omg so I had this year old print order (?? christ im bad at this)

but yeah it was one of my discontinued gorillaz fan print from two years ago:

I just placed a reorder of it on catprint, gonna get one for that waiting customer, and got five extra to do like a giveaway with, about to hit a milestone with this blog! (I remember this print being really popular so i figure there’s probably still a lot of people who’d like it!)

I think I’ll do an original ink drawing as well to go with the giveaway, I’ll host a voting poll on twitter eventually with some options to choose from (like sailor moon, inu yasha, naruto, their story, pokemon, pokemon go, ETC)

but yeah! I hope that’ll be of interest to some people!

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all you do anymore is get stoned and play video games tf you talking about. No ones gonna remember you, ketchup kids boy

shit dude you got me. anyway I’m gonna go get stoned and play video games, but ima feel real bad about it from now on

i’mma start tracking IP addresses and going after these people who are being rude to/towards marisha

i can not believe the disgusting, harmful things that are being sent/said to her. over a game. a GAME. emotions are not a game. marisha is being strong on the internet, but who knows how she’s really truly handling all of this.

i’m just so mad.

i’m just….so…..mad

So I work at a hair salon that sells hempz lotion which is super good smelling lotions that have hemp seed oil in them and they have a pot leaf on the front of the bottle. Most of the clients we get at our salon are middle-age white women and one day a lady came up to me with a very concerned look on her face and said “I really like how your lotion feels but I’m scared to buy it because I might get addicted to it because of the marijuana”. So I had to explain to this 50 year old lady there is not possibly way she can get addicted to putting this lotion on her hands