so, here’s the video I said i’d make to show a speedpaint of my main two styles for digital drawing!

boys and glowing alien bubble tea (ft lineart with keith and ‘lineless’ with lance)

Jongin: *Chooses Kyungsoo as the PERSON he wants to collaborate with and…*

Me: Hmmm….Kyungsoo and rapping??? I mean I know he did growl rap during showtime but—


P.S. That was the most reaction I have ever seen from Kyungsoo at an awards show



Me an intellect who has learned never to underestimate Kaisoo: Jongin seems to know an awful lot about his hyung…could it be that Kyungsoo does aegyo in front of Jongin???

Dear LazyTown Fandom:

Would anyone be seriously interested in starting an online ‘group’ for reporting in on daily exercise or healthy eating or whatever? I can only really speak for myself, but I have a tough time with motivation when I’m just on my own with no support or accountability…and I’d bet I’m not alone.

I’m not 100% sure what platform would be best for something like this yet, but I at least wanted to pitch the idea and see who else might be interested in a “Do It for Sportacus” group in general.

Addition: Wow I didn’t expect this to get such a response. I’ll try and narrow down some basics and figure out how to implement them. I’ll post something on my main blog, @otterlydeerlightful once I have a working…I dunno what to call it. Product? System? It’ll probably be a mess, whatever it is lol!