a fuckin watch_dogs 2 is in the works and first off, why? secondly, what the fuck are you even gonna do in a watch_dogs 2? which family or romantic interest of aiden’s can get killed off to spark aiden’s revenge quest which for some reason involves massive privacy violations of everyone he so much looks at sideways and also killing hundreds of strangers by causing traffic accidents

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in what episode d you think Clarke and lexa are gonna do it??

I hope 3x11 because Kim wrote it which means the scene would be perfect.

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Based on watching clips and stuff it seems that the sky people are rarely prepared to actually fight and win against grounders. Also, if they sent 300 people and you kill them, how many hundreds of people will they send to avenge them? One of their mottos is literally "blood must have blood" and like what do you think it gonna happen when you kill 300 people (who by the way are there to protect you)?

Yeah they fucked up big time. Lexa has to do something because this is treason, and act of war and as Heda she has to retaliate. So the Arkers even with their guns they can’t manpower thousands of Grounders. 

The question is what will Clarke do??? Cos her people murdered an army that was on standby to keep them safe. Srsly Skaikru how dumb you have to be to elect Pike as Chancellor, like I am smh man.

RIP Skaikru


Well I just slept for 12 hours.
(and I would’ve had more too, if it weren’t for my neighbors’ obnoxIOUSLY LOUD DRILLING FROM 8AM - 5PM EVERY DAY SERIOUSLY ITS BEEN MONTHS WHAT ARE THEY EVEN BUILDING OVER THERE)

why do y’all follow me ?

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i honestly am a die hard rilaya fan and i dont think that'll change but im willing to let lucaya happen so they can get it out of their system and then rilaya can finally happen and be endgame. if Emison is gonna end up being endgame for PLL then I believe in today's society with how much we have grown that now we have a possibility of rilaya being endgame. im ready for rilaya to be endgame.


Average Life Expectancy of Marvel Heroes

Tony Stark: 53. Cause of death is fast food, donuts and cocktails. The doctors had never heard of a “Quintuple vodkabomb” beforehand.
Steve Rogers: 152. Eats healthy and his body filters out toxins. Got hit by a bus when he saw a dog on the other side of the street he wanted to pet.
Natasha Romanoff: 26. Death is too afraid to approach her.
Clint Barton: 26. Ate 7 pizzas in one night but Natasha scared Death away.
Bruce Banner: 56. High blood pressure. Like, insanely high. Burnt his tongue on hot lasagne and called it a day.
Thor: 9004. Immortal being with no way to naturally die, but got stepped on by a giant when he said, “What are you gonna do? Step on me?”
Wanda Maximoff: 82. Should’ve died centuries ago but she keeps reversing timelines and no one knows what year it is.
Pietro Maximoff: 84. Drastically lowered in the presence of Hawkeye.
Peter Parker: 78, but has been known to die around Doctor Octopus.
Rhodey: 22. High blood pressure and stress levels. Is well aware he could collapse at any minute when Tony is nearby.
Bucky Barnes: 120. Gets shot in the chest during a fight at the age of 33 but tells his heart to “Get over it and grow up.”
Wade Wilson: 28. Autoerotic asphyxiation. Then again at 29. Then twice at 30.
Scott Lang: 88. Lives a fairly decent life, tragically cut short when Hope decides to do a bit of vacuum cleaning.
Hope Pym: 50. Scott makes her blood boil.
Sam Wilson: 45. Used to be 90 but he met Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff and his life expectancy got cut in half.
The Vision: Could live forever, but while Googling pictures of cute cats, comes across a banner congratulating him for being the millionth visitor. Death by computer virus.
T'challa: 101. Lives to be 102, just to spite death.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Could’ve lived long, healthy lives before they met Peter Quill.

Ayyy lmao

Problems with dA again. Despite talking to the staff long ago and explaining what happened, they blocked my new account xD But don’t worry, my friend is working on getting it back.
In case I won’t come back, you still can meet me here or on other websites, damn you have all links here if you want xD

And actually if I won’t come back…it gives me a big opportunity to finally do something. Not gonna say what, you’ll see~

Tbh, I wrote in one of my ooold journals, that I kinda want to leave dA, because of many things. Yuup, and I still feel like that.

Like, dA is such an awesome place to post art, I agree. But it’s also a place, where:
- You can have drama over stupid things
- You can’t have any opinion on anything at all or SJWs will slay you
- People copy each other and think that they’re so cool
- Something like copyright is literally fucked in the ass
- 80% of people are fucking insane LGBT supporters
- Art theft is a common issue and nobody does anything about it
- Porn and Artistic Nudity is apparently the same thing

Should I talk more about it? I think you got a message.

Just..being here is fun. But sometimes I wish I’d never found DeviantART at all. I’ve met so many amazing people here tho, including my boyfriend. But I also made lots of enemies, haahaha xD I don’t care about my enemies tho.

So yup! If my friend will manage to bring my account back - nice, I’ll continue posting here my art, since you seem to enjoy it a lot. But if he won’t - not a big deal too, I have accounts on tons of other websites! :D

Oh, and don’t worry about my MMDxPS group - if I’ll manage to get into the Admin Area, I’ll give it to someone or delete it. You know, so there won’t be an inactive group. Not sure about Art Battles, but I think I’ll be hosting them on Tumblr (Yes, maybe I’ll make a Tumblr for MMDxPS so I’ll be able to actually host stuff). But that’s only if I’ll get into Admin Area. If not - sorry but I can’t access it.

My plans so far are making a page on VK (I don’t really wanna post everything on my private), doing something with my Youtube finally, and of course making art! I’m going to release some downloads too. Alice-Hato will post a download for our Starseed Miku too, when she’ll have time.

That’s all for now! Don’t worry about anything. If my friend would succeed, I’ll let you know. If not - you can still look on my art here on Tumblr or on other websites!

Love u bbys~

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you as an FE unit all I can imagine is you running onto the map shouting "WHO WANTS TO GET STABBED?!" and then immediately stabbing the first unit you see without waiting for a response

“What are you gonna do, stab me?” -quote from mage stabbed

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what do you expect? do you honestly think nice guys are gonna be on dating sites? its kind of stupid to expect to find the one on a dating site instead of just creeps, I'd suggest you just try real life

I really hope this is the only time I ever have to say this, but not all men on dating sites are douchebags and creeps. A huge portion, yes. But not all of them by any means. I also do not believe in ‘the one’. I’m polyamorous, there are many for me. So that point isn’t really relevant to me. And I do date in real life. All of my current partners I met in the real world and not on online dating. Since I started using online dating I’ve only gone out with three guys.

So in conclusion -

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I have no idea how to say this but I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone following you when I say that we're very proud of you and you can do it! No matter what's going on right now, you're gonna do great!

guuhh thank yooouuu! <3
All of you are seriously the best!!