whatever i can post other things shut up

if you want to ship them as people in a very problematic relationship it’s fine

if you want to ship them as people in a very happy safe relationship it’s fine

if you have silly little headcanons it’s fine

if you have deep, heartbreaking headcanons it’s fine

nobody should make you feel like garbage just because you like to think of something in a whatever kind of way, and nobody should have to shut up for criticizing something they don’t like or think is wrong. You can have any opinion you form but just don’t try to be hurtful or exclude anyone from doing something their way, please. 

Don’t take it out on people who don’t even shove anything in your face by shoving your opinion in their faces. Be respectful towards each other, have fun, let things go. 

Hey guys.

I apologize for being the wet blanket at the mo. The news about Carrie Fisher is really getting to me. Like, bad. The kind of bad where I’m gonna need to call my therapist while she’s on vacation bad.

Yeah, I know the whole “But you never even know her! Stop making this about you!!” thing and I get that. I’m not trying to make this about me.

I grieve for her family. I grieve for her. I grieve for a world without her in it. I grind my teeth at the fact that just yesterday, we were being told she was stable. I grieve for the complete suddenness of this. It feels like I’m one big ball of grieving.

I’ve always been attuned to people’s emotions. Call it bullshit if you like, but when enough people are sad or hurt or angry, you *feel* that. It’s in the air, in your veins. It becomes you.

Today is a grieving day, and the fact that I can’t lay in bed and sleep through it is turning me into a major depresso grump. I don’t take feelings like this and turn them into art, as much I’d love to for Carrie Fisher’s sake. I shut down, I reboot, I make things than after a nice joke or two.

I’m in shut down mode right now.

And the plain fact is, I can’t be on here (Tumblr) right now. Every other post is a tribute to Carrie Fisher, or a gifset, or whatever. Which is good, it’s deserved. But man, I can feel my chest tightening up just thinking about. I’ve been crying most of the day, and lemme tell ya, that is not easy when you sit in a crowded office answering phones for eight hours a day.

I probably won’t be on for a bit. I just can’t handle this place right now, and I hope you peeps understand. (I’m not even sure why I’m making this post. Trying to explain, I guess, but words are just *pzzzrtblght* right now. It feels like I’ve lost someone I knew.)

Thanks for understanding, and if you don’t *shrug* You are who you are.

And, sorry for being the drama llama. Happens. I’m gonna go now.

The Fall of Gaming

I barely get on Tumblr… why I even have one still surprises me. But that’s not the point. I come from 4chan, my home. I lurk every other website, reddit and tumblr exclusively, just to get a good idea of everyone’s point of views. And over the past 3 weeks I have noticed the most glorious triumph over the 3 battle sites that just absolutely hate each other.

4chan, Tumblr, and Reddit actually agreed with each other for once and banded against Zoe Quinn and the fault in gaming journalism and various business corruptions. Something we may never see again. Fortunately Reddit has been silent, even if there is small talk, it’s in secrecy because mods are censoring this incident. Which is another thing, every social site, using this term loosely, is censoring, deleting, anything that has to do with Zoe Quinn, Gaming Journalism, Corruption, and Censorship. Mods claiming that these threads and posts have nothing to do with the topic, specifically video games. Yes, Yes they do. Why are you so fucking afraid to speak up? Becaus someone has you by the balls? Please… grow the fuck up and let us speak. If it didn’t have anything to do about our precious gaming, we wouldn’t keep trying to get our voice heard.  4chan,debunking this now, is not censoring. Mods are deleting excessive spam on these topics and trying to get them to stay in one post at a time. If everywhere else gets censored though… well there goes our freedom of speech on the internet.

Now, 4chan has donated a good sum to TFYC for charitable reasons to assure everyone we aren’t just against Zoe or women in general. This act gave us Vivian James (a knock off to Vidya Games) or Level (lvl, |v|, /v/ ). Fortunately the site used for donations, which was going to fund in finding a better cure for colon cancer (operation butthurt), but somehow the website Indiegogo, got hacked, or at least our portion. And now we have nothing to show for. People on twitter are bashing and hate spamming, because they have nothing better to do with their lives, TFYC which is a nonprofit group trying to get word that women can design games too, considering there are only a few well known game design that are women. Which might I add, this was the same group that Zoe Quinn had doxxed and took all support for herself. I think, it’s been a week since Zoe Quinn has been mentioned so a majority of this mentioned about her may need to be checked on, so I apologize if this information is false in some way.

Getting back to the point. TFYC decided to live stream on twitch and keep people updated, Twitch shuts them down, claiming it’s not about games. Whether they weren’t playing one or discussing games is all Twitch, but this act supports gaming, it’s about gaming, game design, getting a fucking voice heard and no one in this fucking world wants to listen instead they would rather bash each other and try to start internet wars with one another because it makes their dick bigger than it appears under a fucking magnifying glass. Why isn’t Twitter, the one site most of this bashing and shit is going down, doing anything? Like that time, for example, stood up for a comedian who made a rape joke, god forbid a JOKE about rape because it’s the most taboo fucking word in the century. Did he actually rape someone? No, but people generally have their head up their asses and use the word very loosely. This kid gets fucking ripped on by 20 to 40 year old SJW, feminists, and other blind supporters just for backing a comedian up on doing what a comedian should do. Make a joke and cross some lines. This kid was fucking threatened by men very much capable of acting out on the threat and Twitter did absolutely nothing. I vote Twitter shut down for a week just so I can watch people squabble. Getting sidetracked again I apologize.

The point of this post, for whatever reason is to inform people that 4chin, mainly /v/, is trying to do a good thing, even though we are constantly shitting on ourselves for it, claiming we’re turning into reddit and tumbrl (lol)… we did a good thing. We raised over 20k for this thing, only for it to get shut down because people have little to no respect for anybody anymore. Sure we’re a fucking cluster fuck in a lava pit, but we get shit done and make sure our voice is heard whether people want to hear or not. But because everyone is disgusted with 4chan, and I’m sure Zoe Quinn and her backers all have something to do with it, we can’t do anything productive for once.

Also, Vivian James, /v/’s Daughter, is probably going to whither out if this doesn’t get fixed. Just born and already dying. Thanks world.