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me: *tries to find the most tragic, heartbreaking, disgusting, immoral, incestuous, unhealthy, violent, and very mentally unstable ship that may at times be also very rare in the fandom*

me: *points at that ship* that one, I want that one.

You've heard of Eunwoo's abs, now get ready for:

• how fluffy his hair is
• that he has world’s best smile
• he is 100% the greatest mom
• he’s learning English and Chinese
• he’s always updating Arohas
• (that he’s a lame memey minionfucker)
• how sweet he is with Moonbin???
• he lets all the members sit on his lap
• he’s so sweet and not awk w/ fanboys
• he has a really soft amazing voice
• he’s works so hard to improve his dancing for us and for Astro
• he’s a really great actor
• he looks really good without makeup
• he can play piano
• he has beautiful brown eyes!!!

Honestly the list goes on but you get the point!!! Love our string bean because he’s a lame dork cutie pie!!!

thelovelydragon4475  asked:

How the heck can you contact spirits? (I would love to ;-;)

Well, it all depends on where you start! 
From the very beginning is meditation! Open your eyes to the astral relm laying over the physical. You maybe able to see some spirits here. While you are the state of meditation, make sure to cleanse yourself and your area. Set up wards to make sure that no spirits with negative intentions come in. Make sure to cover each and every loophole. (i.e. my first mistake was saying “no one with negative intention against myself” brought a spirit that tried to harm P). This may push some of the spirits in your room out. IF there are no spirits already there, you can send out a message asking for kind spirits to talk to. If you have trouble sending out the message, imagine like a radio become coming out of your head to the rest of the world. Usually someone will show up!

If no one does, you may want to make sure your eyes are open. Or want to train some more if you aren’t a natural. A good way to train is to get a deck of cards or number index cards 1-10. Meditate, open your eyes and then flip over only one card. Using your eyes look at what the card is, say your guess and open your physical eyes to check. Or any other method to train works too!

If you want to jump into spirit work but are scared of the spirits (as well most rational people should be), try becoming a spirit companion. Stores like seayaspirits or magickalmenagerie are honest stores that want to help you become a companion. As you scroll through and read about each spirit in their shop, you may feel a slight, tugging, in your gut. Or you may feel very worried for that spirit’s well being. Or anything else! This is a calling, saying that the spirit may like to work with you. If you don’t feel one you can always request a reverse adoption from a store. This will all cost money, but prices are reasonable!

You just have to practice and practice and practice! Eventually you’ll begin to see and sense the spirits that are already around you! Good luck friendo!


this is the stage where all artists invited by Mnet will perform at Mnet Asian Music Awards 2015 in Hongkong, December 2. preparation going well~ 

this is the stage where EXO, Red Velvet, GOT7 is going to perform! i am not really sure about SEVENTEEN, some said they are only performing on Red Carpet :’)