Did anyone notice this weirdo in the Nighctlub Night episode? I dunno what the heck he’s supposed to be. I refer to him as Potato Nutsack (but that’s by no means his official name). He makes me giggle though. We gotta get him in the background of more episodes.

What hopes and fears does the scientific method imply for mankind? I do not think that this is the right way to put the question. Whatever this tool in the hand of man will produce depends entirely on the nature of the goals alive in this mankind. Once these goals exist, the scientific method furnishes means to realize them. Yet it cannot furnish the very goals. The scientific method itself would not have led anywhere, it would not even have been born without a passionate striving for clear understanding.
—  Einstein on the common language of science.

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Y/N: Now give me your best smoulder, Cas. 
*Castiel smoulders* 
Castiel: Are you sure this is how the character acts?
Y/N: 100 percent sure. People are going to love it.
Castiel: What about your character, Y/N? Will they understand it?
Y/N: Yeah. I”m also gonna be next to you the whole time so people will get it. Our characters are…. well, they’re soulmates.
Castiel: That does seem fitting for our relationship. 

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Would you rather give birth to a kitten, or a human?

a kitten duh>?! what kind of question


What does it mean to survive? Think blood. Think power tools. Think family gatherings. Think of the body reclaiming itself. Think eventual light. I have pulled myself through twenty three years to get here. I have pulled myself through body hate, through love gone wrong, through the eye of a needle. I have suffered to get here. I can show you the poems. I can show you my family photographs.

There is a promise that it gets better.

It, whatever it is, does not get better

We get better.

We get tougher. Stronger. Calmer. We laugh when the fire eats its way up the wall. We shrug off the old lovers’ wedding photos. We smile. We like ourselves. We hum to the radio. We remember to eat. We thicken at the hips. We soften in the eyes. We sand our edges down. We undress of our armour and we stand defenceless at the frontline. Knees already half-buckled. Pink as the inside of a cat’s ear. We ready ourselves for the battle. We do not always win, but we give a good fight. We brace ourselves for the impact, absorb it when it comes.  

okay imma do a proper intro now. hi, i’m curtis andrew kern, grayson told me it sounds like a lizard name and i didn’t know how to feel but then we agreed on the fact that i don’t look like a lizard (thank god) so everything was okay. i sell merch for everyone, so if any of you need a guy, pick me. i’ve told you i like chinese food and sleep too much, what else. most of the things i say are sarcastic as hell and i say them with love so don’t ever think that i’m being horrible if we cross paths and i say something sarcastic, it actually means i like you so there’s that. i’m ranting now so if any of you wanna chat you can get at me @durrtycurrty on aim. :)

oh my god i’m turning 22 in 5 days what the hell

i still remember when i turned 16 oh my god oh my god oh my god

oh my god

Information For Employers

Crash Override has published a one-page information sheet, meant to be printed out and given to employers whose employees are facing mob harassment. The information sheet focuses on giving a high level overview of how online mob harassment works, what to expect, suggestions for positive courses of action, and some resources for employers who want to dig deeper. 

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Pretty sure I almost just got murdered guys lmao….good thing I wasn’t listening to music and actually heard this fucking guy pounding on the door bc I’d just managed to jump out my bedroom window and run down the alley when I saw him coming around the corner to presumably try and get in?? It’s a rly long fucked up backstory and it’s one of my roommates he’s after, not me, but UHHH???? I just found out last night that this guy knows where we live (super pissed at my roomie for endangering all of us like that tbh) and I might just be paranoid but better safe than sorry or whatever. I think I’m gonna go live at my mom’s for a while or something I am so not here for this Nightmare on Valley Street bullshit


“Look I’m sorry he broke… but asking everyone to attend his funeral is probably the most insane thing ever.” 

“You’re right… Rockbert wanted to be cremated anyway.” 


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That anon about suicide and the media reminded me of the title of a P!ATD song: the only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage. True, right? And as someone who has been suicidal, this makes me so so angry.

It’s very similar to what people were saying after the Sandy Hook shooting: the press over reports it to the point that it’s the top story for a week or more, which sends the message “If I do this, I’ll be the center of everyone’s attention for a week, or more if I one-up the last guy.”

-the Polish one