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“Sir, you can’t send her home!” Alexander pleaded. Washington looked mildly distraught. A woman; they had been allowing a woman to fight for the last year. What if you had gotten hurt? What would they tell your family?

“I have to do the right thing, Hamilton,” Washington stated. “She needs to go back to her family.”

“Sir, you can’t just send her away,” Lafayette said, wanting to defend your reasoning for lying.

“Have you seen her with a gun? She could hit a bull’s eye from over fifty feet away!” Laurens pointed out. “If you send her home you leave us without one of the best marksmen we’ve ever had.”

“The decision isn’t up to me-”

“No, it should be up to her,” Mulligan said. He opened the flap to the tent, where you had been standing and listening the entire time.

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I wonder if this problem would not exist if Mikleo were a woman?I love Sormik and is sad that they do not want to accept their relationship.

This problem definitely wouldn’t exist if Sorey or Mikleo was a woman. @soymilkheaven just posted a really good meta about how Sormik is basically a combination of every Tales of couple trope. People have no problem accepting those without “explicit” confirmation, so it’s not hard to guess what makes those same people deny Sormik.

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Murtagh said that Jamie needed a woman, not a lass. What do you think it would have happen if Jamie actually did marry someone like Laoghaire? Do you think he would have become who he is now without a strong mature woman like Claire by his side? Would his life been different?

Hi Anon. 

There is so much about that line from both the book and the show that I absolutely love (as well as the accompanying, “Laoghaire will be a lassie till she’s fifty” because that’s pretty much how it plays out as the book series progresses; I like to think those scenes in Echo show that she has finally grown up and become the kind of woman Murtagh/Alec is referring to here). 

So maybe it would help to explore––or theorize, really––what the distinction being made is between a woman and a lass. Personally, I think that it comes down to self-awareness and putting one’s foot down. Claire knows who she is and she doesn’t shy away from it. She doesn’t pretend to be something she isn’t, especially in her marriage to Jamie. She isn’t going to do the socially acceptable thing because its just what you do. She can really see Jamie and understand him and can provide what he needs because of that deeper understanding. A “lass” like Laoghaire gets too caught up in how things are “supposed to be”––whether that’s what’s socially acceptable or the way she thinks things are supposed to go based on a fantasy she’s constructed of the man or the relationship or both. 

So for Jamie, I don’t think he’d have been happy with a relationship like that even if he had fallen into it before meeting or marrying Claire. He grew up watching his parents so I think he would recognize how hollow that kind of marriage felt––maybe not at first but eventually. He would be honorable to stick with it and without someone like Claire where he would have that connection and depth, I think that honoring his commitment would be a comfort in and of itself. But he wouldn’t have the same motivation and support to become what he can be with Claire at his side, to push himself to the lengths he does when she enters the equation. 

His life would certainly be different. Without Claire around I don’t think there would be as much of the trouble that manages to find them in the mix. Nothing like Cranesmuir or Wentworth; he probably would have kept out of the Rising but probably wouldn’t have ended up going to France or getting his name cleared so I don’t know that he would have returned to Lallybroch to make amends with Jenny and take his rightful place as Laird Broch Tuarach. I think he would have spent a number of years at Leoch working with the horses and keeping an eye out for Colum and Dougal, making sure he kept out of clan politics. He probably would have had a family and been able to raise his children himself and there’s no denying he would have loved them with everything that he had cause that’s just who he is but I don’t know what to think of the environment they would have been raised in with whatever marriage he managed to have with someone other than Claire. 

Spoilers for Voyager below

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Hi Laura, I want to get into comics. Preferably female led comics. What would you recommend reading?

Hi, anon. I’m a fan of DC ladies but they have big back stories, unfinished runs, different canons…, it can be confusing and not something I’d recommend for someone to start with. But if you want to read some DC I do recommend Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman and Batwoman runs, and DC Bombshells, which is an AU of DC’s best leading ladies, and it’s pretty gay. As for Marvel, @teadalek suggested the latest Ms Marvel (2014-2016), Hellcat and Squirrel Girl. Outside of those big houses, as far as comics without a long back story go, I would say Princeless- Raven: The Pirate Princess, and Greg Rucka’s Lazarus.

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Taylor isn’t innocent in the whole Kimye thing and I wish our fandom would stop pretending that she is. She’s 26. She’s a grown woman who knew what she was doing when she acted as if she hadn’t approved the lyrics, “I think me and Taylor still might have sex.” The phone call proved she did and the Grammys speech proved she was willing to walk over Kanye in order to come off as completely innocent.

However, Kanye should have told her exactly what he was going to say about her. And Kim should have been way more mature about this.

Nobody in this situation is without some blame. Every single person acted vindictively and immaturely coming from three grown adults.

This brat of Mine

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black shorts. a plain flannel. grey tank top. trendy hat. worn in sneakers. everything about this girl should scream plain but somehow, Sehun could only see her; despite being in a room full of other people that is. she was nervously fidgeting and playing with the hem of the flannel and she was shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

sehun felt conflicted. on one hand, he knew how uncomfortable she would be watching Conjuring 2 considering that she doesn’t do well with horror movies. but on the other hand…he’d be able to finally  initiate skinship without it looking too…well obvious. right? “y/n” he called out and lightly jogged over to where she was standing. “do we have to watch a horror movie?? the last time I watched one I couldn’t sleep for days and I’m literally a grown woman but I still use a nightlight-” she whined. “woah woah woah calm down. what horror movie did u possibly see to get u in this state?” he pondered out loud. “I forgot the title but there was this woman..and she like, kidnapped these kids. and made them her dolls and she had buttons for eyes and oh my gosh it was terrifying I don’t want to think about It” she said tugging her cap to cover her face. “…you mean Coraline?” sehun asked slowly. y/n’s head whipped up quickly. “YES. have u seen it too??”

sehun could slowly feel his head cock to the side. he questioned if this was a good idea anymore. if she couldn’t see an animated KIDS movie then what’s to say- “if we’re going to watch this I’m going to be by your side like glue” y/n whispered as she latched onto Sehun’s arm. “to the theater we go”.

maybe this wasn’t the good idea..sehun thinks as he glanced over at Y/n to see her hunched in her chair, knees up to her chest and her fingers covering her eyes. sehun ruffles his hair in a way that can’t be described as other than ‘boyish’ and groans internally. the minute the movie had started she’d curled up into a little ball and stayed in that position. she looked like a turtle, shell and all. But just as he turned back to movie, he felt a small hand link his arm over her shoulder. she cuddled real close and buried her face in his chest and it was like he could physically feel his brain short circuiting. he turned back to the movie with a cheeky smile and concluded that no, this wasn’t a good idea but the best.

the door hinge opened letting out a squeak. the audience was still and everyone was holding their breath as the protagonist shakily walked over to the closet with a trembling hand and lightly pushed the door open. nothing was inside. she let out a relieved breath but another creaking was heard as the door behind her started to shut close. she whipped her head around and stumbled towards the door when she felt herself trip over her own ankles and slammed down to the floor. the audience was gripping their seats, unsure of the future for the girl but regardless knowing subconsciously knowing her inevitable doom. they saw a whither led hand grip the girls

shoulder and just as the jump scare was about to

occur, Sehun suddenly jolted y/n’s shoulder in order to scare her. unfortunately for him, she screamed bloody murder but luckily for

him, everyone thought that that was a part of the movie considering that the protagonist had screamed as well.

“HOLY FUCKING HELL SEHUN-MMMF” sehun smothered her mouth with his hand as he hushed her quickly. “we’re at the theaters oh my God!” he hissed but not meanly. he wanted to laugh at how genuinely scared she looked for the moment. he smiled and whispered “I’m sorry” countlessly as he pulled her in closer. she clasped her clammy hands in his and whispered “never. EVER. do that again.” she tucked the top of her head under his chin. sehun could smell…was it cherry blossoms? off the top of her head when all of a sudden WHACK. sehun nearly bit his fucking tongue and barely caught himself in time from cussing the fuck at her. “I’m sosorry” she said with a mortified expression. “what was that for?” he asked running his chin in an aggravated manner; she’d literally jerked her head up. “I mean..I thought there was going to be another jump scare-” “their not even in the dark. the characters are literally in broad daylight now-” “but she was

opening the door” “THERE ISNT A JUMP SCARE EVERYTIME SOMEONE OPENS A DOOR-”  “shhh” the people next to them whispered angrily. the two shut up in quick unison. Well that completely backfired he mulled. But not completely he smiles as y/n settles down and goes back into cuddling position.


im sorry this is kinda short c:


“Darling, my new lover is coming over tonight and it’s your responsibility to help me make him feel completely at ease. We must establish firmly in his mind the fact that you are a weak, harmless, helpless, cowardly sissy who would never dare to fight back while he takes your wife, or do anything else to challenge his dominance. So don’t speak, don’t raise your eyes to him and do exactly what I tell you without hesitation, no matter how humiliating. Remember that your role is not only to obey, but to do your best to please him. Forget that you are not my husband, and don’t pretend to be a man. Remember that for all practical purposes you are a woman, a slave, and a whore.”

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Hi! I was hoping you guys could give me some advice. I've struggled with a number of small issues for years that have just continued to escalate. I didn't think much of it until I became friends with a woman with RA and she advised me to look into chronic illnesses. I have become increasingly more convinced that I have a problem but I am hesitant to approach it with my parents because they consistently blow me off and accuse me of being dramatic and lazy. What should I do?

It depends how old you are love. If you are over sixteen (well this is true for the UK) then get a friend to take you to the GP, you can go without a parent. If not, I would appeal to a grandparent or other relative. If it’s still no use I would sit down and talk to your parents about all your symptoms and don’t accept no for an answer. I know it’s easier said than done but I mean it: don’t take no for an answer. You deserve help just as much as the rest of us.

Bella x

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When I was thirteen, I had a feminist awakening and realized that feminism was synonymous with equality. Then I grew up realized that you can be for gender equality without being a feminist, you don't have to identify with an ideology in order to be a strong, empowered woman who supports other strong, empowered women as well as marginalized groups. So I had a feminist awakening but then I kind of went astray.

There are several valid reasons why someone would be passionate about gender equality, but chooses not to identify as a feminist. All we can do is share information about what feminism is, what feminists believe, and being good representatives of the movement; it’s not our place to argue about labels or foist them on others. I believe that standing up against gender inequality is more important than worrying about whether people identify as feminists or not.

What sparked your feminist awakening? Send me an ask or submit your story!

I think Finnrey is kind of what Lukeleia would have been if it weren’t for the whole sibling thing. You’ve got a headstrong, capable woman who isn’t waiting around for anybody and a sensitive, caring man who will do what it takes to protect her. As a hardcore Hanleia shipper, it is nice to see what could have been without taking away from my OTP.


One more day until therapy finally! Why does it take forever for therapy to come and then once you get there it seems it is over in a second? Then the waiting begins again! I really don’t know what I would do without my therapist! I absolutely love her! I can
tell her anything where I feel safe! I think she is on vacation next week so I am already worrying about how I will survive without her for a week! Any tips of how to get through these therapy breaks when your therapist decides to go a vacation? Bu I am grateful I see her on Friday for my session then Saturday for my woman’s group… Then a week possibly week and a half without her! Watch everything will happen next week and won’t be able to talk to her about it! Uggh! Just venting.




Today was the day. Harry and I had not spoken since the night of the wedding and I was gradually getting better at pushing him and any thoughts about him to the back of my mind. It was for the best.

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Not for all

I have a dirty fantasy… It varies but has a similar outcome though it can begin with a different woman…
Sometimes the woman is home watching TV in her comfies, drinking a glass of wine or eating a snack… In that instance I would come in fast and hard, as she needs to be surprised… I would rip her top off exposing her breasts and making her feel vulnerable and unsure of what I am going to do to/ with her… I want her scared enough to have dry mouth and shake a little… I would tie her wrists together and blindfold her so I could move about without being watched… I would go to her bedroom and look through all her unmentionables and search drawers for naughty intimate toys to try and figure out her style and maybe a freaky side if I was lucky…I would find a pair of worn panties and smell them to get her scent, it would make me wonder what she looked like naked, if she had something different and unique… I want to get in her head, want her to wonder how she may have met me somewhere and not remember when or where… I would watch her so she couldn’t see me, I want to know how she may react if I touch her body…
After a while and she has calmed down I speak my first words to her, saying “I don’t want to hurt you or damage your beautiful body, don’t scream or try to run, I have taken the time to block all the exit points of your home and am prepared for the unexpected” she begins to cry again, I assure her all I want is to touch her and feel her tremble and have a sweet release of the stress build up inside me… I ask her if I can kiss her wet lips… She hesitated and then agreed to allow me permission… I softly gently licked her lips in an upward motion with my softly pointed tongue… I could feel her breath change to a deeper more rapid rhythm, she licked her lips and gulped as I pulled away… I then move my mouth down to breath my hot breath on her neck and upper chest area… She expresses a sigh and muted word I couldn’t understand but I felt as if she enjoyed my tactics… I slightly circled her left nipple with a dry pointed tongue, I felt her breath on my head as I wetted my tongue and licked her nipple ever so slowly and gently… I reached up to grab a handful of her soft flowing red hair and tugged her head back to expose her neck so I could then run my tongue up to her lips…

Then to now, ten months

Technically my first photo with @liv-to-dye: September 3, 2015 (dumbass me on the left doesn’t realize she’s taking a photo)

First official photo together: September 11, 2015. Our first date consists of a sriracha mac n’ cheese hot dog and a walk around downtown Orlando.

Our most recent photo: June 25, 2016.

As of today, I’ve dated this beautiful, intelligent, loving, caring woman for ten months. On one hand, I realize how short a time frame this is. On the other, it feels like we’ve known each other for years. When I met you, you were a cute girl making jokes about pot brownies. Now you’re the love of my life, and I don’t know what I would do without you. We’ve come a long way, as a couple and individually, and there’s no one else I’d rather be with. I love you, Olivia.