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  • Send “voicemail” to hear my muse’s drunken voice messages they leave on your muse’s phone

“Dude… I miss talking to you.” Alfred lay on the floor of his house, having fallen into a bit of a mood. Actually that happened fairly often after he finished hanging out with people for long periods of time and then suddenly finding himself alone, the only reason he was actually calling anybody about it was because he was too shitfaced to realize what a bad idea it was.

“Like, you’re far and that sucks but sometimes its like you just ignore me. You still like talkin’ to me right? Being your friend is fucking hard, man, I love you but you can be such a fucking prick sometimes! I just wish I could get a read on you, y’know? I worry about whatchyou think about me, y’know? I just… I dunno. I guess I wanted you to be proud of me? It’s fucking stupid, but… I don’t know. I want you to think that I’m not stupid, and for you to like me, but I mean I guess I’d have to be better to actually get there you know?” Alfred laughed, throwing his free arm over his face.

“You should come over sometime, I feel like I’m always the one visiting you. I’ve got like a guest room you can crash in if you feel like it, and some nice hotels. It’d be fun you know! There’s so much over here you haven’t been to, I wanna… share some a that with you I guess. I dunno. Call me back, or don’t. You know… whatever.”

  • rae: look we parked by New Jersey
  • me: bada bing bada boom
  • rae: ...that's not...
  • rae: that's not the right accent at ALL