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So, I know that I’m gonna get more hate by posting this, but I need to get it off my chest.

I don’t like Sterek.

Yup, I don’t. Actually, it makes me sick. The scene when Derek pushes Stiles against the lockers is abusive and people romantizicing it makes me wonder if people have actually learnt something about toxic relationships. The age gap between them (about ten years, give or take a couple of years) and the fact that people ship them the most when Stiles is a freshman (14 or 15 years old) makes it even worse.

But whatever, if you want to ship it, as long as you know that something like that is a problem in real life and should be avoided, I don’t care.

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So, people, this I wrote here, I commented it today at a TW Latin America group. It was confession night. I was called homophobic (mmm, ????? I’m sorry???? When did I say that I don’t like Sterek because it’s a gay ship???), RACIST (literally no idea why the fuck) and even misándrica (I don’t know the word in English. It means “person who hates men and everything related to them”).

But even if that wasn’t enough, a girl had the fucking balls to go in my profil and noticed I ship Stydia. She got really triggered and said I didn’t like Sterek because it could get in my ship during 6b. She said Stydia was abusive because Lydia ignored Stiles and because she was involved with Jackson and Aiden when Stiles was in love with her.

I’m sorry, but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

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So, it was basically the comment about Lydia doing wrong what made me angry. Not because of Stydia, but because of what implies.

“A is in love with B. B doesn’t know. They aren’t even friends. They don’t even talk. But B CAN NOT have a relationships with someone else and MUST be in one with A even when B doesn’t have any feelings for A”. I mean, you get it, right? IT SOUNDS SICKS. It destroys all the free will to reject someone. And that sounds HORRIBLY SIMILAR to rape. That is behind the thought “Lydia abused Stiles because she didn’t love him at first!!11!!1!”. 

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want it, because I do and that’s enough”.

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Don’t encourage that. Don’t encourage that thought. This post isn’t about Sterek or Stydia. It’s about HOW SICK you have to be to think liking someone forces him/her to like you back. That isn’t love or anything alike.

Love is “I want to see him/her happy even if his/her happiness isn’t because of me”. Love IS NOT “I want him/her to be with me and if he/she doesn’t want to, he/she is such a TERRIBLE person”.

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This post mentions Sterek, Stydia and Teen Wolf JUST BECAUSE it’s the reason behind me being upset. IT’S NOT ABOUT THEM. So PLEASE, don’t start a ship war. I do not want to know “how stupid I am because I ship Stydia” or  “how awful I am because I don’t like Sterek”. Really, I don’t.

Edit: Seeing people freak out because this has the Sterek tag and no the anti-Sterek tag, I will delete that tag. Let’s see if that makes you happy. And the “locker scene” that I mention up there, is not in or near a locker. I checked. It was a door. Sorry, my mistake. You lost the real point of the post. LOVE ISN’T ONE SIDED. LOVE DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT. But, of course, some people’d rather ignore that and focus in a mistake. Thanksssss, people.