what. look at that thing

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You just know when the relationships going to be good when Katie gives her co-star that sad love-sick puppy look.

Ahhh yes! The beautiful and famous Katie McGrath Puppy Heart-Eyes. Let’s take a look at a single example, shall we?


Yes, I would say you are correct. Uh-oh anon… Did you just inspire my next Katie gif set?? I think you might have!! Let the heart melting begin!

-YJH and DK are roommates

-They wore couple sweater to airport today 

-YJH has stickers of dk on his phone

-Dk has selfie of him and YJH as a wallpaper on his phone

-DK said that “they are dating” on caratland concert…………..

i bet they are dating.

Onew’s smile is literally the most BEAUTIFUL thing in this entire world and all of shinee were serving LOOKS making sure we hella ate good tonight


i think this is the first time i didn’t look incredibly awkward while smiling!

Aaand cut to the Xerxes group. They’re analyzing all the information they know…

Oh, jeeze. I just realized none of them know what happened to Greed. I mean, it’s not going to affect them too much when they learn, but it’s still pretty messed up.

Speaking of not knowing, one day Edward will learn Hohenheim is behind all this… It’s going to be an incredible moment, I’m sure.

Wait. What the heck is that transmutation circle looking thing in the top left?

Uhhhhhhh I am… drawing a blank here… What is that?


I’m ready for the heat of the sun.

Weekends go by way to fast.

I’m excited to whats to come. Whatever it is.

My son starts his first job today. It’s amazing how things can look so different than what they did a year ago. So different.

I was so ready for change.


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Hopeless wrote problematic things, and may have done and said problematic things himself. BKV wrote a problematic thing. BKV has not addressed said problematic thing, Hopeless... doesn't care?I'll be honest, I read Avengers Arena for Darkhawk, and tuned the rest of it out, I'd have to revisit to reflect on all of this.

Not only Hopeless doesn’t care but I’ve once meet someone claiming early when the book was out he was outright bullying critic but has deleted those posts ever since. He actively tried to troll and mock fans of characters he was killing and cultivated an obsessive fanbase that was and still is bullying anyone criticising the book, harassing critics out of CBR forums and getting people permabanned for writing negatively on Arena’s tvtropes page. Then there is the fact how many times he lied about the book’s origins, depending on who was listening.

And if we want to compare those writers, I’ll only say one thing. Look at what they did ever since. BKV started and is still running Saga, a series with two POC leads. Dennis Hopeless become famous by writing books about a white woman, Spider-Woman; a mostly-white team with two minorities that had a ton of issues on its own, All-New X-Men; and now will be writing two more books about white people, Jean Grey and Doctor Strange. 

“why did you put a peacock in a fish tank?”

listen buddy. listen. first of all she’s a peahen and second of all, I didn’t put anyone anywhere. that asshole jumped in there of her own accord while I was puzzling out an oddly complex filter with no directions (??? where did they go?? were they ever there? why are there so many pieces??? ? ? two lids? what the fuck is this blue thing that looks like a torture device? ? ?? i just want to filter some water for these piranha why is this so hard). I earned  6 new scratches hauling her ass out of that fish tank. she created a whole new definition of the term Idiot Box tonight. put a peacock in a fish tank indeed.

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Well I'm still anxious (doing research interviews today for a grad paper). So, what do you do to calm down? Not that you strike me as an anxious guy. I'm trying to distract myself, I guess.

If I ever get nervous about anything, I try to look at the grand scheme of things. I mean what we worry about today may look quite ridiculous tomorrow, let alone next month or next year.
Try to put things into​ perspective, do only your best, regret nothing (regret is only a waste of time, the way I see it), learn from your mistakes, keep going no matter what and only ever look back to be able to see forward more clearly!
That makes any sense?

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When I said your blog makes asexuals look bad, I meant to non-asexuals. Cool the autism, buddy. I'm not "insecure" just because you misinterpret things.

1. Ain’t autistic, my friend. Cool the ableism.

2. You are insecure. You felt so worked up about this that you had to send us anon hate, of all things. That’s what insecurity looks like. If you’re really that worried about what non-aspecs think of aces as a whole because of one little blog, you’re insecure. And now you’re trying to backpedal and throw more baseless insults at us because now you’re just more insecure. Just give it a rest.

3. Has it ever occurred to you that I really don’t care what they think of us? That’s their problem. I’m just taking submissions.

–Mod Mercy

Just to add to that, I’m not asking for you to ‘believe in anything i say’. That’s good that you are sceptical -  I am not a ‘source’ - I am one blogger who uses sources (mostly by just googling things lol) to try and work something out. What I want you to do is use what I say as a springboard - go and look things up yourself and cross check or go deeper. Then we can start a dialogue. I think the way this fandom is means that anyone who has read like 2 articles on the industry and has gone to the small effort of typing ‘trademark’, ‘record deal’ or ‘album options’ into google, is suddenly treated like they are a ‘source’ or an insider. It’s not helped by the fact that people in this fandom love to set up accounts claiming to have ‘inside knowledge’ when they obviously don’t. What I’m saying is - great attitude - be sceptical - don’t believe what I say - go do your own research and get back to me so that we can work together.

p.s. i tend to shut down people who use this space to criticise the girls or say really ignorant shit like “NDAs don’t exist”… but i definitely won’t shut down people who come at me saying ‘hey i read your post on this and having done my own research using these sources, I think this this and this”. That’s really what I want with this blog.

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Ok, so, random question bc I've noticed a lot of the stuff you post about is stuff that I relate to & kind of just assumed were personal quirks. Do you ever have issues processing visual data? Not in a sensory overload way, but like, if my friend says, "Look at [thing]!" it takes me 30 seconds to sort through all the details of what I'm currently looking at to specifically focus on The Thing in question. 24/7; my brain always sees things as one big picture.

yes!! i do this too omg
i go through a process of like “Hm phone in face -> look at phone -> focus on phone -> identify main object on screen -> read/process object -> comment back to friend” everytime i get shown smth on someones phone
i think i read that its an autism thing? apparently like allistics build up a picture around the main thing whereas we build up a picture from the details and then can identify the main thing from that. that also probably goes for anyone w visual processing problems, not just autistics tho