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A Big Old Teddy Bear

Pairings: Tony x Reader

Summary: Tony forgets it’s Valentine’s Day and doesn’t get you anything. Thing is you forgot too. But Tony is acts so sweet and adorable that you don’t even tell him. No harm, no foul right?

Warnings: Swearing (I expect that you know this), and fluff

A/N: Idk… I want to write for Loki but then my brain wants Tony and like… Whatever guys. Just deal with it. Hit me up with Valentine’s Day requests?

Word count: 871

“So what’d you get Tony?”
I groaned and looked up at Steve, “What do you mean ‘what did I get Tony?’”
Steve raised and eyebrow, “It’s Valentine’s Day hun. From my understanding you get each other gifts-”
“I know what it is!”
Bucky snickered from his seat next to me and Steve laughed. I got up and ran my fingers through my hair, “Can you guys like set something up in here for me? Please I have to go get ready.”
Steve shook his head, “No can do. We gotta go on mission. We’ll be back in two days though?”
“Are you serious?”
Bucky shrugged, “Sorry doll.”
I sighed, “If either of you mention any of this to Tony I swear I’ll-”
“Mention what to Tony?”
I looked up to see Tony standing in the door way, “Nothing babe. Just you know talking about the surprise i planned for you and today.”
Tony shot me a confused glance then sighed, “Okay then. I’ll be down in the lab if you need me.”
Tony walked back out of the room and I let out a breath I hadn’t realize I’d been holding.
“Bloody hell. Guys what am I suppose to do?”
Bucky put his hands in the air standing up, “Don’t look at us. We’re going on a mission right now.”
I jumped as an idea came to me, “What if i went with you guys?!? I could be backup.”
Steve shook his head, “Sorry Y/N. Even if we could take you we wouldn’t. We are going to a HYDRA base.”
Bucky sighed, “And I’m not losing you. A, because you’re a best friend to me and B, because Tony would kill us.”
I sighed then gave then each a hug, “Fine. Just saying I may not be here when you get back. I’ll be hiding from shame.”
They chuckled and walked out the door with one last wave.

~ Tony’s POV ~
“Bruce? I need to ask you something.”
Bruce looked up from his work and eyed me warily, “What’d you do?”
I sighed, “A better question is what didn’t I do. What’s today?”
Bruce clicked his phone screen awake and read the date aloud, “February 14. Valentine’s Day. So what?”
“SO WHAT? I forgot to get Y/N a present! That’s what!”
Bruce widened his eyes, “You what?!? Tony you’re a billionaire. You should have gotten her thousands by now.”
I shrugged and rolled my eyes, “Besides the point. The point is, I think she planned something and now I have nothing to give her!!”
Bruce shrugged, “You’re not stupid. Go out and buy her something.”
“You can stall her. Okay? Okay. Thanks.”
I raced out the door leaving Bruce alone. He shook his head and sighed, “That man.”

Normal POV:
I took the stairs two at a time until I reached my room. When I got there I took a shower, pulled on a cute outfit, loosely curled my hair and then did my makeup. I darted out of the room and down the stairs into the kitchen. I paced around for a while until I got a semi okay idea.
A blur of blue and silver went by and Pietro was standing next to me.
“I didn’t do it I swear.”
I raised an eyebrow, “What didn’t you do?”
He narrowed his eyes at me, “What do you think I did that I say I didn’t do?”
I sighed, “Whatever I don’t care. Listen I need your help.”
He smiled, “Sure. Just remember I didn’t do it.” He added a wink.
I chuckled, “So I was thinking to surprise Tony I would make like a pillow fort and have movies sent out and have the living room have fairy lights hung up around it.”
Pietro widened his eyes excitedly, “So you want me to do all this while you?”
I smiled, “I’ll go out and get him a present and you, if you don’t mind, would help me set this up?”
He stood up straighter, “Of course. I’ll be done in about 10 minutes but I’ll keep everyone out of the living room, yes?”
I pulled him into a quick hug, “Perfect! Thank you Pietro!!”

~ Later That Night ~
“You did all of this for me?”
I smiled and nodded. Pietro had down an amazing job even though I couldn’t find anything to get Tony at the mall.
“Y/N… I… I may or may not have forgotten something.”
I raised an eyebrow at him, “What?”
He looked down at the floor, “I forgot it was Valentine’s Day. I’m sorry! Please don’t kill me-”
I chuckled, “It’s fine. Let’s just have some pizza and enjoy this?”
He glanced at me confused and then sighed, “What did I do to deserve you?”
I shrugged, “You’re a gigantic teddy bear?”
He huffed, “Am not.”
I smirked and pulled him into a kiss. He wrapped his arms around my waist and held me close. I pulled away from Tony and grinned, “You are, but I love it. Personal teddy bear.”
He sighed, “You’ve deflated my ego. You must help me heal.”
I laughed and pulled him into the pillow fort with me, “Come cuddle. We can fix your ego later.”