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Drown Your Sorrows (Newt Scamander x Reader)

• prompt: reader gets jealous of tina and newts (friendship) and goes off and gets drunk
• word count: y do i even write this i never look it up
• warnings: drinking/alcohol & jealousy
(sorry for the lack of gif, tumblr is being heckin annoying atm)

• Drown Your Sorrows•

Y/N walks into the living room (of her shared apartment with the Goldstein sisters) balancing an impressing pile of various volumes on magical creatures she had spent hours showering through the archives- for Newt.
“Newt I-” Her face falls as she spots Newt and Porpentia curled up in front of the fireplace, going through his field journals. “Newt?” She asks softly, her voice cracking slightly as the two don’t take any notice of her presence, Newt speaking animatedly about his favorite creatures.
She ducks her head, leaving the towering pile of books on the smooth oak coffee table behind the two, holding her arms and turning to walk quickly out of the room.
Newt laughs, an occurrence that doesn’t usually happen, and Y/N freezes, holding her elbows, her back turned to the two, staring at the floor as a pang of burning emptiness shoots through her chest.
She quietly exits the room, sliding the door shut silently behind her, and just about walks into Queenie, who is preparing dinner in the kitchen.
The blonde takes one look at Y/N and her face softens, “Sweetie-”
“Please don’t read my mind-” Y/N mutters, staring at the floor, “Please!” She glares up at her friend and walks briskly to her room.

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relationship goals?

I want the kind of relationship where it feels like I am child again. Have pillow fights with me, sing your favorite songs, get drunk with me, we can binge-watch whatever you want.. anime? Series or movies? Cartoons? Whatever it is I’m in. Lay on my lap while I read a book. Travel with me around the world. Cuddle with me ALL THE TIME. Look at the stars with me. Let’s go to the sea at 3 am. Let’s dance in the rain. Talk to me about your most precious dreams and your biggest fears. Sometimes the smallest things are the most precious memories.

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Can a guy be a make up artist/hairstylist without being gay like can he be straight?? Because people say if you do make up and hair and your a guy your gay

when my twin brother (who’s gay) turned 21….. the first thing he did was apply at a gay bar in hillcrest. the owner at the time (who’s no longer w/ us - rip frank) hired him on the spot as a gogo dancer (my brother could dance & he was ripped). instead of sharing the exciting news with me (he was afraid i’d disapprove), he waits a couple of weeks & invites me out to a bar. i was super excited b/c you know… i’m a newly minted 21-year-old w/ raging hormones & i just recently ended my relationship w/ my gf. so i couldn’t wait to see what kind of trouble we were gonna get into. it was just the two of us & he didn’t tell me what kind of bar so i just assumed it was gonna be a straight bar (b/c you know… i’m straight). so we go to the bar & i’m kinda confused b/c there were a bunch of dudes & hardly any girls. i walk with him to the corner bar & he’s like, ‘i’ll be right back rob’ and i’m like ok, whatever. the bartender taps me on the back & ask me what i want to drink. i look at all the different bottles on the glass shelf behind him and didn’t recognize like 98% of the bottles on the shelf (i only drank cheap beer/tequila at the time). i tell him to make me whatever - i just wanna get drunk & have good time. so he brings me my drink & i’m excited to taste his concoction (not concocktion). it was the strongest mixed drink i’d ever had. i think to myself ‘this guy is a pro at getting people shitfaced.’ so i thank him & turn around to look for my brother & i can’t find him anywhere. i’m standing there for about 5-10 minutes sipping on my drink & watching dudes tear up the dance floor (gay guys are the best dancers in the universe. i’m sorry but it’s true). so after what seemed like eternity… my brother comes out on stage & he’s like half-naked except for his underwear & glitter on his body. i’m in complete shock & i start freaking out b/c he pulled the old bait & switch on me (& i didn’t know he worked there as a dancer). instead of sticking around, i decide to check out the rest of the bar - and try to make sense of it all. i end up bumping into frank (one of the owners) & he starts chopping it up with me. he’s like ‘you know i just hired your brother. you should work here too. you guys are good looking twins so you’d make good money.’ i tell him i’m straight & he’s like ‘follow me.’ takes me over to another bar & introduces me to this really good-looking dude (he looked like arnold schwarzenegger when he was in pumping iron) & he tells me that he’s straight. i’m blown the fuck away & my nerves start to calm down a little. this guy seemed like a pretty cool dude (he could have been a model too). so we’re talking for a bit & they both eventually convince me to work there. i was hired that same night as a bar back to work along side the straight bartender (didn’t work that night though). the guy ended up becoming my best friend & we had the wildest & craziest adventures together (i’ll share some of our adventures in future posts). i’ll tell you this… that ended up being the best job i ever had (i’ve worked for startups, doctors, tech/real estate/telecom/insurance/automotive companies). 3 years of awesomeness… but here’s the thing: early on, i used to be paranoid all the time b/c i would imagine my friends/teachers/coaches from high school/college finding out. i was always in a constant state of fear. but over time… i just didn’t give a flying fuck anymore. i started to accept & love myself. and i realized that my gay friends were more ‘real’ than all of my straight friends, combined. you know… it takes a ton of fucking courage to come out of the closet, a ton. it takes even more courage to hold your partner’s hand in public. i have a lot respect for my gay/lesbian coworkers, customers & friends b/c of all the adversity they went through in life. i came out of that experience with a ton of self-confidence. i judge less, love more. i’m more compassionate, open-minded, creative & fun. so yeah… you should definitely do it - be a makeup artist or hairstylist. why does it matter what society thinks of you? have u looked at society lately? it’s pretty fucked up. it’s fucking rigid. people are fucking miserable. don’t go there. you blaze your own trail my friend. don’t conform to this shit… transform it. and don’t label yourself a ‘straight hairstylist or makeup artist’. just call yourself a makeup artist/hairstylist. fuck the ‘straight/gay’ label. you don’t need to prove to anyone… and i fucking mean anyone… that you’re straight, the only thing you need to prove is that you can do their hair or makeup better than anyone. blaze your own path bro. and let the haters, hate. ~rob
p.s. diversity is the most beautiful thing in the world. embrace it with open arms.
pps. no one converted me. i still love nice, intelligent, beautiful, fun, creative women :)

Elephants (Taehyung x Reader, pt 4)

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Maybe being soulmates won’t be so bad, not if it’s Taehyung.

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Summary: Louise drags Dan out for a night of forced fun, just to get him out of his books and maybe into a cute stranger’s pants for the night…

or, the one where phil’s much older than university-age dan, there’s a height difference, and then they fuck

a/n: it has been forever and a fucking day and i’m s o r r y that all i have is porn i have a plot piece in the works i promise

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Desire }} 3

“I’m just fucking with you , don’t get all tough.” Taehyung laughed as he looked to the other side.

“I think I should just leave. I can’t be in any of help so I have no business here.” I said as I stood up and looked at him.

Actually, I looked at his crotch, blame me all you want I don’t know why I did that but my eyes just traveled there. Even thou his shorts were not tight , rather loose I could still see the dick print and it caught my attention for sure. I tried to shake all my thoughts away as I looked away feeling more than embarassed to look at him , especially after I felt like I’ve just saw his dick.

“Do you have something better to do? It 8pm Sora , let’s have a cup of wine and then you can go. Ofcourse you could just leave right now.. suit yourself.”

I stared at him for a few seconds thinking it all through. I knew I went wild when I was drunk and I know I had nothing better to do anyway. Jimin and Ahri were probably fucking and if I return home after half an hour I’d probably just ruin the moment. As I realized he was right , I sighed as I sat down feeling like I just lost a big game.

“Fine. Just one glass thoe.” I spat as Taehyung smiled at quickly stood up.

And ofcourse it was just not one glass, I didn’t realise how time have passed by and I sure as hell didn’t count my glasses because damn girl I was starting to see Taehyung as a sexy , provocative piece of meat and right then and there I felt I had to leave because this wouldn’t end well.

“Okay.. it was really nice talking to you , since you usually avoid me but I’d have to go.” I smiled.

“I don’t talk much when I’m not alone so .. that’s why.” He chuckled.

“I see.” As I stand up but as soon as I stand up I swear the ground spinned so hard I felt like I was on a spinning wheel. I was about to fall eventually , when I felt Taehyung wrap his hands aroun my waist , hugging me , standing a inch away from my face.

“Ops , someone’s tipsy.” I chuckled as I realised what I’ve just said and I realised I fucked up.

“Are you okay? Are you sure you must go, I think it’s gonna be better if you stay especially , in the state you are..” He said as he helped me sit back down on the couch and looked at me worriedly.

I blinked a few times as I tried to stand up but my legs were to wobbly and I knew I would fall. Shit , I fucking knew it , I never feel when I start to get drunk and I always end up fucked up , I just prayed I kept my pussy in my panties today because I’d regret it tomorrow.

“Damn it Taehyung,” I spat as I looked at him and he looked completely fine , “what did you put in my drink?”

“Nothing , the hell?” He furrowed his brows.

“You look completely fine , and I’m fucked up.” I said as I chuckled unwillingly.

“I just know when to stop drinking Sora, I didn’t drug you ,” he looked kind of annoyed , “who do you get me for?”

“Okay whatever, see now I am drunk if I say something , please let it slide okay.Forget I said it.” I tried to compose my words as I knew the more I felt like falling asleep the dirtier my mouth was becoming , and I was getting sleepy.

“Okay , okay.. ” He nodded.

“But know I want you to take me to your bed , because I can barely keep my eyes open, okay?” I said as I looked at him.

He just nodded , as he stood up and picked me up , carring me somewhere. While he did so , I stared at his face and I realised how fucking handsome he actually was and how fucking hot my hickey looked on his tanned skin , and ofcourse I had to say something ,

“Jeezus Taehyung you are so fucking handsome.. like wow. I’m amazed” I spat as I saw him laughing.

“Yea , thank you I guess.”

“And your neck.. shit I’d love to suck every inch of it.” Shut up Sora!

As Taehyung was carring me on his arms he looked at me with a serious yet lustfull expression , maybe it was the alchohol but he seemed aroused by my words. Which was arousing me somehow and .. I was just too drunk.A few hours later as I felt it , I was placed on his bed which was enormous as he sat on it looking at me.

“Are you okay? Do you wanna throw up?”

“Bitch, I don’t spit. I swallow.” I winked at him , surprising him with my words. Oh god, such an embarassment.

“Ookay , I’ll get going then , you get some sleep.” He said.

“But where are you going this is your bed , sleep in it. There’s plenty of space.” I said and probably looked serious because he seemed suprised.

“You want me to sleep here?”

“Yes of course. You should sleep on your bed even thou I’m here.”

“But I can sleep on the couch..”

“No! I want you..” I gulped , “to sleep here.”

Tae just nodded as he walked over the other side of the bed and hopped under the covers.

“Good night Taehyungiee~” I said in a playfull voice. “Don’t try hump me as I sleep ,yes?” I said and he laughed once again.

“I won’t.” He said.

A few hours later I felt so sick , I opened my eyes widely and literally jumped off the bed. Even thou I was half asleep , half awake I managed to realise that I was not in my aparment and I panicked so much I suddenly sobered up , it was dark and I couldn’t see shit so I just started wandering around , until a low grunt escaped someone’s mouth mixed with my name ,


When I turned towards the bed and saw someone lying there , I panicked 10 times harder. Since I was not in my right mind I couldn’t right away recognize the incredibally deep voice so I almost shivered , I indeed did as it actually helped me realise I was completely naked in some stranger’s bedroom. I saw the guy waking up , clicking the little night stand lamp as I imeddiatelly grabbed the covers he was covered with and wrapped them around my body , waiting to see his face atleast.

When the dime light showed Taehyung’s completely sleepy face , I got 10 times more suprised and paniced. What the fuck was I doing in his bed in the middle of the night , naked? He on the other hand had the same clothes I saw him when I came on.

“What the fuck is going on?” He asked me trying to focus my frame because he was so sleepy.

“Taehyung , what the fuck is going on? Why am I naked? In your bed?!?” I asked paniced.

“Well.. ” he ruffled his hair ,“ shit. I don’t know why you are naked , you just started taking off you clothes saying you were too hot. And you got pretty wasted so I let you sleepover because I doubted you could get to your home safe.”

“Fuck me , I got fucked up , didn’t I?” I said as I felt a light headache forming in my head.

“Pretty much yea..” Taehyung said.

I facepalmed myself , as I looked around , “Where are my clothes anyway?”

“You threw them on the floor..” Taehyung stood up helping me find my clothes.

I was too fucked up even now to look for them so I just sat on a sofa , hugged by the warm blanked , waiting for him to get me my clothes. Completely forgetting I was missing my underwear too ,and completely forgetting I had my lace black underwear, until he hanged the strap of my bra on his finger with a smirk , coming closer to me.I got so embarassed I wanted to die,

“Don’t look at them!” I jumped up as I snatched it from his hands.

“Then how should I find it?!” He rolled his eyes. “I’ve seen a lot of women underwear in my life , don’t worry.” He winked.

“Sure , you did fuckboy.” I mummbled under my nose as I sat back.

“What?” He said from afar.

“Nothing , nothing.”

Thank god the rest of my clothes were piled up so he brought them all in once , sparing me half the embarassment , I started putting on my clothes. I was done putting on my underwear and when I picked up my shorts , they were all covered in wine stains , damn it. I cursed under my breath as I picked up my top and realised it was literally ripped in half.

“What the fuck!” I exclaimed loudly , causing Taehyung to turn around and see me in my underwear.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Don’t look at me!” I said bringing up the cover up to my neck again. “My clothes are completely trashed!”

Taehyung sighed as he stood up and walked into a room into his room , and then came out of it , throwing me a red oversized hoodie. Which to my non-surprise had a big curled up snake printed on the back and the small GUCCI letters under it. I had no other choice but to put it on , and to my luck it reached the half of my thights , which was long enough to keep my ass hidden.

“Thank you.” I said as I smiled. “I’ll wash it and return it tomorrow.”

“It’s alright , you can take it.” He winked as he walked closer to me , staring into my eyes , like I was about to tell him something really interesting.

He took the covers from me and returned back to his bed , “I’m going to sleep. It’s really late at night and I suggest you do the same , we’ll deal with your clothes tomorrow morning , deal?” He said laying in his bed covering himself with the blanket.

I nodded as I slowly walked back to his huuge bed and hopped under the cover , as far away from him as I could , as I fell asleeep almost immediately.

** Tae’s POV **

I woke up feeling thirsty as fuck. My throat was so dry I wanted to cry. I stood up and realised it was already bright outside , as the sun was warming up the room even more.When I turned to the bed , I saw the most beautiful scene I’ve seen in a long time. Sora was sleeping in my bed , on her back , my hoodie covering only her upper body , since it went up , when she slept , revealing her flat and sexy stomach , her extremely sexy underwear and her long and silky legs , which were slightly parted.

Shit , was she always this hot?  I felt my dick hardening immediately just at this sight. I never paid attention to her , because I always had someone else in my mind , but today ,this moment I swear I’d kill to see it again. She looked really beautiful , even thoe her pitch black hair was all over the place , her body looked so sexy and perfect I fought really hard with myself , to not just fuck her while she’s asleep.

I licked my lips as I went to the kitchen and drank some water. When I went back , she had turned more to my side so I just went to hers and laid back there. Which was a big mistake. A few minutes later she turned around , half of her body ending up on mine. And by half I mean , her arm over my chest , her thin waist against my side and her soft leg over my torso. Just when I thought about her torso , I realise I could feel her panties against my thight, since she was literally spread her legs over me.

I completely froze as I felt the soft fabric against my thight and I fought the urge to rape her I swear , my dick was already hard enough to destroy her tight pussy but I just couldn’t let it happpen , not without her asking me. But on the other hand I couldn’t help but move my thigh a bit , in an attempt to create some friction down there for her. When she moaned quietly almost at my ear , I knew I was gonna loose it if I don’t do something this instant.

But since I had the best luck ever , she slowly pulled away , waking up. I tried to move away but not to sharply so she don’t notice that we even touched. A few minutes later I turned towards her as he beautiful blue eyes greeted me , wide open.

“Hey.” She softly said. “Damn , what a night.” She laughed.

The morning was better. “Good morning.” I smiled. Was she always this pretty? I see what Jungkook sees in her.

“I should get going thoe. Thank you for being so kind to me,” She smiled as she quickly hopped of the bed , still dressed in my sweatshirt.

I swear seeing her beautifull legs and my sweatshirt on top , was turning me on even more. I had such a big errection I just couldn’t stand up or she’d notice it immediately. Fuck.

She raised her arms to put her hair in a ponytail as my sweater went up just enough to let me take a peak of her plump booty , and I just bit my lip in attempt to not imagine things about her.


“Aren’t you getting up?” I asked him , seeing he was still laying on the bed.

“In a minute .. I have .. um.. ”

“Oh! OH!” I exclaimed as I placed my hand over my mouth , “ Morning wood , yes. Sorry. I’ll get out.” I said as I laughed and walked out of his room.

Jeezus why was he so hot , when sleepy? I asked myself.

After an hour later I was already infront of my door , dialing the code. I hoped there was noone arond because I was freaking naked with just a oversized hoodie that covered most of my body , but still I was left in my underwear below it. I walked in as I took of the hood and the first thing that I saw was Ahri’s smug face. As soon as she saw me , she began laughing.

“I can’t belive this shit.” She said as she laughed loudly.

“It’s not even funny.” I took of the only thing I’ve left - my shoes and walked inside the apartment , heading for the fridge.

“I guess it was a wild night.” She said , still mocking me.

“You won’t belive what happened. We didn’t even hug so chill your hormones.” I spat as I began taking out groceries to make myself a sandwich.

“What I know is that you left here looking completely normal and you came back ON THE NEXT day , with just his hoodie on , looking like a hot mess.” She laughed , “You basically leave nothing to my imagination.”

I sighed. “I know what it seems like , but I actually got mad shit drunk , ripped my clothes off and fell asleep in his bed. He was kindly enough to let me borrow his sweatshirt.”

“Did you guys fuck?!” She asked.

“NO!?” I exclaimed.

“Okay I need you to sit your ass down and tell me exactly what happened yesterday. From A to Z,” she insisted as she tapped the stall next to her.

I sighed as I looked at her and sat down. “Well , first .. I think I should tell you what happened the other day. When we all got to sleep in JK’s house I still couldn’t manage to fall sleep and I was obviously not the only one. Taehyung *texted me* in the middle of the night. It’s wasn’t anything special he mocked me for the hickey. I shut him off and tried to fall sleep yet I couldn’t so I went to take a glass of water.” I began telling her everything that happened in details.

“Oh my god , he wants to fuck you!”  Ahri exclaimed.

“I think so too yeah.. the way he pushed me against the counter Ahri.. it made me super aroused I swear. And I never saw Tae in that way..” I said worriedly , “And then at his house.. he told me he didn’t need *my* help because I was not strong enough , yet he invited me over a drink , and for reasons I can’t quite express , I said yes and I got caught up in my shit and went completely overboard.”  I sighed in despair , “I ripped my clothes off , I asked him to stay and sleep next to me.. everything went wrong, yet he didn’t even lay a finger on me..”  Now that I said it out loud I actually realised that he was not that bad of a man , beause after all he had te oppportunity yet he didn’t do anything about it.

“So.. how do you feel about him? Do you like him? ‘Cause I can tell he feels someway towards you..” Ahri chuckled.

“No!Absolutely not. Why would I like him , what he did was just nice but not worth of me falling in love.. I doubt he likes me, I bet he’s like this with all the girls around him.” I nodded my head at myself.

“I doubt it but if you say so.. So are we telling anyone what has happened?”

“Absolutely not. I’d appreciate it if you keep Jimin shut because .. I doubt Taehyung would say anything , knowing how Jungkook would feel and shit..”

“Yea , I guess you are right. Well ..” she suddenly pulled me closer and sniffed me , “Shit this smelss incredible! What is that guy using?!”

“I know right.. jeezus I feel like I was drugged it smells so nice , I don’t even want to return it back to him..” I said.

“Then don’t.” Ahri winked.

The rest of the day we spent on watching movies and eating basically, waiting patiently for the night to come. When I caught up wtih Ahri she told me that we were actually going out today with the boys , because they opened a new bar downtown and we just had to check it out. I knew that it was about to be a long night because there would be drink involved and I was kind of nervous.Why? Because of Taehyung ? Why Taehyung you’d say? I don’t know either. I just felt weird everytime I was about to meet him and it was starting to anger me.. I was not usually like that what the hell hapened?

“You ready to go?” Ahri asked me , as both of us were already dressed in our beautifull tight short back dresses.

“I am gonna regret this.” I said as we walked out of the apartment.

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Lily and Sirius get drunk together (for whatever reason)

“You don’t like me.”

Sirius is drunk. He holds his tumblr up to the light, watching the liquid flicker red and gold in the dying embers of the Common Room fireplace. Lily Evans stands just to the left of it, arms crossed over her chest, infamous eyes inscrutable.

He could stand to be drunker. The last of his glass burns down his throat, and he reaches for the bottle.

“What,” he says, enunciating each letter precisely, “would give you that idea?”

There are snoring bodies all around them, victims of the first post-Quidditch celebration of the season. Gryffindor had kicked Slytherin arse in an historical fashion (the final score was, frankly, a little too embarrassing for even the victors to brag about), Sirius had made a lot of money betting on his boy Prongs (sorry, Wormtail), and Lily Evans had kissed him for the first time.

Him being James Potter. Not Sirius. Obviously.

He tips back the last of his drink as she watches him, holding her gaze. Fucking reams of parchment have been filled with odes to Lily Evans’ green eyes and Sirius - Sirius is not about to add to them. He reaches for the bottle of Firewhiskey, only to have her fingers close over the neck, brushing his.

They’re warm. Or maybe that’s just him.

“You passed celebration half a bottle ago,” she says, tugging it away from him. He lets her take it, hand falling back to the arm of his chair, abruptly nerveless. “You’re well on your way onto maudlin.”

“Didn’t you spend six years lecturing us about about the dangers of egotism?”

“You’re saying this–” She draws a little circle in the air, indicating all of his…him. “–has nothing to do with me.”

“Evans, you can’t really be trying to take credit for my entire body.”

She’s relieved him of his booze, so he tosses an ice cube into his mouth and crunches it obnoxiously, grinning around the painful cold that creeps over his tongue. Go away. Go away. Go. Away.

He expects her to huff. Roll her eyes, throw a final cutting remark, swan off to greener pastures.

He should have known better. There’s not a person in the tower who rivals Lily Evans for stubborn when she puts her mind to it, and this is the Gryffindor tower. Its stones are seeped in stubborn.

She eyes him again, takes a pull directly from the neck of the bottle as she sits down opposite him. Despise the whole disaffected youth thing he’s got going, he feels his eyebrows raise.

“This is going to be uncomfortable on all of us if we don’t get it sorted, so. I’m not going to steal your best friend from you. I’m not a threat to your man-friendship. Christ, for all we know, he might finally shut up about me.”

Her tone might be exasperated, but there’s a quirk to her mouth that speaks of an inevitable fondness. There’s a part of Sirius that has been waiting to see that look for the past six and more years. For this moment, when his best friend has started to belong to someone else and he can’t even be mad about it, because they’re perfect for each other.

That little half-smile knows, even if Evans hasn’t figured it out yet. Sirius crunches another ice cube.

“Prongs,” he points out, “is not going to stop talking you with the breathless worship of a groupie until the day he dies, and you know it. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say it’s part of the attraction.”

He’s needling her and they both know it. Go away go away go away. But she only takes a another pull from the whiskey, settling into her chair. The dying fire limns the column of her throat as she swallows. The last of his ice melts on his tongue.

“You really want me to start talking about what the attraction is, Sirius?”

“Never took you for an exhibitionist.”

“You never took me for much, did you?”

His face twitches a denial, sudden, out of his control. He can’t put his finger on how, just that his gut shrieks bullshit and the booze lifts all gates on the emotion as it rockets up his throat and rearranges his features.

He can see the exact moment she figures it out. When exasperation turns to confusion turns to understanding. Sirius grips the arms of his chair and levers himself to his feet; the alcohol hits him in a wave of warmth and vertigo, and by the time it passes she’s there, bright green eyes boring into him.

“You never said.” Her fingers are on his forearm, and he thinks he’d rather stick it in the fireplace.

He doesn’t say anything. A sardonic twist to his mouth speaks instead, the obviously loud as a scream between them. James Potter had loved her from the moment he saw her. It wouldn’t have mattered if Evans had never kissed him in the Gryffindor changing rooms, if she’d never looked his way to do anything other than scowl. James loved her, and so Sirius could not.

Her fingers dig in, just for a moment. “He doesn’t own me. None of you own me.”

There is a row of idiots all lining themselves up to be knocked down by her, and yes, it has occurred to Sirius already that none of them really asked if she was in the mood for bowling. He wonders if it gnaws at her, to have ended up here with James despite her better judgment.

It doesn’t gnaw at him.

“You wouldn’t have looked at me twice.” His own voice is alien to him, still tangled up in that smirk but soft, now.

A pause. So slight, it’s impossible to tell if it’s a hesitation. “That wasn’t your decision to make.”

“No,” he agrees. “What you do with your feelings is up to you. Just like it’s up to me what I do with mine.”

And he tugs his arm away from her, flicking a lazy salute. His stomach is roiling. He must have had some bad Celebratory Chicken.

“Keep the bottle,” he adds, as he heads for the boys’ staircase. “I’ve got plenty more  where that come from.”

She doesn’t say anything, a miracle in and of itself. But he feels those eyes on his back, long after he’s dragged himself into bed.

Watanabe family headcanons
  • You got her name because her parents thought that they were getting a son (“You” can be used for both males and females). The exact origin of the name is a combination of the phrase that Mrs. Watanabe associates the most with her husband (“yousoro”, which would later on become You’s own catchphrase) and the term that Captain Watanabe associates the most with his wife (the kanji for You’s name is associated with “sun”, “glorious”, “bright”, etc.).
  • You’s dad was actually a little disappointed when he found out that You was a girl, because he had hopes of going on father-son adventures with his firstborn. Then baby You’s first word turned out to be “Papa”, and he instantly fell in love. You also grew up to be quite the tomboy, so You’s dad ended up having adventures with his firstborn anyway, with the added bonus of having a daughter who looked really cute in a sailor uniform.
  • Captain Watanabe taught You self-defense techniques because no way in hell are any perverts gonna have their way with his precious daughter!!! He made sure that she could even fight back against someone as large as him (a fully-grown muscular man), so it’s no wonder that You easily overpowered Mari in Episode 11.
  • You’s dad is a fantastic cook - especially when he’s drunk. He’ll get very odd cravings which, when combined with his drunken state, leads to strange but delicious new recipes. You has a very good sense of smell (*sniff sniff* a uniform!) so no matter what god-awful hour it is in the night, she’ll wake up when her dad starts cooking. Over the years, she’s picked up a lot of his techniques. This is why You was able to improvise a dish from Mari’s Stewshine and Yohane’s Tears of a Fallen Angel in Episode 10.
  • Mrs. Watanabe is actually terrible at household chores. You loves salisbury steak because it’s one of the few dishes that her mom can make without creating an utter disaster. You knows her dad’s curry recipe by heart because she learned it at a very young age out of desperation. She’s pretty much in charge of doing the sewing when Captain Watanabe needs his uniforms fixed as well.
  • You tends to bicker a lot with her mom, since Mrs. Watanabe is the stricter parent (out of necessity: Captain Watanabe is gone most of the time due to his job as a ferry captain, so he endlessly spoils You in the rare moments that he’s home). Mrs. Watanabe is the classic “screams-when-she’s-angry” type, while You, of course, takes after her dad and gets very quiet and withdrawn when she’s upset. Their fights tend to be about minor things though (e.g. staying up late, sub-par test scores), so they’re usually resolved pretty quickly and the two will be back to normal after a day or so.
  • You inherited her wavy hair and sunny disposition from her mom. When she was younger, Mrs. Watanabe was very self-conscious about how frizzy her hair would get whenever it was rainy or humid, and used to be bullied because of it. Then one day, the stoic boy who sat in the back of the classroom suddenly walked up to her and said, in a quiet but deep voice, “I think your hair is beautiful, so please don’t let it keep you from showing that bright smile of yours.” No one dared to tease her again after that.
  • Even though that was years ago, Mrs. Watanabe is still a little sensitive about her hair. When she found out that she passed along this trait to her daughter, she made sure to keep You’s hair short because she didn’t want her daughter to go through the same thing. Luckily, You didn’t mind since she preferred having short hair for practical reasons (i.e. easier to manage when swimming).
  • If you couldn’t tell from that clichéd-sounding romantic line before, You picked up her charms from her dad. They’re both naturals when it comes to making girls swoon.
  • You’s dad and mom were each other’s first love (You’s dad was a bit of a playboy so he dated a number of girls, but You’s mom was the first person he truly loved) and their story is basically straight out of a shoujo manga: happy-go-lucky heroine falls for the strong-and-silent boy who will do anything to protect her.
  • You’s parents started dating in high school, but had to separate for a few years because You’s dad went to work aboard a ship in order to gain experience for becoming a captain. Before he left, he told You’s mom, “No matter where I go, my heart will always be with you, so…will you wait for me?” and then bent down on one knee and reached into his pocket to pull out a small box and oh god I’m grossing myself out with the amount of cheese here so I’m just gonna stop lol.
  • Later on, when You’s parents find out that their daughter is gay, Mrs. Watanabe smacks her husband and tells him, “See, this is all your fault for being so overprotective! Since you insisted on sending her to girls’ schools and kept threatening to kill any boys that got close to her, you’ve turned her into a skirt-chaser. Just look at your daughter’s shameless flirting with her 17 girlfriends, goddamn it!”
  • You’s dad is very conflicted about this. On the one hand, he had always been lowkey worried that You would fall for some cocky sailor boy because of her obsession with uniforms, so he’s glad that this nightmare will never come true. On the other hand, he now fears that one day his daughter will get lynched by the fathers of the countless girls who’ve fallen under the Watanabae spell.
  • The next father-daughter late-night cooking session has Captain Watanabe awkwardly clearing his throat and saying, “Look, you know I’ll always support you…so if you ever want any advice on dating girls and, er…other things…I’m here for you…”
  • You contemplates taking her dad’s shot glass and chugging down his drink because this is not a conversation that she wants to have while sober.
  • “…please Papa, let’s just finish frying this kiwi.”
  • Later on when You does drink, her cocktails of choice are things like daiquiris and mojitos and long island iced teas. Everyone is somewhat bemused by this since they’re such fruity drinks, until they remember these all have a hearty amount of rum and other hard liquors in them, and You usually gulps down glass after glass of these “girly” concoctions.
  • You’s personal favorite was introduced to her by Mari, and contains gin, rum, tequila, vodka, Blue Curacao liqueur, sweet and sour mix, and 7-Up. The name of this cocktail: “Adios Motherfucker”.