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Earlier today, I saw a post where someone was asking for Got7 blog recommendations, but the person answering only listed one Bambam stan!

I’ve seen this happen so many times, and have seen people saying that they only know one or two Bambam centric blogs, so I put together this little list!


Now go follow some Bambam stans!

tell the boy on the left thanks for not killing the boy on the right  ✌

you know, i do think it’s fun to point out how the delicate moral quandaries of batman and the joker, such as, “why doesn’t batman kill the joker?” or “does batman create his villains?” were translated in lego batman to ask something like, “why does the joker sound like he means “fuck” when he says “fight?””

but at the same time, it’s also not… so… different. lego joker was going to blow up / destroy an entire city to preserve he and batman’s relationship. is that really so much better or less intense than killing for batman’s attention? i know lego joker is cute, and i know it’s a children’s movie. beside the point.

what i’m saying is that if you ship it in the lego batman movie, you can’t really call it gross in other verses. uh, more or less.

I just feel so emotional because that was so much more intimate than anything we’ve ever got: the close vows exchange, the forehead kiss, the slow dancing, the kissing in front of all of their friends and family, the hug when dancing and the hug to comfort each other dreading the next day with Rob holding him so close against his chest.

What I’m getting at is that to me, it’s not only proof of how much they love each other but even more than what we could possibly have thought and to me it just heightens every other intimate scene they have had in the past, like I’m seeing them all in a new light after today and it’s so much more than anything I hoped for.

This can be viewed as any OTP you want. SMUT

 The room was dark, only lit by the candles, their breath was filling the air. The patience was running dry, shadows of the movements was dancing around the room.

He ran his hand down her back, slightly pushing her up, she tilled her head, while he used his hands, and roamed her body like she was a map. She opened her eyes, and saw sweat falling from his hair, she closed her eyes again.

The more they sweated, the more slippery they became. He pushed his weight into, hard. Until she moaned. He sucked her neck, desperately, wanting to devour her, All of her.
]she used what little strength she had and pushed her elbows up, she could be elevated, until he started to enter. That’s when she lost her strength, that’s when her elbows fell, and he was in control.

When he started to move faster her heart moved with it. The shadows were dancing along with their movement on the wall. He groaned, and moaned, with pleasure.

They were so close. Sweat falling, their breathing faster than before, releasing curse words into the thick air.

She opened her eyes agin, and watched as they both came. Even after he slowly rode her out. They both fell on the bed. Breathing heavy. Looking into each other, smiling.

“That felt so good” she said. He smiled, and kissed her.

“I know, wanna do it again?” he asked.

She nodded, as he kissed her slowly, all the way down, her head moved. It was too much, it felt too good. He teased her by moving his hands all around her thighs.

“ What do you want me to do” he asked, leaning closer.

“Do it” she whispered. He leaned in, and licked a small bit, before stopping.

“Tell me, what do you want me to do?” he asked. She looked at him.

“I want you to eat me” she said.

Again he moved in, sucking her clit, she arched her back, then he stopped.

“Tell me baby, do you want me to fuck you?” he asked one last time.

“Fuck me baby” she pleaded. He went down on her, as he moved as far in her as he could, already juices coming from her. He drank it all, he licked every bit, clean again, she arched her back until her legs started to close, softly moaning.

“Don’t stop” she begged.
He nodded, as he stuck two fingers in her, she was coming  in front of him, her legs began to close again, and he pushed it away.

And she came, in his mouth, he drank all of it.

Then moved up to kiss her, she could taste the salt, she could taste all of her in him, she could taste it. She kissed him, and kissed, him, as his hand cupped her right breast, she moved her hand down towards his penis, and his leg jerked.

“Fuck me” he said, she moved towards his length, and paused.

“What did you say baby?” she asked.

“Fuck me” he said, grinning.

She took her hands and moved it up and down until it was “ripe” then she started at the balls, and made her way up. Sucking all over.

He groaned, as he squeezed the pillow near him.

“FUCK” he yelled.

She moved faster up and down, she cold already tastes cum starting to form.

And she tasted all of his semen, as it filled her mouth so much it started to escape it. And finally he came, her mouth was full of him, of semen, the two kissed, and he tasted his semen and they kissed like that, playing with all the semen in heir mouths, until they kissed it, and licked it all over each other.

Soon enough they were finally done. And they kissed each other.

Once they realized all they did, they laughed.

“We are so… weird” she said, laughing. He laughed with her and smiled.
“ Best night ever, love you” he kissed her, as they wrapped up under the covers.

“love you too” they both fell asleep in each others arms.

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do u think tranny skaters r so different from other skaters? all the tranny skaters i know are completely different from anyone i've ever met

no, not so different. however, skating is becoming more polarized once again, fresh vs hesh 2.0

bowl troggs’ natural tendencies towards skatopia camping bruray AH punk metal & generally living that skid life giving zero fucks about the system

i’d say music is the biggest factor in defining tribal affiliations in skating

Break - Youngjae (Day 19/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

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Prompt: Break
Member: Youngjae x Reader
AU: N/A (Although I was low key hinting at Gang!AU

Word Count: 753

When you began dating Youngjae, you were convinced that you were dating the most honest person in the world. He was always honest with you and you were always honest with him. You never lied to each other and you never kept secrets.

Because that was the promise you had made.

But lately, he had become distant. Whenever you were together he wouldn’t talk much, only hum and nod in agreement to your words. And whenever you were apart, he never responded to your texts. You immediately shook the idea that he was cheating on you because you knew him far too well and he would never do anything like that.

You didn’t quite know how to bring it up, but you knew you had to. So one day, when you were casually sitting across from him at his own restaurant, you set down the coffee in your hands and looked at him.

“Youngjae, we need to talk,” you said. He immediately looked up from his cell phone with wide eyes. You began to think that you should have used different words, but it was true. There were things you needed to talk to him about.

“What is it, jagi?” he asked, turning his full attention to you for the first time in weeks. And yet, it still seemed like something else was in the back of his mind.

“You’ve been acting…strange the past couple of weeks. You don’t talk much whenever we’re together. And also,” you stated. “I know that you’ve been closing the shop early every day. Way too early,” you finished. Youngjae looked like a kid who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but you were on a roll and couldn’t stop. “I want you to tell me what’s going on, Youngjae. I’m here for you you know that!” you exclaimed, reaching out to put your hand over his own.

Youngjae immediately jerked his hand back and then, seeing your surprised reaction, looked away in guilt.

“You’re right,” he said, softly. “I’ve been closing the shop early,” he confessed. “I want to tell you, Y/N, believe me I do! But I can’t. I can’t involve you in…” Youngjae trailed off and this only made you more curious.

“Youngjae, I know you would never do anything to hurt me,” you explained, exasperatedly. You could feel your heart hurt, and you tried not to let the water come to your eyes. “Please, please Youngjae! Tell me what’s going on so I can help you!”

At this, Youngjae tried to look away, but you could see the sadness and guilt in his eyes. Why was he keeping secrets from you? You had promised you would never keep things from each other. What could be so bad that he didn’t want to tell you?

“Jagiya, I know you’re trying to help, but you can’t. Nobody can. I’ve gotten pulled into something and I need to find my own way out of it. I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you,” he said, standing up out of the booth and beginning to walk away.

You felt your heart sink into your chest as you watched Youngjae get up. Before he could walk away, you reached out and grabbed his hand. You stayed like this for a moment before you began to talk slowly.

“Youngae. We promised. You promised you wouldn’t keep anything from me,” you whispered, your voice shaking from a combination of sadness, anger, and desperation. You held onto a small bit of hope that Youngjae would agree with you, turn around and sit back down on the seat across from you. That he would smile at you again and laugh with you again. That he would kiss your nose and tell you how cute you were.

But as soon as he turned back towards you, all hope shattered.

Youngjae’s eyes were steady, and although you could see the guilt in them, there was something else there. A sort of darkness that you couldn’t explain. Youngjae stared at you for a second before looking away and slowly pulling his arm from your hand.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he said, walking away from you towards the back of the café. As soon as he said the words, you felt your heart become heavier in your chest and the truth sank in. He was keeping something from you and whether he thought it was to protect you, it was hurting you.

And that was the first time Youngjae ever broke a promise to you.