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Holy Sh*t, Batman

I have a lot of feels after that episode of Gotham

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  • Alfred is so done with Bruce’s romance
  • Harvey doesn’t always know what he is doing, but he’s doing a damn good job. 
  • ED, DON’T DO IT.  
  • Oswald, my precious penguin child, run. 
  • Barbara stirs sh*t for fun
  • Jervis’s Hat, though
  • Mario’s plan had a lot of room for things to go wrong
  • Bruce can be clingy
  • Selina and her mom could create an interesting dynamic
  • Zsasz. He’s just there.
  • Lee’s dress is beautiful
  • Jim shooting Falcone’s men in the knees was awesome
  • Jim was not supposed to kill Mario. But what did he do? He killed him. You had one job. ONE JOB. 
  • The writers don’t want me to be happy
  • Nygmobblepot. That’s all I want. They are wonderful homicidal husbands.

Goodnight, stars in the big night sky.
Goodnight. Goodbye.

Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader?, Neil Gaiman.

Tyler thinks Jamie says, “take off your pants,” but he can barely hear him over the sound of his heart beating in his ears. The booze is edging against his hypersensitive skin and the breaths he’s trying to take taste like Jamie’s tongue, beer and mint gum.

Jamie’s got him pressed up against the hotel room door. Tyler’s button-up shirt is halfway undone and hanging partially off his shoulder, his collarbones now peppered pink with light marks from Jamie’s teeth. He’s hot all over and Jamie’s hands are so big against his sternum and hip.

He’s mussed, his hair sticking up in all directions from Jamie’s fingers carding through it and trying to find a grip. Tyler swallows and nods. His hands are fisted tightly in the front of Jamie’s shirt in a vain attempt to keep him close, grounded, attached.

They’ve never done this before. They’ve come close a few times, some lingering looks and gentle touches, but the moment usually breaks before this happens. But tonight something different had happened; it was the same flirting and rough-housing but timing had thrown them into an elevator at the peak of it, alone. Spezza had left his credit card at the hotel bar and ran back to get it right as Tyler had brushed his fingers against the back of Jamie’s neck

Alone, on the elevator, Tyler had dropped his hands and Jamie had looked at him, all brown eyes and parted lips, and didn’t look away. Then, Jamie passed his own hotel room to follow Tyler down the hall. Silently.

As soon as they’d gotten the door shut, Jamie’s hands were on the sides of Tyler’s face and he’d crowded him against the door, eyes flicking between his eyes and his mouth. “I don’t,” Jamie had started, “I don’t know what to do about this.”

So, Tyler kissed him. And they made out like that, pressed up against the door, hot and drunk and so, so ready.

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What if Bruce and Clark’s mum became friends after the events of BvS

because maybe one day Bruce decided to offer her financial help since he wanted to find a way to repay superman and also knew what it was like to lose family, but when he got there she ended up inviting him into the house and they talked for a while and eventually became friends. So during the time Clark was still presumed dead Bruce would come over every so often to keep Martha company

Then later, a while after Superman was back in business Clark had no idea about it until one day he came by his mum’s place to find Bruce Wayne sitting at the kitchen table eating freshly baked cookies while listening to her talk about all the embarrassing stuff Clark did when he was a kid

By that time Bruce would pretty much be like another son to her (plus Bruce seriously needs a motherly figure in his life)