What's the weirdest thing about your crush?
  • Ino: His sense of humor, for sure.
  • Karui: The size of his stomach is a mystery to me.
  • Hinata: W-whiskers.
  • Temari: Hair. Looks like a pineapple.
  • Sakura: His left eye. The rinnegan just creeps me out.
  • Karin: The teeth. They're too sharp.
  • Ino: What are you talking about? Sasuke doesn't have-
  • Karin: I wasn't talking about Sasuke.
  • Suigetsu: Hey ladies, what up?
part 3; lies and deceit

Part one, Part two 

Pairings: jungkook x reader x taehyung

Genre: angst | fluff | light smut (later on)

Description: two best friends, both have lies that can hurt you, but one is going to hurt you more than the other.

Word Count: 2k 

a/n: i love my cliffhangers haha sorry guys. well i know it took me forever to update but this time i’ll upload part 4 soon. so yea thank you so much for reading guys i really appreciate it. feedback would be amazing! 

This was like your freshman year of high school all over again. You were alone. Taehyung had no classes with you and your schedules didn’t work together. The only time you had with him was in the evenings but even then it was cut short due to studying and his club meetings. 

No Taehyung and no Jungkook…. Sure you’d catch him on campus but you two ignored each other. What happened between you was left alone. The flyer, the kiss. All of it was thrown under the rug leaving you two with no other choice but to ignore each other and act as if your long years of friendship were truly over.

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anonymous asked:

about that last post... varric sees cassandra mocking and making fun of the nobles and then he /knows/ he's fallen in love.

Oh no. Oh god. You have inspired me. Get ready, it’s story time.

Winter Palace Cassarric/Tethraghast fluff, based on this post by @cassandrapentayaaaaas​.

Word count: 2300+. I’m sorry it’s this long, but I loved the idea too much not to run with it. 

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When Things Collide 12

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader // Kingsman Team x The Avengers Team

Characters: Harry Hart, Merlin, Eggsy Unwin // Steve Rogers, Natalia Romanov, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Vison, Bruce Banner.


Huge thank you to @thatsarcasticphotographer you’re a damn peach for this! Thank you so much!! vvv

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Special (A Choices Fanfic)

Pairing: Kenji x F!MC (Alex)

Summary: Kenji tries to propose to Alex, but the universe keeps standing in his way.


A/N: So I’m still on a bit of a personal break this week (hence the lack of activity these last few days), but I found time to continue a WIP and considering it was a request, I didn’t want to wait any longer to post it (since this is overdue already anyway).

This one goes out to my love, @kenkatsaros , who requested for a proposal gone wrong for Kenji x MC. Shoutout to @kenjkats​ too for this proposal HC (I borrowed a few ideas; you’ll see them when you get there lol, no spoilers). 

I hope this satisfies, my dears! I’m so sorry for the delay.

P.S. I use a random HC I saw somewhere that Blake (RoE) and Kenji are related btw. You’ll see why.

“Alex. From the very first day, I’d known you were special.”

Uh. No.

“Alex, you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met.”

“Alex. You make every day of my life better than the last.”



Kenji startles to his senses.

“Babe, if you don’t come out soon, we’re going to lose our reservation.”

Kenji tries his best to keep his composure, weeks of practice paying off as his voice comes out calm and collected.

“I’m coming!”

He lets out a puff of breath, fingers stroking the smooth silver band in his hand. A ray of light shines through the bathroom window, and Kenji smiles as it hits the diamond just right, a prism of colors dancing on its surface.

Today’s the day, Katsaros. For real this time.

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Prompt: “one where reader just had a break up with her abusive boyfriend and kirk becomes her new one?” - Anon

Word Count: 2,273

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, physical, emotional, and mental to varying degrees.

Author’s Note: This story has been eating at me for a while. It was incredibly challenging to get into this mindspace and ultimately to write this piece. I have mercifully never been in an abusive relationship, so I am not sure how this would realistically play out. I want to extend my gratitude to my friend who shared some experiences with me so that I could try to make this sound in some way correct. Please heed the warnings here. We’re getting pretty much exactly what Anon asked for. Take care of yourselves. I pray that you can find someone, either a partner or a friend, who makes you feel as safe as you deserve to be.

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Yes, Mistress...

It took me a ridiculously long time to write this piece for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s Writing Challenge, but it’s finally done! This was for the Nipple Clamps prompt, and I hope you all enjoy some Sherry x Negan femdom smut on this fine Saturday. I know Negan did. See?

Summary: Honestly? This doesn’t have much of a plot, but I will say this: Negan. Sherry. Nipple Clamps. Femdom. Kink. And lots and lots of smutty goodness! Also, sex on a desk!

Word Count: 3,341

Warnings: So much smut. Nipple torture. Riding. Oral Sex. Negan’s filthy mouth. Sherry’s nearly as filthy mouth. Bodily fluids. Power dynamic shifts. And also, this is probably a very bad representation of a healthy D/s relationship…but…you know…it’s fiction, so…

Yes, Mistress…

A looping silver chain dangled delicately from Negan’s fingers, glimmering in the late afternoon sunlight that streamed through the two large windows which flanked his desk. Sherry squinted at the object and leaned in a little closer over the desk, trying to determine what she was looking at. Negan took the opportunity to peer down the neckline of her dress, causing Sherry to straighten up and glare down at him as he sat in his well-worn office chair.

“Fucking pervert.”

“Heh. Yeah,” he smirked at her and leaned back in the chair, “You fucking love it though. Don’t lie.”

“Oh, fuck off!” she cried, wanting desperately to wipe the cocky expression off of his face, while still being wholly unable to hide the slight smile that crept across her lips.

“I fucking knew it! You’re blushing!”

“Oh my god! Shut up!” she furrowed her brow, “What am I looking at here, exactly? It’s too long to be a necklace…”

Negan snickered, but remained otherwise silent.

“Are you seriously going to make me play guessing games now?”

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When Mycroft gets propositioned 😂😂😂

*Both dressing back up.*

Mycroft: So, you’re off now! I won’t see you for… a week?

Lady Smallwood: Just spending it at home, unless she calls.

Mycroft: The PM.

Lady Smallwood: *hands Mycroft her card* Here.

Mycroft: What’s this?

Lady Smallwood: My number.

Mycroft: I already have your number…

Lady Smallwood: My private number.

Mycroft: Why would I need that?

Lady Smallwood: I don’t know. Maybe you’d like a drink sometime.

Mycroft: …Of what?

Lady Smallwood: Up to you. Call me.

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