You know the beautiful thing about love? It’s so powerful. Nothing else can make people do the things that love can make them do. It’s the only emotion that can make people fight, and give their all to something or someone. It’s the only thing that can make people hold on, when they otherwise would have given up. Love is strong, it’s powerful, and it’s rare. So when people find it, they marvel at the power of it. And they keep holding on because it’s the truest form of ecstasy. The world cannot survive without love. It’s the only thing that can get people to hold on anymore.

I know this is likely just meant to be a joke and is not factual in any way, but I actually love the idea of “No.” being Pearl’s favorite word. ‘cause, I mean, Pearls were made to be servants and to obey orders (true for all Gems really but more true the further down the hierarchy they are, and Pearls seem to be at the bottom), so it would make sense if Pearl’s favorite word were a definitive negative response like “No.”


After Papyrus, felt like drawing some Gasters in fun outfits. In the mood for some void dad.  

I’m still figuring out how I want to interpret him. Like I like him classy and composed, but I also want at least a little sense of humor in there. I picture him MST3K-ing by himself over all the timelines as he watches from beyond the code. Like, 60% cryptic and terrifying, 35% science puns, and 5% the kind of person who would make a lot of vines, if he were corporeal. Haha, I know it’s dumb, but I like silly “hey son watch me do a sick backflip into the Core” Gasters a lot more than I ought to. :V

But what would be his fashion style…? If only there existed a real person, or two, that were super cool and distinguished but also giant nerdy dorks.

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I was thinking about all of the times when someone asks seb if he will be the next cap, or if he'll be on ouat again or whatever and he says "I don't know." I say his new theme song is Wax Tailor's I Don't Know

You, my dear, are brilliant!

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but can you imagine? As much as Seb loves “Winter” how hard it is to not be able to say anything!?!

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and don’t get me started on Jefferson

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on a darker note, that stupid song applies to someone else too…

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Imma duck and run while I’m ahead…..

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