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Look, I’m in firm denial that Sacrifice ever happened; Mara never died, blah blah blah. But what if she did die… and then came back? What if she hung around as a Force ghost, ala Flora_Obsidian’s Found Families series? There would be a lot of angst to be had, that’s what. 

  • Only Jedi and Force sensitives can see and hear Mara. She’s invisible to the rest of the world, unable to communicate except through her family. 
    • Just forget about talking to droids. 
    • “I’m not going crazy.” Luke has had to tell other beings over and over. Ben just glares, dares anyone to question him. He speaks clearly to his mother, even if it looks, to everyone else in the room, like he’s talking to the air. 
    • The conversation with Karrde had been painful. Her surrogate father believes Luke, and doesn’t even ask for the confirmation code Mara offers to pass via Luke. But it’s harder for him to accept that she’s there, and that he’ll still never hear her voice again. 
    • Except for Han. Han can see her fine. No one knows why, he just does.
  • Being incorporeal is a bitch.
    • She’s can’t protect them. She can’t pick up her lightsaber and fight at their side. She can’t even pick up a datapad, for kriff’s sake! Mara has never been good at letting others fight her battles. She’ll do whatever she can, in any form that she has, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough. 
      • She can’t hold her son in her arms. 
    • Mara misses being able to fly her ship. “Don’t you dare scratch the paint, Skywalker.” “I flew against the Death Star, Mara, I think I can handle a simple docking procedure.” She’s a horrible backseat driver, but Luke doesn’t have the heart to ask her to leave the cockpit. He imagines that he’d be even worse if he were in her position. Even her snidest comments are better than the silence when she’s not there. 
  • “I don’t want to alarm you.” The childcare droid tells Leia in her fussy, mechanical voice. “But little Allana has invented an imaginary friend.” “Oh, that’s just her aunt.” Leia says. 
    • Mara adores her grandniece. 
      • Leia often finds them huddled together, Mara’s transparent, blue-edged form hovering over Allana, plotting the maker knows what. There are times when Han and Leia can’t watch over Allana (the galaxy is still constantly in need of saving), and they know that Mara will be there. 
  • Mara looks the way she did the year she married Luke, which Ben finds a little disorienting at first. 
    • “Your mother was an amazing dancer.” (They ignore all that was implies). “I would still be if that farmboy wasn’t distracting me all the time.” She retorts. The verbal sparring is familiar, comforting. Mara laughs as Luke sweeps her up in response and waltzes her around the room. (They ignore the way she flickers like a holo; her blurry edges where their hands don’t quite meet). 
  • Ben and Mara talk.
    • When she was alive, she didn’t say much about her grim childhood and career as the Emperor’s pet assassin, but she tells him everything now. She teaches him all the tricks she learned as a smuggler. She tells him a story about his father and a drunken bantha than makes him laugh so hard he falls out of his chair. She says things that he doesn’t think she’s even told his father. It seems as though she wants to tell him everything she knows before she slips out of his life again. 
      • They don’t talk about her death, and his role in it. Ever. 
  • In the evenings on their ship, Luke always sits with his hand on the table so that Mara can lay hers over his as she sits beside him. He can’t feel her hand, but it’s as close as he can ever get to holding it in his own. 
    • In their room, in the dark, Luke says, “I miss making love to you, Mara.” He hears her dry chuckle. “Making love? You’ve always been a sap, Farmboy.” He senses her shift closer. With the lights out, he can’t see her arms wrap around him and can’t feel her embrace, but he can sense her presence enveloping him through the Force, the gentle caress of her mind against his. “I miss it too." 

so here i am, getting ready and i was like why don’t I do my makeup bc I haven’t done it awhile. gotta see if my wing eyeliner game is still hella. so i do my eyeliner and for once I put on concealer bc i only ever wear eyeliner and maybe mascara, i don’t do anything else bc time. but u know I do and then my mom comes home and is like “Its raining we’re not going out.” and I stop fixing my hair and I stare at myself in the mirror and cry.

okay, this isn’t just for bleach, it can apply to a lot of other fandoms: but since when is landing at the top of a ‘best ships’ list reason to make a couple canon? like, yeah, your fans are obviously your way to money + sustenance and, as such, the ability to continue whatever series you’re writing. but i don’t understand how writers pandering to fans is a necessary action nor how not doing so somehow invalidates the actual outcome of writers’ stories. 

from beginning to end, a writer’s story is entirely theirs. enthusiasm from fans over particular dynamics can certainly boost confidence and a will to complete their work, but more often than not, the writer has the end of their story envisioned long before any fans’ feelings can ‘change’ it. sometimes, writers can balance their own vision with that of their fans’, and that’s great. i know it’s the kind of situation i hope for when i publish my own novel. but when writers choose to stick with a vision that goes against that of the fans, how is it suddenly so invalidated? (the major exception in this case would be any situation where the writer’s decisions are insulting and/or offensive, i.e., the raven cycle, the mortal instruments, a court of thorns and roses, etc.) are the fans the ones who created the story? are the fans the ones who envisioned the end in the very beginning, when the story was in its first stages? 

no. no, no, and no. to say that you know better than the author is incredibly disrespectful, hypocritical (considering you followed their story so religiously before their ‘bad’ decision), and just outright rude. you have no idea how much time and effort this author put into their story. you have no idea how many ideas they may have had in their head for their story but weren’t able to put to use because of the nature of publishing a work. you have no idea what is going through the author’s head in the deepest parts of their mind. you have no fucking idea, so stop acting like you do. 

Belle enjoying her belated-by-a-week Happy 2nd Birthday Party, with Rerun keeping watch from the cheap seats, August 21, 2016

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Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party! What a fabulous time we had. Although I love each of my wonderful presents, your presence is what made my day. Rerun had fun too!

(Please excuse our mama’s semi-comatose demeanour and fully-shocking appearance. She was not herself that day. We’re still not sure who she is, thus the delayed posting of her “Introduction Meme” requested by @sablelab, @fromheretoeternity1121, and @just-a-wretched-woman. We promise to get that done before 2019. Mama’s state accounts for the tardiness of this note, too. We should probably add the birthday party was a clever ruse for inviting some friends over an afternoon. Mama’s an introvert, ye ken, and is incapable of socializing for no reason.)

Hope you’re enjoying your week. Remember to Save the Date, February 23, for Rerun’s 7th Happy Birthday Party. Time flies when you’re being silly.


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Belle deciding the pretty red tissue is her favourite part of Auntie Angele’s gift, August 21, 2016