whatchu talkin bout willis

A bunch of peeps were all, “Hey lazy dad, what do you think about that teevee show Fresh Off the Boat?” Let me preface by sayin’ that I really, really, really wanted to lurve the show. Like, when has there ever been a teevee show about a Taiwanese family in America, amirite? I’m pretty sure the answer is never.

I just watched the premiere episode with my kid and here are my Totally Legit Snap Judgements about the show:

  • The cast is pretty good! Especially Constance Wu, who I want to play me when Hollywood inevitably decides to make the teevee show version of Lazy Dad’s Guide to Everything.
  • The writing is dreadful. Like, mind-blowingly, vomit-inducing, whatchu-talkin’-‘bout-Willis terrible. But the cast does a pretty good job with the dreck writing!
  • Randall Park is adorbz, obvs, but dontcha think it’s kinda sorta weird to watch a Korean-American actor playing a Taiwanese guy doing a Taiwanese-American accent as conceived by a committee of white folks? Trust me, Taiwanese peeps do not sound anything remotely like that weirdo ching-ching-Chinaman accent that Randall Park’s character is doing when we speak English. True story.
  • If aliens landed on Earth and watched this show, they’d think that all white folks were morons.
  • Why they gotta make the only black character on the show say the racist thing to the Taiwanese kid? Barf.
  • Five minutes into the show, my kid was all, “Dad, what is this show even about?” And I was all, It’s about a Taiwanese family that moves to Orlando. And my kid was all, “They should make a show about a family from Orlando that moves to Taiwan! Now that’s a show I’d want to watch!!!” And I was all, Pretty much.