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Honestly what is the point of Star reaching the "Realm of Magic" if she's going to come back(back to Mewni) right after Marco called her.Why does the place keep her "hypnotised" into staying there?What is her purpose of going to that dimension?

What was the purpose of her going there, and why she wanted to be called there (if we are to trust the words of the magic horse), I don’t know. Was it a way for her to completely master the Butterfly form, or would she have managed to do that anyway? Was it the same the place Glossaryck and Star were in Toffee? Maybe Glossaryck’s essence and “mind” is still there?

About the meaning of her being back after having answered to Marco’s call, that might be a bit easier to speculate about: the trope of snapping out of a trance state induced by a “fake paradise” is quite common in fiction, and usually wants to emphasize how important the person calling is to the one who refuses a life of pleasure and lack of duties (another important theme in the show!) if that means losing their loved ones (a similar theme, this time brought to its extreme, as Star Vs Echo Creek’s one). Marco went through something similar, with Star being his anchor to real life, in Running With Scissors - an episode that was heavily referenced, in a way, just the segment before Deep Dive. This post talks about the parallels in a way more articulate way.

Also it gave Marco a good reason to use magic.

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What do you think is the perfect clan size? Obviously the 3 heads (leader, deputy, med cat) and say 10-13 warriors? One or two queens, a few apprentices, and a couple elders?

ok clan size is something that i’ve thought about so much from both a realistic standpoint (how can their territory size support them etc) and from a writing standpoint (if you have too many characters they just fall into the bg and whats the point in having them exist) 

From a writing/fictional point of view - i think anywhere between 15-25 cats is fine. Too many characters and it just becomes a clusterfuck of names and trying to remember who’s related to who, but too few and we end up being severely inbred within 2 gens. The erins have a habit now of making the standard clan size 40+, which is ridiculous to even try to keep up with that many cats per clan, and it’s how we end up with tons of mistakes like characters dying twice or being listed once and then never again (there’s a ton of cats that appear in the Dawn allegiances and then disappear forever) 

A problem with that many cats too is that the Erins seem to think that feral cats (who aren’t fed by humans) eat everyday, and often times eating twice a day. HOW ON EARTH is their territory supposed to support them and other predators that live in their forest without them fucking up the entire forest ecosystem? In just a year that amount of cats would completely decimate mice/shrew/vole populations and the prey would be unable to recover and breed enough for the next year. Within a few years the clans would have to move because they overhunted and there’s not enough food anymore (which would be a cool plot point but) 

tldr; if you have a shit ton of cats you need to have a territory that’s large enough to support them all 

me: oh new SW movies and live action TV show? that’s great i am really looking forward to seeing all that!

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You know what really pisses me off?

Private art collections.

Like literally, what is the point of having a bunch of artwork that you can’t do anything with, aside from brag about the fact that you have it? What is the point? What are you doing? What are you even achieving with that??