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Your art style is so pure and beautiful and I love your grasp of lighting and I just... I really really enjoy visiting your blog (I kept coming back and forgot to follow until now!) Thank you so much for what you bring to fandom(s)! x

fhggjfgd this was seriously so lovely to read, thank you so much ;___; I tend not to have much idea what I’m doing whenever I light stuff, I mostly wing it and hope for the best AHAHA

Your words are really humbling and so sweet, thank you again ;^; <3

“Theres a certain grim intellectual power behind the faith of the Faceless Men, valar morghulis, all men must die, and you know all men do die so it doesn’t seem to matter what god they pray to in the end they’re dead. Which would seem to indict that the god of death is a really really powerful god and maybe one that we should pay attention to.”

“I know she does have a favorite character and she has threatened to leave me if I kill that character so I do have to be very careful about that but I’m not gonna tell you what character that is you have to find out for yourself.”

“That is a dark chapter but there are a lot of dark chapters in the book that I’m writing. It is called the Winds of Winter and I’ve been telling you for twenty years that winter was coming and winter is the time when things die and cold and ice and darkness fills the world so this is not going to be the happy feel good book that people may be hoping for. And some of the characters are in very dark places but thats what you want to do, I’m not writing a series in a traditional sense. I’m writing one really long, really long, novel with multiple point of view and in any story the classic structure is things get worse before they get better so things are getting worse for a lot of people.”

GRRM [x]

It really goes to show the lengths that fangirls will go when they can find a way to think of a serial child murderer who has only been portrayed visually by an 8-bit purple humanoid shape as sexy.

And that’s not even getting into the fact that what we have seen of him is this:

apologies for my blog being so negative and inactive heres some oldish cute vik to make up for that :’)

How to Love a Walking Bomb

i. keep your distance, he could go off at any moment

ii. don’t watch him sleep at night, you’ll slow your own breathing to match his so you can feel connected somehow, you’ll fall like a rock in water

iii. take note of the way he shrinks in on himself when he is scorned, where did he pick that up

iv.a watch his bronze curls as they blow in the breeze, do you see how the sun gives him a halo at this angle?

iv.b sneer at him when he catches you

v. find ways to lessen your feelings. look at his eyes, they are dimensionless. watch his hands they are clumsy and careless.

vi.a ask yourself why you have a thing for boys with a hero complex

vi.b push him down a flight of stairs to see where that self sacrificing attitude will get him

vii. watch the gentle way he touches her and imagine him touching you that way

viii. scoff at his titles, ‘the chosen one’, ‘the mage’s heir’. all of it is garbage, he’s a useless mage with good intentions

ix. poke him until he goes off, laugh in his face, and then think about how much you would’ve preferred consoling him into submission

x. revel in the knowledge that you both made it back for your last year, albeit six weeks late, but back regardless

xi. propose a truce - for the time being, at least - maybe he will see that being a monster doesn’t eliminate your humanity

xii. do not reveal any weaknesses he can use against you. truce does not equate friendship.

xiii. do not let yourself be swept away by his eyes. do not let every burning touch leave you dumbfounded, you’re flammable for Christ’s sake!

xiv. lose yourself in the sense of comfort that comes from the domesticity of his socked feet in your home. it’s okay to be vulnerable here, isn’t it?

xv. his kiss is practiced and good - just like him

xvi. so, so good

xvii. when his world is crumbling you are his main anchor, remind him that he is still human, and good, no matter what thoughts are plaguing his mind

xviii. be tender with him, he is not as invincible as you once believed

xix. treat him kindly, you love him and he loves you.

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are you proud of what you are in tumblr? i mean you are still a small blog but you escalated quickly when people started relating you to hugh or other big blogs, so my point is, are you proud of the achievements you got by social escalating in this website?

first of all, who do you think you are? if you think you can come in anon, asking me if i’m proud of taking advantage of my friendships in this site to gain popularity, well, you cannot do that, you just don’t do that! and please check your own blog and your mutuals and think about what are you doing in here tbh

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There is /everything/ to compare it to. You were manipulated away from your family by Xehanort, and turned into a vessel by him. Now, you are manipulating Loz away from his brothers, in order to prepare him for being a vessel. I hate to say it, but you're ruining his life in exactly the same manner yours was ruined.

It’s -                       There is /everything / to compare it to.

                       You were manipulated away from your family by          Xehanort, and turned into a vessel by him.

                          Now, you are manipulating Loz away from his brothers, in order to prepare him for being a vessel. I hate to say it, but you’re ruining his life in exactly the same manner yours was ruined.

Shut up.

…just shut up.


It’s his fault - no it’s not - he’s just going through with orders - no this is out of his own ‘free will’ - but your still bending to his will aren’t you? - It’s not as if you had meant for it to get this far - it was just meant to be an easy job - trick  him to the point he could swoop in just like this - he hadn’t meant any of this - he - he was fine - he was fine to tear his family apart - it was.


                                   “ JUST SHUT TH’ ELL’ UP! “

   A coarse of power - the room overflowing with a scent of darkness as it bursts forth from his body. Anything that was loose on his arm flapping upwards as if there was a SUDDEN shift in gravity. A loud CLANK hits the surface of the rooms roof - sounds emitting as if on repeat - until as soon as it happened. His arms fall limp to his side as he sharply breaths. The power in that moment vanishing. Even as the darkness slowly wisps around his form.

                                         “ Ha….a h …. y o…u…”

                                           “ Jus…you bes’ shut it….just shut  u p….”

  • MC: *walks into the kitchen* Is something burning?
  • Saeyoung: *leaning seductively against the counter* Just my desire for you.
  • MC: Saeyoung, the toaster is on fire.