N || Touya

Touya looked at N, he was obviously suffering. “Are you OK?” He asked, although he knew there was no point. He wasn’t crying, or doing anything normal people do, but Touya had picked up little hints. Tapping his chest anxiously, muttering, frowning. There was something wrong. Was it what Ghetsis had said? Or was it something else? “I don’t like it when your hurt. It hurts me too, you know.” Said Touya, trying to strike up some empathy in the man. N was innocent, but forgot abut other people sometimes. Maybe if he connected his emotions with Touya’s, they could work together to help each other.

N || Touya

Since the events with N and Ghetsis, Touya had been a wanderer. He travelled from region to region, never involving himself for too long in other people’s business. He lay low, only battling when he needed to. Having a Zekrom in your bag did mean he almost never lost though.

When he turned the corner and saw the long green hair, it brought back a pang of emotions, but it wasn’t he first time seeing something green had done this. So many things reminded Touya of N these days. He expected the poor person to be another female grass trainer, whom Touya frequently walked up to in hope it was his old friend. He had learned by now not to get his hopes up, so he walked on by.

But the thought was in the back of his head. It could be him, it could be him… just turn around for another look, just check… but he suppressed this ridiculous idea. what would the chances be? Still, the thought dug away at him, until had to submit and glance behind his shoulder. That face. That child like, pure face. It couldn’t be. It could… But it couldn’t.