whatchu talkin bout' willis

A bunch of peeps were all, “Hey lazy dad, what do you think about that teevee show Fresh Off the Boat?” Let me preface by sayin’ that I really, really, really wanted to lurve the show. Like, when has there ever been a teevee show about a Taiwanese family in America, amirite? I’m pretty sure the answer is never.

I just watched the premiere episode with my kid and here are my Totally Legit Snap Judgements about the show:

  • The cast is pretty good! Especially Constance Wu, who I want to play me when Hollywood inevitably decides to make the teevee show version of Lazy Dad’s Guide to Everything.
  • The writing is dreadful. Like, mind-blowingly, vomit-inducing, whatchu-talkin’-‘bout-Willis terrible. But the cast does a pretty good job with the dreck writing!
  • Randall Park is adorbz, obvs, but dontcha think it’s kinda sorta weird to watch a Korean-American actor playing a Taiwanese guy doing a Taiwanese-American accent as conceived by a committee of white folks? Trust me, Taiwanese peeps do not sound anything remotely like that weirdo ching-ching-Chinaman accent that Randall Park’s character is doing when we speak English. True story.
  • If aliens landed on Earth and watched this show, they’d think that all white folks were morons.
  • Why they gotta make the only black character on the show say the racist thing to the Taiwanese kid? Barf.
  • Five minutes into the show, my kid was all, “Dad, what is this show even about?” And I was all, It’s about a Taiwanese family that moves to Orlando. And my kid was all, “They should make a show about a family from Orlando that moves to Taiwan! Now that’s a show I’d want to watch!!!” And I was all, Pretty much.

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I have to admit i'm usually one to keep my expectations low, but if we don't get at least a some sort of confession from Bellamy this season what was the point of like the 90% of the Bellarke scenes this year?? lol

Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?

90% of the Bellarke scenes so far this year involved confessions. It’s like confession after confession after confession. 

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(wow, look at that fantastic shot of him coming out from behind her, almost looking like one being. hello, visual storytelling. Thank you cinematographers.)

  • I’ll do anything (for him)
  • Come home to yours (me. i’m yours)
  • I need you.
  • You left me.
  • I let her get to me.
  • Will I (recover)?
  • I’m angry at you
  • We need each other
  • Together

And lots more. That’s just off the top of my head. They love each other. They “broke up”. They still love each other. 

All this that is happening now? Every scene we’ve had with them together all season has been romantic Bellarke, in no uncertain terms. It hasn’t been smooth sailing and it is slow burn and they are kind of busy trying to stop the next apocalypse. 

Bellarke, the romantic relationship, is in the process of happening right now. You wanted Bellarke, this is it. It’s not just about kissing and those three little words. It’s about everything BEHIND those things. THAT is Bellarke.