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Do you think space prince tony cries stars and that's how like, little galaxies are formed? And when he dies, does a black hole form like how stars die?? (pls don't mind me rambling)

new rule: never make my son cry ever ever again. also: space prince tony will never die he is safe and protected for always shh

If McCree wasn’t so American (like, if there’d been a chance he could have lived anywhere else before deadlock/overwatch) he would be a total Calgarian/From Calgary AB

Reasoning: Calgary Stampede, street names like ‘Roundup way’, a sports center that looks like a fricken saddle… ALBERTA BEEF AND RANCHES

LIKE OKAY LOOK. People from Calgary love cowboy hats and boots and other shit. I go like 15 minutes out of town and it’s all farms. 15 minutes out of Calgary and there’s like 7 ranches.

Hell, people in Alberta love cowboy stuff– there’s at least…there’s like 3 BIG fairs/rodeos (Westerner days, Klondike Days, Calgary Stampede) and I think almost all the small towns have them too….

Anyways the point is that McCree would make a REALLY GOOD Canadian okay

(someone talk to me about this)

i just want to be able to be myself again..

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I can't wait to see Doctor Strange. It's going to be the best Marvel movie since the Avengers or the first Iron Man. It's going to make huge money and Tilda is going to be just amazing as the Ancient One. You stay home opening night, it won't matter one bit. Everyone I know is seeing it and looking forward to it.

you and everyone you know can go enjoy being racist sweatie :)