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Do It All Again (Skate Maloley)

Requested? Yes.

Can you do an imagine where Y/n and Nate have a 4 year old daughter, and they go with the boys to see fireworks and the little girl gets scared, so Nate just acts really cute and protects the little girl, just make it really cute and fluffy please. Love your writing :)

-This is my first ‘grown up’ imagine w/ the boys so I’m pretty excited! 

“Okay babe the car is packed.” Nate assures you as you finish getting your daughter ready, you brush her hair and clip her bangs back with a festive fourth of July bow. 

You smile up at Nate as he enters your bedroom, “yeah, we’ll be ready soon.” You reply with a kind smile, he walks over to you and pecks your lips and your daughter’s head who was more preoccupied with the bubbles Johnson got her, “are you ready to see the fireworks?” You ask her picking her up, she nods and you carry her on your hip towards the car, you hand her to Nate who helps her into her booster seat. You became parents at a very young age, and things weren’t easy but she was four now and you and Nate were happier than ever with your young family. 

“Is Sam bringing the barbecue?” You question and he Nate replies with a ‘mhm’, he hops into the driver's side while you get into the passenger, and he reaches over to place his hand on your thigh as you drive towards the field where the fireworks would be going off. 

Once you arrive, Nate helps your daughter out and she runs towards Sam first. She absolutely loved Sam. He picks her up and spins her around hugging her extremely tightly–the other omaha guys were like her uncles and she loved having them in her life because they played with her. Next she goes to Johnson, who teaches her cool handshakes and she wraps her tiny arms around his neck, he gives her a piggyback ride and she throws her head back laughing. She saw Johnson as her best friend and favorite playmate and he was completely fine with it. Finally, she runs to Gilinsky and holds onto his leg until he picks her up, she climbs up onto his shoulders and covers his eyes, Jack plays along and pretends he can’t see just to see her smile. 

You and Nate watch with amused expressions as you set up camp for the fireworks show, which included a barbecue and tons of food. Your other friends turn up and you have an afternoon filled with a ton of sun and the guys getting competitive with a football game. 

A few hours later, the fireworks are starting, you daughter was having a wonderful time running around between the guys who quite obviously were putty in her tiny hands. She runs to Sam the second the first firework goes off because he was closest, and by the second she’s frightened and in tears, she buries her face in his neck and you walk over when Sam gives you a ‘what the hell do I do’ look, “shh babygirl, it’s okay, yeah?” He rocks her back and forth in his arms, holding her against his chest. 

“Hey! Y/D/N I have a sparkler wanna see?” Gilinsky coos, holding it out for her to see, she flinches and clings to Sam even tighter. 

“I want my daddy,” she cries, Nate was joking around with Johnson but the second he hears you daughter crying he jogs over and takes her out of Sam’s arms. 

“Shh, shh baby it’s the fourth of July, no time for tears.” He swipes her tears away with his thumb and she immediately relaxes–the same way you always did even before she was born, “come on, look up.” He points to the firework going off, “it’s pink your favorite color!” Nate’s voice while talking to your daughter was absolutely the most adorable thing in the world and it made your knees want to buckle. 

You walk over, and stand beside them, placing your hand on your daughter's back you rub it soothingly, “mama look!” She says, and then quickly flinches once more when it makes a loud noise. 

“I know, it’s beautiful, eh?” You reply to her, puckering your lips she presses a kiss to them and giggles, a lot less anxious than she was before. 

“Yeah, they’re pretty, they’re not going to hurt you, you don’t have to be scared.” Nate strokes her hair, smiling at his little girl with admiration. Nate took a few months to get used to the fact that he would be a father, but once he did it came natural. He was a focused father, and they had a relationship that other people would dream of. He set her down and she ran to Gilinsky, now suddenly excited about the sparklers he was playing with. 

“Don’t let her hold one, she’ll burn her fingertips.” You warn quickly at Jack who nods a few times and waves you off. 

Nate drapes an arm around your shoulders and presses a kiss to your temple, “she’s fine.” You sigh looking up at him and nod in agreement, “do you remember our first fourth of July?” He questions with a smirk.

“Yeah,” you scoff, “I lost my virginity to you in an extremely hot hotel room and loved every moment of it.” You reply playfully and he leans in to kiss you. 

“I’d do it all over again.” Sometimes you missed the days when you and Nate were just starting to date, things were spontaneous and fun but now you had stability, every night you knew you would come home to him and your daughter, and he’d hold you until you fell asleep. It was much better than spontaneous. 

“Who says we can’t?” You whisper in his ear, pecking his cheek upon breaking away to walk away, sauntering towards the group of friends now playing with sparklers and your daughter–they didn’t listen to you, and she was now running around with a sparkler, her face in complete awe. 

I hope this was alright and cute enough! Let me know if you want more ‘grown up’ imagines for any of the boys! I’m sorry if this is short! - Bri x