If you want to know a man, get to know his mom.

We all want a relationship with Jesus, but sometimes I think we forget what that really means.  

When you get to know someone, you don’t just hang out with them, but also the people that know them, the people they love.  Meeting someone’s family is significant because it reveals a little more about them and that allows your love to grow for them, and for their family.

Really, it would be quite strange if you were close with someone and never heard anything about their family and friends!

So when we get to know Jesus, we should probably get to know His family–particularly His mom.  Mary is not just the arbitrary servant God chose to use, she is the New Eve!  And personally, I would like to know the courageous, beautiful woman who gave her yes to God. 

Building a relationship with Mary doesn’t destroy or distract from Jesus, just like getting to know your best friend’s mom wouldn’t destroy or distract from your relationship with them.  It enhances your relationship on both ends: they reveal themselves to you on a deeper level, and you get to love someone who they love.  It builds love. 

Relationships always seem to bring more relationships; love always seems to bring more love.   

This doesn’t just apply to Mary, though–God loves all of us, too, right?  And if we truly love Him, we love the people He loves.  

Abundance - Transformation - Slowing Down 

 We are in such a rush to change a part of our lives so much for something that we think will make everything better. 

We are obsessed with chasing and doing things for our “hypothetical future”, we actually forget what we have in front of us right now. We are always in a hurry….for what? What do we desire? What are we chasing after?

 We need to be grateful for what we have at the present moment. We are already blessed for now. We always are. We keep on chasing things and living in the future that we forget to actually live here in the present.

Slow down, and just be grateful for what you have accomplished and where you are now.

 Slow down, appreciate, and thank yourself and the universe. You’ve already come a long way.

I wasn’t gonna say anything but it’ll bug me if I don’t…

Do you know what bothers me the most about this Loch(te)mess? The idea that he could come here, make shit up based on stereotypes to cover his own ass and still think no one would give a second thought because ~~honestly~~ who would have doubted someone was held at gunpoint and robbed in Rio? Brazil is a hellhole anyway… Pandemonium, right?

Such entitlement.

It’s imperialist behavior at it’s best: go to a foreign country, fuck shit up, make it seem like the uncivilized savages are to blame and then fucking leave.

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Omg, Natasha's snapchat... Seeing her cry made me cry as well:c Im so sad I need a hug, mate💔😞


It’s okay! *wraps you in a blanket and gives you a cup of cocoa* You’re okay

What about some happy thoughts! This all means that Carmilla is coming back real soon! We’re that much closer to get to see Hollstein happy together again… AND MATTIE’S ALIVE! How cool is that? And the fandom is rising from the dead. Soon we’re going to freak out about eps and theorize all together again!

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hi! regarding the taron egerton skiing tweet, im sure it is fake because the person who tweeted it was from and in london but taron is currently in montenegro or was at the time of the tweet!! also he doesnt seem like the type who would be a crazy drunk especially bc hes quite reserved

Okay, you have a right to think that it’s fake. Like i said to the other anon, it could very well be fake, a case of mistaken identity, the person wanting to start something just for the sake of it, etc., especially with the reliability of things on the internet. It could very well be true, which again, we don’t know because none of us were there nor do we really have any proof of any kind. What we do know is that Taron was indeed in Montenegro because we do have fan pics, actual proof that he was there. Anything beyond that is strictly hearsay, so take it as you want.

“Also he doesn’t seem like the type who would be a crazy drunk especially bc he’s quite reserved”-What I want you to realize anon, and what I wish people would really, really, really, REALLY, understand is that just because Taron is “quite reserved” doesn’t mean that’s him as a total. We have to remember that the person we know as Taron is “Taron the Actor”, the Taron that he has decided to let us see and know through videos, interviews, tweets, etc and then there is “Taron the Person” that we don’t even know. I’ve seen so many people who try to project this image of a celeb as this person who can do no wrong and is strictly an “A Type Personality” when really they’re NOTHING like what the person has them pegged as. I’m sure that you yourself are different depending on the people you’re with. I’m sure that you act one way with your parents, your S/O, you’re friends, your co workers, members of your community and that’s the same with Taron. I’m sure he’s not going to talk to his mum and dad the same way that he’d talk to his mates (unless they have that kind of relationship, then cool). He is a human being first and foremost, and we need to realize that he’s person whom we really don’t know completely, and we really shouldn’t. There are aspects of Taron that even the closest people in his life don’t even know about, so why should we?

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Just my thoughts though

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“Quick catch that cat it stole my wallet!” Blake/Weiss/Velvet

Excuse me? I did no-oh.” Blake paused in a rather contorted position, watching another student whirl by, somehow managing a sprint in heels after a cat-an actual cat. They slow only to shoot her a bemused look, before they’re gone in a clatter, leaving Blake to stand there awkwardly.

Velvet chuckles nearby. “That’s one way to make an impression, certainly.”

“Velv, please…”

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Is Dany attracted to Daario or what he represents? If she embraced "fire and blood", would she still want him?

Latter’s easy: hell yes. Like I said, that’s the central thrust of their relationship. And she explicitly embraced “fire and blood” in her masterful final chapter in ADWD.

The former, by contrast, is never easy to answer. We like to think we love people for who they are and that’s it, but a lot of it always has to do with the context: where we are in life, what we’re looking for, what we’re trying to forget or ignore.

Giving love a shot part 23 🤓

*Jae’s View*

What exactly is going on? I know I’ve been busy over the past few days, but something tells me that there’s a lot going on that I have no idea about.

Dad: I thought you said that you were going to leave tomorrow?

Jae: I know  daddy, but I have an emergency call at home

Mom: is everything okay?

Jae: I don’t know, I guess I will find out when I get there

Mom: well let us know when you land

Jae: I will

Dad: it was nice meeting you Jay

Jay: it was nice meeting you to

Dad: okay, and don’t forget what we’ve talked about

Jay: I wont sir

Jae:*looks at both of them* I’m not even going to ask *walks to the car*

Mom:*hugs her* be safe

Jae: thanks you guys to..love you

*soon in the plane*

Jay: you still didn’t tell me why we’re going home early

Jae: Byul needs me

Jay: why?

Jae: idk she called me crying

Jay: oh


Dang it is cold as heck, what happened? *wearing a white Jean, pink mid sleeves shirt, White heels*

Jay:*notices she cold, takes off his leather Jacket and put it on her*

Jae: you know people are taking pictures right?

Jay: so what? *holds her hand and both walks pass the flocks of people that’s taking pictures, made it out cause of securities that were waiting for Jaeha*

I really don’t like having a lot of securities, but ever since that Jay rumors starting I just have them wait for me in places where there’s a crowd.

*1hr later in front of AOMG office in the car*

Jay: where are you going first?

Jae: I’m going to Byul’s house

Jay:*sigh, and looks disappointed*

Jae: what?

Jay: nothing

Jae:*takes his hand in hers* look at me? What’s wrong?

Jay: it’s just.. that the week is over, and I feel like everything is gonna go back to the way they were a week ago.

Jae: well…..your week is over sooo

Jay: see..

Jae: *lol* I’m joking, I will call you later *leans towards him and gives him a kiss*

*10mins later in office*

*Jay’s View*

Back home after the mini vaca with Jaeha, I still can’t shake the feeling that something is gonna go wrong. It’s like a time ticking bomb getting ready to go off.

Jay: what’s up guys?

*All laughs*

Simon: look who’s gracing us with his pressence, whatsup?

Jay: nothing much

Loco: how was it

Jay: great

Chacha: we can tell

Jay: huh?

Loco: you have red lipstick all over

Jay: *smiles and cleans his face*

Gray: weren’t you suppose to come back two days ago?

Jay: yea

Gray: and?

Jay: I went with her to her parents house.

Simon: she brought you to meet the fam already?

Jay: no, she actually didn’t want me to go

Chacha: why not?

Jay: I think she was afraid that they would scared me away

Loco: were they?

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I should be sleeping but ( first luv you guys < 3 ) and second, I keep remembering how in order, Braig attached Even first, then Ienzo, then Aeleus and then Dilian. And just - the even and Ienzo bit really messes with me, partly thanks to what I discussed with @arcanumlxbri about how Zexion doesn’t really recall the events that happened prior and so just see’s the others acting cold towards Xigabr out of the blue ? 

((A bit of an idea for dead-end timeline fun! Possibly with @nabanna and the @the-edge-king? I’d say @the-wanderers-tales too but their characters could probs just bust out. Anyway! Possible spoilers below, if we choose to go ahead wit this!))

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julienjolras replied to your postOkay Mozart l’opera rock is so damn weird

It looks and sounds so different from Mozart! das musical isnt it

IT DOES! I love Mozart! das Musical to death and my Wolfie in general as well so I was like… why not… and now I don’t know quite what happened there.

Okay on the good side: the costumes and sets are sooooooo stunning seriously wow 

But then I can’t get that music which sounding like 18th century french version of k-pop… cause after all Mozart was writing classical music and it’s quite opposite to what pop represents in my personal opinion and idk I see why people like it because it’s interesting in approach to the story. I may be biased by Mozart! and its more classical style (with rock of course but I find it more suited than pop-rock for some reasons) but Mozart l’opera rock just makes every scene more weird than necessary. So not my cup of tea in case of music and characters were portrayed in a very specific way which I could complain about as well but let’s say it has something to it and this something is visuals and I appreciate the usage of some original Mozart’s pieces. I’ll stick to the German musical, it’s pretty much how I like my Mozart to be and well it is a dash more accurate and deeper in meaning

And maybe I’m going a bit over the top with making Mozart! the best and proving how it’s better but I feel like the heart of Mozart kind of lays in a language too and I think like the French musical focused on the story itself (which is nothing bad) while the German when with deeper message and mentality of the character which I always love (and which is why Kunze/Levay musicals are my faves)