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me: *tries to find the most tragic, heartbreaking, disgusting, immoral, incestuous, unhealthy, violent, and very mentally unstable ship that may at times be also very rare in the fandom*

me: *points at that ship* that one, I want that one.

If Harry and Draco had a pet cat, I bet they would tell all their friends its name is ‘McGee’ short for Mcgonagall. And Once a week they would take pictures of McGee and owl them to Professor Mcgonagall just to keep her updated and occasionally receives urgent owls with letters asking her about cat related questions like “Hypothetically speaking, what would happen if a cat accidentally drank coffee?!?” .

“Stark Internship Retreat” HQ Tour - Stark!Reader x Peter Parker

Hiya! This is my first ever imagine on Tumblr. I hope to do more. I have really been obsessed with the idea of Peter falling for a Stark so I will attempt to write one. (apologies for everything IM NOT THE BEST WRITER.) Oh and I’m hoping to make this a series because I think I made it too long (Sorry).

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Word count: 1k (1000 Exactly.)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Warnings: None maybe a Swear or two.


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As I stood there putting on my dress to show the new recruit, Peter, around the new headquarters. I wore my usual for the reporters remembering what my dad said about dressing for them, “Honey you have to wear a new dress every time they see you. If you wore it two days ago to a press conference that means at least 75 people have it already, and besides you are a Stark, you always dress to impress.”

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A/N: Sads because I am sad and tired. Tired of being tired and being in pain. Like. It sucks.


They always left. It was always the type of men you fell for. The hard-workers, the selfless, the kind hearted. You thought he might be different. He was busier than anyone you had ever met.

But you always stayed. Always did. You waited patiently for each text and call, stayed up for him to come home to make sure he ate something before bed.
Ignis’ smile was worth each and every minute of patience. He reserved a smile, special for you, only you got to see it, outside his friends. You settled into his shoulder each night, he dusted tender kisses across your brow, over your eyelids and he nestled into your hair, ready for the next morning, unready to pull away from your sweet scent.

You woke up with him every morning, readying his toast and his coffee as he gathered his paperwork and clothes. He was always so put together in his suit, so handsome with his hair perfectly styled, his oxfords clicking in the tiled kitchen area. His eyes were puffy almost every morning. You kissed your beautiful man “good morning”, “safe travels”, “good luck with the prince today”.

Every time he held your hand you remember the type of man he is. The man that would give everything. The man that was always tired at the end of the day. The man that sometimes missed a prickle of hair when shaving (he only does this when he’s really, tired, poor dove).

Ignis was the man to kiss your tears away when you missed your best friend, when you reached a heart-wrenching scene in your book, when you were beyond frustrated with everything. With the ache in your bones, the coldness of the world, the smaller things that really got you wound up.
He knew your every move before you did, every mood drop, every sigh and every joint pop. He knew the language your body spoke and he conversed back, ready with remedies needed and a smile to see you through things.

When he said “I’m sorry”, and left, you knew he had to fight every urge to hold you and take it back. But he had to go, he had to and fulfill his duty. He didn’t know when he was coming back. He had to let go. He had to let you be free.

That night, as Ignis found his thoughts trailing back to Insomnia, to the signing, to you, he felt the slightest twinge. And then his ears started ringing.

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I was even quieter than usual in the last few months. It was a very busy time for me. 

I have completed my old studies this year and started a new one immediately. Happily I was accepted for a study of fine arts in Leipzig, Germany.  I’m glad that I have the time now to work on my own projects and present them to you in the future. 

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Drabble Prompt: AU scenario where the skaters mistake the triplets for Yuuri's kids when they first meet him, possibly when he brings them to the skater-only area as a b-day treat, or something? (Kudos if you can work in jealous!Victor somehow, but the skaters having a fun reaction would be A+, tbh. Would be lovely if you could include Chris and/or Yurio :D )

Viktor had a crush.  Actually it was worse than that,  Viktor had a Crush<sup>TM</sup>.

It was the reason that he’d been so excited to be assigned to the NHK Trophy.  His crush was also assigned.

It was such a remarkably sized crush that whenever he caught sight of him, Viktor’s heart did a little flip and he had to catch his breath.  Especially if Viktor spotted him while he was stretching.  If Viktor managed to catch him stretching – and Viktor definitely tried to – it was like Nirvana.  He could have died and gone to heaven.  He would be every cliche in the great big book of cliches.

It was such a remarkably sized crush that Viktor had skated into the wall the day before.  His adorable crush had gone wide-eyed and then dropped gaze and hurried off.

Chris had laughed at him.

New day, new attempt to impress.  Viktor could do it!

Except that there were three little girls pulling his crush in every single direction.  One in pink, one in blue, and one in purple and all speaking in rapid-fire Japanese.

“He has children?!”

Chris was staring right beside him.  “I had no idea.  He must have been really young when he had them.  He’s only twenty-one now.  Not that Yuuri talks much about himself.  When you can get him to talk.”

Viktor dropped his head into his hands.  “My life is over.  How can we live happily ever after with 2.5 children in a cute cottage with a white picket fence if he already has three kids.  That’s a half too many.”  Viktor sighed.  “And a dog.  But I’ll bring the dog.”

“Then you’ll be a dog over.  Yuuri has one too.  A fluffy brown thing.  I’ve seen pictures.”  Chris paused.  “Also, neither of you are American and it’s not the 1950s.”

Viktor waved off Chris’s comments focusing on the important part of the conversation.  “He’d show you pictures of his dog, but not his kids?”

“Oh, no, he was showing his friend, that Thai skater, new in the series this year.  I happened to look over his shoulder.”  Chris smiled as the kids all surrounded an Italian skater who looked like he wanted to climb up the nearest flag pole to escape them.  Yuuri was bowing and apologizing and trying very hard to corral his unruly offspring.  “All three of us were at Skate Canada.”

“So they get a hot dad and a cute puppy?”  Viktor frowned.  His life was so not fair.  He wanted a hot Yuuri and a cute puppy.  Well, another puppy since he already had Makkachin.

Then the three girls were upon them, doing spins and jumps and Viktor had to admit to being impressed.  They already had pretty good form, but whatelse was to be expected when their dad was perfection when it came to dancing form.

“Viktor!  Chris!  Viktor!”  All three were shouting over each other and holding out autograph cards.  “Please! This is the best present ever!”

Chris laughed and took a card from each of the girls and started writing.  “What are your names, girls?”

“Axel!” “Loop!” “Lutz!”

“Wrong.  Their names are Aiko, Ruri, and  Miyū.  Even your mother wasn’t crazy enough to name you after figure skating jumps.”  Yuuri walked up behind them and sighed.  “I’m so sorry.  I said I would take them around and instead they are taking me around and bothering everyone and the organizers are never going to let me do anything like this again.”  Yuuri rubbed the back of his head.

Viktor handed over the last card with a tight smile just as a woman approached.  “Oh my god!  It’s Viktor Nikiforov!  Girls! It’s Viktor Nikiforov!”  She grabbed Yuuri’s upper arm.  “Yuuri, it’s Viktor Nikiforov!”

Viktor smiled at the woman even though he could feel his heart cracking into a million pieces.  “You have absolutely adorable children.”

“Yeah, Yuuri, why didn’t you tell us you had kids?”  Chris asked while taking a selfie with the three.


The young woman had started laughing next to a flabbergasted Yuuri.  “Oh, wait until I tell my husband that all the skaters thought the triplets were yours.  I’m sure he wouldn’t hesitate to hand them over to you, Yuuri.  Are you ready to be a dad to these three hellions.”

Yuuri shook his head.  “To those three?  I couldn’t even handle watching them for fifteen minutes.  The nearly chased Michele Crispino up a support post, kept talking to Otabek Altin even when it was obvious that they’d worn out even his patience.  Tried to climb up the stands when they saw the Junior skater they like, Yuri Plisetsky, and then attacked Viktor Nikiforov and Christophe Giacometti.  I can barely co-parent three hamsters.  Your three are too much.”  Yuuri turned to face Viktor and Christophe and bowed.  “Thank you for being such good sports.”

Viktor stared as they walked away, the three girls still clinging to Yuuri.

“That was cute.”

Viktor smiled at Chris.  “He’d make a great dad.  Think he’d be interested in adopting 2.5 children with me?”

Chris clapped him on the back.  “Don’t get ahead of yourself Nikiforov.  First you’ve got to figure out how to talk to him.  He was right here and you didn’t even say a word to him.”

Fearlesskiki’s Appreciation Post (edition 4)

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