DAY 3393

Jalsa, Mumbai                  July 12/13,  2017                Wed/Thu 12:18 AM

Birthday - EF - Manoj Kumar Ojha  &  Taran Ghantasala  ..        Thu, July 13 .. we at the Ef parivaar, build many wishes for the two of you .. have a wonderful birthday and remember we are with you in celebration ..

AKS ..!! a film made with great conviction and care .. unique in its concept and its execution .. valid in the times of today, and its value in ascendent .. !

Rakeysh Mehra, the director before he started spelling his name thus, was the one that did an add., with me for Pepsi and then came the film .. we sat on it for days and we still do on many ideas and thoughts .. but AKS was always special and different .. the shoot in Budapest and the first brush with the french beard, which then because permanent and has never been disturbed since .. that very scary day at the shoot in Budapest .. when in the bitter cold on the streets, a part of the crew, sitting in the vehicle that was carrying the generator, closed its doors to keep the cold out, and NOT realising that the carbon monoxide that a motor generates can kill with its fumes in a closed atmosphere .. and it happened .. when after a while someone from outside opened the doors of the vehicle, the people inside were lying unconscious, Bharati, Rakeysh’s wife being one of them and most seriously conditioned .. the doctors and the ambulance were immediately called .. and all survived .. but what a moment .. so afraid .. alone and in foreign territory .. always a feeling of insecurity .. !!!

The 102 + continues unabated .. and involves a good 3 hours in make up and removal after for an hour .. the pains taken by a host of artists that specialise in the craft is so commendable .. 

And now this be the norm .. the young and the agile give way to the old and the prosthetics .. to the green backgrounds, to the VFX, to the ‘post’ touch ups and face replacements .. all part of film making today, but never had such privilege in our time .. 

A lady comes on a WhataApp message and extols the virtues of decluttering your surroundings .. throwing away what is not required, cleaning not just the room or the office, but simultaneously the mind too ..

I tried that for a bit .. got rid of some of the unwanted stuff .. the problem though is that, nothing looks unwanted when it is discovered to be put away .. it cries and appeals for forgiveness and desires that it be kept for longer times .. this emotion aside, it does get extremely difficult to handle such sentiment .. !!

They that collect habitually .. are they, them, that mirror insecurity .. !!


Amitabh Bachchan

ps:  they blocked the entire main bridge, above in the picture, in Budapest for us for this shot .. 

. . .

Nessun messaggio potrà mai superare gli sguardi. Non sarà whataap , Facebook e ask a farti sentire importante. Siamo chiusi ormai. Viviamo tutto il giorno dietro un telefono , evitando gli sguardi degli sconosciuti. Continuiamo a pensare che scrivere un messaggio sia meglio che guardare una persona negli occhi. Pensiamo che un cuore possa sostituire un abbraccio , che un messaggio sdolcinato possa sostituire un bacio. Ormai nessuno riesce a capire più i silenzi perché l'unica cosa che riusciamo a comprendere e il “visualizzato alle”, ormai il nostro silenzio è quello. E non dovrebbe essere così. Dovremmo cambiarle le cose. Dovremmo preferire la realtà alla vita virtuale. Dovremmo preferire un bacio, un abbraccio, una carezza , uno sguardo , una parola. Dovremmo preferire le litigate,i silenzi imbarazzanti e dovremmo trovare una soluzione invece di chiudere un'applicazione e cercare di dimenticare il problema.