whatever i do what i want

phineas and ferb episode


PHINEAS: ferb, what do you want to do today?
FERB: [blinks]
PHINEAS: hmm… you’re right ferb. since there’s no true ‘self’, whatever ‘we’ want to do today is just playing into the social dogma of what can or can’t be done. 
FERB: [thumbs up]


ISABELLA: whatcha doin?
PHINEAS: rejecting the social dogma!
ISABELLA: cool. can i help?
PHINEAS: sure. but i think asking kinda defeats the purpose. i think you just do it.
FERB: [nods]

ISABELLA opens her mouth to speak but is interrupted as BUFORD and BALJEET enter the scene

BALJEET: whatcha doin?
BALJEET: oh, sorry isabella. i did not see you there. 
BALJEET: so. what are you guys doing?
PHINEAS: we don’t know yet. we’re trying to get a little bit nebulous with it today
BUFORD: explain.
PHINEAS: well, is anything we do really our own decision? what’s autonomy like in modern society? we’re trying to get out of that bind. 
BUFORD: sounds to me like you’re just playin into the whole thing, dinnerbell.
BUFORD: you really want to break down social constructs? try something like this.

BUFORD pulls back his arm and delivers a strong punch to the TREE. it rattles and a single leaf floats gracefully down, landing on the tip of phineas’s nose

SYNCHRONIZED, the other children OOH and AHH in reaction

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3
God sees your whole life, not just your tomorrow. So listen for His voice, adopt His pace and don’t rush things. Remember, He’s directing your steps and your stops!  
Prayer: Father, I want Your will to be accomplished in my life . I want You to be glorified in what I do. I want to go where Your grace leads. I commit my ways, my plans, and my works to You and to Your glory. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Based on what I saw at shinee world v I want to describe each member of shinee according to how I interpreted their actions while they were on stage during each of their talking segments.

Onew has such tender qualities. His approach whether he his speaking, acting, or simply doing whatever it may be he is always very gentle. He knows how to control his emotions, which tend to be on the more reserve side in regards to publicly expressing them, but even then he is easily able to convey his sentiments through his facial manners. He’s very considerate, and mindful of both the space and environment he is apart of.

Jonghyun is an extremely expressive individual not only because he’s already an established sentimental being, but also because he is able to convey himself through every single physical facial trait that he has. He is incredibly attentive when it comes to listening to what his fellow members have to say, and will process what they have said, so that he may remember and make reference to at a later time. He’s thorough, and direct with saying what he feels. The honesty he has instilled in him by default is a virtue.

Key is precise, candid, and immensely articulate with his form of self-expression. He lives every single moment thoroughly, and examines them in depth frame by frame, so that he can bring awareness to himself in regards to how he lived through them for future retrospection. He’s very open to both sharing and discussing his experiences regardless of what the account may entail. His insight is keen, and enables him to always be conscious of whatever circumstance may be at hand.

Minho is oblivious to the fact that he is an absolute sweetheart. He’s filled up with liveliness, and is driven by the charisma he produces. His spirit is overflowing with compassion, and all the energy of the world resides in him. For him there is no such thing as barriers, and even if there is he will gladly do what it takes to surpass them in order to get to where he needs to be.

Taemin is an observant individual. His bodily behavior shows that he is very much aware of his environment. He is able to easily absorb his surroundings, and adapt to them if mandatory, or necessary at time being. He is also one to improve, and seek improvement, so that he may engage in a multitude of activities whether it be present, or in the upcoming future.

Please, know that these interpretations are made based on what I saw, and in no way reflect how each member actually are on their own personal time.

Anniversary week challenge!

Hi members!
As both the network and EXO both have anniversaries coming up. I thought it would be fun to make a project of some kind. So I decided to basically make a challenge week with day to day challenges! Members can choose to join or not, that is completely up to you! ^^

The anniversary week challenge will start April 2nd, basically on the actual 2 year anniversary of this network, and end April 9th, two days after EXO’s 5th year anniversary. You will be given completely freedom to do whatever you want, as long as what you do have something to do with the challenge of that day. And I’ll be reblogging all the posts to the blog of course! 

- Make sure you tag them #bbnawc as one of the first five tags, so I can keep a track of the posts, and no you don’t need to tag #byunbaeknet  this time around!!

Here are the day to day challenges!:

  • Sunday, April 2nd: Choose your absolute favorite moments* of Baekhyun. (2015 - present*) (Happy 2nd year anniversary BYUNBAEK-NET!)

  • Monday, April 3rd: Overdose era Baekhyun vs Monster era Baekhyun, pick one!

  • Tuesday, April 4th: Choose your favorite moment(s) between Baekhyun and another member(s).

  • Wednesday, April 5th: Choose one particular moment where you felt that you are so lucky that you stan Baekhyun.

  • Thursday, April 6th: Choose your favorite performance(s) of Baekhyun.

  • Friday, April 7th: Your aboslute favorite EXO moment(s) of all time! (Yes they can be OT12.) (HAPPY 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY EXO!)

  • Saturday, April 8th: Showtime vs Exomentary; pick your favorite Baekhyun moments from both.

  • Sunday, April 9th: Choose one moment from each era you just cannot shut up about.

Okay, but it was so hard to come up with these challenges! Anyways you do not have to do them all, but I hope this will be something fun for the members to do! - If there is anything you’re wondering about, message us and I’ll try to answer you!

* reason I choose 2015 - present is that this blog was created April 2nd, 2015 and I want to just see which moments you choose from the past two years because of that haha.

* when I say moments, it can be literally anything. It can be written interviews, performances, variety shows etc.. knock yourself out.

- Admin Ida-Eveline

URL change PSA from Lefty

Guess what happens when @amidtheflowers comes to visit you?  She makes you change your tumblr url to match your AO3 account.  (she also brought me so much desi food, so pretty much she can do whatever she wants) 

Anyway, here’s the deal.  I’m gonna be leftennant from now on.  Not leftylain, but leftennant.  Nobody freak out.  It’s still me.  Just to prove it, I’ll post a goat or something once it’s changed. ;D

Omg we ate so much food, though.  Like.  So much food?  A truly stupid amount of food, and I ate a ladoo and a pink rasgulla. So yeah.  She is allowed to change my url now.  Which she is going to do.  Even though I am very nervous about it.  This might require another rasgulla…

A ‘little‘ rant again...

Sometimes I hate that TR fandom is so small. It feels horribly lonely.

And I absolutely HATE that I can’t hang out with other anime fans without feeling inferior, because I don’t watch every popular anime in existence and fangirl over everything. And every time they totally take over the conversation and have me listen to their fangirling for HOURS, even if it’s about the anime I hate while I’m trying to be nice, listen patiently, give my support for what they like and engage in the conversation based on whatever I know about this and that character/anime.

But do I ever get my turn?


When I finally tell them who my favourite character of all time, I hear:

“Really!? Out of ALL anime!?“

It’s always the same response. Like, they don’t want to criticize directly, but it still sounds hurtful because it’s like they can’t believe TR could be anyone’s choice. After all, there are so many “better“ anime characters.

But it isn’t even their behavior that makes me mad as much as my complete inability for explanation about what makes TR my favorite characters.

Because I’m not a good talker.

Because it’s too personal.

Because they don’t care and they’d either find it boring or think I’m crazy.

Because they wouldn’t understand anyway.

Because I can’t just explain simply why TR is great in a few sentences. Not even if I wrote a whole book about it. For me TR is a way of life.They’re a big part of who I am. They created that part. So if anyone rejects them and can’t accept them, they reject the real me.

The problem isn’t just about TR. I always have to hide my real feelings, opinions, worldview, I even have to alter my personality a bit sometimes, so people wouldn’t hate me. It’s fake, but I guess everyone has to do that to some extent to be socially acceptable, right? I hate doing this and I wish I wouldn’t have to, but well, that’s how life is, I guess…


I’ve decided to take a very small break. I’m feeling the pressure when it comes to writing fics which is in turn putting too much pressure on myself. Every time I try to write, I’m always scared it won’t be good not enough and stop mid way. I don’t feel like I’m writing in my best state of mind. It would be ideal for me to take a few days, binge write some fics so I have them on stand by and you guys don’t have to wait a week for new content. I want to love what I’m doing and I want you guys to love what I’m doing and in order to that I need to be inactive for a few days. I will be here if you guys need to talk or have requests or whatever you need. Just not as often. I want to try to have something up in a week so that’s the time line I’m looking at as far as being gone. Thank you all for understanding.

Love you babes. 😘

Edit; I will finish the title drabbles when I get back as well.

Commissions are back on!
I’m raising my regular Black and Whites by $5 and adding sketchy BW for the first time as $10

Everything you need is on the sheet

But I have some extra rules
I don’t start until I get paid
I have the right to refuse a commission
No I won’t lower the price for you
I won’t draw comics
And I won’t make any kind of exceptions
and no I won’t copy styles
again please be specific about what you want unless you just want me to do whatever
and please give me a reference if it’s your own character.
And if it’s an original character it has to be yours if you want me to draw someone else’s character the original creator has to be okay with it.

Message me if you want a commission please don’t use the askbox and I’ll give you PayPal AKA my e-mail address.

anonymous asked:

Hi i am starting to hate mcu for what they are doing with tony always calling him the villian always putting him with the blames and burdens. Its the same routine in every movie. mcu has potential but the piss on tony parade is just too much of a dampner for me each movie! And as i have loved tony stark since the 1st time i read marvel Adventures comics, i feel its cruel of mcu to put him through this much shit for whatever reasons they deem fitting. Is his self loathing not enough for them?

I definitely don’t want to see Tony get blamed for another bad guy, though, to be fair, it is a bit premature with Spider-Man, considering all we have is a few lines from an interview.  We don’t really know how Vulture’s origin story might play out.  I’m a bad guy because Tony Stark was…helping people clean up New York?  That’s kind of a terrible attempt at laying the blame at someone else’s feet.  I’m not even sure how people who don’t like Tony twist that one into somehow Tony’s fault.  Though, I’m certain there are those who would try.

Tony isn’t perfect, by any means, and he has made mistakes.  Some truly monumental mistakes.  So have others, but that’s a terrible argument to try to justify Tony’s failures, and I see that way too much with Tony.  The thing I like about him is that he acknowledges his mistakes (probably shoulders a bit too much blame) and tries to rectify them, if possible, or at least address the issue.  No one is perfect and superheroes are going to be fallible on scales that are a bit bigger than the mistakes made by us regular folks.  For me, I don’t have any interest in a hero who is perfect all the time.  It is how he deals with these failures and mistakes that makes him truly heroic.

these-fading-stars  asked:

how much calories do you suggest i consume if i want to weigh around 110lbs-100lbs by june? i'm currently 120lbs and for exercise i follow this yoga video for weight loss (40 minutes). i really want to lose the most weight i possibly can before prom✨

Do whatever you feel comfortable with, more calories will be slower weight loss (or you can do more exercise), less will be faster. Find a good balance and eat good food (don’t focus totally on cals and eat only cake you know what I mean?) I think you can definitely get there by june! I wish you the best of luck!

It’s my party, I’ll write phan if I want to...

Today is my birthday, and family rules say I get to do whatever I want. Well, prepare yourselves, folks, because what I like to do right now is write 2010 Portugal phan. So there may be a couple more ficlets coming today. :)



I had to split up my workout today due to my dentist appointment so I just finished up the strength part. I’m entering the fifth week of this program. However, due to the nagging shoulder, I’ve had to modify some of the exercises I’m doing. So lame. I wanted so badly to push through and finish up everything. Normally today would be all chest exercises but those seriously inflame it. So pull-ups and push-ups today. (For whatever reason those do not bother my shoulder. Bodies are weird.) I also put in some ab work.

Next week I’ll see the physical therapist to see what he recommends. Hopefully I won’t be completely sidelined with upper body exercises. That would be horrible. I am not a cardio only type of girl. I need weights. I guess I’ll find out soon enough! 

Did you get your Monday workout in?

I could have sworn I answered these asks back from Say Uncle (and a few from the pilot) but apparently I did not! Must have dreamed it. So here we go!

Yeah but I need that Pearl beak or bust

Okay, so Gusite isn’t a gem. I’m surprised there’s so much fanart for him, though. 

But yeah, I knew I definitely recognized his voice, just couldn’t place him. Captain Gantu is who I’d know him best as. I need to rewatch Lilo & Stitch sometime soon. That movie is fan-flipping-tastic.

@darksoul2727 @mendelpalace

It was definitely a precious resource for dem pretty Pearl faces.

@darksoul2727 @mendelpalace

Yeah, from what I’ve been told about Uncle G, it sounds like they could do literally whatever they wanted, so a crossover into another universe isn’t out of the question. I’m usually not big on crossovers for that very reason, but this just worked!


I very much doubt it. I can see the appeal, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. Now, when I was younger, like around 10 or so? I might have enjoyed it. I figure that’s probably where their targeted audience lies.


It took me a minute, but Uncle G is a Rose Quartz with his gem on his nose. I can’t believe the evidence has been there all along.

Every time someone comes to this realization or has it told to them I find it so funny, because if I didn’t know Tenrag was Garnet backwards, I would assume it had something to do with like, 10 washcloths.


Oh my god I had not realized this! I need to see them together as a group pronto.

I also need to see how Ruby and Sapphire get along with Pearl and Amethyst. What are their relationships like? Just give me more Ruby and Sapphire.


GUYS. I keep meaning to post this and not getting it done.

So, a couple wonderful people went to a con awhile back and had this signed for me. For whatever reason Rob and Rich thought that I was supposed to be there and had to back out, that’s what the messages mean. I LOVE this so much. I cannot thank them enough for thinking of me, buying this freaking awesome bag, and standing in line to have it signed for me. Friends like this are amazing and I feel so freaking lucky.

THANK YOU, ya’ll know who you are! (Look at Rob’s heart! And I have Rich’s handwriting IN MY HANDS. AHHHHH!)

Discussions with seven year olds are excellent. Today was: 

“I wish I had a twin.”

“Oh, what would their name be?”

[Child says their own name.] “So they could go to school and tutoring and I could do whatever I want.”

“Ahh. You don’t want a twin, you want a clone. You know what a clone is?”


At this point, I’m trying to think of a meaningful difference, and I have to admit, I am not precise in my explanation. Basically, I lie.

“It’s an identical copy of you, and you can give it all your memories and personality. A twin might look like you, but they’d act different. This clone you’d create would be exactly the same.”

“Yep, that’s what I want. Good plan.”

“So, you know, with twins and clones, there’s often an evil one. Would it be you, or the clone?”

“Me, because I like doing dastardly things.” 

And then she full on steepled her fingers and cackled.


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I don't understand, I thought you were a witch blog but you barely post witch stuff like??? No one follows you for gaming shit

Whoa this just fucking in

You are not allowed to post whatever you want on your own fucking blog

That’s crazy! No one told me that when I signed up??? I’m so sorry for offending you?? Kindly unfollow me so you mustn’t see the filth I share unrelated to witchcraft. What an atrocity.

No but really suck a dick and hop off mine. This is literally my blog. I think I’m gonna go ahead and share whatever I damn well please, and if that means I post a shit ton of Hancock and fallout stuff, guess what?? Then that’s what I’m gonna do. All day. Every Day. I’ll never post a witchy related thing again if i fuckin want <3

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Hey, so I came out to my mom a few months ago and it went great. But when I'm actually dating a girl, it's suddenly not okay. I've been lying and saying "we're just friends, I was confused" to get my mom off my back and allow me to keep seeing her (I'm 17) but all this sneaking around is taking a toll on the relationship, but also we don't wanna break up and let my mom win. I don't want to lie anymore and we're gonna get caught eventually...what should I do?

Ohh I think you should make kind of protest, like if you can quit home for a few days or ignore her… you should make her understand that you will do whatever you want even if she’s not happy about it. Then after your protest she will know that you’re ready to do smth radical and won’t stop you from what you want to do

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Niansue, I wish to seek your wisdom. I understand it takes more than one day or one try to be as good as where you or others are, but when I look upon my drawing, it's never good enough. It has become a depression, and I don't have someone to share my frustration with. What should I do?

Know that I and most artists relate to what you are feeling right now!!! We all have our highs and lows and right now you’re just in a rut which I wish I could just magical make disappear but like all complex problems there is no simple solution. If ranting about your frustration is what you need then I’m here for you, because I’m starting to go through something similar and I know ranting your feelings is a good way to let out your emotions while also making you feel at least a bit better~ 

As far as what I do is that I draw what I want to draw. I think that it’s very important to draw whatever you want b/c it’s your art and you’re the one putting the effort into drawing, so you should do what you want~<3 Other then that I like taking walks around my neighborhood as just being outside feels really good. And if you just don’t feel like doing art at all then go ahead and not do art that day. Art will be there another day so why not take a day off for yourself and have a self-care day~<3 

I hope that what I say helps you in any way possible and know that, like all bad things, this will pass one day~ I hope you have a lovey day~<3