whatcha gonna do

Earth Mercury Defenses

Taurus, the “Real Housewives of ___” Mercury: Laughs it off or just goes OFF

Virgo, the “My Opinion is Fact” Mercury: “Don’t put words in my mouth”

Capricorn, the “Mansplaining” Mercury: “You fool. You absolute buffoon. Let me teach you why you’re wrong on this subject you’ve studied for years and I just discovered five minutes ago.”

Case Of The Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)
Case Of The Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)


This track reached the 2nd position on the US chart becoming MYA’s best selling track with her as a leading artist (LADY MARMALADE with Christina Aguilera, Pink and Lil Kim charted at #1)


Honestly, i was expecting Julie to hit us with something unexpected like after Jonas’ speech was done the screen would go black and then it would say “two months later” and we would see Sana with the girls coming back from that trip to France Vilde had mentioned in episode 1, or from Chris’ cabin or something and they all go to Sana’s house because she invites them to have dinner or whatever and when they get to her house and walk in, Sana turns to his brother in the living room but instead she sees Yousef, (who’s been back in Norway while she was on her vacation with the girls) standing there, smiling at her and she smiles at him too and they’re both like “halla” and can’t stop smiling and looking at each other and that would have been beautiful but instead the biggest plot twist we got was Penetrator Chris falling in love with Emma without even knowing her name.

Hey, do any fellow artists have any advice for wrist pain?? I do a ton of stretches before (and sometimes during) drawing, and a few months ago I started wearing a wrist brace, but things only seem to be getting worse. My wrists ache every time I draw, and recently the pain’s lingered for days afterwards. Patreon and commissions are still my only real source of income, so I literally cannot afford to stop drawing, but I’m freaking out a wee bit here lads. Any advice would be appreciated.

honestly I love long car trips bc it gives me the chance to listen to music and just look out the window and daydream about my stories and honestly idk what I’d do without those moments. 

(since I didn’t receive any asks for the clothes​ meme thing, I asked @minish-mae to pick one and she pick the watermelon dress. Then suddenly, I thought to myself what would’ve happen if I add more watermelon accessories. Then things got out hands real quick and I don’t regret a thing.)