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i’m just kind of furious that they chose to make their token gay character in this particular way in this particular movie…honestly they would be short at least two oscars if it wasn’t for howard ashman, and they’re profiting off his music to this day! this is the same man who wrote the lyrics for this movie as he was dying of AIDS, and did die before it was even released??? not to mention beauty and the beast was a failing project that likely would have been scrapped if not for ashman’s contributions. and they really, really had to remake this movie w/ the most uninspired, uniformly white casting imaginable and pick a comic relief side-villain to be their first explicitly gay character ever. and then release it three days after the anniversary of his death lmao     

It’s so funny that Reyl0s are apparently supposed to be super good at analyzing tropes and shit because they’re all English majors or whatever, but they can’t even recognize what a fucking allegory is, otherwise the fact that both The Empire and The First Order are based on and parallels Nazis wouldn’t be so oblivious to them.

Favorites (Stiles/Jackson)

@dragon-temeraire said: For the prompts, how about Stackson with “But that’s my favorite shirt!” Good luck with with your irl stuff! :)

I hope you enjoy this, bb!

Favorites. Stiles/Jackson. Teen. Also on AO3.

Jackson helps Stiles pack up his dorm room.

“But that’s my favorite shirt!” Stiles reaches across the bed to pull the red flannel out of Jackson’s hands before he can put it into the garbage bag. “You can’t get rid of it.”

“You’ve said that about the last seven shirts I’ve tried to throw out,” Jackson points out in that condescending voice that always makes Stiles want to slap his mouth. With his own mouth.

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Speaking of restaurants, here’s one: what’s the worst restaurant experience you’ve ever had?

I’ve probably told this story before, but it’s a good one, so I can get away with repeating it now and again.

So: a few years, my boss invites me and several co-workers to a company dinner - no special occasion, just a basic social get-together. Our reservations are at a fancy restaurant on the outskirts of town. None of us have ever been there before, but the boss says he’d heard good things.

I swear to whatever gods you hold dear, this place is like walking into an allegory about the fleeting nature of mortality.

As we enter the foyer, the first thing I notice is the smell: dry and dusty, with a faint whiff of antiseptic. The dude at the coat check is short, slender, and about a million years old. He’s wearing a threadbare black suit and stained white gloves, and his hands shake as he exchanges our coats for beat-up plastic tokens. He doesn’t speak or make eye contact at any point.

Inside, I can tell the place had been quite fancy once upon a time, but that was clearly a long time ago. The carpets are bald, the wall panels are cracked, and there’s a thick layer of dust on the metal fixtures. The curtains are drawn and the lights turned down low in what I can only presume is an effort to hide how run-down the place is.

We all sit down; in spite of the size of the place, ours is the only occupied table. Presently, a waiter shows up. Now, the guy at the coat check had looked old, but this guy looks downright unwell: skeletally thin, sunken eyes, sparse wispy hair, the works. His voice is really deep, though - startlingly so, given his appearance. He goes around the table taking our orders in businesslike fashion, then walks off without another word.

(At this point I’m thinking: “Okay, is this a hidden camera prank?”)

When the food shows up, it’s predictably terrible: tough meat, limp vegetables, sour wine, the works. As we finish eating, a guy I’m assuming is the manager appears right on cue. He’s red-faced and portly, though just as ancient as the other two guys; he makes all the usual small talk - enquiring after the quality of the meal and such - with a totally expressionless face.

The boss pays the manager (?), and he vanishes into the kitchen and doesn’t return. On our way out, the coat check guy is also missing - in fact, the place seems to be entirely deserted - so we have to sneak behind the counter and retrieve our own coats.

I wish I could say that I turned around halfway across the parking lot and the building had vanished into thin air, but this isn’t that kind of story. As far as I can tell, it was just a really bad restaurant run by a trio of creepy old dudes, and the whole Alfred Hitchcock Presents vibe was pure happenstance.

How about you?

y’all can joke about zootopia being a “furry movie” or whatever, but honestly it’s so important. it’s an animated allegory for racism and prejudice. like??? i would have never expected it, and it floored me. please go watch it.

I dare you to write about your most uncomfortable experience

Be creative! There are different types of uncomfortable and you most likely have experiences ranging from embarrassing to terrifying. I challenge you to write about the last thing you would want to tell a person and maybe the last thing you would want to think of yourself. It can be in allegory or completely non-fiction; whatever is most cathartic to you.

If you’re brave enough to post, don’t forget to tag ‘I dare you to write’ and indicate whether or not concrit is welcome.

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Hi! What do you think of when the Larries say that they aren't stereotyping Louis when they say he has a 'gay wrist', but that a limp wrist is 'queer coding' and that sort of thing? Is that a thing? And if so, where does one draw the line? I've seen them use that argument so often, but it always just seems like an excuse for them to rely on stereotypes to me because they really have little else to go on at the moment. Thanks! Xxx

Hello, anon. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to your question, but I wanted to try to substantiate my response with some academically sound, non-fandom sources, and that… took a bit longer than I was anticipating. Before I go any further, I want to preface this whole post by saying that I use the word “queer” as an umbrella term that encompasses all LGBTQIAP+ people, and I have a zero-tolerance policy towards people policing my use of this word, so anyone who intends to send me messages or reblog my post just to snap at me for using “the Q slur” should maybe just… not do that. Anyway, moving right along.
Queer coding is absolutely a thing, but it is a term that applies to creative content, not to human beings. An actual living, breathing human does not “queer code” themselves, and any posts that are circulating on this site in which people attempt to argue that queer people use certain characteristics to identify themselves to each other in public (read: any posts in which people say that queer people can be identified on sight according to various homophobic stereotypes) are wildly inaccurate. Allow me to explain why!
If you throw “queer coding” into a search engine, many of your results will be posts like this one. Complete and utter randoms on tumblr, going off about queer coding or queer theory as it relates to their own fandom. And that’s great, freedom of speech, sharing information, etc., but it’s also not an academically reliable source for your information. I can tell you guys that I have my degree in English Literature (I do) and my minor in Gender Studies (also true), but unless I plan to post pictures of my degree and my student ID (I do not plan to do this at all), you guys have absolutely no way of verifying that I have any idea what I’m actually talking about.
So, instead of demanding that you just take my word for it, I would love to provide you guys with some links to outside sources for my definitions and examples of what queer coding actually means, outside of the smoking crater where the One Direction fandom used to be. I accessed a few of these sources through my university database, which means they can only be accessed with a student ID. In those cases, I will use direct quotations and provide the titles, authors, and publication years so that you can try to hunt the articles down yourselves.

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