whatcha packin


Emily Kinney performs ‘Last Chance’ at The GRAMMY Museum on June 2, 2016

                                        So gimme whatcha, gimme whatcha got tonight
                                                                 Packin’ cigarettes
                                                                Baby, I’m your light
                                    Gimme whatcha, gimme whatcha, gimme whatcha can
                                                               I’m the last pretty girl
                                                          You’re the last decent man

help me, Tumblr-Wan Kenobi...

is there any possibility to watch the “whatcha packing” interviews with Michelle Visage and the sashayed queens from non-US locations? I can find the episodes, the untuckeds etc. but so far I had no luck with the interviews :-(

the logo website and app dont work from here and all the other pages I found have the same “content is not available from your location” bullsh*t