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When Dean got his new bi shirt I loved it so much, and now it's amazing that he gets to wear it for 4+ episodes! This is quite a long streak for him. Maybe they're drawing out the color symbolism for ~purposes~

Hi there! I assume you mean the red and blue plaid he’s wearing in the promo photos?

He’s been wearing that shirt a lot in the last few episodes of s11, and I fully expected him to be wearing it again in 12.01, since it’s what he was wearing when he went off to be the soul bomb. 12.01 is supposed to pick up right where 11.23 left off, so even just as a continuity thing, it makes sense he didn’t get a wardrobe change in between.

But here we have him STILL wearing the shirt even after finding Mary and entirely new wardrobe. So (sorry there’s no full-body shot of her and her clothes in the promo pics, but we did get that tweeted pic of Mary’s new wardrobe for 12.03), but it looks like they went shopping at some point between 12.01 and 12.03, because while the clothes Mary’s wearing resemble Deans, they actually fit Sam Smith. I mean, maybe at first Dean gives her the jacket and stuff to cover up with, but there’s no way those boots she’s wearing are actually Dean’s. They’re tiny compared to Dean’s feet!

Zerbe answered this ask about Mary wearing Dean’s red shirt of doom, and it was the first thing that came to mind while thinking about this new plaid of Dean’s. I don’t think this is so much a “bi plaid,” since it’s not actually bi colors, but with the even, regular squares and the sharply contrasting red and blue, I’m seeing it more as a “family conflict” sort of theme, which fits in with the historical use of red and blue on the show, and the last few episodes of s11.

That was all about resolving a family conflict in a new way, through a peaceful resolution to the conflict. And that’s how I’ve been thinking about that particular shirt. It’s not “unbalanced,” with one color dominating the other. It strikes me as very “orderly” looking for a plaid, for lack of a better word.

Since s12 is looking like one of the main early conflicts is going to be between the Winchester’s dual family legacies of hunting and the MoL, it seems this shirt is symbolizing that more than a statement on Dean’s sexuality.

Though things can (and do) have more than one meaning. Let’s hope that the “dual legacy” theme can also be subtle nod to Dean being “more than one thing,” and accepting and integrating all of that into his life.

He did finally admit to loving chick flicks, so even if it’s just a nod to masculine/feminine coded things coexisting (like Chuck and Amara), I can accept that read on the shirt’s colors too.

Still, I really hope he gets that thing to a washing machine soon. Ewwww. :D

“Let’s see…”

“I remember that Ib’s teacher used to think I was Ib’s parent since I’m always dropping her off at school. It felt pretty awkward to explain why I didn’t arrive to parents day…”

“There was also that time when Ib’s mother met me for the first time. Ib didn’t tell her how old I was, so she was pretty surprised when Ib ran up to an older man in the grocery store without saying anything. I remember that she apologized to me before realising that I was the friend Ib had been talking about.”

“I also remember something from back in the day when I didn’t know Ib’s family that well. I had completely forgotten that Ib’s father was going to drop of Ib at my appartment because I was going to be her babysitter.” 

“Sometimes I like to try my own designed dresses for fun, and of course, that’s what I was wearing when the doorbell rang. I still remember the look of confusion on Ib’s fathers face when he saw me in a pink and purple lolita-inspired dress until this day.”

“These memories are honestly more fun than awkward to remember though.”

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Name: Neve
Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6" I think, 167cm
Age: 16
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw all the way!
Time Right Now: 10:22pm
Average Hours of Sleep: 5-9 hours
Lucky Numbers: None I don’t think
Last thing I googled: 5'6 feet in cm, don’t measure myself in cm
Favorite fictional character: Thorin and The Hound 💚
Blankets I sleep with: a duvet 
Favorite Bands/artists: Iron Maiden
Dream Trip: Anywhere in Scandinavia 
Dream Job: Not sure…
What I’m wearing right now: Vest and Leggings
When did you make this blog: A few weeks ago I think
Posts: no idea, a lot 
What I post about: LotR/ The Hobbit, occasionally skyrim and others
Why did you get tumblr: Wanted it for a while, it’s a really cool place
Do you get asks on a regular basis: Nope not at all, I’d love to talk to more people though :(
Why did you pick your username:
Thorin has majestic braids
Put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people, (less than 10)

1. Elembívos by Eluveite
2. The Obsessive Devotion by Epica
3. Imaginaerum by Nightwish
4. Wild Flower by Adrian Von Ziegler
5. Cry Just a Little by Avantasia
6. Hell to Pay by Five Finger Death Punch
7. Legion of Monsters by Disturbed
8. The Animal by Disturbed
9. Who by Disturbed
10. Don’t Stay by Linkin Park

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GENDER: good question


HOGWARTS HOUSE: uhhh ravenclaw i think?

FAVOURITE COLOR: blue, red, gold

TIME: 8:89 pm

LAST THING I GOOGLED: “/watch?v=9WtWMByFGYU” i accidentally copied a yt vid’s url n searched it lmao

FICTIONAL CHARACTER YOU’D LIKE AS A SIBLING: uhhh idk.. moira brown mayb she seems like shed be a rly nice sister


FAVORITE BAND/ARTISTS: dnt rly listen to specific bands so idk who id call my fav

DREAM VACATION: pfpfp idk.. i wanna go on a safari some day so i guess africa?

WHAT I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: black tanktop black leggings



WHAT DO I POST ABOUT: bunch of dang ol’ vidya games.. and shitposts

DO YOU GET ASKS ON A REGULAR BASIS: nah lmao not even if i ask

AESTHETIC: uhh idk. leaves and bright lights. fabrics, roses

Tagging: ok im gonna try tagging people this time!! lemme kno if u dnt want to be tagged? @daftandroid, @sofialamb, @coolnpc, @officialcaptainryder, @princess-stabbity,, idk who else to tag hm 5s jus gonna have to be enough.. do it only if u want to!!

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Tips for designing killjoy clothing?

The key word here deary is functionality, everyone talks about the skinny jeans and bright ass leather jackets, but its important that your clothes are comfortable considering the fact that you never know when you’ll get to change them. Make sure that what your wearing won’t suffocate you, wear clothes with a neckline that doesn’t come up too high, and make sure the fabrics you’re wearing are breathable and don’t constrict movement. But also, make sure that you look fine as fuck, out here, ‘Joys are judging your colours from miles away, and if they can’t see your colour from that far then you’re not worth runnin’ into in the first place. Your colour is your identity so make sure they leave an impression. To be honest I don’t really have much to say on the subject of clothes, I barely wear any if you know what I mean ;), and when I do I just have Pony make ‘em for me. So um, i guess the best advice i can give you is, don’t get caught stealin’ off the clothes lines hun, it won’t end well

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nickname: Essie!
star sign: Gemini/Cancer (cusp DOB)

height: 5′0"

time right now: >_>

last thing googled:  ……………  “how long would it take a 1200 TEU container ship to travel from Myanmar to Chennai, India”
favorite music artists: Howard Shore, Alan Menken, Hans Zimmer, then KPop KPop KPop (KIM JUNSU from JYJ/DBSK)

song stuck in your head: “Wait For It”, from Hamilton

last movie watched: in theaters, Jason Bourne. Out of theaters, The Force Awakens
last tv show watched: Ajin (GO WATCH IT omG)
what are you wearing right now: boop

when did you create your blog: I think in February of this year?!
what kind of stuff do you post: Mostly my writing + anything related to it
do you have any other blogs: None on this account 

do you get asks regularly: Not really! Mainly when I’m posting chapter fics haha
why did you choose your URL: It was supposed to be a combination of my name and Ellessey’s……. but its too confusing ;;

gender: Female

hogwarts house: I am convinced I’m a Hufflepuff but Pottermore and everywhere else sorts me into Ravenclaw…
pokemon team: Instinct

favorite color: PINK
average hours of sleep: 7 - 8

lucky number: *shrug*
favorite character(s): Hinata Shouyou and Kageyama Tobio! Also *deep breath* Naru and Sensei from Barakamon, Gandalf the Grey/White, the Weasley twins, Remus Lupin, Murasakibara Atsushi and Akashi Seijuro, Sawamura Eijun and Narumiya Mei (and Furuya Satoru and Miyuki Kazuya and Todoroki Raichi… damn that show), Nanase Haruka and Tachibana Makoto – LOOK this list is never ending. Pretty sure I can pop the entire Voltron cast on here because WHY NOT, and I’m just not even going to go into video games

how many blankets do you sleep with: 1
dream job: Novelist
Following: is this how many blogs I am following? I follow 8 :x

20 blogs you would like to get to know better: OR FIVE, I don’t know that many people @ellessey-writes (is it cheating to tag you in this) @ainu @shoubiochan @celesoran @positivecomet

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  • nicknames: erin, ern
  • gender: female
  • if you had a cat, what would you name it? lafayette
  • height: 5′4″
  • hogwarts house: ravenclaw or slytherin i am in the middle of a mental crisis over this
  • favorite color: peach
  • time right now: 4:01pm
  • lucky number: 14
  • last thing i googled: “brown mascara” i was makeup shopping
  • fictional character you would want as a younger sibling: max lightwood (tmi)
  • number of blankets i sleep with: 2
  • favorite band or artist: (giving a few fight me) taylor swift, twenty øne piløts, and marina and the diamonds
  • dream vacation: italy has been my dream for as long as i can remember
  • what i’m wearing right now: a northeastern tshirt and jean shorts
  • when did i make this blog: 2014 im p sure
  • how many blogs do i follow: 979
  • what do i post about: it used to be dedicated ts but now it’s more whatever i want as long as it fits My Aesthetic
  • do you get asks on a regular basis: hahahhahaahah

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nickname: Eli, Eluv, Dots, smol bean, I honestly have a bunch 

star sign: aries

height: 5′5″ but I’m rlly bitter about it so I wear heels a lot

time right now: 9:12pm

last thing googled: why does elena hate me (i was playing uncharted 2)

favorite music artists: mmmmm i like damon albarn, brendon urie, david bowie, and caleb followill p good

song stuck in your head: youRE BEAUTIFUL IIIIIIIIIITS TRUE

last movie watched: i think it was full metal jacket but idk man

last tv show watched: south park

what are you wearing right now: a full blown lizard costume tbh

when did you create your blog: fuck if i know, i think it was may of this year?

what kind of stuff do you post: whatever is currently holding my interest

do you have any other blogs: nah, i just have everything here, its a mess

do you get asks regularly: *looks into the camera like im on the office*

why did you choose your URL: love me some skelemans plus it reminds me of my old url (grave-y)

gender: female

hogwarts house: ravenclaw

pokemon team: valor

favorite color: pastel stuff! pink is my fave rn

average hours of sleep: i wanna say 6

lucky number: 13

favorite character(s): oh god ok im terrible at remembering my faves names. dont know why. the ones i can think of off the top of my head are spencer reid, maccready, jim halpert, han solo,and i adore all the characters in gorillaz so ye?

how many blankets do you sleep with: 2

20 blogs you would like to get to know better: i “socialize” w/ very little people on here, so imma just tag them. srry if u already got tagged @flammablehats @elima @frutbat @xxlost-in-the-saucexx and @smoking-tinfoil

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nickname: Ellie
star sign: Sagittarius

height: 5′8″

time right now: inconsequential since the chances of me doing this without leaving at some point are slim to none

last thing googled: “when does kuroko find the dog”….there were important reasons for this 
location: in front of my phone/computer ^^
favorite music artists: I really can’t…too many. Currently non-stop Galileo Galilei, and House of Heroes are my forever loves.

song stuck in your head: whatever kuroko no basuke song I just heard in the car. Regal Generation I think?

last movie watched: Ghostbusters
last tv show watched: Friday Night Lights
what are you wearing right now: jeans and a blue t-shirt
when did you create your blog: um..the end of June I believe
what kind of stuff do you post: pretty much just my writing and things that relate to it. 
do you have any other blogs: no…but I did rock an lj back in the day
do you get asks regularly: nope! you’re pretty much guaranteed a quick response, folks ;)
why did you choose your URL: ….*looks at Essie*. Essie and I brilliantly combined our names–and our tumblr in the beginning–but that was, not so surprisingly, wildly confusing. When we forced ourselves to split into two blogs, ellessey was taken so…

gender: female

hogwarts house: ravenclaw
pokemon team: ??

favorite color: blue-green..anything from pale seafoam to dark teal
average hours of sleep: 7

lucky number: I’m fond of the number 11, but i can’t speak to its luck bringing abilities
favorite character(s): Oh gosh…in Haikyuu alone this list is ridiculous so I should just stick with that. First Kuroo, then Suga (and Asahi and Daichi, just all in a pile. And IwaOi). I’ve also fallen hard for Voltron as a whole. Particularly Keith. And Lance. And Shiro >_>

how many blankets do you sleep with: two..one on me, the other (which must be extremely soft) is necessary for snuggling/acting as a secondary pillow
dream job: novelist
Following: I’m not sure what information is required here, but as I am not going to type out the nineteen blogs I follow…I’ll just go with “I’m following 19″

Not even going to try to tag 20 (and yes Essie it was cheating..you already know everything about me @coruu, @notallballs and @mlim8, but will not be offended if they don’t do it :3

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  • Nickname: Bamber
  • Star sign: Sagittarius
  • Height: 5′3(barely)
  • Current time: 7:09
  • Favorite music artist?: (aa I cant pick?) Alina Baraz, Oh Wonder, Lauv, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Gnash & Blackbear!
  • Song stuck in your head: Little Bit -Lykke Li (I love this song so much)
  • Last movie watched?: Whisper of the Heart 
  • Last tv show watched?: Steven Universe
  • What are you wearing currently?: black nike shorts and some arkansas shirt
  • When did you create your blog?: About 3 months ago!
  • What do you post on your blog?: Anything that fits my pink pastel aesthetic tbh
  • Do you have any other blogs?: Yes! @bean-adventures is an animal blog shared with @keiixhi & @nature-bean is my nature blog
  • Do you get asks regularly?: I’d say so
  • Why did you choose your URL?: Im very very pale(im the definition of white tbh you can spot me miles away) and always tired.
  • Gender: Female
  • Hogwarts House: Never got into harry potter
  • Pokemon Team: can i have all jigglypuffs & sylveons (if you mean pokemon go, Team Instinct) 
  • Favorite Color: baby pink/rose gold, burgundy, peach color
  • Average hours of sleep: Around 7ish on a good night
  • Lucky Number: 11
  • Favorite Characters: Oreki Houtarou from Hyouka, Boiler man from Spirited Away,  Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown, Naoko Satomi from The Wind Rises.
  • How many blankets do you sleep with?: 1-2
  • Dream job: Im not sure honestly.
  • Following: 353
  • I tag: @keiixhi @pinklilies @pinkiemarshmallow @kyuubee @alpacaaffair @napstablook-zz @radspacechild @honeysake

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Nickname: chatts
Height: 5′7″
Time Right Now: 8:48am
Last Thing You Googled: mr. robot
Favorite Music Artists: too much to pick from
Last TV Show You Watched: steven universe (i’m planning on marathoning all 4 seasons soon!)
What Are You Wearing Right Now: white tee + grey sweats
When Did You Create Your Blog: a year ago i think but i didn’t start posting art till march this year; i didn’t become an active art blog till summer whoops
What Kind of Content Do You Post: fandom stuff, art, and i reblog shitposts
Do You Have Any Other Blogs: nah i can barely manage this one
Do You Get Asks Regularly: mmm ..kind of? not really unless i post an ask me thing or an art piece
Why Did You Choose Your URL:

haha okay so it was for a really simple reason: i love kit-kats so i used that and added my nickname at the end but but @magisticalk​ overthought it and assumed i was being rlly clever with my URL

  • “oH I FINALLY GET YOUR URL, like kit-kats but instead of kat you used chat which in French means cat and thus kit-cats aka kit-kats"   “oh shit…….”
Gender: she/her terms but i’m fine w/ gender neutral  too
Hogwarts House: slytherin (it makes sense but i’d like to believe i am a hufflepuff at heart)
Pokemon Team: INSTINCT, valor mystic wHO??
Favorite Color: a nice ocean blue and light pink!!
Average Number of Hours Sleeping: 3 hahahfgedgfjk
Lucky Number: 2 and 9?
Favorite Characters: canon!lance, takumi, green from pkmn, oikawa, bakugou

There’s a pattern here somewhere…👀👀👀 inferioritycomplex

oh and canon!keith
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 2 bc i love to suffer in this sweltering weather
Dream Job:  i just wanna draw
Following: 820 blogs? more than half from 2015 i’m guessing

I tag!!! @klance-klance-revolution​  @panffin​​ @lattekitten@k-lance@magisticalk@roxyisanerd@otouya @potatoes-be-beautiful@lanceispan @nd-lance

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1. Nickname: Em, Milly, 
2. star sign: Cancer
3. height: 5′3 or 160cm
4. time right now: 9:58a
5. favourite music artist: Melanie Martinez 
6. song stuck in your head: Cry Baby by the Neighbourhood
7. last movie watched: The Collector 
8. last tv show watched: Daredevil
9. what are you wearing right now: Black dress with cozy stockings
10. when did you create your blog: few months ago 
11. what kind of stuff do you post: Pastel, pink and aesthetic stuff, and also gore and creepy stuff
12. do you have any other blogs: nooo
13. do you get asks regularly?: nah, but i’m open to receiving some !
14. why did your choose your url: Jacobin was a radical political group during the French Revolution. they’re super interesting if you’re a history buff !
15. gender: Female
16. hogwarts house: not a harry potter person, whoops !
17. pokemon team: Mystic
18. favorite color: Baby pink 
19. average hours of sleep: Around 6 to 8 hours
20. lucky number: 7
21. favorite characters: Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Wonderwoman, Matt Murdock
22. how many blankets do you sleep with: like 3 
23. dream job: Something to do with psychology or law
24. following: I’m currently following over 900 blogs. 

I tag: @ddownheartedd @zwlokic @moonclothrobe @cyburmaami @illb6by @spitzlang @mayorvagabong @gorerodent @cemeterygirls @thispoortown @nyx-i-thea @winfieldreds @alyssaheartssyou @rosarybaby @little-scarletstarlet @following-the-whiterabbit @charliepunpun @posiepatch @scarlet-babe @shyfaun

NICKNAME: anny / aaya 
HEIGHT: 5′8 ,,, i’m all leg 
LAST THING GOOGLED: tommy shepard bc rocky was talkin abt him a while ago
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD: man of the year - schoolboy q 
LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED: i rewatched the first transporter movie!!! it’s 1 of my favs
LAST TV SHOW YOU WATCHED: good morning call …. a Mess,,, but before that orphan black
WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW: leggings and a sports bra
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: couple of days ago
DO YOU GET ASKS REGULARLY: most of the time when i’m online / active !!
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: he’s 1 of the top three hottest guys and he’s “favoured” by all tha gals… me @ the girls: pls love urselves
POKEMON TEAM: valor…. according 2 4839432 people, i dont kno what this means but every1 seems to agree
FAVOURITE COLOUR: literally a dark, sultry red
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: who the fuck even knows
LUCKY NUMBER(S): 69 obvi
FAVOURITE CHARACTERS: CURTIS FUCKING DONOVAN,,, EVERY BITCH KNOWS THIS !! / dante sparda / mello / raven reyes / rufio / there’s so many i cant remember jack shit rn
DREAM JOB: TBH…. A RACING CAR DRIVER… LISTEN U DONT UNDERSTAND I LOVE IT SO MUCH… tht or a boxer but honestly i’m pretty content w/ life atm
FOLLOWING: like 50+

tagged by: @speediings i lov talkin abt myself thnx binchie ♥
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Name: Julia
Nickname: Jules, Frodo, Julie, J.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8″
Age: Still a teenager
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, not sure. 
Time right now: 10:47 pm
Average hours of sleep: Anywhere from 4 to 14, depending on the day, the season, my alarm clock and my annoying brain.
Lucky numbers: 27, 3, 39
Last thing I googled: [name of my school] 2016/2017 calendar
Favorite fictional character: Gimli, Legolas and Glorfindel (Lord of the Rings),  and Bartimaeus (Bartimaeus cycle).
Blankets I sleep with: Just my huge duvet
Favorite bands/artists: Too many to list. I’ve been listening to a lot of Tarot today.
Dream trip: Road trip across Canada.
Dream job: Session musician/producer
What I’m wearing now: Rush shirt and jeans
When did you make this blog: a year or so ago
Posts: 3 762
What I post about: Music, mostly. Also funny/complainy personal stuff, like funny stories about my ridiculous neighbours.
Why did you get your tumblr: Wanted access to all of the cool musician photos people had posted here. They make great image references.
Do you get asks on a regular basis: Nope.
Why did you pick your username: It’s a lyric from the Beatles song my mum named me after.

put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people.

  • Creek Mary’s Blood [Live] - Nightwish
  • To Hell and Back- Sabaton
  • Lord of Light - Iron Maiden
  • Mirror, Mirror - Helloween
  • Hall of the Mountain King - Apocalyptica
  • Sign of the Cross - Avantasia
  • I Walk Forever - Tarot
  • Bridges in the Sky - Dream Theater
  • Cloud Factory - Sonata Arctica

(I discovered after making this list that I’d left my music on the metal playlist - ah well, that’s what I was listening to when I was answering the questions so it works)

I’ll tag @avangaysia, @swingsandround-abouts, @roger-waterss, @is-this-just-an-illusion and @auroreamethyste

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Name/nicknames: my name’s Sabrina but call me Bri

Gender: female

Height: 5'3" (it’s about 1.58m,I’m very short)

Hogwarts House: I don’t like Harry Potter

Favourite Color: maybe pink 

Time: 12,29

Last thing I googled: “when does the schoolb start” LMAO

Fictional character you’d like as a sibling: Idk,maybe Timmy Turner from Fairly oddparents HAHAHA

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1,sometimes 2

Favorite band/artists: Depeche Mode,Duran Duran,David Bowie,Tears For Fears,Culture Club and many others♡

Dream vacation: BRING ME TO JAPAN.

What I’m wearing right now:white pyjama lmao

When did i make this blog: 14th August 2016

How many blogs do i follow: I don’t know…a lot 

What do I post about: Depeche Mode stuff (edits by me,photos,gifs…)

Do you get asks on a regular basis: idk (?)


now I tag 20 people..do it only if you want ♥ @nickrhodes @mydmlife @depechekari @strangemode @thethinwhiteziggystardust @gahanized @wilderdevotee @dmdarren @blasphe-mous @soulsavers @duranduranlover @miss-loadedroadie @simonlebon @violetmonday @mosaictrionic @duransarethefaith @thezombiewithglasses @somcthingtodo @iamgreyjoy @noxest

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name/nicknames: lauren; larin; laurie; laure

gender: female

height: 5′11″

hogwarts house: idk man i thought i knew but now i’m unsure. gryffenpuff??

favourite color: turquoise

time: 4:36 pm

last thing i googled: “cha equestrian”

fictional character you’d like as a sibling: harry potter tbh

number of blankets I sleep with: 2

favorite band/artist: bastille, halsey, lorde, daughter, regina spektor, mumford & sons, fall out boy

dream vacation: new zealand, europe, asia

what i’m wearing right now: a green fringy crop top + jean shorts

when did i make this blog: may 2014??

how many blogs do i follow: 424

what do I post about: movies, books, tv shows, art, photography, music, etc.

do you get asks on a regular basis: lmao no i wish

aesthetic: the sea/beaches, soft colors, sunsets, buns + braids, nice hardcover books 

i tag: @ehleven @cassiesblueyes @shiny-celebi @steverohers @aphrordite @shumsharry @poedameron @bellamyxblake @tinylilemrys @floralkiddie @goldenkirkk @fabilbo @mcrcurys @freak-ofthe-nation @profcolsymorgan @professorkirke @leaiorgana @magsbane @lilmissginge @katiesmcgrath

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Name: Bjorn
Nickname: Bear
Gender: Male
Height: Around 5′7″
Age: 17 (Apparently I’m old now)
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Time Right Now: 4:02pm
Average Hours of Sleep: 5-8
Lucky Numbers: 9
Last thing I googled: ‘How to be a folklorist’
Favorite fictional character: Probably Ragnar Lothbrok
Blankets I sleep with: 1 if I’m alone, a few with the babe
Favorite Bands/Artists: Black Sabbath, Dio, Darkthrone, Dark Funeral, Burzum, Amon Amarth
Dream Trip: I’d say Hell, but it’s been taken, so Moscow
Dream Job: Folklorist/Blacksmith/Apothecary
What I’m wearing right now: Black shirt, camo shorts, boots baby boots
When did you make this blog: Sometime at the beginning of last year, I think
Posts: 9, 770
What I post about: Lots of aesthetic shit, metal shit, and Heathen shit
Why did you get tumblr: wtf
Do you get asks on a regular basis: I wish fam
Why did you pick your username: Because I like both things
Put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people.

1. Brave Heart by Ego Fall

2. The Lay of Thrym by Tyr

3. The Sound of Silence by Disturbed

4. Phanoton of the Funeral by Powerwolf

5. The Devil Went Down to Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band

6. In My Sword I Trust by Ensiferum

7. Stand Up and Fight by Turisas

8. Sunset on the Golden Age by Alestorm

9. The Lion from the North by Sabaton

10. Year Zero by Ghost

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