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I am suddenly not feeling good

If you ever want to know what I’m doing, the answer is, I’m trying to sleep. Even if I’m not currently lying down with my eyes closed whatever I am doing is part of an ingenious plan to get back to my bed, I assure you.

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I kind of forgot I asked that soul eater ask, man that was pleasant surprise to see one night. I was wondering if I could ask what life is like now for the human who is now Megatron's cannon? How do the other Decepticons react to Megatron keeping a little human on their shoulder at all times?

sorry it took me forever to get to it lmao 

continuation of this post

- If you’re being completely honest, you’ve had worse jobs. Sure, you’re a wanted terrorist now, but it still beats working in retail. You’ve got healthcare (Megatron holding doctors hostage until you’re taken care of), good pay (whatever money they find on missions because Decepticons have no use for it), and a complimentary home (the Decepticon headquarters). Your coworkers are hit or miss, but your boss likes you so that’s really all that matters. 

- Megatron treats you more like an exotic pet than a teammate. He flaunts having the only useful human on the planet and enjoys showing off the damage you can do. He doesn’t know much of anything about caring for humans, so you need to speak up when you need something. You’re going to have to act on your own and really devote yourself to the cause to gain any semblance of respect from him.

- Lugnut has mixed feelings about you, because while you being a fusion cannon is pretty hot, you are getting a lot of attention from Megatron. He supposes that since you’re making Megatron happy that he should be too, but he is vaguely threatened by the idea of you becoming the favorite. Just don’t become Megatron’s favorite and you’ll probably get along well enough.

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sadmemegfs thanksgiving celebration 🎉

i know many of y’all are on thanksgiving break rn/will be soon, and i thought it would be a nice idea to spread some happiness for a bit? basically until after thanksgiving i’ll be doing some different things for my followers/anyone else who wants to join in??

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Hey if I make an art community blog where people can submit posts of their art to share with friends, would that be a thing people would be interested in???

Like, content would not be exclusive to the Arcana. It would be more geared towards personal works, OCs, or whatnot - but the Arcana stuff is welcome too!! Just whatever you’re working on!

I mostly just want to create a space where people can post art and maybe get feedback AND MORE IMPORTANTLY ENCOURAGEMENT from others???

That way, I can still reblog people’s art, but I won’t be posting it on my main.

What do you think?

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Ship Regina with "happiness" is just an excuse. Because Regina is a character and has no free will. She is "happy" because the writers are saying so. If the writers want her to be in love and happy, she will be. The characters are simple puppets and do whatever the writers want them to do. And as good as the actress is, not even she can make me believe it or take it in any way seriously. Hood1&2 proved it well enough. And hook will be (maybe) next and make her "happy" too. Sure.

I totally agree with you and I’ve said this quite a few times. They say they want Regina to be happy with whoever she’s with but her happiness solely depends on those who write for her. What if they say she’s happy, what if Lana says she happy even when it’s obvious she’s not? Will you ship it then? I don’t see people saying this for Emma even when we were being told she was happy, even Jmo was saying this, referring to them as True Love (which the show never confirmed with TLK and don’t even get me started on that stupid test, I could make a whole post about how bogus that was)

I’ve seen people give the argument of this hook being different. I will say yes, I agree this H00k is different but given the show’s history I believe the outcome will be the same.

I saw someone make this comment the other day.

“People who are surprised (or find it hypocritical) that people who didn’t like CS or the way Hook was written in CS love Rogers and Wish Hook without CS never bothered to listen to people when they explained their problems with the character or the ship in the first place.”

To this I offer this statement:

If you think our main problem with H00k or h00ked queen in general is based on character or ship alone then you never bothered to listen to what people like me (queer, woman, and POC) have been saying about not just the character but the show as well. You obviously don’t understand or have blinded yourself to what is fundamentally wrong with this show and those behind it.

Look at what this show did to its characters to prop up H00k. It wasn’t just Emma, they all were affected in some way, she just received the brunt of it. Do you think they wouldn’t do this to Regina for this H00k, especially given how they treat their POC characters? Do you really think they wouldn’t tear down the POC woman for their good looking white man? They tore down and bastardized their blonde hair, light eye, white woman main character for him, what makes one think they wouldn’t do the same to the brown hair, brown eye, Latina character? Especially given the hard on Eddie has for hook and Colin. But seeing how as the person who made this comment worships the ground this show (and Adam) walks on and is blinded by their own white privilege I can’t say I’m surprised.

You can ship h00ked queen all you like but don’t trivialize others reason for not doing so with something as insignificant as character and ship. It’s so much more than that and if you think it is then YOU’RE the one who’s not listening.

Diabolik Lovers: Haunted House Scenario

This is basically what I think would happen if our favourite guys were trapped in a haunted house with their partner. By ‘haunted house’, I mean a literal haunted house with possessed objects and stuff. Once again, request whatever scenarios you want me to do, as I have no life and need something to escape the burden which is school. By the way, this scenario is not serious at all.


He’d act all macho when going into a supposed haunted house, but would scream like a little girl if something freaked him out. He wouldn’t really mind bugs, spiders and maggots, however, if some supernatural stuff (like dolls appearing out of nowhere or flying furniture) were to start happening, Ayato would be running for the hills.

He’d try to defend you but would eventually get to a point where he asks you to sacrifice yourself for his sake (“It’s for the greater good- Yours Truly can’t die!”). Little does he know, you’ve got his high pitched screaming on video. Little do you know, it won’t matter since neither of you will get out of there, thanks to Ayato.


Not even gonna lie, Kanato would be right at home in a haunted house. Normal people, upon encountering a room full of dolls in an abandoned house in the woods somewhere, would scream and run. At least you did, however, he wanted you to stay with him whilst he 'played’ with the dolls. Take that as you will, it’s not even sexual at this point.

Eventually, you’ll convince/blackmail him with cake to leave the creepy haunted house. Around about then, the paranormal stuff starts happening. The front door slams shut and refuses to open. Kanato throws caution to the wind and has a temper tantrum. Good luck getting out of there.


Fedora boy would force you to go into the house with him for some manipulative reason, but end up terrified of the amount of bugs everywhere. Unfortunately, the entrance has already slammed shut and locked on its own. *insert Laito screams*

He’d be pretty chill with the actual haunted aspect of the house and would use it to scare you, so that you’d cling to his arm in fear. Despite this, he’d still want to get out of there as soon as possible, since all the spiders were getting to him. Eventually, you’d both find an exit. Good for you, you won’t have to spend eternity with the walking STD that is Laito (this is a joke, don’t hurt me).


As usual, Shuu would not give one at all, unless his life was directly in danger, which it probably would be since the creepy house ghosts would get sick of him sleeping all the time. Even then, his attempts would be mediocre at best. It’s only when the ghosts start a fire to scare him when he gets into gear.

Since he is actually pretty strong, he may be able to make a hole somewhere for both of you to escape. Unfortunately for you, most of his escape routes involve you climbing up a ladder with a skirt on whilst he is below you. At least you get out alive though.


As you’d expect, Pigeon Lord would be the most useful in this situation. He wouldn’t be fazed by pretty much anything the house has to offer and even mock it. Chances are you’d both get out of there before the sun rises (or sets? I don’t know, the whole night is day thing is confusing).

However, let’s say the ghosts haunting the house come up with a hallucination based on Reiji’s weak points, A.K.A his mother, you might have a bit of trouble. Namely Reiji attempting to maul a hallucination. Eh, whether you get out or not depends on what the house throws at you.


Yikes. No offence Subaru fans, but he isn’t exactly the most chill person out there. He’d kind of panic a bit, punch some walls (which if you are unlucky may collapse on top of you) and throw a bit of a tantrum in frustration. Getting out would be a bit of a challenge though.

I think that you’d most likely get out using Subaru’s brute force and fear of random flying objects/creepy dolls/ghost children by punching down doors and stuff, unless the ghosts use a hallucination of Subaru’s mom. Like Reiji, you’d both be pretty much done for, since Tsun Tsun would be having a legitimate mental break down. As before, it depends on what the house decides to throw at you.


He’d be more irritated than scared, wondering how the hell he’s going to get out of there with you. Not gonna lie, if some supernatural stuff were to start happening, he’d freak out a little, not to the point where he loses control, but it would unease him a bit. Eventually, he’d most likely get used to the situation.

Like Reiji, he’d be quite strategic when trying to get out of the house, memorising the layout and thinking of numerous routes. Luckily for you, you both get out, with Ruki promising to punish you for suggesting that you go to a haunted house, but alive.


Ah, yes, Mr. Instagram Model. Knowing him, he’d go in with you to take some cool Halloween couple selfies, not believing that the house was actually haunted. That’s why, when the door slammed shut and blood (not the nice yummy kind) started seeping from the walls, Kou was unnerved to say at the least. Immediately, he declared that you should do something, since he had been nice to you for a couple of days. Whoops.

You would try to find a way out, but Kou would be the most uncooperative person to have in that situation. Both of your phones have no signal, Blondie is sulking in a corner and you are being forced to act on your own because said Blondie thinks that you owe him. Needless to say, he won’t be uploading any more selfies.


He’d be both useful and a burden in that situation. He wouldn’t be too fazed by the whole 'ghosts out to kill you’ thing and he’d be really good for self defence. However, he’d be reckless when trying to get out, kicking down doors and breaking pillars that just do happen to be holding the whole building together.

Even if you tried to convince him to lay off a little, he’d still go on his rampages and end up killing the two of you indirectly. R.I.P


As much as I love this child, he’d be pretty useless in this situation. He’d freak out slightly over the ghosts, which he most likely could overcome. However, he’d be like a child, constantly needing your assistance to reassure him that everything will be alright. Not only that, he wouldn’t help much with escaping either.

His masochistic tendencies would most likely get you both killed. He’d try to cause harm to himself by provoking one of the ghosts or something, which would react by annihilating the two of you.

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im starting to get sick of people trying to imply that platonic love between two friends cant be as strong as romantic love between lovers. i dont care what hide meant by "love". saying that "why would hide do all of that if hes not in love with kaneki" is fucking hurtful. yes, friendship can be that strong, dont these people have any friends they would do everything for? stop dismissing friendship, its just as important. and if he loves him romantically? thats also cool.

Yes, exactly! I don’t think it matters if he loves him platonically or romantically or whatever you want to call it; regardless of what type of love it is, it’s still probably the strongest in the entire series, at least in my opinion. It being platonic wouldn’t make it of any less value than if it were romantic and vice versa.

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(Angst? Angst.) How about a scenario where Bakugou finds out his ex s/o is seeing Kirishima? Like seeing them out on a date or smth and realized he was not at all over her? Or, if you want you could reverse it with Kirishima seeing his ex with Bakugou? Whatever u want, luv ya mods!

Well….I dunno about a scenario but how about some headcanons? Yes? Great! Though since I decided to do hcs instead of a scenario, I did both versions! I hope you enjoy it and sorry about the wait! Have a heckin’ amazing day my lil’ sapling!

- Momma Eclipse 🌱🌱🌱


💥Boy. Is. Livid.

💥 He always suspected that you had liked the damned hair for brains!

💥 He won’t ever admit it but it hurts to see you out on a date with what he used to consider his best friend!

💥 “What the fuck are you two doing?” – Instead of keeping his distance, he goes straight up to you.

💥 Things go south. Quickly.

💥 When Katsuki gets angry he grabs your arm…but Eijiro does something, he sets Katsuki off and you’re the one to suffer for it!

💥 Eijiro reacts quickly to your cry of pain, pulling you free from Katsuki’s grasp and telling him he needs to leave you alone before taking you away, leaving Katsuki standing there, staring at his hand, a single thought going through his mind; Fuck.


🍑 When the two of you had been dating, you meant so much to Eijiro! He couldn’t even remember why the two of you had broken up…

🍑 Until, that is, he saw you out on what was obviously a date with Katsuki Bakugou.

🍑 When you two were going out, his blonde haired friend hadn’t been able to keep his hands off of you!

🍑 Of course it was nothing short of innocent but the way Katsuki used to look at you, grab your arm…everything he did with you looked like he wanted more…

🍑 Since you wouldn’t take him seriously about it, Eijiro had broken things off.

🍑 Oh how he regretted that decision now, watching you with Katsuki, it made him remember how things between the two of you used to be.

🍑 It reminded him of his love for you and that hurt.

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The way that awake Regina is acting with Rogers though doesn't signify she has feelings for him though. She's treating him like he's family. Unless your suggesting Rumple has feelings for Rogers as well cause they're treating him the same. I get you're a whumper but can you be a whumper that thinks logically and uses canon from the show not your own head canons?

…I’m even more confused now, because I have no idea how being a whumper has anything to do with my love of Hooked Queen, aside from the fact that Hooked Queen had some great whumpy scenes in 7x08. I feel like you think you know what “whump” is… buuuut you don’t.

Anyhow, that point aside… I ship whatever the fuck I want to, Nonny. Always have, always will. I am open to, appreciative of and perfectly comfortable with every single ship on this show that includes a Killian Jones of any kind. I am extremely appreciative of ships that include multiple Killian Joneses, because that shit is fucking GOLD. Speaking of which, I also support Killian Jones literally fucking Gold… although I much prefer that one the other way around, while we’re speaking frankly. And you’re right - Rumple is treating him pretty good this season. You know, I could get into Golden Hooked Queen, now that you’ve gone and suggested the possibility, Nonny… Thanks!

I also fully support the Killian Jones Bang Train of Season 7, which includes (but is not limited to by any means): Regina, Rumple, Tiana, Drizella, Lady Tremaine, Rapunzel, Gothel, that guy he punched who might be named Ralph, whoever Ralph is if he’s NOT that guy he punched, that Nick guy who just showed up (so long as he doesn’t turn out to be related to anyone that makes it awkward), and anyone else who happens to show up between now and the end of the season. Oh, I guess Zelena can get on it if she actually comes back to town. Hmm… Green Hook. Yes, I could definitely go for a bit of that in my S7…

Anyway, thanks for the ask! So glad we had this chat.

You know why I honestly don’t give not even an eighth of a fuck what people think of me?

Because there is literally


You can do to change anyone’s opinion of you if they don’t want it to be changed. People only believe what they WANT to believe. So I just let everyone think whatever the fuck they want.



Anyone else’s opinion of you is


and should be treated as such.


Let that sink in for a fuckin moment.

Now read the first half of this post again in a screaming voice inside your head.

Say it aloud if you have to so that you

Remember it and live your life according to it.

You WILL be a happier person if you do.

I am living proof of it.


I went on one of my signature road trips today and my transmission blew, I think. I’m probably 60+ miles from home, but luckily I’m in a town I’m super familiar with and have tons of family in, so my aunt is letting me overnight at her place. I’ll probably hear what’s wrong with my car tomorrow (unfortunately it sounds like it’ll be pretty expensive, whatever it is). If they need it another day, I’m not sure what I’ll do yet.

Whatever the case, everything’s fine (probably except my bank account soon) but I wanted to fill you all in on what’s going on if I’m offline for a while.

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ok lowkey.......... since ive seen them a lot in ur fics..... taegi makes me super soft too, those two are cute. ik jikook is the only pairing u like ship, and then everything else is super casual, but what do u find cute about taegi?

idk, i honestly think it’s just because tae is my bias and yoongi is my bias wrecker??? so i just kinda ship them based on that fact alone?? but i also think it’s because i’ts one of those ships that people tend to think would never happen because yoongi “hates” tae or whatever. and because v/hope and yoon/seok are more popular (though i “ship” them as well!!). also, the way they’ve started holding hands a ton recently makes me want to sob. fun fact. that’s cute ass shit. 

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27. “I have to get out of here… I’m gonna be sick.” For Vic?

This story contains descriptions of vomiting. 

Thanks for the prompt, and for kind of helping me figure out what I was doing with this. I hope this turned out okay. 

Vic knew he should have stayed home when he woke up nauseous and threw up that noon, but he couldn’t bring himself to cancel his annoying plans with Wesley. He detested shopping and even put off food shopping for as long as he could. He couldn’t imagine why Wesley would invite him to come.

He barely heard a word Wesley said as they walked down the aisles. He scanned over the shelves absentmindedly, nodding and giving ‘hm’s in response to whatever Wesley was saying. He just wanted to go home and sleep.

Vic snatched a package of gel pens off of a shelf as they walked. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt like he needed it. He took a cursory glance around him before peeling the sticker off and shoving the pens in his pocket. He looked back at Wesley and saw the shock on his face.

“Vic,” Wesley hissed, his dark eyes darting around behind his glasses to make sure no one saw Vic, “what are you doing?”

“I’ll put it back,” Vic said hurriedly. 

“What are you stealing for? If you want something, I’ll get it for you,” Weskey whispered harshly. 

Vic couldn’t find the words, and he thought anything he said would be the wrong thing. His stomach was churning and he pressed a hand over his mouth. “I have to get out of here… I’m gonna be sick.”

He had expected sympathy from Wesley, but instead he was met with annoyance. “You’re just saying that so you won’t have to hear me nag. You’re going to get yourself arrested, Vic!”

Vic stared at Wesley in shock. Wesley wouldn’t have normally been so harsh, but Vic was a notorious liar. He could recall some of the lies Vic told when they worked together, telling the manager he was color blind to get out of sorting and saying his nonexistent brother was in the hospital so he could go home early. Vic knew this, and he couldn’t blame Wesley for not believing him. He stared at the floor, tears burning his eyes.

Wesley let Vic fall behind, not at all sure how to handle this. Had he been to harsh? He was torn from his thoughts by the sound of splattering behind him. Vic was standing hunched slightly, a puddle of vomit on the floor in front of him. Wesley winced guiltily and Vic looked mortified as he saw that Wesley wasn’t the only one who had seen—a few other shoppers had looked his way. Before Wesley could say something, Vic turned and hurried away, his face burning. Wesley went after him, abandoning the cart.

Vic threw up again after staggering out to the parking lot, splattering his shoes and jeans with vomit. He was crying now, his face red with embarrassment and anger at himself. What did he even want with stupid pens? He threw the pack down on the ground and stomped on it, cracking the pens under the heel of his sneaker. 

It didn’t take Wesley long to find Vic, and the guilt was obvious on his face when he saw Vic’s tear streaked cheeks. “I’m sorry,” he said, and Vic looked surprised. “I handled that poorly.”

“Are you mad?” Vic asked quietly. 

“No, I’m not. But can we talk?”

Vic nodded right away and followed Wesley to his car. Wesley offered an opened, slightly warm water bottle to Vic, who took it and sipped at it.

“I’m sorry I didn’t believe you back in the store. I should have listened,” Wesley said.

“I’m sorry,” Vic mumbled. 

“It’s okay, I’m not mad. But why did you steal pens?”

Vic shrugged, looking embarrassed. “I don’t know. I didn’t really think. I kind of felt lile I…needed them, just in the moment.”

“Have you ever gotten compulsions like that before?” Wesley asked, and Vic nodded.

“It happens sometimes. Less often now.”

“That sounds like kleptomania.”

“It’s not,” Vic said defensively, like he had been insulted.

“If it is, it’s not your fault. It doesn’t make you a bad person.”

Vic didn’t respond, glaring at the windshield. Wesley sighed, deciding they would just have to discuss it later. Right now, he had to worry about the vomit coating the ends of Vic’s dark, knotted hair and the light flush across his cheeks Wesley hadn’t noticed until now.

“All right, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just get you home.”



Autumn: I’m not who you think i am up Jamie, I’m not a good person. I can’t keep going on like this anymore… I want to break up.

Jamie: This is what you do Autumn, isn’t it? You screw people over. You have something good going for you and you fuck it up. 

Autumn: Whatever

Jamie: You want to break up? Fine! I’m not going to plead with you, and I’m not waiting for you. If I walk out that door it’s done, it’s over.


Jamie: Alright, then.

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So there's this school dance coming up that has me torn between wearing a dress and wearing a suit. I might have to wear the dress because of my mom, and idk about the suit cause I want to be seen as a guy and not some butch lesbian. I'll wear my binder with the suit ofc and I pass quite well, but everyone there knows me from before coming out as trans and not everyone knows or understands. I just don't know what to do about this.

I think you should wear whatever makes you most comfortable! Regardless of what others think, if you feel good, that’s what counts! -Matt

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Hello just wanted to know your thoughts on the whole michan drama going around on Twitter?? I’m sure you’ve heard about chan’s fan site closing down right? And she wrote a letter which is very well, questionable...

Hey there~ yup i read her letter too. I don’t really have very strong feelings for or against it, everyone feels emotions differently. I neither support nor condemn her actions.

The gist of it feels like unreciprocated affection, what she’s been giving isn’t equal to what she has been receiving. Michan has been around basically throughout his entire career and she has literally watched him grow. The montage that she made the other day shows her entire journey. 

For most of us, things we do online for our idols are considered a “hobby” for us. But for her, it’s her career. It’s something that she devoted her time to, every waking moment is time spent doing something related to chan.

The feeling that we get when we don’t “feel appreciated” by the idols we idolise, is probably felt 10 folds by michan. I guess it’s pent up agony/stress which made her air her thoughts. Any “sane” fan should understand that idols don’t belong to us and we shouldn’t expect anything in return. I guess that’s why people think that she’s being delusional. Her letter shouldn’t have been made so public though. Maybe her choice of words weren’t that wise either.