I visited Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles today to see what the common hype beast in currently interested in.  Five out of the seven stores I visited were playing Future.  Many of the stores had at least three to four visible employees and who were quite friendly and welcoming.  There was also an abundance of suburban parents who appeared to be waiting for their child to select their desired items.  Pricing and graphics were all quite similar between each of the stores I visited.  Overall, things were friendly, safe, and boring.  

I am hopeful that there are still companies with the vision of quality, realness, and sincerity that both exist, and are still emerging.   So when thinking about what to buy, take a chance and break from the hype. Maybe even wear something that the person next you isn’t wearing, like this dope Patta blox t-shirt that shows a bit of color and a fresh font. 


*For the record and no disrespect to Future, but when a local MC drops the album of the year, that shit should stay on repeat.  


- WesleyJordan