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ut uf us sf bros react to their s/o being the last human to fall and their soul being taken by asgore to break the barrier

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Context: S/O or crush stays with the skells for awhile before moving on their journey through the Underground. In that period of time, the skell falls for them.


He wouldn’t even be dating them. He may have feelings, a crush or whatever, but he’d repress that shit real good, knowing their inevitable fate. He gets really distant, more withdrawn and mysterious than in-game. He tries to force his feelings away by distancing himself. He doesn’t even show up at the Judgement Hall, instead going as far away as he can from where he knows it will happen. When the barrier is broken, it’s a terrible bittersweet thing where everyone he knows and loves is free at the expense of someone he wanted to know.


He finds out at the Judgement Hall, being the one to escort them to the Capital. He feels betrayed. His entire life, he’s been working towards participating in an organisation which actively wants to hunt and kill good people. He’s been taught that humans are bad, therefore are captured. Then he realises humans aren’t all bad, in fact this human is very very good, and that the humans aren’t just captured but they’re murdered. He’s hurt and betrayed by everyone who lied to him. He doesn’t know what to do, he’s confused and overwhelmed but the one thing he does know is that he wouldn’t let anyone hurt someone who hasn’t done anything wrong. He takes his S/O and runs. Where, he doesn’t know, but he’d be damned before he lets Asgore come near them.


He’s even worse than Tale Sans, completely pushing them away and being aggressive any time they try to interact with him. He wouldn’t be dating them either, trying to destroy his feelings the best he can. He avoids them the majority of the time, having his first proper conversation with them in awhile at the Judgement Hall. He tells them exactly how things will play out, apologises for his behaviour, then leaves. He forces himself to watch them getting killed to hammer it into his skull that it’s over. It’s over and these feelings are stupid. He goes for a long drink, hoping his crush has the ability to Reset.


As head of the Royal Guard, he knows exactly how things will play out. When they stay under his roof under the truce of them defeating him, he finds himself developing feelings for them. He tries to ignore it, continuing to act abrasive and overbearing. But when they decide to leave to continue their journey, their truce no longer applies and he has to give it to them straight. He spells it out for them fully: He has to capture them and bring them to Asgore if they continue. Or, he can pretend to never have met them, close his eyes and let them run away, live in hiding amongst monsters. To Pap, no matter what, his job is the most important, second only to his honour. This is the best he can do for them without going against his own morals.


He finds out earlier than Tale Pap, his brother pulling him aside to tell him the truth the moment Swap Pap realises Sans is developing feelings for the human. Sans is horrified, immediately deciding he hates the Royal Guard. He insists on his S/O staying with them rather than carrying on through the Underground. Even after explaining, they insist on continuing. He insists on going with them, fighting Asgore with them until the end. He sobs over their body while Asgore uses their SOUL to break the barrier. He wasn’t strong enough. He couldn’t protect them…


He falls for them hard and fast, even when he knows he shouldn’t, even when he knows it will not last long, even when he knows it can only end in tragedy. He treats them the best he can in the time he has with them, loving them with all the intensity that limited time induces. He begs them to stay in Snowdin, he and his brother can take care of them. He lets them leave if they really want to. There’s nothing he can do, after all and all good things seem to end badly with him. But he won’t interfere. This is his S/O’s choice and he has to respect that, no matter how much he hates it. 


Hell to the fucking no. The moment he begins having feelings for them, he realises he’s in deep shit. He refuses to let them leave Snowdin no matter what. He explains the situation angrily, he tugs them back, he pleads them not to leave because it’s stupid. Why would they want to be so foolishly selfless? How dare they? He corners them into the house, begs them to stay. His S/O leaves anyway and he finds out when it’s too late. He’s devastated, grieved and fucking pissed all at once. He wants to yell at them, he wants to fucking dust Asgore, he… he……. He falls to his knees and wails over their broken body, clutching them to his chest.


It’s a quiet acceptance when he realises his feelings for them. He never acts on them, but never allows it to influence his actions either. He goes about, reinforcing his behaviour to continue to be lazily nonchalant when every interaction he has with them hurts because he knows they’re going to be dead sooner or later. He does his best to warn them and help them the best he can but mostly stays out of getting too personal. When their SOUL inevitably gets taken, Papyrus smiles softly and sadly. They got what they wanted, they did it, they freed monsterkind. He was just lucky enough to spend time with such an amazing person. He takes a good smoke, and if you find his notebooks, you’ll find that they will always be written between the lines of his stanzas and drawn on the back of napkins on rainy days.

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Tom no! They don't get it, it's not your fault, we all know that! Even Tord would admit that it was something you had to do!

(Literate Cuz Why Not)

Tom just quietly sobbed, shaking as he did so. His own heart or soul, whatever you’d like to call it, was starting to crack as well…


so its christmas now



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