What does America mean?

Americans always had a very strong sense of identity. The American Dream, freedom, determination and powerful are some words that come to mind when one thinks about America.

Accordingly to some economists like Joseph Stiglitz, 2010 Nobel-Prize and professor at Columbia University, this image doesn’t represent reality any more. US has dive in a segregation between the extremely rich and the rest of the population; social mobility, from the lower level of the pyramid to middle class, is very hard to attain today; and freedom is questionably when the Citizens United Act has open the door for unlimited campaign spending becoming a powerful player in politics game and public policies; and even President Obama says in his second inaugural speech “The patriots of 1776 did not fight to replace the tyranny of a king with the privileges of a few or the rule of a mob.”

With those thoughts on my mind I started a project called, for now - WHAT DOES AMERICA MEANS TO YOU? to find out what Americans are thinking. It is a series of portraits of people from North to South of US, who I ask to write down or draw what America means for them on a small blackboard.

It is a work in progress and for now Americans still have dear to their heart and mind the ideals of freedom, power, honor and surprisingly - safety. Prejudice has come up once, from an African-American 11 year-old boy from the South. The first portraits I took in Washington, during the second presidential inauguration.