Tomorrow is Father’s Day, but I will be really celebrating Mother’s Day twice this year. Happy Father’s Day, mom. Any woman can be a mother, but it takes a bad ass mom to be a dad too. My mom has a heart of gold and a strong will to be the best mom in the world. I don’t know what I would do without her beautiful smile, warm touch, and endless amount of love.

Ok, holy shit! Help! Please!

So, I am bisexual, but I have never said anything to my mom before because she has always appeared to be quite homophobic, and since I have never actually dated a girl I decided to keep it in the dark for now.

BUT, like five minutes ago, I came home and opened the door leaving it open for my dogs to go outside for a while. I walked further in the house and eyed the living room and guess what I saw…


I quickly backed out without them seeing me and opened the door all the way so it would hit the wall and sound louder and said “I’m home”, so my mom basically just came out and greet me as if nothing happened.

I don’t know what to do!

Is my mom gay or bi like me? I’m I imagining things? I want to tell my brother, should I? Should I tell her I saw her? Are they dating? Should I feel comfortable now and tell her I’m bi?



“No, no you listen to me Alan.” She snaps back at him, “Screw the world! I don’t want it! Do you know what the world has given me? Nothing but heartache. That’s it. I would rather have you. I don’t care if you can’t even give me a portion of the world because none of it is worth anything without you. Okay?”

The young woman is breathing heavily, tears in her eyes as she clenches her jaw. “Alan you gave me back what the world took away. You saved me. You put me back together. The world wouldn’t do that. Only you would. So just-just shut up about what’s best for me, alright! I don’t care.”

Shit. He honestly hadn’t been expecting her to react like that, but he couldn’t stop the way her voice made his body stiffen and his eyes widen. He didn’t like to think that he’d angered her this much, and now he realized that he really didn’t like seeing her angry at all. 

“Leah please, I don’t even want this life for myself and I certainly don’t want it for you either. If you don’t want to find some else that’s your choice, but I do want you to have somethin’ better, have something like what you actually deserve.”


                “What your family thinks of you shouldn’t
                 matter so much that it keeps you from
                 being happy, signora…”

words he should take to his
heart and apply them. the
way his father viewed him
should not influence his
life so very greatly.

                                                       “As for the child… I know a woman.
                                                        She is kind, and wonderful. Has a                                                                          child of her own already and thus
                                                        would be able to care for yours.
                                                        Your hair matches, even. I think
                                                        you could be friends… If that is
                                                        what you would like….”

           he rather hoped he’d misunderstood
           what she had suggested. he could
           hardly take care of himself, let alone
           a child that was not his.

“It maybe should not matter so much, Leonardo. But it does, and I can’t find a way out of it without losing my son. So I  might think about your kind offer. I would like to meet this woman! 

But have you thought of the other things? Do you want to take the risk and hear the rest?”

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((Thranduil)) *Come one, come all, see the merfolk sing their song!* Flyers had been scattered everywhere about a new singer, but the actual performer had hoped no one believed it to be true. At least they used a silhouette on the paper, otherwise a cup of tea would have been out of the question without some people staring at the tan woman. And of course she'd dropped the cup thinking about what she was going to do. "I'm so sorry, I can clean that up."

Thranduil shook his head, offering her a sympathetic smile as he recognized the nervous look in her eyes. “There is no need,” he replied, twisting around and signalling his attendant, Feren, forward. “See to this, please. And fetch her a new cup.”

Feren glanced down at the mess, then back at his king. Thranduil raised his eyebrows expectantly at him, and he sighed, “Right away, Sire.” As he walked away he muttered under his breath, “…come visit Midgard with me. It’ll be like a holiday, he says…”

As he left, Thranduil shook his head. “Pay him no heed,” he replied, waving Feren off. “You seem nervous. Tell me, is there anything I can do to help set your mind at ease?”

jasminevillegas: Happy Father’s Day to my amazing father!!! To me a father will always be a daughters first love  I’m so thankful for my dad, he’s always been there for me and taught me how to be the young woman I am today  I don’t know what I would do without him and I wouldn’t ever want to imagine it @radicalrobv


Was tagged by thestickmarket to take a picture of me of my self for this “Beautiful Woman Challenge” but I’m going to say it is a “Beautiful People Challenge” The first one is a picture of me in my glasses and the second is one without them. It says to tag people but I don’t know who to tag…


                         ╳┈ Heeled feet stumbled back as yellow optics fell onto the 
                            multicolored woman. If her memory served correctly, she
                                  was the woman on the train that had fought Yang. Blake
                                  wasn’t sure what to do about this. In a time like this, they
                                  really couldn’t afford to be enemies. Blake was separated
                                  from her team, and the other seemed to be alone, as well.
                                  Blake just hoped she wasn’t infected… She sighed softly,
                                  gripping Gambol Shroud tightly before heading towards her.

¨ Uhm… Hello? ¨

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Firstly: You're my favourite tumblr blog. Thank you. Secondly: I've been observing the Dolezal affair from afar, as wells as the obvious parallels and comparisons made to Jenner. I was just pondering, what if it had been a white man who claimed to be black instead of a woman? Do you think that would have made a difference?

That hypothetical would never happen though, would it?  Because people would laugh.

Remember that with identity politics this extreme, things like this take place almost 100% in women’s worlds and women’s spaces.  Why?  Because females are bred to accede to everyone’s wishes but our own.  And women’s boundaries are the only ones that can be overrun without violence.

Plus, THANK YOU.  I am sincerely flattered.  

Happy birthday to one of the strongest woman I know. Thank you for always being by my side, don’t know what I would do without you, I appreciate you so much! I thank God every day for putting you in my life @slouisegarcia

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What do u think about Courtney?

I think she’s a strong woman. I mean, she went through a lot of shit and she’s still here… She helped Kurt a lot too, I think he would died too early than 1994, without her. She saved him from overdoses, she was with him all the time. And y’know, take care of her daughter without a father must have been really hard. And be blamed of your own husband’s suicide must haven’t been so easy too.


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Cant wait to hear all about the sean x michelle plots. Now go sleep! xo

Well… the first one is my [thai] fanfiction ‘thousand years love song’ where lady stoneheart is living alone for more than thousand years, being cursed by her sin of killing people, swallowing their souls.

I was listening to this song and then I was lost in a sea of thoughts, thinking about how sad and hurt she would be if she had to live all alone without her family, without nothing she could relate to. I was picturing what would she do if she had got so much time to live? If the next life is real, would Ned forget her and love someone else? That’s it. 

And then I pictured him… our modern Ned… with failed marriages because he could only love the mystery woman in his dream and he felt she was real. He had tried to fulfill the hole inside him but it wouldn’t work. This one is about two people who love each other dearly… finding one another in their dreams and reality. 

Edit: here is the lyric

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Today I went to hot topic to get the shit you need to stretch your ears, and when I went I asked this woman who worked there what size I need. After I asked the first thing I saw was her twenty one pilots tshirt so I was like “yas” *pointing at her shirt. After she told me what to do she basically told me to go up 2 sizes from where I am now and I have heard that isn’t safe but simply because this woman was wearing a twenty one pilots tshirt I was “"OKAY!” And when I was putting them in I was like “fuck I trusted so random woman because of a band, I kno I would trust her with my life, my kids life if I had kids and my family’s life.” The things a band can make you do without even trying. 

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This might be kind of a stupid question but I've always wondered it. If, because of some weird, freak happening, a woman is not able to get to a hospital and she is not around anyone who has the slightest idea what to do, does there come a time when a mother aboslutely knows that she has to push? I know you mentioned that women tend to want to push before they actually should but, without help, would a mother be able to say "Yup, this is the moment." and get on with that business?

Not a stupid question at all!

The answer is yes. The urge to push is strong and when the baby is coming, it’s almost involuntary. Legally, we can’t tell a woman to push without the doctor present unless the baby is in distress, but you don’t really tell them NOT to push either, because they are going to look at you like you’re insane or shout at you that they can’t help it. Breathing is the only way women can fight the urge to push, but even then it’s difficult. It’s like demanding someone to hold in a sneeze. Epidurals play a large part in this and the length of time a woman pushes. First time moms are going to push longer, but when a woman can actually feel everything, it goes much, much faster.

“Lok? Are you awake?”
“No.” Lok’s voice grumbled low.
“If you were asleep you would be snoring loud enough right now to wake the dead.” Funny, because Serana didn’t sleep, stacks of books on her side of the bed proved that.
Lok made a groan suspiciously similar to a growl. “Serana please. I’m trying to enjoy what rest I do get.” Especially with the full moon so close.
“Fine.” Serana huffed and rested her head on the pillow beside the orc but with her back to her. “Why would you want to listen to your wife anyway?”
Lok sighed noisily through her nose then rolled over, putting her arm out to tap Serana on the side and invite her to lay against the larger woman’s side.
“My wife who never sleeps. What is so important then?” Lok asked without opening her eyes but keeping awake.
“Maybe it has something to do with the ancient dragonborn that tried to kill you and enslave Solheim that we’re sharing board with?”
“Serana please.” Lok shushed. “I told you before we went to the tree temple, he was only a threat under Hermaeus Mora–”
“– But now that he’s free he’s a powerful ally.” Serana repeated Loks previous words. “I don’t need to be told again, I’m not a child. I’m older then you remember.”
Lok snorted from her nose. “And Miraak is older than you.”
“He’s dangerous!”
“Says the vampire.”
Serana took her chin off Loks chest and made a move to climb out the bed.
“I won’t be compared to that psychopath. I never wanted to wreak havoc on people.”
“No, I know…” Lok took Seran’s arm in a gentle grasp. She was always gentle with Serana, surprising when she seemed so careless with her strength any time she had a weapon in her hand. “You need to give him a chance. I gave you the benefit of the doubt once, when everyone told me the same thing. That you would be dangerous, unpredictable, that your nature would come through.”
Lok kissed her wife’s cold cheek with full, soft lips. Serana could feel the brush of her tusks on her skin. Then Lok kissed her neck, but hesitated when Serana slumped against her.
“Thanks for the reminder.”
“I just wanted to get the point across. This is a big land and there are still black books to find. Hermaeus Mora is a threat to us now, and we can’t hope to defend ourselves against a prince without more understanding. Miraak knows the books and Mira better then anyone.“
"You used to hate the idea of getting involved with these things, with anything of . You’d never even look at something deadra related let alone read it and teleport yourself to their realm.”
“That was before I had someone to protect.”
Lok said it so casually Serana turned around to make sure she had heard her right.
“Do you mean that?”
“Of course. Serana.” Lok held her cheek and kissed her. Kissing had been something new to learn before, getting used to the way lips felt again and even more so to navigated around Loks tusks. But now it was second nature, still it always felt nice.
“And I meant what I said at the temple. I am yours, and for as long as I am I will protect you till my last breath.”
“I’m still not used to that… To being more than just a pawn in someone’s agenda. Still, I worry. Don’t become like Miraak did.”
Lok eased Serana back down, putting an arm around her shoulders to cradle her close. In Loks embrace Serana felt like she could sleep and dream, if it was still capable for her.
“The sun will be down soon. Just rest for now.”
Serana pressed her face in Loks neck and did not disturb her again.