Bruised Beauty

Requested:“ if you don’t want to write it I 100% understand. Would you mind doing one where Y/N lives in a really rough house and her dad is doing everything wrong you could do as a parent (alcoholic, abusive,drug addicted, ect) and her mom is just trying to get by but one night her dad comes home and gets in a huge and terrible fight with Y/N and she ends up running away to her boyfriend jug to live with him and he helps take care of her after the pain she just went through. Kinda a heavy request so I completely understand if you don’t want to do it”
Pairings: Jughead x reader
Warnings: Swearing, (gambling, alcoholism, drug dealing and drug abuse) mentioned, blood//cuts//bruises mentioned throughout. Medium to full description of abuse do not read between the *** if you will be triggered by such scenes the story should still make sense without it but reader discretion is advised my lovelies. And finally Fluff, you’d need it after this hahahah

A/N loved writing this request, really interesting to write and I hope it is what Anony is looking for. I did change it slightly so the mother has left just because I don’t think y/n would leave her mother behind in an abusive home, or maybe she would idk. Enjoy Xx
3rd Person

You had always been a fighter, a born fighter, a forced fighter. Your dad, if you could call him that, was an all out alcoholic, drugged gambler, the full nine yards. He even had a stint in drug dealing, a stint that lasted your life time.

Originally it had been you and your mother against the world but the world had got to much for her and she fled it, leaving Riverdale and you behind. The beating was particularly savage that night. You didn’t go out that weekend, instead treated your wounds the best you could and hoped your friends would believe your lie that you were away.

Through all this you lost your self confidence, couldn’t see the beauty in yourself but your spirit, although damaged, continued to grow thanks to one person who couldn’t see anything but the beauty in you, your boyfriend Jughead.

You had neglected to tell him, or anyone for that matter, about your father’s bestial behavior. Instead you had elected to wear loose clothing to hide the bruising and cuts that lay beneath on your wilting body and never invite anyone to your “home”.

It was mid January, almost a year into your relationship with Juggy, that the dreaded question once again reared its hideous head.

“When am I going to meet your parents y/n/n? I mean it’s been almost 1 year..kinda” Jughead smiled at you.

The two of you were strolling to the bus stop after having Pops with the gang. Poor Juggy you thought, he had never pressured or pushed you into anything thinking it was because you didn’t want to and not because your body was mangled beneath it’s facade.

“Umm I’m not sure Juggy, I’m sorry”

“It’s okay” he caught both your hands and kissed your forehead. “But soon maybe? Please? It’s just I feel like we’re sneaking around or something despite the fact everyone knows” you could tell by this that it was really bothering him.

You couldn’t meet his eye as he searched yours “Finnnnee” he sighed releasing one hand carrying on the short walk. You closed your eyes holding back tears at disappointing the sweetest person in the world.

“Is it something wrong with me?” He clearly wasn’t going to let it go as ye reached the empty bus stop.

“No jughead it’s not!” “Then what y/n what?!” His voice began to raise and you became a little unsteady on your feet. You had no reply to him.

“Well?!” This time he gestured quickly with his hand outward and you flinched. You flinched badly.

“Woah woah Y/N….did…did you think I was going to hit you?” He put his hands on your arms and gently squeezed them, you tried to ignore the pain of him touching your wounds. “I…I…I..” you couldn’t speak as the fear that your lie was about to unravel stole your voice.

“Y/N?” just as his name left his lips the bus screeched to a stop next to you causing you to jump again.

“Um…I gotta go Juggy” you kissed his cheek briefly before his worried eyes watched you step aboard and pull away from the crib.


It had been an hour since you left a defeated and confused Jughead. He had texted you multiple times but you didn’t reply which spurred him on further.

You busied yourself cleaning the entire apartment and making dinner. You had finished your weekend work with Jughead at the diner and now sat on your bed waiting for the storm to blow in. And it did.

Your father slammed the door on entry and you heard his heavy footed gait stumble into the kitchen. Great he’s in a horrific state you thought.

You didn’t move a muscle trying to prolong the time without his hands on you.

“Y/N!!! GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!” he hollered. You rose from your bed shakily and timidly walked into the kitchen, a dinner plate smashing off the wall, narrowly missing your head.

***************Description of abuse***************

“WHAT IS THIS SHIT Y/N!!” he gestured to the pot. “Umm umm umm” he threw another plate coming closer to you this time, bits of porcelain covering you. “DON’T STUTTER. WHAT.IS.THIS” he slurred.

“Its…ehem it’s bolognese…” “WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME YOU WHORE!” he threw a plate full of the dinner this time hitting you in the stomach. The boiling sauce clung to your skin as you attempted to pull the fabric from your flesh. Your phone buzzed out on the counter with Jugheads name lighting up the screen. Your father picked it up glaring at it.

“Jughead?” you hated hearing his name on his lips. Him saying Jugheads name felt wrong, like he was tainting it.

“WHO IS JUGHEAD?! IS THAT THAT FP’ SON?! HE WOULDN’T DEAL FOR ME! I DON’T WANT YOU TALKING TO HIS SON I DON’T WANT YOU NEAR HIM! YOU BETTER STAY AWAY YOU STUPID BITCH!” he spat at you. “No.” You couldn’t believe you just said no to your father and neither could he at first but then his eyes darkened “what.did.you.just.say.to.me” he bit out.

Your father lunged at you, throwing you back against the counter, handles digging into you. He began striking, flogging, thrashing you as you screamed out. He hit harder at your calls for help. He started hurling verbal abuse too harsh and barbaric for anyone’s ears let alone yours. He’s scrawled and scraped you, leaving no part of you not aching.

He let you laying on the kitchen floor, blood rising from your scalp from being beaten off the cabinet. Discoloration was appearing in your eye as your body cried out in pain.


You balled up as small as possible in the corner as you heard your dad clamber out of the house once again slamming the door behind him.

You squeezed your eyes shut, attempting to restore your uneven breathing, failing at first.

You glanced through blurred eyes at the clock. 11pm. He wouldn’t be home till at least 3am and even then, you wouldn’t be there.

You slowly stood up fearing if you stood to fast you’d faint. You stumbled into your room grabbing all you owned and putting it into two bags. You took your school stuff and went to kitchen slowing picking up the pace as you adjusted to the pain.

Reaching to the top shelf of a cabinet, now slightly covered in blood, you took a deep breath and wheezed through the pain as you retrieved a jar full with cash. You took all of it.

You took one more look around the hell hole you had become accustomed to and closed the door not looking back.

*Sms:BeanieBrainxX: hey jug..sorry I didn’t reply emm listen I’m after getting into a little accident, well I mean it wasn’t really an accident he meant to do it…anyway ive left my house and just need somewhere to stay just tonight, only for tonight. You know I hate asking for anything from anyone and I understand if your foster parents wouldn’t be okay with it. Let me know Xx- 11.41pm

*Sms:Y/N/NxXX: Yes of course you can! Where are you?! I’m coming to get you!!! Karen and Dave are away this weekend xxxxx -11.42pm

*Sms: BeanieBrainxX: I’m actually outside your house now, I walked…well limped here- 11.44pm.

Almost instantly after you hit send a light flashed on in the front room upstairs in the house. Jughead lashed open the door and ran to you while you hobbled to him.

He met you in an embrace as you sobbed into his chest dropping your bags beside you. Jughead rocked you gently in his arms and supported you as you walked inside and up the stairs, him carrying your bags, words yet to be exchanged.

You sat on edge of his bed as Jughead rushed in with half a pharmacy in his hands.

He started by picking bits of porcelain out of your hair and gave you frozen peas to hold to your eye. He had nothing but sorrow and focus plastered across his face, nothing but pain and shame across yours.

He cleaned your head wound and attempted to get the matted blood from your hair but failed and moved onto cleaning the cuts on your face. It stung but his reassuring eyes kept you from crying any more tears.

He stopped and stood back to check for any more cuts and more shame rose to your face. You achingly pulled your shirt and hoodie off in one revealing new and old cuts and bruises accompanied by a new burn mark across your stomach. Jughead couldn’t hide the shock and anger on his face as he reached to treat them with you flinching every time. You couldn’t help but feel ashamed, sitting in your bra in front of your boyfriend, body completely coated in marks of aggression.

“Did…did your parents do this?” Jughead treaded carefully with his words as he continued cleaning, “dad” you barely whispered. “Is this why you flinched at me today?” You nodded. “This wasn’t a once off was it?” his sad eyes glanced over the new gnashes and the ones scarred over. You bit your lip and shook your head.

Tears started to come to Jugheads eyes at the thought of anyone hurting you. He caught your hand softly and whispered “He can’t hurt you now y/n…he’ll never hurt you again” you leaned your head on his shoulder and began crying again.

Jughead quickly enveloped you in a hug. Head buried in his chest you cried again.

“shshsh y/n/n…It’s okay y/n/n I won’t let anyone hurt you like this ever again…I’m sorry it happened you in the first place” he kissed your forehead ever so gently.

“Listen I want you to go take a shower and just wash away all the dried… blood” his voice caught on that last part. You nodded and let him lead you to the bathroom.

“but first y/n…before you shower we’re going to have to take photos of what your…what that man did to you okay? It’s for the police so we have as much proof as possible okay. We’ll call tomorrow, you need to rest tonight okay my lovely”.

The thought of people seeing what had gone on behind closed doors frightened you but you knew it was the right thing to do and with Jughead by your side you could feel you could once again take on the world.


You had taken the longest shower you’d ever taken in your life. You watched the red swirl down the drain and although the cuts stung in the heat of the water you didn’t mind, you were used to it.

You dried yourself off and put on the one of Jughead’s long tees he had left for you.

You walked into his room and found him on his bed typing away at his laptop. He met your eye and gave a small smile and you returned it, on seeing your smile his grew wider.

Jughead patted the space next to him and you crawled in next to him. He slung his arm around you and you cuddled in while pulling the duvet around yourself. You watched him type away for awhile before he shut the laptop down and put it on the floor.

Jughead rolled to his side so you were both face on.

“I told Karen and Dave about what happened, they said they’d be onto social services in the morning and that the oncall team can’t do much now.”

“Okay” you murmur.

“Y/N…I don’t want us to keep any secrets from each other anymore okay.”



“I promise Juggy” you snuggled deeply into his chest as he rests his head on yours, careful to not lean on the cut.


“Yes Jughead”

“I love you Y/N Y/L/N and I don’t want anyone to take you from me or try to change that”

You smiled into his chest at his first verbal profession of love.

“I love you Forsythe Pendleton the III”

“Ughhhhhhh” he whines playfully above you and you laugh lightly.

“I love you Juggy”

“Yes, much better” he kisses your cut lips and tangles his legs in yours wanting to be as close as possible. It was the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.
Teehee Xx
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Why why would she react like that? Like she planned that lunch date a week ahead and was proud of herself that nothing interrupted it (like maybe getting called in at DEO) and that little sigh of happiness + contented smile combo that looks like she can’t wait to see her girl again what.is.this (well she did technically ask Lena three times so maybe she did plan it and just got turned down bc they were both busy)

Imagine introducing the Dwarves to pizza

“Imagine Introducing the Dwarves to Pizza”

for oakenshieldgisborneandwinchester

imagine || Words: 476 || Characters: The company of Thorin Oakenshield || Genre: humor n’ fluff. very lightweight and now I’m hungry


Dwalin’s voice was steady but heavy with doubt and a tad bit of disgust as Ori placed two piping hot circular flatbreads, piled high with a variety of toppings, in the center of the long pine table.

This is what you’ve spent all this time making back there?” Thorin asked, glaring at Ori like he wanted to toss him from the tavern, bum-first.

“I wasn’t gone that long, was I?”

“Too long to come back with only thin round bread with tiny bits of meat on top!” Kili snapped.

“There’s cheese and tomatoes, too,” Ori said, pointing to the other items.

The young Dwarf had been so excited to actually sit inside a tavern, on real chairs and not on tree stumps, the ground or rocks, that he asked the cook if he could help prepare a special meal.

The cook not only agreed, but after sizing up Ori’s motley crew, suggested they might like  something “from his land” - which he never named.

“I think they look delicious,” Bilbo said, tucking in his napkin at the top of his shirt.

“Y-yes. So do I,” Gandalf chimed in, though he wasn’t quite as confident about the foods’ potential  as the Hobbit.

As if on cue, Dwalin and Thorin pushed their chairs away from the table and folded their arms defiantly, each taking turns muttering to each other about ‘real food.’

“What do you call these wheels, anyhow?” Fili asked, warming up to the meal as the savory aroma from the sausage and cheese tickled his nose.

In fact, the heavenly smell was traveling down the table.

“They’re called peet-zah,” Ori said proudly.

Everyone, except for Grump 1 and Grump 2 at the end of the table, slowly pronounced the new word, taking in deeper and deeper breaths of the delicious smell.

Fili reached for the stack of plates already on the table and went around, passing them out. He skipped Dwalin and Thorin, who were still complaining but sneaking glances at the pizzas.

“Alright, everyone,” Ori announced enthusiastically, “time to-”

Without warning, Thorin bolted up, then Dwalin, so quickly that their chairs fell to the floor.

The succulent smell had finally made it to them and there was no way they weren’t going to try some.

“Back up, burglar,” Dwalin said to Bilbo, who was practically nose-first in the pizza closest to him. Bilbo sheepishly retreated to his seat.

“You too, Fili,” Thorin said. “And Kili. And Bombur. And Bofur…”

“Everyone take your seats,” Gandalf interrupted. Then he turned to Ori. “Please, start again, my friend.”

Ori looked very pleased as he saw everyone’s mouth watering.

“On the count of three…”

Maybe, maybe, Ori got through the word ‘count’ before there was a blur of pelts and a floppy hat and a cranium with an axe embedded in it and lots beards, lots of braids, only one pair of gentle, mannered hands, and a lot of shoving, followed by chomps.

“So.” Ori walked up to Thorin and Dwalin, nibbling on a pizza slice that Bilbo was thoughtful enough to pull for him before the pies were devoured. “How is it?”

“Fine…for bread circles,” Dwalin said, finishing the crust.

“Well, Ori,” Thorin said, savoring his last bit “I’m afraid I will need another sample before I can give you my opinion.” He waved Ori back towards the kitchen.

Ori had never heard the rest of the company agree with Thorin so loud and so fast.


what.is.this I just calmed down after the whole drama and then this?😭😭😭