Is anyone else not able to reblog shit directly from the post’s url right now? There used to be a bunch of buttons in the upper right corner where you could reblog, follow, like, etc, but now all I see is this shit:

The follow button presumably follows the blog, but when I click on the “tumblr” button it just jumps me back to my dashboard and jack all happens like????? What even would the point of this be, why would they make it so you can’t reblog/like from a post’s url like???? Am I missing shit here?

What is the fucking point of tumblr taking away the ability to sort and filter simultaneously on mobile search.

I can now choose between seeing all the newest text post by people with character urls, or seeing the same thirty “most popular” photos.

Newest photos???? New art?

Why would anyone want that

Okay so like, if you’ve been keeping up with the different analysis of the series then at some point many of you came across this: (http://littlechubbyyuuri.tumblr.com/post/153126070121/stay-close-to-me-and-victuuri-relationship) analysis of Stammi Vicino/Stay Close to Me. Earlier I was rewatching Episode 1 and noticed something: the World Championship takes place after the Grand Prix, which given what we all discovered in Episode 10, Viktor’s routine would technically have more meaning given the fact that Stammi Vicino is about a man and his (male) lover. The analysis on Stay Close to Me goes into detail of how the main character is avoiding love because he’s afraid of losing it. Given Episode 10 and how Viktor states that he had neglected life and love, and how we all can infer how much was missing from his life prior to Yuuri, this adds ALL THE MORE to the meaning of song and his performance. If we take it up a notch and tack on Eros’ story, then you realize that a) When we all see Viktor again, performing this song, he’s probably using his then growing feelings for Yuuri to fuel it because b) He doesn’t want to lose him like how the Eros story goes. He had been seduced and fell in love, but given his past he’s afraid to pursue, much as opposed to how Yuuri’s form of the seductress does the playboy. However, he eventually does once he’s ready (the video) and that’s where our story begins. Viktor was probably at that point using the performance to illustrate his own newfound feelings before he created Eros and Agape. He wants to pursue this love even though he’s afraid, but in the end he does and look at where we are now.

This literally came crashing to me at like 6am (excuse any grammatical errors) after trying to find something else in the episode, but once it did I remain shook. This beautiful and powerful show is just too much for me.

I still cant believe Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes is a real movie, like it sounds like something a Tumblr Lesbian™ would make a text post about like “WHAT IF Cate Blanchett and like.. ROONEY MARA were secret vintage lesbians that dont give a shit about their men and go on a roadtrip together??! and fucking Sarah Paulson was a cool lesbian who used to date Cate Blanchett and now she dates hot redheads?? And at some point Cate goes down on a topless Rooney Mara and we see Cates bare muscular back as shes eating her out!!!” Its so unreal but this shit actually happened i saw it happen with my own gay eyes


“Are those marshmallows?”

“It’s, uhh, for research purposes.”

So my friend blueboywonder had this crazy super awesome idea that Tadashi is actually Marvel superhero Sunfire, a mutant (like X-men) who tags along with the Big Hero 6 team in the comic. It’s a really out-there idea that doesn’t exactly fit with the film, where everything is grounded more so in science than superhero fantasy, but man, it would be so cool if Tadashi was essentially a firebender. I guess at this point I’m so far in denial that I’m willing to accept anything. Unfortunately Sunfire is currently owned by Fox, so unless Marvel/Disney reacquires the rights, this idea will only stay as a headcanon. Still. He’d be pretty boss though. And it would make for a dang cool sequel~ ;) 

Plus, it gave me some practice using the new brush presets I downloaded: Kyle’s Megapack, Shiyoon Kim’s ink brushes, and a couple of Goro Fujita’s brushes, all of which are linked in my bio. They’re such beautiful brushes, I love them.

Oh! And I’ve recently reached 200 followers~! Thank you so much guys, it’s been a pleasure sharing my art doodles with you! <3 :) :)



a 1942 Merrie Melodies cartoon produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions and directed by Chuck Jones. It was released by Warner Bros. on September 19, 1942. The cartoon is a parody of the Rover Boys, a popular juvenile fiction book series of the early 20th century


So, we’re far off from when I would normally do a Remembered Classics segment in the rotation but this cartoon is the hot new tumblr meme and I desperately crave attention. This might just give it to me but what would really make me happy– is getting to talk about one of my all time favorite theatrical cartoons, no lie.

I love this cartoon; the delivery of jokes, the visual gags, it’s all pure Warner Bros zaniness with some absolutely hilarious writing.

to this day I still get a laugh out of this particular bit–

It pretty much encapsulates what’s so good about the cartoon, in that it’s an outrageous parody of cliched dashing hero saves the girl stories that literally everybody was doing. In fact, this whole cartoon is a parody of a book series called The Rover Boys which is probably one of the most white-bread stories of rich privilege and shitting on minorities that I’ve ever seen. It was pretty famous though but not as much as the likes of The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew.

Anyway, in true Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies fashion, this cartoon turns all of those cliches  on their heads and makes for something utterly hilarious from start to finish. Even the narration was funny. You could tell this was a work of passion, and it was; director Chuck Jones put everything he had into it. And he did it in the most petty way possible.

Yeah, there’s a very prevailing, and mostly true rumor that his superiors weren’t happy with his body of work. In retaliation he sought to give them the finger by making the same shit that everybody and their grandmother was making at the time and make it cheap and limited as well. Producers ended up hating the cartoon and wanted to fire Jones, but audiences loved it, and along with that he was considered far to valuable to let go so they kept him on. Damn… all I can say is way to go.


  • In 1994, the cartoon was voted #49 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field. 
  • Jones would later remark that The Dover Boys was the first cartoon of his he found to be funny
  • The cartoon is one of a handful from WB to enter the public domain, due to United Artists - which had bought Associated Artists Productions (whose library was later absorbed into WB’s own television unit) - not renewing the copyright.
  • The characters Tom, Dick, and Larry would later make cameo appearances on the 1990s Fox and WB network seriesAnimaniacs, alongside Slappy Squirrel in “Frontier Slappy,” while singing discrediting lyrics about Daniel Boon, the Warners in “Magic Time”, and in Wakko’s Wish
  • A short clip of this cartoon is featured in the opening credits of “Less Than Hero”, an episode of another Fox TV show, Futurama
  • They also appeared cheering in the stands late in the mixed animation/live-action movie Space Jam
  • A segment of the cartoon is featured briefly in an episode of Agent Carter where it is used as part of a subliminal messaging tool of the Black Widow program.


I don’t care if this gets seen or not at the height of meme popularity, i’m just happy to get to talk about it!

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Studyblr

When I first discovered Tumblr, I knew I just came across a black hole. I mean, one platform with every single thing I loved, from fandoms to poetry to awful memes–I was addicted. Back then, I wouldn’t have thought that Tumblr would (sorta) save my life. Then I decided to make a Studyblr.

study + tumblr = studyblr!

The first time I witnessed the phenomenon known as the studyblr community, I was strangely intrigued. I started off making edits for tv series and music, but it came to a point where I felt like I was working instead of doing it for leisure, and it was difficult for me to find time to make posts. The first thing I thought when I came across studyblrs was “the busier I am, the more content I have to blog”. What’s more fantastic than having a blog that depends on your hectic life?

So I decided to give it a go and blog about my studies. It came pretty easily to me, considering that I spend nearly 100% of my (insanely scarce) free time online and my life comprises a lot of studying (especially since I had my IGCSEs that year). Plus, seeing other studyblrs work hard motivated me to study instead of wasting away on the internet.

I’ve had my studyblr for a little over a year now, and I’m not even exaggerating when I say that it changed my life. Here are some benefits I’ve received over the past year:

  • I look forward to studying. I guess this is because I’ve never taken multiple approaches to studying, and only after starting a studyblr did I learn of different ways to study. I also get new ideas for making notes! (which is extremely helpful since I am a visual learner)
  • I’ve received tips that not only help me excel academically but also help me care for myself. Once you’ve spent enough time in the community, you’ll realize that there’ll always be someone who’s got your back. You could ask them anything and they’d be more than willing to answer.
  • I’m not as hard on myself as I used to be, which has actually improved my grades and my mental health. I no longer toxify myself by overworking or anything like that, and I feel like I’ve somehow become happier.
  • The studyblr community is like my second family (if not third, if I count my friends in real life). I’ve had tons of great conversations with like-minded individuals. Most of them were about studying, but eventually they branched off into other aspects of our lives, including common interests.

How to Start

Creating a URL

Most studyblrs have the word ‘study’ as a prefix or suffix. However, feel free to experiment with URLs that show other people who you are; nobody will judge you. For example, mine is @eintsein because Einstein is an immensely inspirational person and I find physics pretty interesting. You could like pandas and psychology and choose an URL like @pandapsych or something (this one’s taken, though).

Here are some ideas for things to include:

  • Your name
  • Favorite subject
  • Role models (common ones include Hermione Granger, Elle Woods, and Christina Yang, but this can be anyone you admire)
  • Stationery (pens, highlighter, etc.)
  • Brand names (muji, stabilo, etc.)
  • Study utilities (book, textbook, flash cards, notes, etc.)

Choosing a Theme

I think that simple, clean themes work best for studyblrs, especially content-heavy ones with a lot of text posts. However, the choice is all yours. Here are some theme makers I like:

Finding Blogs to Follow

It shouldn’t be very hard, but one thing I like to do is look through a single studyblr’s blog and see whose posts she/he reblogs. If not, you could always take a look at their blogroll (here’s mine).

Interacting with Other Studyblrs

One thing a lot of people tend to forget about social media is the ‘social’ part. Interact with other studyblrs! I guarantee that none of them will think you’re weird (or at least bad-weird, because good-weird people are the best). To be honest, most of us (myself included) get really hyped when anyone messages us or mentions us in a post.

And don’t forget to be yourself! Don’t try to act like a studyblr stereotype. It might also help to make an introduction post and join networks.


You could tag other studyblrs if you want them to see your posts (e.g. mine’s simply #eintsein). Most of us also use the following hashtags:

  • #studyblr
  • #studyspo
  • #[subject you’re studying]
  • #[stationery]


There are some study materials/utilities that most studyblrs have. However, don’t feel that you need all the fancy stationery or gadgets to be a legitimate studyblr. Besides, there are cheaper alternatives.


Here are some common ones:

  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliners
  • Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners
  • Muji Gel Ink Pens
  • Zebra Mildliners
  • Muji binders/notebooks

Plus links that describe more:


The ones you see in almost every studyblr post


The Bullet Journal

A creative way to plan your life and manage your time! Basically like an entire book of to-do lists plus a little extra artsy stuff.

Tips for Posts

What should I post?

The simplest thing to post would be pictures of what you’re studying. I think this is the most common type of post due to the convenience, i.e. you don’t have to stop whatever you’re doing in order to post something.

You could also post study guides/tips, which obviously takes more time but everybody appreciates the effort! Another popular post type is a resources post, which is essentially just a compilation of helpful links. A longer post with nearly all the information you need would be considered a masterpost.

Picture Taking

One thing that helps more than people think is natural lighting. It gives your pictures clarity as well as the often sought out ‘aesthetic’ quality.

You should also try experimenting with different angles, e.g. flat lays, micro images, etc.


Most studyblrs use a photoediting app called VSCO Cam which does wonders to your photo, but you could always use the built-in editing tools on your phone. I personally like the apps Faded for photo editing and Over for overlays (text, etc.).


Photoshop is my favorite and probably has the most freedom, but if you don’t have the skills, you could always use overlay apps like Over, or online sites like Canva.

Alright, I think I’ve covered quite a lot of things, but here are some more links to help you out:

Hope this has been helpful to any potential/existing studyblrs! Don’t hesitate to contact any studyblr for further questions, and if any of you have other tips, feel free to add them below.

Latin Incantations

Below is a list of some nice Latin incantations that I have compiled, which I would very much love to share with you all. Of course, I am no expert in Latin, but these are as close to perfect as I myself could get them, using Google Translate and a Latin dictionary to tighten the sentences up (Google Translate is baaad with Latin). Please, Latin experts of tumblr, feel free to correct me if need be!
I kept each incantation short and to the point, for ease of memory and tongue, and have included phonetic pronunciations and also spells they would go best with. (Please note that where I have added apostrophes after the r’s in the pronunciations, are where you are required to roll your r’s with your tongue).

I create as I speak/I create what i say:
Ego creo quad ego loquar.
(Pron. Ehgo kr'ayo kwod ehgo lokwor’)
- Manifestation spells.

I control time:
Moderari tempore sum.
(Pron. Moder’ar’ee tempor’ay soom)
- Time spells.

It is done:
Factum est.
(Pron. Factoom est)
- At the closing of a spell.

Love come/s to me:
Amor venit ad me.
(Pron. Amoor’ veneet admee)
- Love spells.

I dream the truth/I have dreams of truth:
Somnia verita sum.
(Pron. Somneeah ver’eeta soom)
- Prophetic dream spells.

I am protected:
Munita sum.
(Pron. Mooneeta soom)
- Protection spells.

Being intensely in love and being intensely lonely are very similar predicaments.

Each is a drug that makes you feel so high you don’t know quite what you’re doing anymore.

Each is full of desperation and nervousness.

Each brings you to a point where you need to feel the mere presence of another human being so badly that you would drive all night, even cross state lines just to feel that connection.

Love or loneliness will bring you to your knees, strip away all your layers and leave you naked. So whichever one you’ve chosen, I hope it’s worth it.

—  Z.M.
In case you don't know what to draw

- Your favorite character with clothes they would never wear.
- A crack ship.
- Dance poses. Breakdance poses are always better.
- Backgrounds!!!!
- Think about a feeling/emotion, try drawing something that would make you feel that way.
- A magical/mythical creature.
- Modern day AUs are always fun.
- What would your fave’s room look like?
- Expressions! Extra points for making them exaggerated.
- Flying objects. Any kind of objects. Put some wings on a refrigerator.
- Your outfit!
- Design a mermaid. Or a sprite.

Five Nights at Freddy's 1 and 2 complete timeline of events
External image

*A revised version of the timeline that includes Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 can now be found here*

In this post I’m attempting to lay out a full timeline of events for Five Night’s at Freddy’s and Five Night’s at Freddy’s 2. In other words, this is the chronology I believe everything in the games takes place in. All of it is based on in-game evidence and my personal interpretation of those events. Again, this is my own speculation after doing lots of research into every detail of both games. Although I make some inferences based purely on what I think happened, I did my utmost best to give evidence for all of the main points in the timeline. If you find anything in the timeline that’s contradicting, or if you feel like I made a mistake somewhere, please let me know!

If you would like to post this timeline elsewhere (besides just hitting “Reblog”), please give me (Yumeka) credit and link back to either my main blog here or my Tumblr. Thanks!



  • An entertainment restaurant called “Fredbear’s Family Diner” opens. The main attraction of the restaurant is four animatronic robot animals that entertain the kids: Freddy (called “Fredbear” at this time), Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. Perhaps due to unknowingly good technology, the animatronics have a certain level of “sentience” to them, but nothing extreme or bad at this time. Nothing beyond wanting to do their duty of bringing happiness to children. The Puppet is also part of the entertainment, but doesn’t have the sentience that the animatronics have.

(Evidence: This is the original restaurant that Phone Guy mentions on Night 5 of FNAF2 and the “old location” he refers to in Night 1 of FNAF2. Since the “Missing Children Incident” occurs in June of 1987, the restaurant must have been established before then, but 20 years prior to the events of the original FNAF, since Phone Guy mentions on Night 1 of that game that the animatronics have been “singing the same stupid songs for 20 years”)

Before June 1987:

  • One day during Fredbear’s Family Diner’s normal operation hours, a company employee dressed in the company’s signature purple uniform, pulls up to the front of the restaurant in a car, murders a child that was crying outside, then gets back in the car and drives off. Freddy/Fredbear, who was busy doing his usual task of giving cake to demanding children inside the restaurant, noticed the child outside and wanted to save him, but his programming prevented him from leaving. A few witnesses saw that the suspect was a Fredbear employee due to his purple uniform, but no one could identify him and he was never found. The spirit of the murdered child wanders the restaurant and takes possession of The Puppet.

(Evidence: The “Take Cake to the Children” minigame. The purple person obviously murdered the crying child. The fact that he drove up in a car makes it obvious that this murder occurred outside the restaurant, perhaps on a curb near the front entrance. The fact that during the minigame we hear a robotic voice calling out “Save him” while Freddy is giving cake to the other children is evidence that it could be his voice, telling himself that he should save that child but being unable to ignore his programmed duties as restaurant mascot. The reason I believe the child’s spirit possessed the Puppet is because the Puppet jumpscares at the end of this minigame, and it makes sense in terms of events that I’ll describe later)

  • The company tries to keep this incident out of the press as much as possible with some success, but the story still gets around through word-of-mouth. They soon decide that changing the company name might help, so they officially become “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza” and change the name of their mascot character(s) accordingly. The original owner is replaced with a new one as well. Regardless, the restaurant starts to suffer some sales decreases. Phone Guy may have been hired around this time for some kind of supervisor position and occasional night duties.

(Evidence: On Night 5 of FNAF2, Phone Guy refers to an “original owner” called Fredbear’s Family Diner, so the restaurant must have changed owners at some point. This would be a likely time for that. I feel like Phone Guy was hired around this time, with occasional night duties, because during both games, he has extensive knowledge about the behavior of the animatronics and all the “shady” events that go on at the restaurant from this point on. And because he always seems to take the side of the company in all his phone messages, trying not to let any bad news slip and come up with “scientific” reasons for why the animatronics act the way they do, he’s probably in a higher position than a low-level employee who doesn’t know anything, and is under pressure from the company to make sure everyone below him doesn’t know the truth)

June, 26th 1987:

  • The “Missing Children Incident” occurs. Another murderous employee remains inside the restaurant after his day shift and dresses up in the Golden Freddy costume. He manages to lure five children into the back room soon after the place closes and murders them. He decides to stuff their bodies in the empty mascot suits, taking off the one he’s wearing first and puts one child inside. After that, he suddenly feels like someone else is in the building with him. In his panic, he runs by the surveillance cameras, getting his identity caught on tape. Along the way, Foxy senses the five children’s distress and comes over to save them, only to find them all dead. Before the man can leave, Foxy bites him, severing his frontal lobe.

  • The Puppet finds the bodies of the four children. He tries giving them gifts, which is the only thing he knows that makes children happy and is his daily role at the Prize Corner during business hours. When they don’t respond, he then binds each of their bodies and souls inside the four animatronics. The fifth child’s spirit possesses the Golden Freddy costume that she was stuffed inside.

  • By now it’s early morning and police arrive at the scene, finding the employee surprisingly not dead, and the video footage of him trying to flee the scene of the crime. The restaurant is searched but to everyone’s surprise, the bodies of the children are not found. The Golden Freddy costume is kept around in case it can help in identifying the murderer.

(Evidence: The “Missing Children Incident” takes place on June 26, 1987 according to the newspaper clippings from the original FNAF, so it must have occurred about 5 months prior to the start of FNAF2, which takes place in November 1987. Foxy’s minigame clearly shows a time when he was one of the main animatronics, coming out of Pirate Cove much to the delight of the children, so it must have been before the events of both games. Also shown in the minigame is the one time he came out and found five children dead with a purple-clad employee close by. His jumpscare follows at this point in the minigame, so it’s likely he attacked the employee and this is the so-called “Bite of ‘87.” The “Give Gifts Give Life” minigame shows the Puppet doing as I described; first giving the four dead children gifts, and then turning each of them into the four main animatronics. Since five children went missing and because we don’t see the Puppet putting the fifth child in any animatronic, I’m guessing he/she possessed the Golden Freddy costume since that one moves about in the games too despite not having an endoskeleton, plus we see Golden Freddy’s jumpscare at the end of this minigame)

Summer of 1987:

  • Once again, the company tries to cover up the story, but only succeed in making people believe only two children were lured away and murdered by the employee instead of five. Eventually it comes to light that a total of five children were linked to the incident. Their sales begin to rapidly decrease. Suspecting that Foxy may have “malfunctioned” and bit the former employee during the incident, Pirate Cove is closed down and he’s kept inactive behind the curtain, which further hurts sales since he was one of the most popular characters. A new safety precaution is implemented, which is to not let the animatronics roam freely during the day.

  • The final blow comes when parents and other restaurant patrons begin to report a foul odor coming from the remaining three animatronics, as well as blood and mucous seemingly oozing from their eyes and mouth. Reports are made to the police and the company decides to dismantle all the animatronics to get to the bottom of this. However, they don’t find anything of note inside.

(Evidence: The newspaper clippings from the first FNAF describe these events. Since the four original animatronics are all broken and dismantled at the beginning of FNAF2, seemingly being replaced by the new animatronics, it’s likely they were taken apart at this time, as a result of these incidents)

  • Without the finances to put the animatronics back together, and sales continuing to decrease, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is officially closed down.

(Evidence: In Night 1 of FNAF2, Phone Guy makes it seem that the restaurant had recently closed down and then reopened. The newspaper ad at the very beginning makes this clear, too. So the “old location” must have been closed before the new establishment opened in November of 1987 at the beginning of FNAF2)

Early November 1987:

  • After months of being left to rot, someone gets some money together and Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is reopened and moved to another location. In an attempt to give the company a new image, “cuter” animatronics are made: Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Toy Freddy, BB, and Mangle. Not wanting to take any chances of having another criminally-inclined employee, the company also gives the new animatronics facial recognition tied to a criminal database. Because the company feels like these new animatronics won’t have any “problems” like the old ones, they’re allowed to roam freely during the day. The dismantled and smelly old ones are kept as spare parts in a separate room. The Puppet resumes his position as mascot of the Prize Corner. The tune of the music box there is what he had always listened to at the old location as well, so as long as that plays, he’ll forget his goal of seeking revenge on the man in purple and will be at peace.

(Evidence: The phone calls on Nights 1 and 2 of FNAF2 describe pretty much all of this)

  • The first nighttime security guard is hired at the new location. Unbeknown to anyone, he’s the same employee that murdered the crying child all those months ago and was never caught. Sensing his return, the spirits of the dead children bound to the animatronics begin to haunt the building, causing them to move around and seek out the restaurant employee that murdered them. They even possess the new animatronics and have them act in a similar fashion. During his first week, the new guard notices the animatronics wandering around and trying to get into the Office. He expresses his concern and is moved to the day shift.

(Evidence: Once again, the phone call on Night 1 of FNAF2 says that the previous security guard before Jeremy Fitzgerald complained of “conditions” and was moved to the day shift. Although the vengeful spirits of the dead children are still haunting the animatronics, it’s plausible that they can extend their control to the new animatronics too. The reason I believe he’s the same guy that murdered the crying child is explained later)

November, 8th 1987:

  • Night 1 of FNAF2 occurs. Jeremy Fitzgerald is hired to work the night shift, replacing the aforementioned guard. On his first night, he’s haunted by the new animatronics and the Puppet, but seeing as how he’s a new guard, they aren’t too aggressive towards him.

November, 9th 1987:

  • Night 2 of FNAF2 occurs. The old animatronics now begin to go after Jeremy themselves, still seeking revenge on the employee that killed them, even though he’s not the same one. However, if he puts the Freddy mask on, they’re unsure if he’s another animatronic or not and leave him alone. Since Foxy and the Puppet played a role in the “Missing Children Incident/Bite of '87,” and saw that an employee fooled children into believing he was a mascot by wearing the Golden Freddy costume, they’re not tricked by Jeremy’s Freddy mask.

November, 10th 1987:

  • Night 3 of FNAF2 occurs. At the end of his day shift, the original guard that was hired for the night shift before Jeremy (and the one who got away with killing the crying child), decides to reenact the “Missing Children Incident.” The main reason he returned to the company despite risking his cover being blown, is because he desires to kill even more children, so he decides to mimic what the employee from the previous incident did: he puts on the Golden Freddy costume, lures five children away, and murders them in the restaurant right after the restaurant closed for the day. He tampers with the facial recognition system of the new animatronics so they’ll be more aggressive to other people except him, then flees the restaurant, confident that he’ll be able to go into hiding again and no one will find him.

(Evidence: Here’s where things get a tricky. Another “unfortunate incident” must have happened during the events of FNAF2 based on Phone Guy’s messages for Nights 3 through 6. I suspect it must have taken place before Jeremy’s shift on Night 3 because Phone Guy tells him that night not to believe any recent rumors he hears and it has nothing to do with the company no matter how tragic. Going by the one remaining death minigame that hasn’t been accounted for yet - Freddy’s “Save Them” game - which reveals that more children were murdered in the restaurant by the “purple man,” this is probably when that event takes place. It appears as if it could be a memory of the “Missing Children Incident” like the other minigames, but the reason this isn’t so is because the new animatronics are seen on the Show Stage and the old ones are seen in Parts/Service (as shown in this video), so this minigame must take place during FNAF2 and thus after the “Missing Children Incident.” I say five children were murdered because that’s how many dead ones are seen during the “Save Them” minigame. It couldn’t have been the same man from the “Missing Children Incident” that killed them, since he had been captured by the police back in June and was likely a vegetable due to having his frontal lobe bitten off, so it must be another employee. I say it’s another employee as opposed to anyone else because he once again appears purple in Freddy’s minigame, and also because of what Phone Guy says on Night 5 about the building being on lockdown due to “previous employees.” The reason I think he wears the Golden Freddy suit is because Phone Guy mentions this in his message on Night 6, saying that someone got in and used the yellow suit, the same one used in…he trails off at this point but he’s obviously referring to the “Missing Children Incident” from June when that employee used the same suit)

  • Freddy and the Puppet sense the distress of the children but are too late to save them. They find their bodies that the guard had tried to hide in random parts of the restaurant, pools of blood all over. The Puppet sadly returns to his box at the Prize Corner while Freddy stands over the body of one of the children and laments that he couldn’t save them again.

(Evidence: This is the “Save Them” minigame. See evidence above)

  • Police are called to the scene and find the dead children. Fazbear Entertainment tries their best to get the whole matter quickly cleaned up and hushed as much as possible via paying large sums of money.

  • When Jeremy comes onto his shift some hours later, the restaurant has been cleaned up as if nothing had happened there, and Phone Guy tries to act like nothing’s wrong by going on about Foxy in his message. Eventually he tells Jeremy not to believe any local stories he might be hearing and that it has nothing to do with their establishment. He tries to avert any suspicion towards the employee who committed the crime too, saying that he reported nothing unusual during his day shift. The animatronics are more aggressive this night due to the horror that occurred earlier.

November, 11th 1987:

  • Night 4 of FNAF2 occurs. Despite their best efforts, Fazbear Entertainment is forced to concede to further investigation by the authorities due to the previous day’s incident. Phone Guy once again tries to smooth things over in his message to Jeremy, saying that there’s an investigation going on and the restaurant may have to close for a little while, but it’s just a precaution and nothing wrong has been done. It was noticed earlier in the day that the new animatronics’ facial recognition software had been tampered with, so he mentions that too.

(Evidence: The phone message in Night 4 of FNAF2 describes all this. At this point, the vengeful spirits inside the animatronics are so angered that more children have been murdered, that they’re being aggressive towards all the staff. But they would never harm children since the spirits are children themselves, which is also alluded to in the phone message)

November, 12th 1987:

  • Night 5 of FNAF2 occurs. By now the company can no longer cover up no matter how much they pay. The building is put on lockdown by the end of the day and it’s pretty clear that a previous employee was the culprit and that he may have been involved in a wrongdoing earlier in the company’s history (the murder of that one crying child outside, when they were still called Fredbear’s Family Diner). Desperate for any further info on this suspected employee, management contacts the previous owner. Due to the suspected employee being on the run now, his day shift position becomes available, as Phone Guy mentions in his message to Jeremy this night. After completing his shift, Jeremy receives his paycheck.

(Evidence: The phone message in Night 5 of FNAF2 explains all this. This is also why I feel that this second murderous employee is the same as the very first one that murdered the lone crying child before getting away - why else would they want to contact the company’s previous owner if this employee wasn’t connected to the old location somehow?)

November, 13th 1987:

  • Night 6 of FNAF2 occurs. Jeremy fails to get the memo that the building is on lockdown and goes into work anyway. When Phone Guy finds out, he calls him. He ends up revealing more than he should have about the incident, saying that someone had sneaked in and used the yellow suit just like in a previous incident (but doesn’t go into detail about that). He confirms that Jeremy will take the day shift the next day because they have one more event planned. Jeremy receives his overtime pay and the local newspaper reports that Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza will be closing but hopes to reopen eventually.

(Evidence: The phone message in Night 6 of FNAF2 and the completion screen at the end describe all this. The message also sheds a bit of light about the uniforms. Phone Guy tells Jeremy to wear his because he’ll be on the day shift, indicating that the overnight security guards probably don’t have to wear them. This also makes it probable that all the employees that murdered the children were day shift employees since they have their purple uniforms on in the animatronics’ memories)

November, 14th 1987:

  • The Custom Night of FNAF2 occurs. With Jeremy on the day shift for the restaurant’s final event, and due to many employees quitting over the past few days after all the horrible incidents that have occurred at the restaurant being brought to light, the company desperately seeks someone to hire even if just for one day. They get a hold of a Fritz Smith, who agrees to take the position for a quick buck. Not knowing what he’s getting himself into, Fritz has the worst night of his life combating the haunted animatronics. He tries to dismantle them and gets the foul odor of the old ones all over him in the process. He receives a pink slip the next day indicating that he’s fired, which he would be anyway since the restaurant closed its doors for good the following day.

Autumn of 1993:

  • After years of being closed down, some ex-Fazbear Entertainment CEO decides to wager a large sum of money on reviving Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. He figures enough years have passed and all the horrible incidents that occurred at the restaurant before have been forgotten by the public. He doesn’t want to throw too much money at the project just in case, so he cuts some corners: the new building has fewer rooms than the original, a limited power supply is allocated to things like room lights and security cameras, and only the four original animatronics are put back together and reactivated. The new ones from the company’s previous revival are scrapped, and Bonnie, Chica, Freddy, and Foxy are reassembled. Still a little wary about previous incidents, particularly the “Bite of '87,” it’s decided that the animatronics’ free-roaming mode will still be restricted to nighttime only, and Foxy’s Pirate Cove attraction is temporarily placed as “out of order” until they make the final decision as to weather he’s safe enough to join the others. Supervisors are also told to write up an “introductory letter” for new employees to further prevent any law suits. Phone Guy rejoins the company as well. Despite being reassembled, the old animatronics are still possessed by the vengeful spirits of the dead children and haunt the building in an attempt to kill the adult employees. During its first few weeks of opening, several employees quit due to the animatronics, some go missing on the job, while at least one was killed by being stuffed inside one of the spare animatronics and getting cut up by all the beams and wires. The company covers up everything bad that happens.

(Evidence: The phone message on Night 1 of FNAF, and a little of Night 3, describe most of this. There’s no official evidence as to what year FNAF takes place in, but going by how much Mike Schmidt earns and the US’s minimum wage, it should take place in the early 90s, so I picked 1993. On Night 6 of FNAF2, the newspaper article says that the new animatronics will be scrapped, which also includes the Puppet since this new building doesn’t have a Prize Corner and we don’t see him in FNAF. But the original ones will be kept in case the company reopens, so this is why we only see the original four in this game. Because it may be an important piece of evidence for eventually finding the murderous employee that got away, the Golden Freddy costume is kept around as well, albeit hidden away. Evidence that the “Bite of '87” took place before the events of FNAF and that Foxy is the one who did it, is the fact that the animatronics are still only allowed to roam freely at night and Foxy’s room is still closed off, plus he’s not included in any of the company’s promotional posters and kids’ drawings. Phone Guy implies in his message on Night 3 that employees have “moved on to other things” or perhaps “died,” which shows that employees before Mike Schmidt have worked there and had similar problems. Phone Guy also talks more in this game than FNAF2 about the animatronics stuffing people into the suits, even going into gruesome detail)

November, 4th 1993:

  • Phone Guy begins his night shift. He does his best to ward off the animatronics and wait out his shift until morning. Not wanting to continue this torturous job any longer, he hears talk that the company is in the process of hiring a new nighttime guard who will begin his shift on November 8th. He figures he’ll just get through this last week in the office before quitting for good. He decides to save himself time later and record a message on the office phone that will play for the new guard on his first day, warning him about the “quirks” of the animatronics and giving him the required introductory speech.

(Evidence: Phone Guy’s message on Night 1 of FNAF1 explains this. He was obviously the nighttime security guard before Mike Schmidt was hired, and since they couldn’t have been working that shift at the same time, he must have recorded his messages prior to Mike taking his place)

November, 5th 1993:

  • Phone Guy manages to get through another night shift, but the animatronics are getting more aggressive. Not wanting to overwhelm the upcoming new guard with too much (bad) information at once, he decides to record a separate message for him that he sets to play back on November 9th, which would be the new guy’s second day. He records more information about Foxy, Freddy, using the door lights, etc,.

(Evidence: Phone Guy’s message in Night 2 of FNAF)

November, 6th 1993:

  • During his shift, Phone Guy makes an attempt to try and look inside the animatronics, including all the empty suits and heads in the Backstage, desperately trying to figure out why they act the way they do. He almost gets killed by them in the process, but manages to save himself by “playing dead.” Since that may be an important survival tactic, he decides to record a message about that for the new night guard to play back on his third night.

(Evidence: Phone Guy’s message on Night 3 of FNAF)

November, 7th 1993:

  • Phone Guy once again tries to get to the bottom of the animatronics mystery and reveal what the company isn’t telling him. However, when tries to browse around the Backstage again, the animatronics are super aggressive. He runs back into the Office and closes the doors. He knows that his power is going to run out soon, so he decides to record one final message to the guard that will take his place, asking him to try and look inside the empty suits in the Backstage while the animatronics’ banging on the doors can be heard outside. Before he can completely finish, they break in and kill him.

(Evidence: The phone message on Night 4 of FNAF is probably the most telling one. It establishes that Phone Guy was indeed on night duty when he recorded it, since he says “it’s been a bad night here for me,” so he must have recorded this one and the others before Mike Schmidt took over the night shift. Further evidence for that is what he says afterwards: “I’m kinda glad I recorded these messages for you,” indicating that they were all pre-recorded for Mike. His last request to have Mike look inside the suits means that he must think that’s very important. Perhaps he was able to piece together the fact that there really is paranormal activity going on here and not just robots malfunctioning, and the animatronics are possessed by the spirits of the five children killed during the “Missing Children Incident”)

  • Phone Guy is found dead the next morning, stuffed inside one of the spare suits. Once again, deals are made and money is passed around to keep everything hushed up.

November, 8th 1993:

  • Night 1 of FNAF occurs. Mike Schmidt begins his first day of work on the night shift. At 12am, the phone rings and Phone Guy’s first pre-recorded message plays for him. It makes him a little uneasy but the animatronics don’t seem too aggressive, so he makes it through.

November, 9th 1993:

  • Night 2 of FNAF occurs. Mike returns for his second shift and receives Phone Guy’s second pre-recorded message, giving him more warnings about the animatronics.

November, 10th 1993:

  • Night 3 of FNAF occurs. Phone Guy’s message this night makes him especially nervous since he mentions that most employees don’t last this long and goes into more detail about being stuffed inside a suit. The animatronics get increasingly more aggressive.

November, 11th 1993:

  • Night 4 of FNAF occurs. Mike gets really scared after hearing Phone Guy’s last message. Sheer curiosity and wanting to get to the bottom of Fazbear’s dark secrets compel him to stay on his shift.

November, 12th 1993:

  • Night 5 of FNAF occurs. Mike had tried to inquire about Phone Guy from his supervisors earlier in the day, but they act as if nothing happened and Phone Guy had simply finished up his last week and quit. The phone messages were mysteriously erased from the Office phone too. However, as soon as Mike starts his shift at 12am this night, he gets a phone call from an eerie robotic voice accompanied by strange beeps and screeches. Determined to find the answers he’s not getting, he stays on his shift. He receives his paycheck the next morning.

(Evidence: It’s obvious that the message Mike gets this night is from the animatronics, who have become so aggressive at this point that they even tried to communicate their anger towards him in some kind of audio form)

November, 13th 1993:

  • Night 6 of FNAF occurs. Still willing to risk his life to get to the bottom of the animatronics mystery, Mike works the next night for overtime hours. The animatronics are relentless and he still isn’t able to figure out anything new. The next morning he receives his overtime paycheck and is informed that they’d like to name him “employee of the month.”

November, 14th 1993:

  • The Custom Night of FNAF occurs. Mike decides not to hold back anymore and tries to tamper with the animatronics, look inside their suits, and find out what Phone Guy seemed so desperate about. He gets himself smelly and almost killed by doing so, but thinks he might be a bit closer to the truth. But at the end of his shift the next morning, he receives a “notice of termination” for tampering with the animatronics, unprofessionalism, and bad odor. He’s told not to come back.

Mid-November to mid-December 1993:

  • With sales decreasing and employees dropping out left and right, Fazbear Entertainment is forced to announce that the restaurant will close before the end of the year. The CEO tells the press that the characters will live on in the hearts of kids.

(Evidence: The last newspaper article occasionally seen in FNAF describes how the restaurant will have to close after its struggle to stay open since the tragedy that struck many years ago, probably referring to the “Missing Children Incident” from 1987)

Additional FAQ:

1. How did the employees murder the children without their parents stopping them? They probably got the kids attention when the parents weren’t looking, maybe outside the restaurant, and led them in through the back before quickly locking everything up. The parents didn’t suspect they went back in the restaurant, especially if it was at closing time. Bad parenting probably played a role too.

2. Why does Fazbear Entertainment keep hiring killers? Whoever is among the hiring staff is a poor judge of character. Poor background checks and bad luck too.

3. Why do the animatronics only kill the night watchmen and not the staff during the day? The spirits of the murdered children want to get revenge on the employees because they were murdered by one. When it’s dark and quiet at night, with only one lone employee in the restaurant with them, I’m guessing it reminds them of when they were killed under similar conditions, and so become more aggressive at this time. Also because the four main animatronics have their free-roaming mode at night.

4. What’s the significance of the “It’s me” hallucinations and the cut scenes in FNAF2? I think they’re both just hallucinations resulting from the supernatural powers of the possessed animatronics. “It’s me” might be the animatronics trying to tell the employees that they are the ones they killed, as in “It’s me, the one you people murdered” or something like that. In FNAF2, Jeremy is wearing the Freddy mask during the cut scenes, so maybe the animatronics can “mess with his head” while he’s wearing it.


Once again, I don’t mind if you want to post this timeline on another site, but please credit me (Yumeka) and link back to either my main blog or my Tumblr. Reblogging directly here is fine too. And if you if feel like I made an error somewhere, please let me know (I can be reached through my Twitter and my email can be found on my main blog). Thanks for reading!

the latest arc of The Adventure Zone has got me ITCHIN’ to explore Refuge like some good ol point-and-click adventure…..

btw, if you haven’t yet, I would solidly recommend checking out @theadventurezine . It’s going to be killer ✌️

It’s strange how these people suddenly go full body-shaming and resort to just hurling insults at someone when said person disagrees with them. Let’s go over what Jon has recently said on twitter. First Tim Schafer posts an Anita Sarkeesian video, stating that everyone should watch it. Jon calls him out on it, makes jabs at Anita’s refusal to debate her points, and states that both genders are objectified in gaming. 

Jon then goes on to make several posts where he states that he supports women, and that he loves games where women kick ass (which he argues that there are plenty of). I would link to the posts in question, however they’ve mostly been deleted by now. Here is a screen taken by tumblr user bmann14k though.

So tumblr is throwing a shitfit over Jon saying that men are objectified in gaming too. Whether you agree with this or not is not the issue. Tumblr is absolutely demonizing Jon, calling him fat and a ‘neckbeard’ and all kinds of shit, shown above. If you disagree with someone’s opinion… you don’t have to throw a goddamn tantrum and shout insults over the internet. People are acting like he’s committed a fucking crime, for saying that simple phrase. 

You celebrities are not going to be perfect little angels for you. They are not going to believe everything that you do, they’re not going to think the same words you think are bad to be bad also. Get this through your heads. Jon never said that women weren’t objectified in gaming. He just said that men were objectified as well. If you agree or disagree, that’s your choice, but please act like a fucking adult and don’t act like someone is terrible just because they think differently than you.

I went to Glastonbury last week and on my way to the hospitality toilets i saw Matt pop out the toilets and come my way. I called out his name with a cheeky smile and he looked up and smiled back. I asked if i could quickly get a photo and he happily accepted. He asked where my friends were and i pointed them out.

On the way over i asked if he was having a good time and that i loved his music, he thanked me and asked if i was too. I told him i had followers on tumblr who were in love with him and would die to have the opportunity to meet him, he laughed, we got the photo and i told him to keep doing what he was doing. He said he always would with a smile and left. 

He seemed sad and i don’t know why.

Saw this the other day but Tumblr crashed before I could repost. Luckily I had saved the image to my phone.

I feel like, at this point, I would definitely define what R, F, and I do as “Hierarchical Polyamory.”

EDIT: Wow. Who knew someone else’s work would become my most popular post? Also! As is the nature of human relationships, this has somewhat changed for R, F, and I. I feel I’ve moved toward a more equal relationship with each of them so I guess we’re more “Egalitarian Polyamory” now.
[censored slurs, violence, harassment]

Okay, seriously? There are literally 36 threads on reddit linking to this blog, and for a site that claims not to support harassment, there sure are a lot of people from the past week (before any other articles appeared) making tumblr accounts to send one message:

Once again, Black people in particular are being targeted by messages like these, and I can’t claim that this message affects me the same way it would Black people. But you might notice that that’s the point of this message: it’s a threat. “You have no history.” And that’s what these people are trying to “prove”, and if that doesn’t work, then come the threats, the slurs, the violence.

These links are being submitted by people with handles like “Death_to_SJWs”  (“SJW” apparently being a derogatory term for people doing anti-racist or other social justice work) and spawning off into other threads claiming they’re being “demonized” because of other messages I received telling me to “kill myself”.

There’s more that I’m not going to get into, but I’d like to take a moment for some perspective here.

I was asked a question, and I answered it.

This is an Art History and Historiography blog. Never doubt that there are people who are extremely committed to keeping our education, our media, and the images we see under control. People acting “surprised” about the harassment I’ve been receiving should probably take a moment to think about what kinds of environments you’re fostering: environments where bullying and harassment is not just tolerated, but encouraged.

I personally am not concerned or surprised by the backlash, although I’m surprised by how far it has traveled, in online terms. I’m not concerned for myself, considering nothing is made more dangerous by this than it is going about my business as a marginalized person in the United States. But honestly, those who consider themselves some kind of victim in this situation for fomenting spaces for bullying and abuse are seriously misguided.

I once again cannot overstate just how much very real resistance there is to these narratives, facts, and ideas becoming common and accessible.

A Few Fern-Related Words

When co-writing Arrow’s third season premiere, I had an instinct to have Felicity spruce up the lair with a potted plant.  (Honest to god, I have no idea where this impulse came from.)  The lair is very light-challenged, so the plant had to be able to thrive in such conditions.  A quick Google search pointed me towards ferns.

And, thus, the “Felicity Fern” (a/k/a “Love Fern” and my personal favorite, “Yao Fern” was born).

Little did I know what passion this humble household plant would engender in some of our viewership, specifically the “Olicity Shippers.”

I’ve joked on this Tumblr about harnessing the power of that viewership “for good.”

Well, now it’s time to put that to the test.

Last Wednesday night, we aired Ep. 3x19 of Arrow which included, among other things, the Fern’s demise.  Later that same night, our production team shot brand new footage featuring the Fern.

I plan to release that footage online before Ep. 3x20 airs on Wednesday night.

But there’s a catch.

And here’s where the “harnessing power for good” comes in.

Savannah Strain is a young girl who developed an interest in archery thanks to “Brave” and “The Hunger Games.”  (Sadly, not “Arrow,” apparently.)  

Savannah plays (shoots? aims?  archerys?) for the Benton Louisiana Tigers Archery Team.  The Tigers just made the NASP (National Archery School Program) National Competition.  To enter, however, the team needs to raise $15,000.  (Any money raised over this goal will go to fund future endeavors and needs of the team. )

To this end, her uncle has set up a Gofundme site, which I’ll link to in a second.

When you go to the sight, you’ll note something interesting about Savanna.  

Due to a congenital abnormality, she was born without a left hand.

I think we can all agree that a left hand would help a lot if one wanted to compete in archery at the national level.  But Savannah’s obvious grit and determination have gotten her over this obstacle.

You can read more about her at the aforementioned Gofundme site:


As of this writing, her team is still short of their $15,000 funding goal.

So here’s the deal:

I’ll keep checking the site and if the team’s goal of $15,000 is met, I’ll post this special shot-just-for-you-guys Fern footage before Ep. 3x20 airs on Wednesday night.

Sound fair?