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i ate TWO pieces of pizza and now i'm craving oreos i'm freaking out whatdoido

That happened to me the other night. Gosh the best thing I can suggest is try and eat the healthier thing. It doesn’t always work at times and it’s super hard but you’ll feel better once the craving is gone.


Jiyong feeling ‘What do I do?'😂😏 #gdragon #seungri #bigbang #VIP #ygonair #whatdoido

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Harmonizer Problem #2339534053

Not knowing how to act when it comes to Allyson Brooke…

First it’s like “omg Allyson Brooke, mother of god, you’re so hot.. you in my bed now!

But then you remember that’s the same person who is more adorable than a puppy, carries holy water around and should be declared a saint. 

So you just sit there with mix feelings…..


My dad yells at me and makes me cry because I talk back to him. Would he rather me me just obey every command and just hate him so much inside? He says do this do that, I do it. He says make straight A’s, I do it, still not good enough. Make straight A+’s I finally do it and I barely get a good job. Nothing is ever good enough. I will never be good enough.