whatever her name is now

Found a whole goddamn notebook in the dumpster this time

no idea whose handwriting this is or why they’d write it or who it’s supposed to be about but it’s fun isn’t it? happy ficlet fantasy friday!

Drifting up from a warm, dozy sleep, she feels the bed shifting under her, and the weight of an arm draped across her. She smiles, keeping her eyes closed, snuggling against him. He keeps moving, though, instead of settling in, and she mumbles, “What’re you doin?”

He’s propped himself up on one elbow behind her, the arm over her doing something complicated.

“Taking a bed selfie.”

“Huh?” She still hasn’t opened her eyes. What the fuck time is it, anyway?

“A bed selfie.” 

Like that explains it.

One eye, then the other, slides reluctantly open, and she can make out his iPhone a few inches away in the dimness. They’re both in the frame, grainy and low-res; her hair is spilled out over the pillow, her bare shoulder exposed, his muscled arm disappearing into the corner where his hand is holding the phone. His thumb touches the button.

“It’s gonna be a week till we see each other again — I need a souvenir for when I get lonely,” he says.

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idk if i’ve posted this before but i really like the concept of trans girl lucina

the marth stuff wouldn’t make much sense as a result but let’s ignore that Just imagine during the scene where she reveals her identity to Chrom, Chrom goes “It can’t be…Lucian?” or whatever they named her and she goes “Actually, I go by "Lucina” now.“ And starts bawling and he hugs her and aaa, Chrom and her mom/papa would be very kind and supportive… 

having no adult women helping guide her through her transition kinda explains the tragic fashion sense too


There are still days when her body does not believe there is peace, when her hands twitch toward a poison-dipped kunai no longer in her pocket.

There are still days when she cries in relief or in sorrow or in hatred (on a bad day it’s all three) because it’s over over over and she’s still alive.

And there are still days when she thinks about him, atoning for his sins in the gargantuan shinobi world, a tiny speck trying to reconcile who he was with who he is now.

But, in many ways, Sakura Haruno is the best she has ever been.

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needed me - kim yugyeom

Request:  Can you do a angst with yugyeom based on the song needed me by rihana???

Hey babe! Yes I caaaan! (there won’t be smut like a lot of angst fics just because i don’t write smut any longer, so I hope that’s okay with you!)

Member: Yugyeom of GOT7

Genre: Angst/Drama

Summary: You and Yugyeom can’t understand each other anymore.



“Tell me why.”

“Please, jagiya, I’m begging you.”

“I can wait…”

“I need to know why. Please.” 

“It’s killing me, jagiya. Please, for God’s sake, please.”


His words echoed in your mind with each hit. You were numb to them by now. You took each one, not bothering to fight back, allowing the man’s knuckles to crash against your jaw. Red stained your lips, stained his irritated fist, ripping skin open. You stumbled backwards into the net of the ring and lolled your head forwards. The man took a step back, caught off guard, before you rushed forwards with your own fist. It collided with the side of his his cheek, another on his throat, then his eye, then his jaw. Your mind went blank with each hit, red covering your sight.

Someone had to pry you off him. You didn’t fight back. Instead, you allowed yourself to be yanked to your feet by the biceps. Your face throbbed as you stared down at your opponent- some middle-aged Korean man with his cheek swollen and blood dripping from the side of his unconscious lips. A pang of guilt stabbed you in the side.

“Stay away for awhile,” your trainer said softly. You glanced up at the woman- her name was Soyun, and she was a world-renowned boxer with three titles under her belt. Muscles bulged in her arms as she dabbed at your face with a wet, sanitized napkin. “I know you’re hurting but-”

“I’m not,” you snapped back, then winced. It hurt to speak, but the pain was nice.

“I know he hurt you-”

“He didn’t.”

“Y/N,” Soyun sighed. When she removed the napkin it was stained red. She tossed it aside and reached for another disinfectant wipe. “You can’t keep running here whenever you’re hurt. It’s not healthy, okay? I know it’s good money, but-”

“I didn’t fight for the money,” you glared- well, half of you did. One of your eyes was swollen so that it was narrowed beforehand, but the other mirrored it spitefully. “Well, actually- I could use it. I don’t exactly have a place to stay.”

Soyun wiped the blood from your split lip, to which you hissed under your breath, “You could stay at mine.”

You looked up at her quickly. “You know the rules.”

She smiled softly and stepped back, tossing out the stained wipes. Her careful fingers placed bandages along your cuts and added neosporin to your swelling eye. “Fuck the rules,” she brushed your stray hair back from your face and gave you a hopefully spiteful look. You gathered your things in a dufflebag, which wasn’t much- some shirts you’d taken from your and Yugyeo- your ex’s dorm, pants, and other essentials.

“Are you sure?” You looked at Soyun hesitantly.

“Or, you know, you could go home,” Soyun said as she slung your money bag over her shoulder. You rolled your good eye and adjusted your hoodie so that it was over your head- you didn’t exactly want anyone to see you looking like that. “He misses you, Y/N, he wants to explain-”

“Fuck him and his explanation,” you spat angrily. “I don’t care about him. I don’t need him, I don’t- I don’t, okay? I just don’t.”

“You do care about him,” Soyun shook her head with a slight laugh. You glared at her.

“What, do you talk to him or something?” You scoffed in disbelief.

Soyun looked at you sharply, “No. But I’ve been monitoring him for you.” 

You spun around to look at her, eyes wide. “You’ve been what?” 

“I’m just making sure he-” 

“Soyun, that’s completely against what I wanted,” you ran one of your bruised hands down your face and groaned under your breath. “What if someone found you? What if someone from here followed you and saw him?” 

“You’re on the cover of every magazine with him since the two of you came out,” Soyun snorted. The two of you passed through the back door and marched up a set of steps, which had you wincing with each one you took. She made to put an arm under to help you, but you shrugged it off, insisting on doing it yourself. 

“Yeah,” you laughed bitterly. “Now it’s him and whatever the fuck her name is.” 

“Maybe if you just heard his side-” 

“It was my fault,” you snapped, not bothering to look at her. You knew how she could tell what you felt by looking at you- like he could. “I got too close, Soyun. That was my own fault. Not his. Why would he date me, anyway? I fight people for a living. She’s an idol- she’s pale and perfect and has straight dark hair and a perfect body. I’m… me.” 

“You’re you is amazing,” Soyun added hopefully. “When I monitor him I see-” 

“Don’t tell me,” you squeezed your good eye shut. “I don’t wanna hear it.” 

“He misses you,” Soyun finished with a sigh. You rolled your eye and adjusted your bag on your sore shoulder. “I’m serious,” 

“I don’t care,” you returned sourly. “Can we just get to yours? I’m starving.” 

“You should be,” Soyun laughed. She held the door open for you, which you offered her a tense smile, and crawled in. “You annihilated that guy.” 


Everything reminded him of her. 

Her stuff was still there. She hadn’t come back for it. Her clothes were gone, but she’d forgotten the teddy bear he gave her for their three month anniversary, and the flowers he got her for their two year last week were wilting on the shelf. Everything smelt like her- vanilla and something like pumpkin spice (he overheard her saying she loved that particular scent). Her pillow was still wrinkled from where she last laid her head. Her high heels were by the door, her dress from the night where they’d gone out dancing on the floor where she’d messily dropped it in a haste of kisses and laughs. 

She was everything. 

So it only made sense that everything reminded him of her. 

And it hurt. It hurt because she didn’t trust him. It hurt because she left so easily, like- like he never mattered to her, or anything. It hurt because he knew that she had a tendency to be outspoken, and it hurt because he knew that she would be ridiculed for what he’d done- for what that trainee had done. 

The girl, who’s name Yugyeom never got, had tricked him, and JYP. She was a trainee who only came in last month during trials, someone who had lured Yugyeom outside by saying something that his Y/N needed him. Of course, he rushed out, following her, and when he did she led him to one of JYP’s relaxation gardens. She’d pulled him against her for a kiss and Yugyeom had made to push her back, but she’d plotted cameras- cameras with angles that made it look like it was his fault. 

When he came home, after all the magazines had been published and the news shared over every social media platform, she was already gone. No note. No warning. Just her stuff left everywhere, except for some shirts and pants. Every night, he felt like he was being watched- by her teddy bear, by her things, by the pictures of them on the wall and the one by his bed. His wallpaper was her laughing at the camera due to his puns, and every time he opened his phone he was reminded that she was gone. 

She didn’t trust easily. Actually, she didn’t trust at all. Which was another reason why this hurt him so badly- he was the first person she’d ever lived with, ever said “I love you” to romantically, ever put her whole self into. And then she was gone. Just like that. 

There was no better time for hunger to strike.


“No food?” Soyun peered over your shoulder into the fridge, her dark eyes searching the half-filled containers of leftovers from Jun’s down the street. 

Her home was suffocating. She had pictures of her family everywhere, everything was neat though it was lived in. It reminded you of your home- of the home you didn’t have anymore. You swallowed and bent your knees, slipping under her shoulder and standing. “I’ll go buy some takeout,” you announced suddenly, grabbing a wad full of cash and stuffing it into your pocket. 

“Are you sure?” Soyun looked at you in surprise. “You’re not exactly in the best state, Y/N.” 

You smiled, “Come on, Soyun. You and I both know it could be worse.” 

Soyun laughed lightly. “You’re right,” she tilted her head and brushed a piece of hair behind her ear. “If you need anything, call, okay?” 

Quickly, you padded on some concealer, wincing although it lessened the red irritation and discoloration on your skin. With a smile at her, you disappeared out the front door. 

The cool night air was enough to make you sigh in relief. You inhaled a breath of it and exhaled, amazed at how suddenly fresh it had become. The moon was somehow warm on your skin, glowing against your bruised face. You limped along the road, willing yourself slowly to walk normally. It hurt- just as much as it had beforehand, but you knew now that you were walking like you hadn’t just been in a ring with a prestigious boxer. 

Jun’s was a small little diner just down the street from Soyun’s, and you inwardly cursed yourself because it was also a couple blocks away from you- his dorm. The inside was nice enough- there was a pool table in the corner, where a couple of drunks had gathered and were laughing loudly as they played the game. On the other side, there were a handful of booths and another handful of occupied tables. The owner, Jun, stood at the back of the cash register, smiling jovially at everyone who entered. 

“Y/N-ah,” Jun greeted you. His smile faltered when he saw your face, a tiny frown settling in on his lips. “Rent late again?” 

You managed a tiny laugh, “Not exactly. Can I have two of the usuals, please?” 

Jun tilted his head, smiling softly at you. “Anything for you,” he bowed slightly, which made you shift your feet uncomfortably as you reached for your money. “Oh, no- it’s on the house!” 

“Why?” You gave him a curious look. “I have money.” 

“The gentleman in the corner paid for everyone tonight,” Jun clapped his hands together, grinning. You looked over your shoulder to see a young-looking man in a booth with a skinnier man, both of them laughing and clinking their drinks together. 

You froze. 

Jackson and BamBam liked Jun’s too, but you didn’t think they’d be here that night. Luckily for you, neither of them had noticed your entry, but they looked up the minute you did at them. Quickly you averted your gaze and cleared your throat. 

“Can I have those to-go?” You placed the money on the table for Jun to take, to which he frowned, but took anyway. You knew it was a mistake to walk around with your hood down. You quickly raised it over your head again, shadowing the bruises and split-lip, taking a seat in the corner. 

Of course though, the second you did, you were immediately preyed upon. 

“Hey, pretty lady,” a slurred voice greeted you with a smile. You stood up quickly and looked at him, to which he backed up a bit in surprise at your face. 

“Talk to me again and I’ll fucking kill you,” you spat, before spinning around and sitting in your seat again. Across the room, you didn’t notice Jackson and BamBam furiously texting someone on their phone, and then the door to bar pulled open. You looked up, face hidden by your hoodie. 

The person who entered made bile rise up in your throat. 

He was tall, taller than you were, with broad shoulders and a fit frame. His long legs were shadowed in black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt tucked into those, and an embroidered jacket hung loosely from his arms. His hair was a mess and there were bags under his eyes. He looked skinnier than you last remembered him being. But then again, you were sure you looked different, too. 

Kim Yugyeom walked over to where Jackson and BamBam sat, a bit glum as he slid into the booth with his friends. You watched in shock as the two foreigners quickly told something to Yugyeom before motioning to you in the corner. 

You gulped. Before he could have a chance to speak to you, you jumped to your feet. “Never mind, Jun!” You yelled back at the owner before rushing for the door. 

“Y/N?” Came a weak, confused voice. 

You froze at the sound of it. You closed your eyes (the other one having healed a while ago) and swallowed, knowing you’d have to face him soon, anyway. It’d only been a week but the tabloids hadn’t ended their tirade of his mystery girl, which only hurt you even more. Your stomach ached since you hadn’t ate since the day before, and you felt as if you might pass out at any second. 

Slowly, you turned around to look at him, head down. Yugyeom’s fingers reached out to lift your chin up but you swatted them away quickly. “Don’t touch me,” you whispered furiously, glaring up at him. 

Yugyeom’s blood ran cold. He stared down at you, eyes wide and full of shock. You were sure you didn’t look like a dimepiece, anyhow. One of your eyes was caked in makeup to hide the bruising, but in these lights it was easy to tell what had happened. Your lip was split and still slightly bloodied, your right jaw bruised and slightly swollen. If he could see the rest of you- the rest of you that was covered in bruises and cuts. 

“Oh my god, Y/N,” Yugyeom breathed, one hand reaching up to cover his mouth in surprise. His eyes began to water, his bottom lip trembling and his fingers shaking. “Why?” He whimpered. He reached out to pull you into his chest but you shoved him back. 

“I said don’t touch me,” you repeated angrily. 

Another voice joined the two of you, “He harassing you, pretty lady?” 

You looked over at the drunken, way-older man staring down at you predatorily. You made to tell him to fuck off, but Yugyeom’s glassy eyes hardened before yours could. “Fuck off, you drunk,” Yugyeom spat. Your eyes grew wide. Yugyeom wasn’t like that- he wasn’t confrontational, unless of course, it involved you or his members. 

The man raised an eyebrow, “You better watch your fuckin-” 

You didn’t have a chance to speak for yourself before Yugyeom’s fist retracted, his knuckles slamming against the side of the man’s jaw. He stumbled backwards into the wall and hit the floor, eyes rolled back into his head. On the other hand, Yugyeom looked furious, glaring at the rest of his friends, as if daring them to do something. 

“You hit girls, too?” Another drunk jumped in, his eyes darting to you. Yugyeom looked at you quickly. His entire gaze softened. 

“Who did that to you?” Yugyeom whispered. His hand reached out to caress your face and you were too shocked to object. He glanced backwards at the drunks before looking at you. “Let’s talk somewhere else.” 

“Or, never,” you backed up from him and hurried out the door. You weren’t far before he yelled at you. 

“You can’t keep running, Y/N!” He shouted, making your steps falter. “You ran from your parents, you ran from your home, and now you’re running from me! I thought we were different, Y/N!” 

You stopped in place, making Yugyeom freeze. You slowed, spinning around to face him. “You don’t get to say that,” you growled, your eyes becoming glassy. You attempted to blink back the tears, but it was almost impossible. “You cheated on me, Yugyeom. Not the other way around.” 

“You didn’t let me explain!” Yugyeom shouted back, stepping towards you. You flinched, stepping backwards. 

“Explain what?” Your voice cracked, a lone tear sliding its way down your bruised cheek. “That you found someone better than me? Someone prettier, someone thinner, someone with talent? You don’t have to explain that, Kim Yugyeom, because I understand. You could never love someone like me.” 

Yugyeom rushed towards you before you could back away. “Why do you always say shit like that?” He demanded brokenly, his eyes hurt and wide in pain. “She tricked me, jagiya. She told me you needed me- that you sent her to come get me, and then she kissed me in the gardens because there were cameras, jagiya.” 

“Don’t call me that,” you shook your head, sniffling and wiping at your tears furiously. 

“Would you listen to me?” Yugyeom took your hands into his. Another tear left his eye at the sight of your fingers- things that were so delicate, no matter the callouses on them. Things he used to hold, things you used to run through his hair- they were bruised and bloodied, scabbed over and swollen. A choked sob escaped his throat. “I love you so, so much. That girl- you have to believe me, okay?” 

“Why?” You looked up at him. The sheer amount of pain in your eyes made his stomach flip with guilt. “Why should I?” 

“You’ve spent your whole life running from people,” Yugyeom whispered, brushing his fingers over your ear. “I know your favorite color is white, and that you hate when I tell you it’s a shade, not a color. I know your favorite food is anything that has meat in it. I know you like to sleep on your left side, and that you like it when I run my fingers over your back until you fall asleep. You eat your food one by one, and you don’t like it to touch either. Your favorite movie is Zombieland and your favorite song is anything I sing you.” 

Your eyes watered over, spilling freely down your cheeks and gathering tiny little dots on the cement at your feet. 

“I know you better than your parents. I know you think you’re worth nothing, so it’s easy to believe that I cheated on you, but jagiya- I-I would never. You mean the world to me. You’re my everything,” he whispered the last part, his voice cracking at the end. “I know it’s hard for you to believe me. I know you’ve spent your life running from people and from things, but I don’t want you to run from me. You love me, don’t you?” 

You closed your eyes and sucked in a breath. You remembered the first time he said those words to you, and you remembered how you’d ran out on him, only for him to find you later and tell you that it was okay if you couldn’t say it back yet. You remembered the first time the two of you made love and how he made sure you were okay every second of it, how he held you afterwards and whispered how much he loved everything about you in your ear. 

“I love you so much,” you finally whispered. 

Yugyeom’s eyes lit up and he pulled you into his chest, holding you there softly. You sobbed into his shirt, bunched up in your bloodied fingers. “It’s okay,” he said in your ear, rocking you back in forth. “It’s okay, princess. I’m here. I’m not going to leave you. Ever.” 

“How can you promise that?” You looked up at him, sniffling. 

“Because my love for you,” Yugyeom kissed your forehead softly, then your bruised eye, then your split lip, “is eternal. No one else is right for me, but you.” 

You swallowed. “How can you be sure?” 

Yugyeom kissed your lips again, holding your bruised jaw hesitantly. “Because when I kiss you, Y/N,” he kissed you again, smiling, “there’s no other feeling in the world like it.” 

You were going to ask how he knew- how he can be sure that he’d never leave you, but he beat you to it. 

“Marry me,” he suddenly said, eyes wide in realization. “Marry me, so I can prove that I’ll never leave you.” 

Your eyes grew wider than the moon that was shining on the two of you, your swollen lips parting in disbelief. “Yug-” 

“Stop running,” Yugyeom cupped your face, looking down at you lovingly. “Stop running. Marry me, and we’ll run together- anywhere, okay?” 

You waited until your bruises faded from your skin, until you could walk normally. Yugyeom was there every step of the way, caressing your back and holding your hair and telling you that he loved you no matter what. He took care of you more than anyone in the world ever had. He made you soup when you were sick, and held your hand across the world. He cried when you walked down the aisle, a hand cupped over his mouth and tears streaming down his face. He cried when you told him you were pregnant, and he cried when you gave birth. He held your hand every step of the way, no matter if your fingers were bruised anymore. 

And you didn’t have to run anymore. 

If you did, he’d run with you. 

Oh god, I think I finally cracked the point of Jon giving a second chance to House of Kalstark and Umber and Sansa saying he’s making a mistake. It may not even be about them or related to Olly. It’s about Jon not judging someone because of their parents mistakes. It might just be about Jon trusting Dany and bending the knee to her. 

So when Jon gets back to Winterfell with Dany and her dragons and tells her that he swore her allegiance to Dany, Sansa is going to tell him she can’t be trusted. And when Jon asks her “Because she’s Targaryen?” maybe all Sansa has to say is “Yes, but more than that it’s because she didn’t come here when she knew survival was at stake before you promised fealty to her. She didn’t come here until she saw her own profit. How is she any different?” or something along those lines. This question would be on Jon’s mind through the rest of the story. It could also bring up the whole “You never treated me like your brother because of my last name” and issues that come with it. Also if things go this way then when he finds out he’s a Targaryen he might think Sansa may not trust him anymore and their relationship would go back to how it was while growing up. Only it wouldn’t matter to Sansa anymore because Jon has become a crucial part of her life now. Jon is Jon. Whatever his last name be. 

honestly the amount of self control and poise and intelligence taylor swift has is INSPIRING like she sat back and patiently watched all these uneducated pessimists drag her name through the mud and say whatever they wanted and now she’s going to use her best weapon which is her words to just absolutely destroy them and I’m so here for it

PROMPT:  have you seen that photo set edit of lexa being tortured by the ice queen and clarke begging her to stop? could you write that please?

Some stream of consciousness on this. Forgive all the mistakes that are surely in here. 8)

Clarke thought she had an idea of what torture looked like. From what they did to Lincoln, from what happened to Raven. Of hearing somebody scream in pain, of how they’d struggle and pull. Hurting themselves worse in the process; she knows it’s only human to fight. She thought it would be the noise that would make it unbearable to witness; but Lexa has proved that wrong.

The grounder commander it strung up by her wrists, the balls of her bare feet only just touching the ground wet with red. Her skin slick with sweat and blood, body drawn long and taut. The shallow cuts are plentiful—knives having been pulled, almost gently, across hard abdominal muscles, or straining triceps. A face almost startlingly clear of damage is settled into something of a disinterest scowl—green eyes bright, lips pressed thin and flat.

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anonymous asked:

new blog yay! s/o when they find out that kagami+midorima+aomine+murasakibara+haizaki got drunk and cheated on them with another person? I'm craving some angst tbh.

fucking hell what is up with all these angst requests btw im gonna put the guys as adults because duh they’re only like 16 and stuff and would probably piss themselves if they got drunk that early. Putting it under the cut for length! Also this is mildly nsfw? Nothing too explicit dont worry so im not gonna tag it but just a warning kk

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Request: Justin decides to throw a party with all his family members and a few close friends. Justin find out that one of his cousins were flirting with YN and he gets jealous.

Justin’s POV:
I shake my head laughing as I watch my manager Scooter trying to dab. I walk away, greeting others while also trying to find my girlfriend Y/N. It’s been an hour and I couldn’t find her anywhere.
“What the hell?” I mumble as I come across Y/N…flirting with another guy. I squint a little to get a closer look to who it was…..And I couldn’t believe it, out of all people it was my own fucking cousin, Alex. I felt my jaw clench as I continued to watch her giggle at every thing he said. Is she being serious right now? She’s going to fucking flirt with a guy she barely knows…at my own damn party. Hell no.
An hour has passed and I’ve tried my best to ignore her as possible, but I highly doubt she even noticed because till now she’s still talking to him. I roll my eyes at the thought of them together.
“Hey…I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” I hear Y/N say snapping me out of my thoughts. I poured myself another drink, pretending to be occupied. “Why are you out here?” She says walking towards me, I remained silent and continued to drink.
“Justin…?” She says louder trying to get my attention. I didn’t really want to deal with her right now,
I mean if I tell her she’s probably going to deny it anyways. I took one last sip before walking away.
No ones POV:
“Justin!” You call out following Justin out to the balcony. Justin continues to walk still not saying anything, you quickly run to catch up to his pace before stopping right infront of him. Justin immediately stops looking at you as he tries to walk again but you stop him. “If you walk away again, don’t expect me not to follow…” You say looking at him with a stern expression.

You both stand there in silence, neither one of you is speaking. Justin turns around sighing before facing you, “Why were you flirting with Alex?” Justin blurts in a harsh tone, causing you to take a step back.
Flirting? What was he talking about? You thought to yourself. “Woah. Hold up…is that what’s this is all about?” You say confused.

“You didn’t answer my question” He says trying to change the subject. You look at him annoyed, as you cross your arms, “Neither did you…”
“Look, I know what I saw and I didn’t like it. All I’m saying was it necessary to flirt back?” He says irritated, turning away from you.

“Oh my god Justin, this is ridiculous….” You say letting out a sarcastic chuckle before continuing. “Are you being serious right now? Do you actually believe I’m the type of girl to do that?”
Justin turns around and looks at you, “I don’t know…you tell me” he says quietly.

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Did he really just say that? You felt a sharp pain right through your chest as his words kept repeating through your mind. You felt offended, hurt and all sorts of emotions that you couldn’t comprehend. You couldn’t believe that your own boyfriend didn’t even trust you.
You slowly shake your head “No, you know what…I’m not in the mood to talk about this,” you say quickly turning around to leave as you felt tears beginning to form.

“Y/N-” you hear Justin yell, you pause before turning around.
“Justin this is getting pathetic, I’m tired of your shit always accusing me of cheating, and messing around with guys…..which really fucking hurts, because of all people who think of me like that it’s my own damn boyfriend?!” You say trying to wipe away your tears but there was no use. You were a wreck.

Justin’s face softens and you could tell he was feeling guilty, he never liked making you cry but it was too late, this time he crossed the line.
“Babe-” he says walking towards you, feeling guilty.
You took a step back, “Don’t fucking ‘babe’ me…” You say in a stern voice. “Talk me when you’re done being an ass” and with that you walked away, leaving Justin all alone.
“Fuck….you’re so stupid” Justin mumbles, as he kicks the chair outside causing it to fall, before running his fingers through his hair.
It’s been 2 hours since the argument, even everyone at the party could sense something was wrong. All this time Justin has been trying to get you to talk to him, but there was no use.

“Y/N, babe…will you please just talk to me already? I said I’m sorry…what else do you want me to do?” Justin says desperately as he tries his best to catch up with you. “Y/N can you please just stop for a minute!” You hear Justin say causing you to roll your eyes as you begin to walk at a quicker pace.

“Y/N!” Justin yells as he stops following you.
“Just leave her alone man…” Za says as he places his hand over Justin’s shoulder.
“Dude, I can’t. Not when she’s mad like this…” Justin says, looking down.
“Who can blame her though?” Khalil adds, before taking a seat.
“You messed up Biebs just admit it..” Hailey smirks as she takes a seat next to Khalil.
“Hails…no one asked for your opinion” Justin glares but he knew she was right. He did mess up, it’s his fault she’s mad. He basically called her a slut without realizing what he was saying.

“Ooooo” everyone says, chuckling as Hailey turns bright red from embarrassment. “Shut up, he’s just grumpy because he won’t be getting any sugar tonight..” Hailey winks causing the group of friends to go wild once again.

Justin couldn’t help but smile a little, “For real…fuck you guys!” Justin says before leaving to find Y/N again.
“Aww we love you too!”

You were talking to Kylie trying to get your mind off things but it wasn’t helping…all you could think about was Justin. You haven’t since him since you left him but at this moment you didn’t care, he was the one at fault here.

You continue to listen to Kylie when you see something catch your eye. “Are you kidding me right now?” You say shaking your head, as you place your drink aside. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing, Justin was with another girl.
“What?” Kylie says with a worried expression.
“Justin…with a girl, to your left” You whisper as you nudge your head to your right. Kylie begins to look around, “don’t make eye contact!” You whisper nervously. “Sorry!” She says quickly looking towards you. “They’re probably just friends” Kylie chuckles as she takes a bite from her food.

“Yeah you’re right, she’s not even pretty,” you say sipping your drink, a few seconds later you turn your head slowly towards them as you begin to pout, “Oh who am I kidding she’s fucking gorgeous!” You say slamming your drink on the table causing Kylie to laugh.

“What happened to no eye contact?” Kylie says smiling. You glare at your bestfriend, but you you couldn’t help it, that girl or whatever her fucking name is was all over him. “Now you know how Justin feels…” Kylie says quietly looking at you. “I’m not jealous…” You say defensively, crossing your arms
“I never said you were…” Kylie looks at you taken back before chuckling at your odd behaviour.

“Well I’m not…” You say quietly, feeling your cheeks get hot from embarrassment. You couldn’t help but glance at the two of them, you glare as you watched her fingers brush his arm as if she didn’t know he had a girlfriend. What the hell was he trying to do? You thought to yourself.

It was almost 4 a.m. in the morning as everyone already left. You were debating whether to go to bed and avoid Justin but you decided to start on cleaning so you didn’t have much to worry about the next day.
“Hey…” Justin says as he approaches you. Did he honestly think after all that everything was going to be okay? You quickly turn away avoiding eye contact. “Still not talking to me?” He says quietly as he looks down. “Look, you have every right to be ang-”

“I fucking hate you…” You say cutting him off, still not looking at him.
“What? Why?!” He says taken by surprise.
You finally face towards him, “You know why? You’re such a damn hypocrite, you tell me not to do one thing yet you go behind my freaking back to do the same? What the hell?!” You say angrily, as you run your fingers through your hair.

Justin stays silent for a while before taking a deep breath, “I wasn’t flirting…” He says.
“I know what I saw…” You say mocking him from before, as your roll your eyes.
“I did that on purpose, to get you back..” He says as he looks down feeling guilty.

“For what?!” You yell, you were angry and irritated. You didn’t understand what his intention was but it hurt you.
“The way you’re feeling right at this moment was the exact same way I felt when I saw you and Alex…” Justin says, as your expression doesn’t change. “It doesn’t feel good doesn’t it?” He says as he come closer towards you.

“No it doesn’t, but you shouldn’t have felt that way because nothing was going on” you say desperately, why was he so hard to convince? You thought to yourself. You turn away, as silence took over. You didn’t know whether to continue to argue or just cry. Suddenly you felt two strong pair of arms wrap around your waist. You were about to push him off when you felt him leave soft small kisses along your neck and shoulder.
“I fucking messed up and I’m sorry..” He says softly against your bare shoulder as he pulls you closer from behind, hugging you.

You nod slowly, “me too…” You say quietly before turning around to hug him, as he leaves a small peck on you’re forehead.

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oh she’s grown so much over these past… two days. truly a majestic being, that growlmander

(i’ve already forgotten why i drew this)

Stuck In The Friendzone (Harry Styles) Part 2

The sound of Marimba woke you up the next morning. You reached over to the nightstand and felt around for your phone, squinting as you checked who was calling. It was Harry. 

“Hello?” You mumbled groggily, rubbing your eyes. 

“Y/N? You need to come over.” Harry said quickly. 

“What’s wrong?”

“You need to help me pick what to wear for my date. I’m taking Miranda out for breakfast." 

"Did you really call me at 7 in the morning to choose your damn clothes?” You grumbled, the thought of Miranda making your grumpier than you already were. 

“Please, Y/N? You’re my best friend, I need you.” You could practically see him pouting from the other end of the phone. 

“Fine, I’ll be over in a bit. You better make some pancakes and coffee for me, though. You know how I am without coffee.” You yawned, hanging up and tossing your phone on the fluffy duvet. You crawled out of bed and walked into the bathroom; washing your face, brushing your teeth, and applying some cherry-flavoured lip balm. You changed into some sweats and a hoodie, considering it was the morning; and it was pretty darn cold outside. You grabbed your phone and walked downstairs, looking at yourself in the mirror before walking outside and hopping on your red bicycle. 


“Harry..” You called out, ringing the doorbell twice. Thuds were heard as Harry tumbled down the stairs and opened the door, holding up a pair of his leather boots; that were covered in holes. 

“Is this still wearable?” He asked, out of breath. You grabbed the boots from him and tossed them in the bin, shaking your head. 

“C'mon, loverboy. Lets get you dressed. What time are you taking Meredith out?” You asked, taking a sip of coffee.

“Miranda.” He corrected you. “And I’m taking her out in an hour." 

"Miranda, Macy, Meryl. No difference.” You huffed, trailing after Harry as he lead you upstairs. His room was a mess, with various shirts and pants thrown all over the place.

“Jesus, Harry.” You mumbled, picking up a pair of boxers and immediately tossing them to the side.

“What? A first impression is important.” He smiled. “And those boxers were clean, excuse you.”

“You don’t need a first impression. You’re Harry Styles.”

“Clearly first impressions weren’t important to you when we met.”

“I was five, and you were seven.” You reminded him. The first time you met Harry, you decided that he was weird, because he had holes indented in his cheeks. (Later on, you found out that they were called dimples.) Once Harry greeted you with a polite ‘hello’, you grimaced and stuck your tongue out, playing with your barbie doll again.

“You didn’t talk to me until I played with you.” Harry grinned. He had picked up one of your dolls and started playing with you. That was when you decided that he was alright. 

“Whatever. So, what about this sweater and.. these jeans?” You picked up a knitted grey sweater and a pair of his black skinny jeans with a hole on the knee. “And wear a white t-shirt under it.” You picked up a shirt from the ground and tossed it to him. 

“Thanks. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He smiled, kissing your cheek as you walked downstairs to find the pancakes that he had made for you. 

“Alright, I’ve gotta go. I’ll make sure to tell you how the date went.” He smiled, and closed the front door behind him. You sighed and munched on your pancake, sitting on the countertop. It was so quiet. Of course, you were used to being alone, so it was a comfortable silence. 

You clicked the TV off when you heard giggling from outside. You walked over and looked out the peephole, rolling your eyes when you caught sight of the brunette, Macy or whatever her name was. 

“My friend should’ve gone home by now.” Harry said, standing in front of her with a smile. “So you can hang out here with me, and we can do whatever you’d like." 

"Thank you for breakfast.” Miranda giggled, standing up on her tiptoes and placing a kiss on Harry’s lips. 

“Mm.. no problem. Maybe we can go out for dinner later?” Harry grinned, pulling the house key out. Shit. You weren’t supposed to be in the house anymore. You grabbed your flip-flops and ran over to the couch, picking up your phone and fixing the pillows before rushing over to hide in the kitchen. You heard the door open and you heard Harry sigh. 

“Y/N left a mess, sorry..” He grumbled. You smacked your forehead gently. You had forgotten to clean up your dishes and throw away the package of crisps. 

“Oh, no problem. I’ll just sit on the clean side of the couch, where there aren’t any crumbs.” Miranda smiled, making herself comfortable on the couch as Harry brushed the crumbs off. 

“Sorry.. God, sometimes Y/N can be so annoying, you know?” He sat down next to her. You pursed your lips and listened carefully. He was joking. You were sure he was joking. 

“Would you like to rant about her?" 

"Yes, that’d be great. I can’t tell the boys about this, or else they’d tell her.” You weren’t annoying.. right? “It’s just.. sometimes she’s really clingy, it’s really frustrating. Whenever I get a day off, she wants to spend time with me. She’s not my girlfriend or anything, but she sure acts like one. I feel like she’s weighing me down, and I just want to get away from her. And she’s such a try hard too. Constantly trying to impress the boys were her cooking skills, or her video-game playing skills. Whenever I have a friend thats a girl, she instantly doesn’t like her. She doesn’t even give my friend a chance! It’s like she wants to be the only girl in my life. Sometimes I wish that we’d never met, so I wouldn’t have to deal with her.” He huffed. 

Your eyes welled up with tears as you chewed on your bottom lip. The reason why you didn’t like his girl friends was because they didn’t like you. They would try to push you away and get closer to Harry. You wanted to spend time with Harry, since he was your best friend; was that so wrong? It wasn’t like you didn’t let him hang out with the boys. 

“Maybe you two should take a break or something.. How about I get your mind off of her for a while?” She smirked, standing up and walking upstairs, with Harry trailing behind her. 

“That sounds like a good idea." 

Once you heard the bedroom door close, you stood up and walked outside, closing the door behind you. You sniffled and got on your bike that was resting on the side of the house, pedalling onto the sidewalk slowly. If Harry wanted a break, then he could have his break.

You know, when people first started complaining about the lack of quality on Mattel dolls, I ignored it because I didn’t think it was an issue, I mean who really cares about a tiny plastic ring that won’t stay on the finger anyway? Is anyone REALLY that upset over a missing bracelet? Isn’t complaining about no tights getting really nit-picky? But now… I’ve seen the darkness and I don’t like it

I found Nina Thumbell today, a couple of weeks ago I found Crystal Winter and Wisp Grant, I had noticed the drop in quality on Crystal (and to a lesser extent Wisp, but then, she was a an I Heart Fashion doll so she was pretty freaking expensive) I just thought it was because Crystal was a *SPECIAL EDITION* doll and came with the big plastic ring and such, but now with Nina… I’m clearly seeing that isn’t the case

The thing is, these “deluxe” dolls are the exact same as what budget dolls were a few years ago, or, actually, LESS, my original Gloom Beach dolls came with bracelets AND sunglasses, an extra accessory (frisbe, sun tan lotion, etc), brushes, and I think stands, plus a little “diary” card, Nina came with ONE necklace, no stand, no brush, one accessory, and the same sized diary card, this is in comparison to the old deluxe dolls that came with :Multiple peices of jewlry, an actual diary, an accessory (usually a purse), a pet, a doll stand, a brush, and real tights/socks/whatever (usually) that’s… insane….

I’ve been out of the fandom for a few months now, in part due to becoming more busy and unable to make time for everything, but also in part because it just became so depressing to me, nothing was exciting, just annoying, all of the dolls that came in lacking things just frustrated me more (not to mention the terrible Monster High reboot… *shudder*) I haven’t wanted to post anything negative because I know what it’s like to be in fandoms where every other post in a complaint *cough* But there’s a place where the line needs to be drawn between a fan and a consumer and I just found that place, as a fan I’ve been sad since Januarary, as a consumer… I’m just angry

I’m just alot of doll collectors understand these words so I’ll keep them short: I’ve spent alot of money on dolls

I’ve never hesitated to buy MH and EAH dolls in the past because I know how much I’ll love the charectors, and because they’ve just looked cool, I’ve never hesitated to justify the price because dolls like Elle Eedee and Cedar Wood exist- because on top of the accessories and jewlry and cool outfits they also had beautifull things like BODY MOLDING and multi-colored hair! Now the only molded things on these dolls are the tights… (except for the original MH ghouls who have unnecessary molds *glares at Clawdeen’s fur*)

I’ve been passing on Ari Hauntington and Dana Treasure (or whatever her name is) for over a month now- wich I’ve NEVER done, because on top of not liking the dolls, I don’t even know if I’ll like the charectors, the reboot seems to be flattening the charectors I already love, so why would I think the newbies would be worth my time?

$20 is alot of money, for collectors AND for parents (who, remember, are the ones ACTUALLY buying the dolls, not the kids, and sure, KIDS may not care that much about missing accessories, but you can bet your bottom dollar if a parent looks at two dolls and doesn’t see much difference they’re going to buy the cheaper one)

Admittedly, things like the appearances of the reboot charectors and personalities and such are pretty subjective to opinion, but when you pay more money for a lesser quality product that stops being about what you *like* and what you don’t and starts being about the cold facts that Mattel has gotten cheap and is charging more money for something that USED to cost a hell of alot less

It makes me so sad as a consumer, who’s poured alot of money into these brands since the VERY beginning, and who has promoted them to parents and grandparents for their kids like I work for the place, that it looks like I won’t be able to justify this high price for this low quality much longer, I don’t know how long Monster High and Ever After High will even last if they keep cheapening the quality, I had hoped they’d be like Barbie- never ending- and that I could buy these dolls for my kids, but I don’t think that will happen if they keep lowering the quality like this….

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Okay okay something happy. Um. OH. TenToo/Rose have a son, who comes home one day and tells them he's gay, and the Doctor is - well, the Doctor XD

*cracks knuckes* Let’s do this!

He’d been wanting to tell his parents for awhile now, but he didn’t know how. Should he tell his Mum first or his Dad? Both together? Separately? Or maybe he should tell his older sister first, and she’d tell him what to do.

The Doctor is tinkering in his office with some sort long metal tube thing that might have been a spaceship if you squinted hard enough and tilted your head a bit. Anyways, he’s tinkering when he hears his son come in.

“Dad, can I tell you something?”

“Of course. You know you always can.”

The Doctor continues to fiddle with the spaceship in his hands.



His son sighs and his next words come out in a rush.


“Uh huh, that’s nice. Can you hand me that little micro-laser…that thing to your left next to the spanner?”

“Dad, did you hear me?”

“Uh huh, I always hear you.”

“Dad. I’m gay.”


His son is now really frustrated and getting upset, thinking his Dad isn’t actuallly paying attention, or caring.

“Whatever.” He throws the micro-laser onto the table in front of his dad. “Knew this was a bad idea. Forget it.”

That finally snags the Doctor’s complete attention.

“Wait wait wait. Stop.”

“You obviously don’t fucking care.”

The Doctor is too shocked and wounded to reprimand his 15 year old on his language.

“What makes you say that?”

His son’s eyes are glistening now and he’s shaking from head to toe. The Doctor springs up from his workbench and envelops him into the biggest hug.

“Don’t you ever say that. Or think that. I care about everything going on in your life, and I am so, so sorry if I ever made you think otherwise.”

“Were you even listening to me?”

“Of course,” the Doctor soothes. “You’re gay.”

His son his shocked.

“You-you’re not angry? Or upset?”

The Doctor is confused.

“No? Why would I be?”

This makes his son cry harder and cling to the Doctor. The Doctor’s heart breaks. His son had really worked himself into quite the state, and the Doctor hated that his son had been dreading his reaction.

“Easy does it,” the Doctor murmured, rocking his son back and forth. “Breathe. There we go. Why were you so nervous to tell me? And why did you think I didn’t care?”

“You didn’t say anything.”

“I didn’t think anything needed to be said,” the Doctor says honestly. “It’s like when you were seven and told your Mum and me you wanted to quit football and wanted to learn to play the piano. It’s just who you are and what you want. Who am I to tell you how to live your life?”

“But… But I’m not normal.”

He spits the word out bitterly, and the Doctor holds him tighter.

“Who said you’re not normal?” he asks softly. 

His son shrugs.

“It’s just…you have Mum, Grandma has Grandpa, Tony has whatever her name is… I feel like I’m…”

“Hey, now,” the Doctor says gently. “Everybody is free to love or be attracted to whomever they’d like. Just because all you’ve seen are cases of heterosexuality, that doesn’t make it the default. You are who you are, and that’s fantastic.”

His son shudders in the Doctor’s arms.

There is suddenly a knock on the door, and Rose pops her head in.

“Is everything all right, I heard some…”

She freezes when she sees her son sobbing in her husbands arms, and she casts a panicked look at the Doctor. He shakes his head subtly, and mouths to her that they’ll be out in a minute. He can see she wants to protest, but she finally gives in and latches the door behind her.

“I think we’ve worried your Mum a bit,” the Doctor said lightly. “Shall we go out and have a chat with her?”

His son stiffens a bit, and the Doctor gives him another squeeze.

“You’re perfect just the way you are,” he said firmly. “Your Mum agrees. We love you so very much. Nothing will ever change that.”

His son nods and sniffs, running his hands over his face.

“There we go,” the Doctor soothes. “Feel better?”

His son nods.

“How long have you been wanting to tell me?” The Doctor is honestly curious.

“Awhile now,” he mumbles. “Just didn’t know how.”

“You can always tell me anything, you know that, right? I don’t care what it is. Don’t be scared to come talk to me. You’re my son, and nothing you could ever do or say would make me stop loving you. Okay?”

His son gives him a shy smile, and nods.

“Right. Shall we go talk to your mother and reassure her you’re not dying of some terminal illness? You know that now what she’s probably thinking.”

His son giggles, and then he wraps his arms once more around his Dad.

“Thanks, Dad.”


The Doctor is about to swing open the door of the workshop when he turns back to his son.

“So, anyone caught your eye yet?”

His son flushes furiously and mumbles, “Kid in my maths class.”

“What’s his name? When do we get to meet him?”


“Oi, don’t think you’re getting out of it that easily! I’m screening your boyfriends just as much as I do your sister’s.”

His son groans loudly, but his heart jumps with happiness, as he pushes past his Dad to go talk with his Mum.

come talk tentoo x rose with me!!

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“You what!?” 

She didn’t recognize his surname? Had she not heard of the ruthless Kuzuryuu Clan? Fuyuhiko honestly felt a bit offended at this…Even if they did hide in the shadows when it came to publicity. “I’ll have you know my clan of yakuza is the best of the best! You’re telling me you haven’t heard of us?!”

Oh great she was an otaku? As in one of those geeks who would gush over the latest anime and all that crap? Ugh. Just grea-But why did she sound unsure of her talent? “What now Amaikawa whatever ya name is…Can’t remember your own talent? What kind of idiot does that.”