I feel like the entire The 100 fandom just needs a quicky reminder.

A lot of the characters on this show are supposed to be children!

This is easily forgotten because these characters are played by adults (which is a problem in media in and of itself but it’s the CW so what are you gonna do?). But it’s still important to remember:

Clarke is 18. Technically an adult but still very young to but running an entire group of people (that aren’t just other children). 

Octavia is 17 at most. 

Same goes for Jasper and Monty but I’d waver on the side of them being closer to 16. Same as Harper.

They are older teenagers capable of making their own decisions which means that they have to take responsibility for those decisions. It doesn’t excuse the shitty and problematic things that they do. 

What it does mean is that they are still learning. They are still growing into a whole person. They are going to make mistakes. Some of those mistakes, especially in these high stake situations, are going to have more intense consequences for them and others around them. But they are still in the process of learning who they are and the difference between right and wrong.

They are still learning.


He just looks so good. Omg help…

Important Waldi news

No, he’s not leaving.

But he’s not entirely healthy at the moment. We’ve always struggled with everything from his fetlocks down, sometimes having short-durated infections. They always seemed to tone down and didn’t seem to bugger Waldi for too long. We left it how it was, hoping his feet would sort themselves.

They did, for a while.

Somehow, sadly enough, it worsened during this autumn and winter. So much so that he was in pain when in strenuous work and activity, not quite limping or anything, but stepping in short and walking out of rhythm.

I figure I am young and unsure, I didn’t call the vet as fast as I probably should have. I had hoped that it would tone down with rest, better weather, and care.

It hasn’t. So I called the vet this Thursday, nearly ensuing an anxiety attack on me because I suck at caring for things.

The vet came and… confirmed that it was bad now. Poor thing is in more pain than I thought, he just could hide it very well.

Anyway, we have a treatment schedule now, hoping we can fix whatever I let happen to my bay bae.
To point out good things: it isn’t a terrible condition, his muscles and tendons are perfectly fine, and it’s just his hindlegs. We know what is causing the pain and we can set out some ways to cure it.

As for the future; I trust that Waldi will get better. There are many solutions and treatments.
It’s just that that’s what’s dragging me down and under the past month, and mostly these past days, and you had the right to know why I wasn’t as active as usual.

Idk I always think of this when I hear the song

Man what is WRONG with me today???? My emotions are so compromised.  I’ve been scared shitless all day with my heart pounding and i keep almost tearing up???  At the weirdest shit????  Like I’m the first to admit I’m a crier but not this bad of one O.o  I literally saw lyrics to that song Moana sings about the ocean and I started crying.  the fuck is up???


I promise I’m gonna be the best husband I can be.
Hey, you’re already the best husband I’ve had.

Square tf up Yoosung
  • Seven: You need them to think you're stronger than you actually are.
  • Yoosung: That's what you do?
  • Seven: Me?
  • Seven: Oh, no.
  • Seven: My power is no illusion.
  • Seven: I can fucking demolish you.