The one always telling u he was goin hard at the beach & had all the chicks lined up for him is more than likely this guy in the back…He was definitely at the beach tho 😜. Watch ya setups people. I live the “document life” so therefore I have nothing to prove verbally or “picturlly” (made that one up) lol…SO CLOSE YET SO FAR SMH. Keep pushin, stop yappin, Make it “for real” then posting reality will be more gratifying to your spirit then the fictitious IG lifestyle that “U” have to lay down knowin the real behind……Gotta school these youngins ery once in a while while I still learn myself!!! #YoungMogul #LearninFromTheBestOfTheBest #IGottaLilWaysToGo #IKnowThatTho #WhatAboutU #ThisPicFunnyAsHellTho 😂😂😂