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Can’t Fall: Part 3

Summary: The impossible happens and two former strangers soon cross paths

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

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A/N: I just wanted to say thank you to everyone taking the time to read this series! Also a very special thanks to those commenting and sending me messages, I really appreciate it. Feel free to leave feedback, send requests, or whatever. Enjoy!

Part 2


That was what your best friend had decided you needed.

“Y/B/F/N,” you said as you absentmindedly rifled through a pile of clothes, “I love shopping, but I don’t know if that’s going to help me get over being cheated on.”

She rolled her eyes, “There is nothing a whole new outfit can’t fix.”

“Oh of course. I’m so sorry, how could I possibly forget that?” You sarcastically said. She smacked your arm and you laughed. Maybe shopping alone wouldn’t help you get over your heartbreak, but hanging out with your best friend would definitely keep your mind off of it.

She turned to you, “Is there anything specific you need?”

“A new bra.”

“What happened to the one you just got?” She asked.


“Do you think this is a good color?”

Tom turned to Harrison, who was holding up a red t-shirt. He gave him a look and turned away.

Harrison sighed, “Whats up, mate? You’ve been moody all day. If that’s what happens when you get laid then no wonder you’re so lonely.”

“Shut up,” Tom mumbled before hitting him, “I’m mourning.”

Harrison snorted, “What could you possibly be mourning?”

“I didn’t get her name, Harrison! I’m never going to see her again!” Tom threw his hands in the air before dramatically collapsing onto a chair in the store.

“Wow was the sex that good?”

Tom glared at his best friend.

“What! It’s not like you held a conversation with the girl,” Harrison said, picking up another shirt and holding it to his body. “How’s this color?”

Shooting up, Tom briskly walked over to his friend.

“Could you please try to take this seriously?” He pleaded. Harrison sighed.


“Okay, this girl is crazy beautiful,” Tom started, his face lighting up. “Also I’m pretty sure we talked before I got drunk and forgot everything. And I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it.”

“That’s it?” Harrison said raising his eyebrows. 

They paused for a moment thinking.

“I’m never gonna see her again, am I mate?” Tom asked, disappointed.

“Probably not.”

The two walked out into the main part of the mall, their faces partially hidden by sunglasses. 

They quietly ambled with no apparent destination. Tom was quiet, trying to remember whatever he could about the mysterious girl who had suddenly crashed into his life before leaving just as quickly. Harrison was quiet too, sensing that his friend needed some time.

A loud noise and laughing suddenly caught their attention. Tom turned to see two girls. One of them, was laughing at the other, who had knocked over a display and was currently sitting on the ground.

“Stop laughing at me!” The girl on the ground whined, her hands covering her face. “You know I’m clumsy!”

Laughing a little, Tom nudged Harrison, about to say something. Just then the girl on the ground finally uncovered her face. Tom froze.

“Holy shit, Harrison, that’s her.”

To be continued…

Part 4

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29 prinxiety please?

does one have a spot on them where they would melt when the other kisses them there

it takes roman forever to find it. if he didn’t know any better, he would say virgil was intentionally giving him a poker face, though he insisted he wasn’t. it happens one day when they’re on the couch after a parks and rec marathon, and they’re both tired and worn and roman leans over to press a kiss to the spot just below virgil’s ear — and he shivers. at first roman thinks it might be the temperature, but then virgil glances away and his face goes pink and roman knows he’s found it. he makes it his mission to kiss him there whenever he can, enjoying whatever response he can elect from his boyfriend when he does so. 

and as for roman, it’s pretty much all over. he comes undone when virgil kisses him period, because his boyfriend doesn’t show affection all that often but when he does, it’s enough to make roman melt under his touch. (virgil likes to kiss him a lot sometimes, because he enjoys being the one in control and finally getting roman to shut up once and awhile.)

send me a number and a pairing and i’ll make a headcanon about it

Writing update…

Project Florence is chugging along. I only wrote a little over 2k today, but I did write 5k on Sunday, so I don’t feel too bad.

And then my lovely beta left me this in a comment thread:

And so yeah, thanks @thayerkerbasy – always fun to learn new things about myself. :)

(what am i doing with my life)

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how do you feel about people who blog nothing but sexualized women

this is one of those complicated issues. on one hand, i think people should feel free to post whatever they enjoy, find attractive aesthetically or otherwise. but on the other hand, i think its unhealthy to idealize those beautiful images on a pedestal because it can skew your standards of regular people to an unrealistic degree and dehumanize them. this goes for men as well, etc. i was guilty of this years ago, i used to find myself addicted to reblogging a bunch of cuties out of loneliness, relishing in fantasies of a super qt waifu in an attempt to quell my depression. but one night it just hit me how unhealthy it was mentally to perform this escapist ritual. i realized that fantasizing about hundreds of beautiful faces made me feel numb to the concept of an actual viable relationship with someone amongst all those immaculate intangible unattainable virtual people i was worshiping, and acknowledging that I was subjecting my followers to those posts made my desperation feel hella embarrassing in hindsight. and it all ended up fueling my depression even more. so i stopped. im glad i did. i feel a lot better now.

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Hey! i really like your fics and i wanted to draw some fanart but english is not my first language so i have some trouble trying to imagine the characters (like clothing and stuff lolol) so i was wondering if you could please describe yoosung and saeran from elmwood? Like dunno, would you mind giving me a reference? I just want to draw something accurate!!!

I’m so sorry this took so long to answer! I saw it this morning but I was on my way out and I wanted to devote TIME to this answer! OMG I just can’t even express how giddy I am right now that you want to draw fan art for my Elmwood!! AHHHHHH…….

Anyway…ehem….So, for Saeran, since he is an Assassin, he wears tight fitting leather armor and a hooded cloak that reaches his knees. The closest I could find to what is in my head is this…………

The one on the right, but either could work. Saeran’s colors are more black and hunter green though. His weapons are more hidden than these outfits allow, so, there are several hidden pockets on Saeran’s armor. He also has the white hair and pink tips. He is human in the fic, so, he looks the same.

As for Yoosung, well, I couldn’t find anything that even came close to what I had in mind, so, I, uh, tried to draw it! Please forgive how bad this looks, but it gives you an idea of the design……

The pants are leather, as are the boots. The tunic is cotton and almost rough looking, like muslin, The tabard is embroidered with the symbol of his god Gala. A sun with four beams coming out of it. It is also white, the sun is a combination of gold, yellow, and orange. A gold cord cinches around his waist and he does also have a long hooded cloak which reaches to the ground. He also wears a circlet around his head. It is gold, very thin, and has leaves etched into it. Although, you probably can’t see them unless you are right up next to him. I also have to say that Yoosung’s hair is still blonde, but it is long, reaching below his shoulder blades. And since he is a half elf, his ears are pointy.

I’m not sure if you wanted a description of all the MM characters, but, you know, Yooran is my favorite, so that’s who I really thought about. As for the others, Saeyoung is a thief, so he also wears leather, like his brother, and also had hidden compartments. Dark tones, to blend into shadows. His hooded cloak is even shorter than Saeran’s. It basically covers just past his shoulders.

 Zen is a Paladin and wears Heavy Armor, think……..

Without the wings on the helmet, and Zen uses a hammer. His shield has a hammer, not a bird, as does the back of his cloak. He is very shiny! But, Zen is an elf, so he would be a lot slimmer than this, his ears would be even pointer than Yoosung’s.

Jaehee wears cloth, mostly browns, she is a monk, and is barefoot. This is pretty close to what I imagine. The pants and top, her wrists wrapped and the wrappings around her waist. Without the leather of course. And without shoes! She is human, so, the only thing different, is that she has long hair that she keeps up, usually in braids.

Jumin is an elf, so, his hair is also longer, to the waist, he almost always wears it loose. His ears are also very pointy. His robe would be in the purple/choral color palette. Something like this…..

Funnily enough, his staff looks almost the same too! LOL Jumin is a noble, so his robe would be extremely regal. He does not wear his prince crown usually, so, I have not come up with what that looks like! 

OK…..I think that’s all of them?

So like, I don’t really like posting photos of myself too much but I’m really feelin my oats with my new glasses and the metallic orange lipstick my friend got me for my birthday.

But like whatever enjoy.

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Pretty certain things got re-scheduled and CP had to film longer on Friday then she thought. Apparently there's been a few times people who run cons have misinformation as to why actors/actresses can't attend. Sad CP can't go to Hawaii but hopefully she'll enjoy whatever she'll be working on this weekend.

Right, I think it’s because of the Friday shoot but even if it’s to film for the show or a film for a new project, I’m fine either way!

half and half soriel junk aka when ur pal is super goofy and showy when u dance and u realize hes damn cute