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Hello everyone. There is a group of us on the SPN San Fran page who are putting together things for Mark Sheppard since the San Fran con in December will be his last Creation con for at least a year (he’s said he won’t be doing any in 2018). We want to show all our love and appreciation for Mark and Crowley. To do that, we are soliciting stories, fan art, videos, whatever you’d like to share for Mark.

I’m going to be putting together a book to give Mark and we have another fan putting together a video and playlist whose link will be listed in the book for him to watch. I’d like to invite anyone to contribute to this. You can message me if you need more info or feel free to ask me questions.

I’m tagging the people on the spreadsheet from @mrswhozeewhatsis who said they were interested in Crowley or Mark. Feel free to share this with someone who loves Mark/Crowley.

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What Happens When I Don’t Let Go

My contribution to the 2nd TWG event; AU Day! Dedicated to @elevenknope, my big sister, who’s been so encouraging to all of us with this. Love you, Valeroni! <3

Summary: Suddenly—out of nowhere, maybe—Jonathan began to laugh. So much so that his side hurt, and tears of everything streamed from his eyes. Maybe it was Steve, or whatever the fuck they’d just seen, or the fact that his little brother might be dead, or all of it together… But it was all just so ridiculous; that so much bad stuff could happen to just one person. 

Nancy started laughing with him, and then even Steve joined in, and somehow that made it funnier, because what could a rich kid like Steve Harrington have to laugh about?

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2heures  asked:

Could I request seventeen reacting to their s / o working on a big school project ? (Like would they help, motivate or distract?)thanks bb

S.Coups, Joshua, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8 & Vernon would help. They’d would whatever they can to help their s/o finish their project quickly so they they’d have less stress. Their s/o’s well-being comes first, and they’d hate to see them staying up late or skipping meals just to complete it.

Jeonghan, Jun, Seungkwan & Dino would motivate. They’d be super positive and tell their s/o that they believe in them. They’d bring snacks when their s/o gets hungry, and constantly remind them that they’re working hard and doing well.

Hoshi, DK & Mingyu would distract. They’d be really loud while their s/o’s trying to work, and bug them to watch a funny video they found. They’d tell them stories, laugh hysterically at their own stupid jokes, and just be really distracting overall.

thank you for your request!!

May 26, 2017...

Guess it’s time, or maybe it’s not. But if I’m being honest it’ll probably never be time. I’ve just gotta get it out there.

Jackass disappeared from the house, so Sam told me. I don’t really remember him having left to begin with after everything happened. One moment, Cas had been there and the next he was down for the count. Time sorta got weird there for a bit. I just remember being pulled up, falling down, and then next thing we’re burning Kelly’s body and a piece of Mom’s clothing that had fallen off. I don’t remember any of it; I barely remember anything since then.

Sam drove Baby home. I just found myself in Cas’s car. The thing is a piece of crap, worse than the pimpmobile he had a while back, but whatever poor sap he’d taken if from hadn’t kept the truck up before Cas had gotten it. Thing looks good on the inside, even if the motor hates you and the outside has been through hell. Sam took Cas’s body with him. I didn’t want to, else I knew I wouldn’t make it back to the bunker in one piece even if I tried. I needed to not think while driving. Didn’t even turn the radio on. I knew what was in there and it would only make things worse.

For the record, there’s a reason. Cas’ll need a body when we figure out a way to bring him back. Because we will. There’s no way in hell we won’t, cosmic consequences be damned. Sam didn’t push about whether or not to give Cas a hunter’s funeral right then and there. He’s not dead yet, not like this.

I remember getting back and just getting to work. Didn’t wanna think or do anything but work. I prayed in the graveyard hours. To Chuck, to Cas, anyone that still might have a non-dick angel bone in their body. No one’s answered yet.

Cas’s body is in his room. It’s funny, actually. The guy never ended to sleep but there he was. He could’ve just been sleeping. If only our lives could give him just to be sleeping.

I didn’t sleep the first night, or the next. Mom was in bizarro-world with the damn devil. Bobby was there but didn’t know a damn thing about us, and the bunker was too damn cold with all the crap on the ground and concrete on the floor. I can’t think about the last one too much or I’ll just throw something else and add to everything already there. 

Sam came to get me really out of all this on the third or fourth day. 96 hours awake, give or take. My brain just won’t shut off, but working meant not thinking and that’s what I needed. That and a full cabinet of booze, but we ran out the second day.

It’s not getting easier, but no one said it would and our lives never worked that way, so I never expected it to. 

But, now you know, I guess. It’s out there. It’s written in here, a page to Castiel’s life. But like hell is his story over.

- Dean


this happened earlier today and now I’m tempted to give my other children similar titles/nicknames/whatever you’d call it

technically it was a similar incident that led to @fetacheeseandsoup becoming my child in the first place so………there’s that too I guess

[сказать, что я ох*ела - ничего не сказать.
но потом я вспомнила, что этот человек создал Пенисмена]

  • J Hope: What's you greatest weakness?
  • Yoongi: I am uncooperative.
  • J Hope: Give me an example.
  • Yoongi: No.