hello my friends! i have a little task for you, if you’re reading this you gotta do it! that’s the rules of the game

i want you to think about the last week of your life and reply to this post with one thing that made you feel happy, or at least a little better than you felt before. it can be anything from finding a dollar in your pocket to getting married.

i promise every single one of you has had at least one uplifting moment in the past week and i know you can remember it if you try. sometimes things seem worse than they are because when we’re down all we can think about is what’s going wrong. we forget the good and hyper focus on the bad, at least i know i do, and sometimes remembering a small moment of happiness can make all the difference for me. 

i’ll go first: my small moment of happiness within the last week was at a local convention i went to, in the dealers room this sweet elderly japanese man was selling all these cool trinkets from japan and i noticed some neat looking godzilla ones. i inquired about them and he very excitedly showed me that they’re kinda like battery powered wind up toys that walk across tables. i bought one and it’s one of the coolest things i have in my little collection of godzilla toys. 

now it’s yalls turn! what was your little moment of happiness last week?  


But somethins feelin so wrong, one of the ninja is gone
Though there’s been nothin from Zane,
It’s like we’re speaking to him, still we find a way
No matter what we won’t forget our Brother


anonymous asked:

Hey! So I'm super interested in becoming a rules adviser, and hopefully eventually a judge. What I've found so far is that I'm very rarely wrong on rules calls, but if somebody was asking me anecdotally, and was like hey I played this card and then this girl played this other card, I would likely have no idea what the cards did, and would have to look them up. My memory for card names is really bad! Is this something that's likely to cause a problem for me in becoming a rules adviser?

Not really, no. Trust me, we have to look up a bunch of cards because we forget what they do. As long as you know the rules and can make proper calls, you’ll be fine.


So five years ago today this happened


Syracuse’s own, The Vanderbuilts has a special Valentine’s Day treat for you! Check out the new video “I Wish I Was a Toothed Tiger” from their upcoming album What We Forget out March 1st!

New The Court of Five Thrones chapter goes up in about 9-10 hours. :)

And we are thirteen chapters away from the end. Which sounds like a lot, but it isn’t a lot.

In other news, I actually don’t have next week’s chapter finished yet. e.e I’d be frantically writing right now except my entire body has done this thing where it’s going ‘we don’t like you anymore.’ So I’m spending most of my time bedridden.

It is, however, mostly written, so I will at least have a teaser for next week’s chapter, lol.

“They will be asked: ”‘How many years did you live on earth?’ They will reply: 'We lived there a day or part of a day.; You may ask those who kept the count.’

It will be said: 'Well now you know that your stay was just a little while - what a pity, if you had only realized!’ Did you think that We had created you without any purpose and that you would never return to Us for accountability?“

—  Surah Al-Mu'minun

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The A in queer acronyms actually did originally mean allies from what I've been told. It was so that closeted individuals could partake in these communities and safe spaces under the guise of "ally". It was so they were able to be safe, yet included.

Yes! That’s what we’re forgetting. The “NOOOOOO, I’m just an ALLY” people.

When I started the “gay/straight alliance” at my high school, (which we called “triangles” or something to be less binary about it), there were a lot of people who were supposedly “straight allies” who are now, say, gay married to their gay boyfriends. Or bi married to their bi girlfriends.

I should put a sign up on my wall that’s like “it’s allies for the closeted queers, not allies for the cishetero frenemies”, because I read so much here about how IT’S NEVER EVER ALLIES that I forget.

Which doesn’t mean that it can’t be “A for ace” and be “LGBTQIA and allies”. Like how it used to be “LGBT and allies” or “queer youth and friends” or whatever.

Which would actually boost ace visibility way more than just saying LGBTQIA, right? Because if you also say “and allies”, people have to go “wait a minute I thought that was the A” and learn something.

What we used to do was just put two Q’s in there, for Queer and Questioning. But not everybody is ready to call themselves “questioning”.