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Hi im noora and i guess my knack is art?? The first two are bday cards for my friends (theyre album covers) done with markers and the third one is a painting for art class on the topic of “motherland” but i think theyre neat

Help needed!

Hey guys, I’m doing a video for Jensen’s birthday and I since I can’t possibly remember everything that’s ever happened at every convention, I could use some help.

If you can think of any moments where Jensen is dancing (that are NOT at jibcon/ from the gag reels, I got those covered) please please send me a message or reply to this? I really want to finish this in time, but there’s too many con videos for me to go through, so I’d really appreciate any help

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“I don’t care about what you did
Only care about what we do.”  

“I am down for something
Come pick me up in your car.  ”  

pt. 1  

You know what, I’m surprised I haven’t done anything with Kellogg yet.

Ya know, one of the important characters for the plot? I should probably look into that…..


speedpaint of me doing the line art and color of this pic

(hey here’s why I didn’t update yesterday)

Wanted to try my hand at an animated storyboard, it was a lot of fun! Hugely inspired by this incredible video


NEW VIDEO: I successfully catfished my high school religion teacher…

REPLYING to everyone in the comments, let’s talk!