. Dean gave you a nod before leaving the room. You sighed and walked over to the suitcase. You opened it to reveal a whole wack of skirts and blouses and evening gowns. You practically rolled your eyes. “No jeans or plaid.” You huffed. You grabbed a pink blouse with a little black skirt and a pair of black flats. You put your hand up in a sock bun and then grabbed the suitcase. You opened the door just as Dean was about to knock. He looked you up and down. You couldn’t stop the heat from rushing to your cheeks. “I know. I look like a stuck up rich girl.” You said, looking down at yourself.

    Dean shook his head and looked you in your eyes. “No. You look amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in something other than jeans.” He joked. You laughed and took him in. He was wearing a nice pair of black pants with a knitted sweater overtop of a white shirt. You couldn’t help but laugh. That was something you never imagined Dean would wear. He sighed. “I know. I look ridiculous.”

    It was your turn to shake your head. “No, you look good. Just thought you’d never be caught dead in something like that. But hey, it suits you.” You told him before moving past him. He bit his lip and followed you to the impala. “So, do we have any information on the spirit?” You asked, putting your suitcase in the back of the car.

    “Sam’s trying to find anything about someone who was murdered near where the victims were killed.” He said while getting in the driver’s seat. You nodded and got in the passenger side. “Hopefully, it is a spirit, but we don’t have much to go on.” He explained as he started driving.

    You looked in the rearview mirror and fixed your hair a little. “Maybe we should check out the body to see if there’s any marks on it.” You offered.

    Dean shook his head. “Nope. We’re going to do normal couple stuff while Sam does all of that. He’ll let us know when he figures something out.” He explained. You huffed and sat back in the seat with your arms crossed. “Speaking of normal couple things, we have dinner party tonight.”

    “Is that was those evening gowns are for?” You asked. Dean only smiled. You sighed. “Dean, you guys know I don’t do dresses! Why did we have to do this?”

    Dean laughed. “Like I said, Sam is the one that needs to track us. Plus, I don’t want to pay someone to be my fake wife. Might as well just do it with you.” He explained. You laughed a bit.

    The impala pulled up to a little house with a white picket fence. You stared at it in awh. Dean smirked at your reaction. “There’s no way that we’re actually doing this.” You said, getting out of the car.

    Dean walked around to the trunk to grab the suitcases. You walked over to grab yours. He smiled up at you. “Are you ready, Mrs.Winchester?” He asked. You rolled your eyes and started walking to the front door.

    Dean fished out the keys from his pocket. He unlocked the door and you walked in, looking around. It was a typical family house. There were already fake photos of your wedding and you couldn’t help but laugh at how Sam photoshopped your faces. “This is ridiculous.” You said.  

    Dean laughed with you. “I know, but this is the only way that we can really sell it.” He explained. You shook your head and headed for the stairs. Dean followed while carrying both of your suitcases.

    You walked down the hall until you found the master bedroom. There was a huge bed in the middle of the room with a walk in closet beside it. There was already a whole bunch of shoes in there. “This is ridiculous.” You repeated.

    “Whatever. Now we have a couple hours before we have to be at the dinner. So, you better get started now.” He told you. “We both know that you’re going to need all the time you get.” He joked.

    You playfully punched him in the arm and laughed. “Whatever. You’re usually the one to take so long in the bathroom.” You said. He laughed and just pushed you towards your suitcase. You grabbed it and walked into the bathroom. You closed the door behind you as you looked around the bathroom.

    There was a whole bunch of makeup set up across the his and hers sinks. You rolled your eyes and looked at the walk in shower. You could see different shampoos, conditioners, and body washes in there. You couldn’t help but laugh at how prepared Dean’s hunter friend was.

    Then you turned around and saw a jacuzzi tub. You almost sighed in pleasure.


    Dean knocked on the bathroom door as he fixed the cuffs of his suit. “(Y/N)! Are you ready? The party starts in twenty minutes.” Dean called to you.

    “Just a second!” You called back. You finished your mascara quickly and took one last look in the mirror. You nodded at your reflection and opened the bathroom door. “Sorry. I wanted to look the part.” You told him. He stopped and looked you up and down. You were wearing a long red dress with a slit in the right leg. There were straps that tied behind your neck and the dress had a v cut that came low and really showed off your breasts. Dean’s eyes traveled to your eyes and a look of surprise was on his face. “What? Do I look that bad?” You asked, looking down at yourself.

    Dean immediately shook his head. “No!” He exclaimed. He smiled at you. “You look amazing. Absolutely beautiful. Sorry. I’ve just never seen you so dressed up before.” He admitted and you

swore you saw him blush a bit. He coughed. “Alright. Let’s go.” He grabbed his car keys and walked out of the room. You quickly grabbed your hand bag and ran out after him a best as you could in the heels you were wearing.

    You got in the passenger seat of the impala as Dean got in the driver’s seat. “So, what’s the game plan?” You asked.

    “Make everyone believe that you and I are married.” He said.

    You nodded. “I know that. But I mean, what’s the plan for tonight? Like, are there certain things we should be doing? Certain things- people- that we should be looking for?” You asked. Dean shook his head and smirked at your surprised expression. “Then, what’s the point of doing this?” You asked.

    “Every victim has been a couple. Our job is to make the thing that is killing these people want to kill us next.” He explained. He laughed a bit. “So just try your best to pretend that you actually like me tonight.” He told you.

    You laughed and looked out the window. “Won’t be too hard.” You whispered to yourself.

    A couple minutes later, Dean pulled up to a giant house. It was manison really. There was a fountain out front with gardens on either side of it and the house. You stared up at the house. There were two pillars on either side of the door and you counted at least twenty windows on the front of the house. “Dean, I feel like we shouldn’t be here.” You said getting an uneasy feeling in your stomach. “We should at least bring in some weapons with us.” You explained.

    Dean shook his head. “You can’t conceal a weapon in that dress. Besides, this is just a little party with a whole bunch of middle aged snobs. I doubt anything will happen.” He told you as he parked the car. He got out and hurried to your side to help you out.

    You got out and took a deep breath. You weren’t really good at acting which was why you never went with the brothers to interview anyone. You would blow your cover. Now, you were acting like married couple. How were you going to pull this off?

    Dean put his arm around your waist. “Hey, calm down, okay? Just take deep breaths. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to. And I promise I won’t leave your side.” He told you. You nodded and started walking with him.

    Once inside, you clung to Dean. His arm stayed around your waist as you guys walked around the room. “Mr. Winchester!” A high pitched voice came from behind you. You turned around to see a women who looked to be in her late fifties. Her hair was starting to grey and the dress she wore a dress that was probably ten times more expensive than the most expensive thing you owned. “This must be your wife! See? I told you that dress would look amazing on her.” She told Dean. She smiled at me. “I’m Mrs. Rogers, but please, call me Karen.” She said.

    You forced a smile and felt Dean’s arm tighten around you. “This is my wife, (Y/N). She’s not good in big groups.” He explained. You gave him a thankful look.

    “Well, if you need some time alone, there’s a guest bedroom up the stairs and to the right.” She told you.

    Dean looked down at you. “Do you want to?” He asked with concern in his voice. You quickly shook your head and moved closer to him. Dean simply laughed and looked at Karen. “She’ll be perfectly fine with me.” Dean told her.

    She simply nodded. “Alright. Well, you two were the last to arrive so now we can finally serve dinner.” She said with a smile as she turned on her heals and lead you throughout the house until you reached a grand dining room. There were at least twenty other couples there. “Everyone! If you would please take your seats. Dinner is about to be served.” She announced.

    Everyone nodded and did as they were told. You sat beside Dean and beside and young man who couldn’t have been any older than twenty-five. Dean sat beside a woman who was clearly older than she lead on to be. You felt extremely awkward with this mixed bunch.


    “So, Dean, how did you and your wife meet?” Karen slurred her words a bit. She was on her fifth glass of wine and you wondered how she wasn’t already passed out on the floor.

    Dean laughed and took a sip from his second glass of wine. “Well, it was about ten years ago. I went to visit my brother at Stanford and wouldn’t you imagine that I got lost. So here I was, looking around helplessly in my leather jacket and jeans. You could tell that I was out of place. I managed to find a map to help me navigate, but I was too busy looking at it to see where I was going. I bumped right into her and I guess you could say the rest is history.” Dean explained.

    You rolled your eyes. “You left out the part where you broke my nose.” You said. The table burst out into laughter. You smiled a bit. “When he bumped into me I got caught on my feet and went spinning right into a pole. He didn’t leave me side until he knew I was okay. We exchanged numbers and now I guess you could say the rest is history.” You laughed.

    Dean smiled. “And that was the best day of my life.” He said, looking at you. You blushed and looked at him. “I love you.” He told you.

    You giggled like a little school girl. “I love you too.” You said. He grabbed your face and kissed you. You felt the heat rush up to your cheeks. His lips were as soft and delicious as you imagined.

    But just as quick as they were there, they were gone. You suddenly missed having his lips on yours. “Well, I think it is getting late. I better get the Mrs home.” Dean announced.

    Everyone agreed and started gathering their things. “Oh! (Y/N), you must join us for our painting class tomorrow afternoon.” Mrs. Rogers told you. You simply nodded.

    You and Dean were the first ones to leave. “Don’t you think the crowd Mrs. Rogers keeps is unnerving?” You asked Dean once you were in the safety of the impala.

    “I do, but let’s not jump to conclusions.” He said. He started the car and you yawned, leaning your head back and closing your eyes. WIthin minutes Dean was opening your door and lifting you up bridal style. You would have protested if you weren’t so tired. Dean laughed as you snuggled into his chest.

    He carried you upstairs and into the master bedroom. “Dean? Can you grab my pjs?” You asked as he laid you on the bed. He nodded and came back with a pair of pajama shorts and a tang top. You thanked him and took off your shoes so you could change. You tried to unzip your dress, but kept missing the zipper. Dean sighed and walked over to you to unzip it for you. “Thank you.” You giggled.

    Dean laughed as he helped you of your dress and into your pajamas. He then lifted you up and put you on the bed. He pulled the blanket up over your body. “Sleep well, sweetheart.” He said placing a kiss on your forehead.

    You closed your eyes and found sleep within minutes.


    You walked through the house with your flashlight in one hand and your gun in the other. You heard a noise at the end of the hall that made you jump slightly. You took a deep breath. It must be the vampire you were hunting. Dean had ordered you to stay at the car, but after ten minutes and he didn’t come back, you decided to go looking for him.

    A group of vampires had killed your family in front of you eyes and Dean knew how scared you got in front of them now. He always tried to protect you, but he always put himself in danger to do so. This was one of those times.

    You walked down the hall until you came to the last door. You opened it and the sight made your knees weak. Dean’s still body was laying in the middle of the room. Blood surrounded his body and was still pooling from his ripped throat. His glassy eyes were staring straight up at the ceiling.

    “No.” You whispered as tears fell down your face. “Dean, no, please. Wake up.” You said as you fell to your knees beside him. “Dean, please. I need you.” You cried to him.

    Suddenly, you were grabbed by your hair. You looked behind you to see a tall man with dark hair. His teeth were bared and you could see his fangs. You started screaming as he began to drag you backwards.

    “Dean! Dean! Please! Help me!” You screamed.

    “Wake up!” Dean’s voice snapped you out of your nightmare. You gasped and looked up at him with frantic eyes. He was alive. He looked as terrified as you felt, but he was alive and breathing. You couldn’t help but throw your arms around him. “You’re alright. I’m here.” He whispered, wrapping his arms around you.

    You stayed like that for a couple minutes. You never wanted the moment to end, but you knew you needed to let him get back to sleep. Slowly, you let Dean go. “I’m sorry to have woken you. It was just a nightmare.” You explained.

    Dean nodded. “I know. I get them too.” He said. He sighed and grabbed your face to inspect it. “Are you alright?” He asked.

    It was your turn to nod. “Yes, I’m fine.” You told him as you moved your head out of his hands. “I’m getting used to them. They come every other night.”

    “Jesus, (Y/N). Is that why you’ve been so tired recently?” He asked. You sighed and looked at your hands in your lap. Dean took a deep breath. “Next, tell me. I’m here to help you in any way that I can. Sammy will help you too.” He explained. You nodded. Dean sighed before standing up. “Well, I’ll see you in the morning.” He said as he started to walk away.

    “Wait!” You grabbed his hand to stop him. He turned to face you. “C-can you stay the night with me? Please? I feel safer with you around.” You told him sounding like a little kid but you didn’t care.

    Dean gave you a small smile. “Of course, sweetheart.” He said. He climbed under the covers beside you. You snuggled up to his side and her him chuckle. He kissed the top of your head. “Goodnight.” He whispered.

    “Goodnight.” You said. You closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep.


    Dean had forced you to go to that painting class with Mrs. Rogers. He said that it would be good for you to do something normal. Dean practically dressed you himself and dropped you off at Mrs. Rogers. Mrs. Rogers drove to the art class and there you were. You were sitting beside Mrs. Rogers while painting a bowl of fruit.

    “So, the lady that was sitting across from you last night is having an affair with the man that was sitting next to you.” Mrs. Rogers whispered in your eye. You looked at her with wide eyes. She laughed. “Oh, there’s a lot more drama that happens.” She told you.

    “Really?” You asked, not believing that. She laughed and nodded. “Wow. So I guess this is what it’s like to have friends.” You muttered to yourself.

    Mrs. Rogers’s head snapped towards you. “You’ve never had friends?” She asked.

    You shook your head. “Dean and I have never really stayed in one place for long because of his job. We’re always moving around.” You told her.

    She nodded, understanding. “Why don’t you come over for some tea when we’re done? I would love to get to know you.” She told you.

    You couldn’t help but smile. “I would like that. Let me just call Dean and let him know.” You explained. She nodded and went back to painting. You put your paintbrush down and went out in the hall to call Dean.

    “Hey sweetheart, you done?” Dean asked you.

    “Uh, no. Mrs. Rogers invited me back to her house for tea. I thought it would be nice.” You explained to him.

    He sighed. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I don’t like the idea of you being alone with her.” He told you.

    You couldn’t help but laugh. “Wow, really? Cause you sure didn’t mind forcing me to go painting. Suddenly, when I want to do something normal it’s the end of the world.” You couldn’t help but get mad. You finally wanted to do something but he wasn’t having it.

    “That’s not what I’m aiming to make it seem.” He said. You could practically see him putting his head in his hands. “You said so yourself, she unnerves you.”

    You shook your head. “I said the company she keeps unnerves me. But it’s just going to be her and I. I’ll call you when I want to be picked up.” You quickly hung up before he could argue. You took a deep breath before going back into the room. “Where were we?”


    Mrs. Rogers came back into the living room with your third pot of tea. You smiled as she set it down. “Do you mind if I go to the bathroom?” You asked her politely.

    She laughed and nodded. “Of course dear! It’s up the stairs, third door on the left.” She told you. You smiled and followed her directions.

    Once you were done in there, you started heading back when a bang came from the other end of the hall. You looked down the stairs to see Mrs. Rogers occupied with fixing her makeup. You quietly made a dash to the other side. You slowly walked towards the end of the hall. Once you reached the last door, you took a deep breath before slowly opening it.

    You couldn’t stop the bile from coming up your throat. There were at least 10 bodies in the room. Some were strung up, some were just laying there. The entire room was coated in blood. You looked around the room until your eyes came to rest on a young girl and boy tied up. They were beaten and battered, but the girl was still kicking. She looked at you with frantic eyes.

    You rushed over to her and started untying her. As you did, you took out your phone and dialled Dean. “Now are you done?” Dean asked in an annoyed tone.

    “Dean, listen. You and Sam need to get to Mrs. Rogers house as fast as you can. I found the missing couples.” You explained.

    You could already hear Dean grabbing the keys to the impala. “Are you alright? What happened?” He asked with panic in his voice.

    “I’m fine.” You assured him. Once you had the girl untied, she went over to the boy. He was unconscious. “Listen, my friends and I will get him out, but right now you need to run. You need to run as fast as you can. I’ll distract them. Do you understand?” You asked the girl.

    She looked up at you with scared eyes and nodded. You took a deep breath. “(Y/N)? Who’s with you? Who was that?” Dean asked in a frantic tone.

    “There’s a girl and boy, Dean. The girl is a fighter but the boy is barely holding on. I’m going to distract Mrs. Rogers while she runs and gets to safety.” You explained.

    “Don’t you dare!” Dean yelled. “You don’t have any weapons. You will get hurt! You and the girl hide. We’ll be there as soon as we can.” He said, trying to make you change your mind.

    You shook your head. “She’ll come looking for me sooner or later Dean. She will find us. This is the only way she can get out alive.” You told him. Before he could argue, you said the three words you knew you needed to tell him, “I love you.” You quickly hung up then looked at the girl. “I’m going to go downstairs. I want you to count to five and then run as fast as you can.”

    She nodded and took one last at the boy. You took a deep breath and walked out of the room and down the stairs. “I was starting to wonder if you fell in.” Mrs. Rogers joked when you entered the room. You could only laughed as you sat down.

    Five seconds later you heard a pair of footsteps running down the stairs. Mrs. Rogers’s head snapped towards the noise. “Something the matter?” You asked, looking up at her.

    She looked down at you. Her teeth were bared. “I thought I smelt blood on you.” She said. You jumped out of the way as she lunged for you. She fell to the floor but was quickly on her feet again. When she lunged at you, you didn’t have enough time to move out of the way. She pinned you to the ground. “I knew you were different when I met you, but I would have never guessed you were a hunter.” She told you.

    You tried to move her off of you, but she had the upperhand. You took a shaky breath. “So, what? You’ve been killing people who you made your friends?” You asked her.

    She shook her head and laughed. “Goodness, no. Those people weren’t my friends.” She took a deep breath. “Those people only pretended to be my friends. Just so you know, if you kept to yourself, I wouldn’t have killed you.” She sighed and leaned down to your ear. “You hunters. Always trying to save everyone even if it means getting yourself killed. But here’s the secret. You can’t save everyone.” She whispered.

    You felt her fangs on your neck and you couldn’t stop the screams that ripped from your throat. Her tears sank into your neck and darkness soon followed, but not before you heard Dean yelling your name.


    “She’ll be fine, Dean.” You heard Sam say. You tried opening your eyes, but they seemed glue shut. “Besides, it wasn’t your fault.” Sam said.

    You heard Dean sigh. “But, if I was just there earlier. If I hadn’t forced her to go to that stupid art class. If I hadn’t forced her to do this in the first place she would be completely fine.” Dean explained.

    “God, Dean. Why don’t you just tell her already?” Sam laughed.

    Dean coughed awkwardly. “Tell her what?”

    “That you love her.” Sam said.

    “Yea, why don’t you?” You asked, finally opening your eyes. Dean looked at you with wide eyes as Sam just laughed.

    Sam leaned over and placed a kiss on your forehead. “Glad you’re alright.” He told you. You smiled. “Now, I’m gonna go on a food run. I’ll see you guys soon.” He said grabbing his coat and leaving the motel room.

    You started to sit up, but Dean shook his head. “Nope. You’re going to stay laying down. You just need to rest.” He said, going into full doctor mode.

    You couldn’t help but laugh. “So, it looks like Sam thinks you love me. Funny, eh?” You said.

    “Why is it funny?” Dean asked, looking away from you.

    You moved his head up to make him look at you. “It’s funny, because I love you too.” You whispered.

    Dean looked at you carefully. “Really?” He asked.

    You just laughed. “Just kiss me already, Winchester.” You whispered.

    Dean leaned down and his lips crashed into yours. He broke away and looked at you. “When I saw you laying there, I thought the worst.” He whispered, leaning his forehead against yours.

    “Well, I’m alright, Mr. Winchester.” You told him.

    He couldn’t help but laugh. “And I couldn’t be happier, Mrs. Winchester.”

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Ever Since We Met - George Weasley Imagine

Hiya, please could I have an imagine or one shot or whatever where George and Y/N like each other but don’t know about the other’s feelings. Over a period of time the golden trio keep telling Y/N that it’s obvious that he likes her and she later overhears George talking to Fred about how much he likes her and just make it really fluffy and a bit funny please? If you can’t it’s fine, thanks duckie x

~(Y/n)’s POV~

Okay I may have a small crush on my best friend, George Weasley, just a little one…. Okay fine I have a humongous crush on him! I’ve liked him since the day we met, he was so charming, and nice, and he just stole my heart. But, the only thing is that I don’t know what to say to him or what to do I’m scared of ruining our friendship. “(Y/n)! Just ask him! The whole school knows that he likes you!” Hermione said bringing me out of my thoughts “Hermione I know your just saying that so that I can talk to him” I said sadly “No! She’s not lying (Y/n), he really does like you like alot!” Ron blurted out. “He really can’t stop talking about you (Y/n)” Harry added, the two nodded. I looked all the way down the table to see George drinking his pumpkin juice. He looked my way and smiled spilling juice out of his mouth, I giggled lightly at him and waved. He waved back quickly his cheeks going pink I looked away and returned talking to the Golden Trio.

“You guys you don’t have to lie to make me feel better. I have to go to the library. See you later bye” I stood up and walked out of the Great Hall ignoring all of their comments “He does (Y/n)! It’s no lie!” “Were not lying!” “Come back!” I entered the library and started going through the Aisles looking for a book on moonstones. I ran my finger along the back of the books searching for the word. After a few minutes I finally found it, I took it out and blew on it letting a bunch of dust fly around me ‘Something tells me that no ones going to study for the test!’ I told myself.

~35 minutes later~

I yawned widely stretching my arms above my head “I think that’s enough studying for tonight” I said tiredly closing the book and putting it back on the shelf. “Thank you for letting me stay late” I said sweetly to Madam Prince “No problem dear goodnight” she said opening the door for me “Goodnight” I left towards the Gryffindor common room. ‘Hopefully I won’t run into any prefects’ I thought as I was careful with every step I took. I then heard a pair of footsteps coming towards me “I’m telling you George she likes you!” I heard Fred say loudly “Keep your voice down! She doesn’t like me I like her!” George whispered/yelled “No she really does Ron told me!” Fred replied “She can never be with a guy like me! She beautiful, brave, and smart she deserves better!” 'Oh no George likes another girl’ I almost cried.

They stopped right in the middle of the corridor I couldn’t take it I had to cover my ears.

~George’s POV~

“Come on George just ask her out already!” Fred sighed “Can you please stop talking about (Y/n)! I can handle it Fred!” I yelled “Fine!” Fred yelled back and walked away from me. “God!” I said frustrated and punched the wall. I walk the opposite way not wanting to talk to Fred at the moment but, when I turned the corner I saw a familiar figure sitting on the floor covering their ears. “(Y/n)?” I asked bending down to make sure it was her.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

Someone one grabbed my shoulders and shook me very harshly. I put my hands down and looked up at the person “Oh hi George” I sniffed. “(Y/n) are you crying?” He asked worried “No. I’m not” I said looking away from him and wiping tears away with my sleeve “Did you hear me and Fred talking?” He asked “yeah. You guys were talking about a beautiful girl” I said sarcastically. “(Y/n) what’s wrong?” I shook my head lightly looking down. “Please tell me” he asked desperately “Fine but if I tell you, you might not want to be my friend anymore” I said sadly “no that’s not true I’ll always be with you” he said smiling.

“Okay I like you George like a lot ever since we met really. But I heard you talking to Fred about some beautiful and smart girl it just made me sad at how much you really do like her” I said lightly “(Y/n) you didn’t her me say her name?” He asked “No I covered my ears” he smirked “We’ll her names (Y/n), she funny, shy, smart, beautiful, and crazy; I loved her since the day I layer eyes on her but in my mind I though that we could never be a couple because she deserves better than a prankster who makes lame jokes, and is a Weasley” My mouth was wide open, I was completely stunned 'George liked me!’ I broke the small distance between us and attached my lips to George’s soft ones.

I kissed him roughly tugging at his hair as he grabbed my hair as well. “George I’m sorry I-” Fred gasped; I pulled back from George “Sorry to ruin the moment but, I have to say George you did handle it very well” Fred snickered walking away. George rolled his eyes at Fred and returned back to me “I love you so much (Y/n)! I’m sorry I didn’t say anything before” he said sadly but still smiling widely “No it’s okay George I should have said something before too but we all make mistakes. I love you”


✨Hello! I’m sorry for keeping the requests closed for so long but I promise I’ll open it by this Sunday so get ready!✨

anonymous asked:

I recently got into a relationship and while I do love my partner so much, and they love me just as much too, I'm comfortable with and kinda like my lifestyle or personality abt being able to get rly close or affectionate or inclusive with others (also open to poly relationships). Anyway, my partner wants me to remain traditional, and I'm having doubts over whether I could do that. They worry that my love for them will fade, though I crush in general easily but still keep friendships just that

Ah okay. I would say try being traditional for now and let them know how you feel about that, but that you are willing to try doing it for them? Or in general just let them know how you feel. Talk things over. Both you and them need to be happy with whatever arrangements you choose/try out for the relationship to work 

good luck <3 

Wingman (Steve/Clint x reader)

Request: Hey love, I’m really having a horrible day :( Maybe you could write something to cheer me up with Steve? Something fluffy where you both meet at SHIELD and you have to work with the Avengers, then Clint urges Steve to ask you out, cause all notice he has a crush on you. When he finally does, he takes you to a really romantic dinner and it all feels right for both of you and maybe you share your first kiss ? I hope that’s okay with you <3 (and if you like both POVs)

First of all, I’m so super sorry that I didn’t get to this request earlier. I hope you are feeling better, anon. I hope whatever made you sad is gone now and if it’s not I hope this will cheer you up. I didn’t want you to wait too long so I’m posting the first part now. This will be in multiple parts so hopefully I did request justice. Once again, I hope you feel better, my dear. <3 Remember if you ever need a person to talk to, whether on or off anon, you can always talk to me! Feel better :) 

warnings: slight cursing

word count: 2489 (I’m sorry, I got carried away again.)

“Uh, I could use some help here, guys,” Steve muttered through his earpiece as he struggled to take on three Hydra agents ganging up on him. He tossed his shield at one of them as the latter skillfully jumped back, missing the hit by a split centimeter. His shield clattered against the building’s wall as it fell into the forest. “Shit,” he cursed, not happy about losing his shield. He now only relied on his hand to hand combat skills as he threw a punch at the same spy, successfully landing one on him. His punch alone sent the agent down but not before his friends wrapped an arm around the Captain’s neck, holding him in a choke hold. “Guys?”

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feelsgood-anon  asked:

You 👑 me because 👡. BUT 🔥!! Not that I don't think 🍦but because 💖 and 🍩. NO! 💥!!! No I mean...💙 JUST IN THE "I GUESS WE HANG AROUND THE SAME PEOPLE" WAY!! whatever...Don't think 🎀 or anything gosh. I guess 🍉 or something. I'm not making it weird, you are!! Hmph!!!

Send me emojis ~

You intimidate me because you’re pretty. BUT I WISH YOU WOULD DELETE!! Not that I don’t think your blog is great but because I have a crush on you and I wish you knew I existed. NO! I DON’T LIKE YOU!!! No I mean…I want to be your friend JUST IN THE “I GUESS WE HANG AROUND THE SAME PEOPLE” WAY!! Whatever…don’t think you make me smile or anything gosh. I guess I wanna talk to you more or something. I’m not making it weird; you are!! Hmph!!!

anonymous asked:

I think i'm kinda attracted for a teacher and I think he already knows it because of my quirky behaviour when I'm around him and that's even more creepy/weird. What should I do to calm down my nerves/feelings and control my super awkward soul?😫 Is it normal?...Also sometimes I feel that he looks at me differently...

It’s definitely normal to have a crush on your teacher. I’ve had crushes on two of mine before. The thing is to not be flirty or awkward flirty (haha) with the teacher. If you need help, ask for it - try not to act around him like you would a guy your age. If he talks to you, keep it casual. If you feel creepy or weird, let that feeling ride. I feel like that’s your conscious letting you know that whatever is happening with your feelings towards the teacher is not okay (because he’s your teacher, the age difference, etc). What helped me was knowing that me and him will never happen and it’s inappropriate. Yes, I always thought he was cute, but my feelings never grew.

It takes a little bit of time. But your feelings for him will eventually decrease!

If he makes you feel uncomfortable because of how he looks at you, or if he ever says anything to you, that would be the point where you report it. But, honestly, I doubt it’ll go that far!
Pokemon Go au

The team all get the app (Hunk was first, Lance and pidge followed, allura and Keith right after because meh seems pretty cool and then lastly Shiro; coran never joined cause “I don’t have the time” which Lance replied by saying “lies what about candy crush!”)

So pidge is all about getting all the Pokemon because he wants to catch them all for research reasons

Lance wants to catch all the cool looking cause he’s cool

Hunk is okay with whatever but he’s not gonna lie he especially loves the “big boned” Pokemon

Keith tells everyone he’ll catch whatever but he especially loves the cutesy Pokemon (Lance totally teased about hat without knowing he was right)

Allura is all about the badass Pokemon but more specifically the real dainty but badass ones

Shiro is confused and has only caught Pokemon by luck he isn’t even in level 5 yet and it’s been 3 weeks

**So at one point Lance is on the app walking all over the castle cause I want that deoxys

**He almost walks right into Keith’s door except for the fact that Keith was about to go out and train so Keith stops him from slamming into him and suddenly Lances phone vibrates

**Right in Keith’s crotch is deoxys
**While Keith is trying to berate Lance and calling him an idiot he notices that Lance is pointing his phone at his crotch

**Keith may or may not get all red

**After Lance catches the Pokemon he’s so excited that he kisses Keith without thinking

**Lance then realizes and is about to pull back when Keith starts kissing him back passionately (they got together and whenever Lance is asked how they got together he says I needed the D)

some high school clarence headcanons
  • sumo and jeff are both bi, sumo prefers guys and jeff doesn’t have a preference. clarence is really gay. like. if you make rainbow out of your happiness? that’s gay. sorry. no way out of it
  • jeff is a nonbinary boy (they/he), sumo is agender (he/him), and clarence is still figuring it out. he’s okay with whatever (they/he/she) but he doesn’t know. like, is that supposed to be okay? everyone seems to have a preference.
  • jeff takes a lot of ap classes in high school because he thinks he can handle it, and he does, but only because he spends a lot of time with breehn studying and reviewing the work. breehn is sick for like a week bc he gets the flu and suddenly jeff is absolutely stranded and terrified
  • actually breehn and jeff become really good friends! they go to museums a lot together and help each other organize and it’s really validating to have someone who shares your interests and understands you.
  • clarence and belson don’t magically get skinnier. sorry lol. belson gets surprisingly taller (kinda huge like his dad), but he stays round and clarence stays chubby too.
  • clarence actually. doesn’t change that much? like, he’s still the tallest in the group, but that’s mostly cause sumo hasn’t reached his growth spurt yet (or so he says) and jeff is just tiny. it’s always the ones who are tallest when they’re younger…
  • sumo grows back half his hair in middle school but shaves both sides again once in high school. 
  • clarence and jeff mostly keep their hairstyles tho? hm. i could see clarence maybe dying it a bunch of colors like the gay he is but idk.

Okay I know this is going to sound wierd and stupid, because it is, but I have this thing where I’m not really attracted to people IRL very often, like I can count the lifetime crushes I’ve had on one and a half hands, but every so often I really crush on a 2D character and I’m so embarassed ahghasdgkjas. This is just like “ It’s not my fault I’m not popular”. Ughhh whatever whatever.

So I like Rando/ Dustin Armstrong from LISA, give me a break. 

Soul Crushing

Lmao the first piece of trash of many


Person: Simon

Prompt: Simon explains some soul crushing moments when having a crush


“What are some soul crushing moments when you have a crush?” He read the tweet out loud.

Simon sat down and thought about this question for a good amount of time. He looked over at you and saw you doing whatever you were doing with your phone.

“What are some soul crushing moments when you have a crush?” He repeated the question while looking into the camera.

“Every moment.” He said with a slight chuckle. He sighed and leaned back into his chair.

“It’s almost painful to see your crush ya know? Cause you’re so aware of them, yet they might not even notice you. Oh god, and don’t even get me started about when you run into them. They always happen to catch you when you’re not at your best. For example; when you come back from the gym and you’re all sweaty and gross.” He said while smiling at the memory of you running into him like that.
“Simon! Hey wait up.” You said while running towards him.

He felt his knees go weak when he saw you smile at him. He looked down at his attire and mentally face palmed. He had on his gym clothes and was drenched in his own sweat. He sighed and smiled at you.

“H-hey what’s up?” He stuttered out nervously and wiped his forehead with his forearm.

“We haven’t talked in a while, I just wanted to see how you were doing.” You said while shrugging your shoulders and smiling at him.

“Oh well I’m doing fine, just a lot of editing that’s all. Um, look I gotta go shower cause I smell bad so I’ll see you later?” He asked while walking towards his car.

“Alright, see you later Simon.” You said while walking away.

Simon jumped into his car and let out a sigh of relief. “Could’ve gone worse than that.” He mumbled out.

“Then you want to make the first move but don’t want to seem to eager, so then you work up the courage just to text them, then you wait. You wait for ages and you start to wonder if you screwed up. Then you get a reply from them, and it feels great.” He said with a wide smile.

It’s been at least a week since you ran into Simon from the gym, and ever since then Simon has been working up the courage to ask you if you wanted to hang out.

“Do you want to see ‘Suicide Squad’ with me this week?” He texted you. He hesitated, but finally hit send. Now was the hard part. He knows that your busy, but he can’t help to think maybe you just didn’t want to hang out with him. Suddenly his phone goes off, and he runs over to it. He smiled down at his phone and fist pumped the air.

“So then you hang out and you can’t help but think to yourself; “is this a date?”. I mean, no one really really confirmed if it was a date or not, so you let the thought linger for a while.“ He said while nodding his head.

“Then you wonder if you’re stuck in the friend zone.” He said with a nervous chuckle.

“Like do you want this person to know you like them, or should you pretend not to like them so they can realize you actually like them.” He said while laughing. “It’s very confusing.”

He put his hands in his lap and started playing with a string he found on his shirt. “Then you just get so frustrated for not making a move. Everyday you have a new set of plans on how you’re finally going to confess your undying love for them, and then something happens.”
“God that movie was so good!” Simon said while pulling a leaf off of a tree.

“It was I’m glad I came here.” You smiled.

Simon chuckled and looked down at your hand. He could hold your hand right now if he wanted to, and he did want to. So why couldn’t he do it?

“Hey, are you single?”

Simon felt his heart beat speed up.

“Oh c'mon you know the answer to that. Why?” He said with a small smile.

“I was just wondering.” You said with a small giggle.

And at that moment Simon felt unstoppable.

“And then you get the idea that something is going to happen, like this is it. You’re finally going to date your crush. Then things take a turn.”

Simon sat on the couch at the party JJ was hosting. He looked around hoping to see you. Finally he saw you with a friend.

“Simon!” You shouted over the music and gave him a hug. He smiled and hugged back.

“This is my friend Mary.” You said while introducing them.

“Hi I’m Simon.”

“Mary, but you already knew that.” She said while laughing.

You clapped your hands and giggled. “Well I’m gonna go to the bathroom so why don’t you guys talk.” You said while winking at Simon and skipping off else where. Simon was slightly confused but talked to her nonetheless.

“So how do you two know each other?” He asked Mary while sipping his beer.

“Oh, we’ve been friends since primary school. Imagine dealing with her for your whole life.” She said while laughing Simon let out a small laugh and looked over at you. You gave him a thumbs up and smiled at him.

“Oh! Another thing that sucks is when you see your crush with someone else. That hurts, a lot actually.” Simon said with a sad laugh.

Mary was in the middle of a conversation when Simon decided to look over at you. He saw you with Harry laughing, and having a good time. He felt his heart sink into his stomach when you gave Harry a peck on the lips. Simon ordered a lot more drinks for himself, and by the end of the night he was hammered.

“Then you drink too much, and you do something that’s completely stupid.”

“Hey so I saw you kiss Harry.” He said while taking a gulp from his beer.

You laughed and nodded your head. “Yeah he’s cute.”

Simon shook his head and scooted closer to you. “Well you’re pretty cute.” He said while slightly giggling.

You smiled and ruffled his hair. Simon looked at you in the eyes and slowly leaned in. You turned your head to the side.

“I should um, see if Mary is okay.” You said while getting up and walking outside. Simon let out a sigh and threw his beer at the wall.

“That couldn’t go anymore wrong than it already has.”
“And now you can’t stop replaying that moment over and over again, and now you know that everything has been ruined. You can’t seemed to stop asking yourself ‘why did I send that text?’ Or ‘why did I do that stupid thing?’ Now you both have to avoid each other until you or they die. Whichever comes first.” Simon said while holding back tears.

“I don’t know, but things go back to normal after a while. It’s not as humiliating to be around with them, but you still wanna rip off their clothes. It is sad when you like someone and all you can be to them is a friend, and nothing more or nothing less.” He said with a chuckle. He looked over at you and saw Harry was watching a movie with you.

You looked over at him and gave him a small smile. He returned the gesture but your eyes never left each other’s.

“Yeah, crushes suck.” He mumbled out.

This was my first imagine…still unsure about it.

Okay so I see people talking about how Pacifica is going to have just the cutest dorkiest crush on Dipper at some point.  Like she’ll be the one who rights her name and her crush’s together on all her stuff, doodle pictures of the two of them together when the opportunity presents, that sort of thing.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for that idea.  It’s a wonderful idea.

I just feel like these people are thinking a bit too small.

This isn’t just some random teenage girl with a crush.

This is Pacifica Northwest.

The heiress to the vast Northwest family fortune.  Born into an atmosphere of incredible wealth and power, raised to be willing to use those resources to get herself what she wanted, instilled with the self-centered worldview that comes with being the nearly undisputed master of her town for her whole life, at least until the Pines twins came around and simultaneously ruined everything and made everything so much better.

She wouldn’t draw pacifica+dipper on all her stuff.

She would buy a matching pair of ornate seals: one bearing the legend Pacifica Northwest-Pines, the other labeled Dipper Pines-Northwest.

She wouldn’t draw pictures of herself and Dipper in the margins of her notebook.

She would commission beautiful portraits in the image of history’s great lovers except replaced with her and Dipper

She wouldn’t cuddle a big pillow and pretend it was Dipper.

She would custom-order several Dipper body pillows, one suitable for any occasion that she could think of.


It was a dark and gloomy day on Neverland and there was nothing to do. So you went to go find you’re best friend Peter. As you walked out of the tent
you saw him sitting alone staring at the dark cloudy sky. You went over and sat next to him. “Hey you alright?” You asked softly. He looked at you and smiled but you knew it was fake. Something was bothering him. “No I’m not actually.” He said looking at his hands. “Why not?” You asked curious. “There’s this thing that I need to do and I haven’t been able to and that bothers me.” He said his gaze never once leaving his hands. “Well whatever it is I’m sure you can do it.” You said placing you’re hand on his. Yes Peter is you’re best friend but that doesn’t stop him from give you the feels sometimes. So you may have a crush on him no big deal. “Okay.” He said taking a big breath. “Y/n I’ve liked you for a long time and I-uh will you be my queen? Of Neverland?” You could see how nervous he was. “Is this you’re way of asking me out?” You asked. He nodded slightly. “Of course I will.” The smiled at you. (The gif)

Just so you guys know I’m taking request so ask me anything on what to write and I’ll do it.

The History of Merlin’s Sexuality

Will - ok i think i have a crush on my best friend and he knows it and okay this is fine. we don’t have to pursue it and that’s okay.

Gwen - uhm yeah no i mean shes great and that wasn’t a bad kiss and i am thrilled that someone finds me kissable but uhm no because boys

Freya - i have been terribly neglected for like over a year now and you’re like me and you understand what its like and i need to not think about prince pratdragon and forget who i am and maybe i’m not quite so gay because i need this i need to be loved

Arthur - i am doomed.