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honestly i grew up never seeing lesbians and never knowing what that looked like and im just realizing how much control you have over changing your ~world to accommodate what you need to see… like i only realized i was attracted to women in the last year and- i just follow so many sapphic blogs and wlw blogs and surrounding myself with my gay friends and watching gay shows and talking about gay things and just. making my world gayer has changed so me much, like in the past an image of two women kissing looked so… odd to me and i would flinch and i didnt know why, and now i have made it the default?? like the other day i saw like a picture of a cake topper of a man and a woman and thought “oh, men and women get married to each other too, thats nice” like. going from 18 years of life of never seeing any type of lesbianism to making it the default image of what i see love as….. its so good i have so much control

Not that kind of wolf (Solas)

Teal worked best as color overlay :) @delazeur Thank you to everyone who gave me a random color suggestion!

I always believed that Solas’ in-game face looked that way because the artists based his facial features on a wolf skull. So I tested that theory :D

Reference pics and sandstorm effect link under the cut.

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I am going to talk about some of my stories below, if you would like to talk about them with me I would be very very happy and appreciate it very much, but its ok if not, i just wanted to talk about them anyway

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#BUT LIKE #DOESNT THIS LOOK LIKE ONE OF THOSE AWKWARD MOMENTS WHEN YOU BRING YOUR GIRLFRIEND HOM E FOR THE FIRS T TIME #like Abby had been telling Clarke that she wants to meet this #Lexa #because she thinks shes a bad influence on her daughter #Clarke then brings home this #indie #grunge #hippie with eyeliner all over her face because its #fucking coo l#and this is the moment where you have to explain to your mother that its #NO T JUSTA PHASE!

“Dont headcanon this character as X-sexual just because of Y”

how about yall chill and let ppl headcanon what they want like why do ppl have to write a thesis and support with evidence from the text in order to validate their personal inconsequential opinions like please

Kanato x Crystal

“Fufufu. You look cute like this. Ne, Crystal-san?” Kanato giggled quietly as he stood in front of the girl, admiring her in the dollish dress that he had chosen for her, along with her hair tied up in a bun. Crystal blushed and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Y-you really think so?” She said softly, glancing at him. “Of course. After all, you are my doll and only belong to me.” Kanato replied, taking her hand in his. “Now, shall we get going? Our friends are getting impatient.” He then led her to the mini tea party that he had set up for them and their stuffed animal friends on the floor.

The table had all kinds of sweets, ranging from macaroons to cake. Kanato let go of Crystal’s hand and seated himself in a chair, looking around at his friends and the sweets with a bright smile. Crystal seated herself as well, smiling too. “Shall we begin?” Kanato asked, turning his head slightly to look at her. Crystal nodded and the tea party began.

After they had both eaten their full, the two were now in the lilac-haired vampire’s bed. Their legs were tangled together and their bodies pressed very closely. Kanato chuckled softly, a faint blush on his face. “You look happy. Did you enjoy it?” He asked. “Mm. I did. Thank you, Kanato.” Crystal replied, blushing because their faces were so close. Kanato gently took a hold of one of Crystal’s hands with his cold one, intertwining their fingers together. “I’ll always love you. For eternity.” He told her, kissing her nose. Crystal giggled softly at his action. “I’ll always love you too, Kanato. Forever and ever.”

(Here you go, @crystal-the-anime-wolf-x. Hope you like it. ^^)

Hi everyone!!

Ellie here, I just wanted to make this post to say that I’m opening up writing commissions!! This is my first time doing so, and I don’t have many pieces of writing up on the internet, so I’m going to say that if you want to see some of my writing, you can ask for a sample of anything and I’ll be happy to provide!

What I Will Write For:

Primary Fandoms: OFF (game), Undertale, Star Wars, Steven Universe, Attack on Titan, and lots more anime!!
Fandoms I’m Not Into But Will Write For Anyway: Homestuck, Hetalia, Free!, and more, but just ask!! I will look at what you like and see if I have anything I can write for!!
OCs: Just give me LOTS of information about your OCs. Like, tons. Anything you got will be super useful, and I would be happy to write whatever you want about your cool characters!!

What I Will Write About:

  • Ships*
  • Gore*
  • Suggestive Themes*
  • Fluff
  • Angst
  • Hurt and Comfort
  • AUs
  • Crossovers
  • If you can name it, I can probably write it, just ask me!!

What I WON’T Write About:

(I put little asterisks on some of the things I will write about. This will be elaborated on here!)

  • No pedophilic ships
  • No incestual ships
  • Non-con or dub-con ships/situations
  • Extreme gore or sickness
  • No straight up sex, because I’m 17, but I’ll be happy to write kissing/cuddling/mildly suggestive scenes
  • I might also just say no, since I have some things I might be uncomfortable writing!


  • 500 Words - $2
  • 1000 Words - $5
  • 2000 Words -  $10
  • 5000 Words - $25
  • 10,000 Words - $50

If you want anything past 10,000 words, we can work something out together!!

Thank you for reading!! If you’re interested or have any questions, stop by my inbox, IM me, or even email me at eglott@gmail.com!! 

Cross My Heart Chapter 6 Sneak Peek...

A/N: I stress myself out by giving myself deadlines so instead of a specific day/time - this will be up soon! Previous chapters

“What do you think you’re doing here, Owen?” she said. 

“What does it look like I’m doing?” he retorted, pulling his chair closer to Amelia’s bed, their hands still intertwined.

“It looks like you’re doing exactly what I banned you from doing.”

“I forgot you owned me and decided what I can and can’t do.”

“I’m her family!”

“And I’m her… I’m her…”


“I’m hers.”

anonymous asked:

How would the Allies, Axis, Romano, Spain and Prussia react if they had a chubbier s/o who was self conscious and one day it all came out and they were crying and such..? Sorry, I'm not good at wording these asks too well ^7^;

You did just fine~ I have a similar request I answered for Axis and Allies here! I will answer for the other three, though.

Romano: “What? Why the hell would I worry about something like that? I already like you, isn’t that enough?”

Spain: “I can see why you wouldn’t like it, but what if I told you that I like you the way yo look? Would that make you feel any better?”

Prussia: “If you are really that upset by how you look then maybe you should be working out more often with me. We can take a shower together afterwards, too!”

This is what Christmas looks like when your family and friends know you’re a writer 😂 if you have anything saved up in a journal send it to us through the link in the bio. We’d love to read it!