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michael mell is a hufflepuff, pass it on

Can I just say if the new Sleeping With Sirens album doesn’t contain either a) political themed songs and/or b) at least one song that sounds at least somewhat decent if played on a piano then I’m probably gonna go rip up my Kellin poster


spread this post to every bts fans, shipper, whatever or just kpop fan in general. REBLOG IT. this fan wars, gotta stop this.

so this jungkook “hickey” issue has been going around tumblr, twitter and whatever social networks that’s trending right now and i honestly think some of the bts shippers need to chill the f*ck down.

i know you have your own respective ship like vkook, jikook, yoonkook kookbts or whatsoever. you can ship whatever and whoever you want jungkook to be with. but please, respect other shipper’s ship too. you can ship your vkook while other can ship their jikook. 

there’s no need to start a war within the army circle by tagging vkook as jikook, jikook as vkook. stop. that’s so freaking childish. if you don’t like your bias to be shipped by other idol then why are you even on that tag in the first place? :)

logic right? if you don’t like your bias to be someone else. or seeing your bias with another idol/member on tumblr. simply don’t check the tag. and whatever about jungkook’s “hickeys” mark on his neck. that’s his own problem. you’re not his parents, friends, siblings or whoever to discuss about the hickey problem. who knows? he might injured his neck or something. but that doesn’t mean you should stop discussing. i mean, looking at the fans theories about whoever give kook a hickey is funny. but if you started a fan war by saying. “ its obviously from taehyung “ or “ its obviously jimin “ then simply shut up, thank you. just keep quiet and shut up and then shut down your computer. 

stop being annoying by tagging your otp with another otp because you know how it annoys other people. ok, you get annoyed people tagged vkook under jikook tag right? and you felt annoyed right? same goes to other shippers. whoever or whatever give jungkook that hickey. just let it be. stop making other people uncomfortable. or even mention bts on twitter. like, what the heck is your problem? stop yourself. 

unhappy with what i said? you can block me all you want. : ) sorry not sorry. though.


They’re both right here. 

Father Fujimoto treated Rin incredibly different than he treated Yukio. So, Rin saying that the Father he knew wouldn’t do something like that isn’t wrong from his point of view. 

Yukio is also right. 

Father Fujimoto treated Yukio terribly. If this wasn’t a manga and was an American comic or TV show there would probably be more people saying that Father Fujimoto was downright abusive to Yukio. The fact is that Father Fujimoto did treat Yukio like a weapon. So, from Yukio’s point of view, everything he’s saying in this scene is true. There was a difference in the way they were treated, Yukio was brought up a weapon, and it’s easy to see why he would think that means that Father Fujimoto didn’t care for him as much. He wasn’t as protective of Yukio as he was of Rin. Hell, as he was for Shura. 

We don’t know if Father Fujimoto felt differently about the twins. I’ve seen so many people assume he loves them equally, but I don’t know how they know that. They just seem to assume. I’m definitely gonna go back and re-read the manga from chapter one, but from what I remember Father Fujimoto’s relationship with Yukio is much more distant and strained. 

You can’t definitively say that he loves Yukio or not because we’re not in his head and there just isn’t enough cannon material to go off of. You end up just assuming intent; projecting whatever you want on Father Fujimoto. 

Hey there!

This is a new blog, hell yeah! I made this tonight after concern about recent hate and negativity I’ve seen being spread in all types of tags and making its way to people’s inboxes in the fandom SO I decided to counteract that that with a positivity blog! 

What will this blog function as?

  • Essentially you can send in a url and a kind message about them or whatever positive message you want to give them!

How will they be posted?

  • I will be posting them as separate posts on nicely typed images because all the lovely people deserve nice things <333

Anything we should know?

  • Be patient with the posts as they will each be individually typed out, formatted, and posted.

Who the fuck are you?

Anything else?

  • Love and respect others and don’t put hate and mean stuff in tags. It can really ruin a persons day!
  • Be positive and spread kindness!!
  • Help spread the word about this blog!!


This is a week dedicated to the ship Shayllura (Shay/Allura) from the Netflix original series Voltron: Legendary Defender. It will be running from Tuesday, October 31 to Monday, November 6. 

Day One (October 31): Trick/Treat

Day Two: (November 1): Flowers/Crystals

Day Three (November 2): Altea/Balmera

Day Four (November 3): Free day!!!

Day Five (November 4): Nightmares/Homesickness

Day Six (November 5): Missions/Worry

Day Seven (November 6): Universe/Home


-No NSFW content should be submitted. If it is, it will be ignored. Shay and Allura are teenagers, as is the mod of this blog (@wlwvoltron). 
-Please don’t submit anything if you ship shaladin, or Shiro/paladin ships! (Yes, this includes Allura.) 
-Tag all your entries with #shaylluraweek2k17 please! 
-Have fun! :D

You can submit fanart, fanfiction, edits, icons, or whatever else you decide! Be sure to use the tag #shaylluraweek2k17 in the first five tags of your entry so I can see and reblog it. And as always, have fun!! 

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Red, some people are shitting on white hired and albino Lavellans and basically invalidating them and saying how they're boring and shouldn't exist in Thedas because they wouldn't survive? and you have such an amazing, wonderful Lavellan, and mine has blond hair and I don't know, it kinda hurts? what do you think about it?

Dude… look this has been happening for ages now, I said long ago that the reason why I hadn’t introduced my Lavellan to anyone earlier was the animosity I’d seen in the fandom towards Lavellans who look a certain way.

I don’t get involved in it. I think one should allow others to enjoy things, and that everyone should respect other people’s characters who are clearly dear to them, without judging. I personally believe every Lavellan is just as beautiful and valid, I welcome and love them all. Period. You won’t see me comment on how boring (or anything else) some Lavellans are based on their looks or whatever, I don’t know what to tell you. Someone’s look are not their personality either, anyways…

Try to stay away from negativity if it hurts you, nonnie. 



Hi guys! It’s been a while since there has been a Charmed Appreciation Week so I wanted to create one! :D 

It will start on August 13th and will continue until August 19th and I’m hoping that all the gif makers, photoset/graphic makers, video makers, fanfic writers, etc. will want to participate! :)

There will be a theme to represent each day. On that day you should make a post (gifs, graphic, essay, fanart, video, audio, things you deem your personal headcannon  or really anything else) related to the theme. Although this is a confessions blog, I will reblog all your stuff on this blog that way every Charmed fan can see it! In order to do this, you’ll need tag it whatever you make as charmedaw2017 so I could track your tags. P.S. be sure to make charmedaw2017 as the first tag in your posts because only first 5 tags can be tracked on Tumblr.

Day one: Favorite Power / Favorite Transformation (Aug. 13)
Day two:  Favorite Character(s) (Aug. 14)
Day three: Most Heartbreaking Moment / Happiest Moment (Aug. 15)
Day four: Favorite Episode(s) / Favorite Quote(s) (Aug. 16)
Day five: Favorite Season (Aug. 17)
Day six: Favorite Friendship / trio (Aug. 18)
Day seven: Favorite Storyline / Free Choice (Aug. 19)

There different categories for some days. You can do just one two or all of them. It’s completely up to you guys!

Be creative as you like!! 

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Something I feel like should be pointed out:

Not to take away from Wentworth’s spectacular fall, anyone else notice the guy in the back doing a full on pirouette?

Is that Victor Garber? Cause I know Stein was back there keeping score or whatever, except it’s Firestorm that Mick is all excited about? I mean, either way this is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.


open god tier collab! 

feel free to introduce yourself, your classpect, land and consorts, or whatever else youd like to note. the only real rules are that this should not be posted on any other site, and id like to be tagged so i can see! #daveactualstrider if the tag isnt within the first five however it wont notify me that its there, so be mindful of that! id love to see some of you guys :O!

yall are free to ask me about…. being multilingual… cause i know people have hard times trying to figure out a realistic way to write someone who speaks two languages. 

like, when i can’t remember a word in english for whatever reason:

me: “hey can you pass me some uhh hasami(scissors)? you know the… choki-choki (sound that scissors make when cutting things)?” [makes scissor motion while saying it)

my friend: “you mean scissors?”

me:”yes that”

and thats how a lot of exchanges go

or i’ll just say a word in japanese in my mostly-english sentence just because,, its easier? because i use the word in japanese more than i do in english so i just use the japanese one:

me, to my sister: “food’s almost done, go get a fork or hashi (chopsticks)”

i dont do this for every sentence though–just for words i very primarily use japanese to say, or that are japanese in origin–chairs aren’t an exclusively japanese thing so i wouldnt use the japanese word for it, but i would use kotatsu when talking about… well a kotatsu lmao

and this was a very short psa about dialogue that no one will read have a great day

  • Anti: This ship is abusive/incestuous/pedophilic/just plain wrong.
  • Shipper: Good thing it's fiction, huh?
  • Anti: You need to use proper warnings/tags on these things!
  • Shipper: Yep, sure do! :)
  • Anti: It doesn't matter if it's fictional, it contributes to real life abuse.
  • Shipper: Nope. Media does influence people, but the difference between a mainstream story with no disclaimers and a properly tagged fanwork is miles wide. (the act of tagging a work with all the relevant triggers for abuse, etc. is mutually exclusive with "romanticizing" or validating it.)
  • Anti: Fine, I guess it's ok, but only if you're a survivor using it to cope.
  • Shipper: Nope. I don't need to present my history for you to scrutinize, and neither does anyone else.
  • Anti: What if I just ask whether or not you're a survivor of abuse?
  • Shipper: Nope! Still none of your business! :)
  • Anti: Ok, you can make whatever you want, but you're not allowed to share it. Don't post it. Anywhere. It's not that I think your coping mechanisms are shameful or anything, I just think you should pretend they don't exist!
  • Shipper: Again, NO. We have a right to community, to share our creative output for other people's healing and growth. YOU have a right to blacklist it.
  • Anti: You're gross/disgusting/icky/eeevil!
  • Shipper: :)
  • Anti: I'm gonna spam your ship tags with gore and other content designed to Trigger (or at the very least Upset) you.
  • Shipper: :/ ...I guess this means you're giving up all pretense of "just trying to protect people", huh?

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Its because brugio is problematic being giorno is 15 and bruno is 20 something

So are a lot of other ships. Ignore it. Blacklist it. Giorno is the age of consent. He’s not a minor, and he is an acual, literal mafia leader. Is that not morally wrong? There are things in JoJo that are much worse than BruGio, and yet everyone zeroes in on ships with a minor age gap. How about Lucy Steel, a 14 year old girl that was sexually assaulted by Funny Valentine, then impregnated with Jesus’ fucking head? Sherry Polnareff was raped then killed. Ringo Roadagain was nearly raped by an intruder after the man had killed his mother and sister, and Ringo had to shoot and kill a man as a child (a count of actual pedophilia, but whatever, that’s fine, right?). Johnny Joestar makes multiple unwanted sexual advances towards Hot Pants, yet people still defend him, and even go so far as to say that “they didn’t read it that way”.

Aside from that, Giorno is 16 at the end of VA, and that makes the age gap 4 years, which in all honesty isn’t too big. My own parents are 7 years apart. Also, maybe think about the fact that Bruno is a walking corpse for half of Vento Aureo. Reading JoJo requires you to distance yourself from reality. I don’t give two shits who ships what. If someone wants to ship BruGio, let them. It’s not problematic, it’s making YOU as a person uncomfortable. People ship incest, people ship half-human abominations with elves and beasts, etc. Just because something personally makes you uncomfortable, does not mean that you need to “warn” people against viewing someone’s art, or that you need to witch hunt everyone that ships it. Stay out of the tags, ignore the ship, and leave everyone alone.

I don’t even ship BruGio, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have fucking respect for actual people that aren’t causing any problems whatsoever. If I like someone’s content, a ship that they draw and has no relevance to whatever it is that I’m reblogging should not stop me, nor anyone else from enjoying their content.


Holy mackerel batman! 

Thank you little rays of sunshine in my life!

I’ve procrastinated way too long ! I never thought such lovely people would pay any mind towards my little dumpster scribbles / doodle trash :o

I’m aware people do things for this sort of appreciation, so I’ve been racking my lil noggin on what the hecks I should do for you folksies! This is all I could come up with cause I…I live like a hobo covered in dog fur with the shameful allowance of too much beer.

Giveaway stuff now!

I suppose I’ll do three things ~

1. Two re-bloggers with the tag “ID LIKE SOME GARBAGE SIR”, I’ll doodle whatever you’d like to see :) Hannigram, Brownham, fluff/smut/nsfw/blood/puppies etc. 

2. Two re-bloggers with the tag “ID LIKE SOME FIC TRASH PLEASE”, I’ll doodle whatever scene from your personal fiction, or a favorite of yours by someone else, Hannibal related, like above, fluff/smut/nsfw/blood/puppies etc.

3. Whoever has an idea for my comic strip pieces, send me the joke or comment it on this tagging my username, and I’ll either pick one or do every single one that makes me lose my shit lol (you’ll receive credit for idea on it’s post <3)

Sorry there isn’t a give-away to like mail out on this one, I’m poor and everything I have in my Hannibal collection I cling onto and dust regularly. *sheepish grin* 900 & I promise a cool Hannibal thing for someone!

It’s Monday, so…I guess I’ll give it a week, I don’t expect much and I’d hate to make the like, seven people wait forever lol. I’m going to make my roommate pick from the re-bloggers since he knows nothing about anything (the ignorant FOOL), that way it’s random. I’ve never done one of these before idk how it’s supposed to work hush.

Again, thank you precious squiddilypoops! I love you! *rolls away*

Also a little something with Vaughn!

Rhys just had a bad day and don’t tell me Vaughn is not the kind of friend that would give you cuddles and hugs just to make you happy

and they don’t even go “no homo” because platonic hugging is a thing. Everyone should try it. (but guess if you ship these two then it can not be platonic. Whatever float your boat right?)

I would kill for a hug from Vaughn. Everyone else seems to enjoy his buff hugs so why not?

lottiesfilms  asked:

do you have any tips for starting/keeping a good studygram?

Hi, sorry for the late answer!

Well, I kind of do, or at least that’s what worked for me:

- be active - and when I say active, I mean active – from the beginning, post every day, maybe even several times a day, like other people’s posts regarding studying, write nice comments if you really like a post. After that, it’s okay to post every two or three days, sometimes even less, but you should sort of give people the reason to follow you from the start if you know what I mean? :D One warning though, don’t go down the “follow for follow” path and don’t beg people to promote you in their stories. That’s not nice, people don’t like it when you ask them for it. Also don’t like people’s posts just because you hope they’ll like yours back - be genuine!

- try to keep your feed coherent - use similar background color, the same filter or whatever – I personally adore it when people have nice looking feeds, and I believe others do too :’) try to be creative with yours so that people recognize your posts!

- stick to a theme - since you’re planning to make a studygram, your posts should be mainly about studying, planning, whatever. It’s okay if you throw a photo of something else here and there, but decide what your overall theme will be and stick to it (mine is for example journals, mainly my bullet journal, but I sometimes post my notes, movie journal, and desk space :))

- use hashtags - so that new people are able to find your posts! Try to tag your posts appropriately, if you post a pic of your notes, don’t tag it as #makeup, even though it’s a popular tag (it is, right? what do kids even do on instagram these days?! I feel old omg :’D)

- be nice to others, find friends - don’t be afraid to DM people :) answer their stories, compliment them, get involved in the community!

Well, that’s about all I have :) good luck with your studygram, hope this helped you at least a bit!