The truth of the matter is that black men and the rest of society doesn’t value black women outside of sexualized ideals. 

Every time it’s time to praise us we’re “Sun kissed skin, chocolate, cocoa, hershey, baby oil wearing sex goddesses,rose thorn afro crown wearing queens”.

What happens when black women are not sexy. Are not sun kissed. Our skin isn’t perfect like cocoa or chocolate? We’re not pretty, we’re not queens, we’re not wearing afros? We don’t have the perfectly sculpted oiled up bodies yall love? 

Are we no longer valuable to you anymore? Oh that’s right we’re marginalized instead and invisible.

That’s why it’s important for black women specifically marginalized black women to assess and dissect people’s example of “support” for black women because 9 times out of 10 it’s not universal or unconditional.

you know those “humans are the ‘hold my beer’ species of the universe” posts?
well, when you look at it from an evolutionary perspective, that actually makes perfect sense.

when faced with a chilly and inhospitable environment, most creatures will develop a physical way to combat the cold. over generations and generations, species will grow a fur coat or evolve a thicker, more insulating skin or something like that. humans didn’t do that. we kept our fragile skeletons and pathetically bald skin and instead developed a brain that could figure out how to kill a mammoth and make a blanket out of its fur and sewing needles from its bones.

at first, when the alien species find us, they think “ha ha, that’s so weird, that thing is doing interstellar travel in a giant, clumsy-looking metallic structure, and they’re wearing these weird clunky suits. i wonder what that’s about?”when they realize it’s because humans would die if exposed to cold vacuum, they’re shocked. what? why would a species even risk going physically off-planet if there’s a chance their protective structures would rupture and let them die?“nah, don’t worry,” assures a human. “we do this shit all the time.”the aliens are like, lol, next you’re gonna tell me you guys figured out how to breathe underwater.“well, sort of,” says the human. “we have snorkels and oxygen tanks so you can take your breathing stuff with you, and there are suits you can put on to survive the pressure if you want to go super deep…”the human is hired within the next five minutes.

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I'm so lost. What prophecy are people talking about? And what emotional scene did Zack write and for when is it? Where does it say he wrote and emotional scene and what he specific about it being about Barry and Iris? LOL, sorry for all the questions.

There is no actual prophecy. In tomorrow’s episode, Barry is gonna see a vision of himself and Iris, or at least that’s what it looks like. The outfit in that vision matches what Candice was wearing when she shot a scene of Iris being “killed” by Savitar. So we are guessing that Savitar is going to show Barry a future where Iris dies, and that is going to lead to conflict when Iris starts investigating Savitar like Greg Berlanti suggested she would.

As for Zack, he wrote 3.10, and he hinted at Barry’s “protective boyfriend instinct” coming into play later this season. He also tweeted that he was writing a Barry/Iris scene in Cisco’s workshop. He also said he wrote an intense, emotional scene for her (trust me that he was talking about Iris at the time), which must take place in 3.10

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For that dress person, what I'll do when I'm wearing a dress is where a pair of pants underneath it and turn it into a shirt. People are happy because they see me wearing a dress, but I feel less dysphoric because I still have pants on.


I’m trying. I’m really trying to watch Julie and Julia in its whole form. But Julie Powell is just so annoying. And you know what? I actually really like Amy Adams when she’s not wearing a Julie Powell skin.

In my Meryl Streep-a-thon so far I have watched:

…and failed to watch The River Wild because I want to kill Kevin Bacon’s character too much and the tension is annoying for some reason (and it’s cool. I’ve seen it at least twice). I think I am going to fail to watch Julie Powell’s scenes. I managed once in 2010, I may not manage this rewatch. And I survived Ricky and the Flash’s awful, awful writing. Put up with Johnny Depp’s stupid face as the wolf in Into The Woods. And got over my superiority enough to really enjoy the fun dorkfest of Mamma Mia. But ugh. Julie Powell. Ugh ugh ugh. Save Me, Meryl.

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Nicknames: Noelyely

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 5′1″

Hogwarts House: It’s been so long, but I think it was Hufflepuff.

Favorite Color: Yellow

Time Right Now: 11:21

Average Hours of Sleep: 6

Lucky Number: 2

Last Thing I Googled: Rogue One’s release date.

Favorite Fictional Character: Guts I guess.

Blankets I Sleep With: The usual, and a Tsum Tsum throw.

Favorite Bands/Artists: 

  • Solange
  • The 1975
  • Jon Bellion
  • Rihanna

Dream Trip: Going anywhere honestly.

Dream Job: I don’t even know anymore. Lmao.

What I’m Wearing Right Now: Sweatpants, and an old work shirt.

When Did I make This Blog: 2014/15 I think?

How many Blogs I Follow: 214

Posts: 16,277

What Do I Post About: Everything.

Do You Get Asked On A Daily Basis: Not daily no.

Why Did You Choose Your URL: Fallout. X]

Holidays are Coming...

Yay, its here!

The 3rd Installment of the Christmas Carols series, as seen on my previous Ao3. It’ll be up here because I’ve already pretty much written half of them and I might as well continue while I can.

Today’s ship is my favourite; Sabriel

just look at these two adorkable assholes.

Deck the Halls

Sam punishes Gabriel for being a distraction. 

read after the cut.

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Nickname: Mo or akamay

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5′3″

Time right now: 12:22am est

Favorite musical artist: Queen, L’Arc~en~Ciel, Oblivion Dust, Fake?, Acid Black Cherry, VAMPS, and more…

Song stuck in your head: Nothing atm (Thank goodness.  I’ve had far too many Christmas songs looping up there lately.)

Last movie watched: Er…  Whatever’s on the TV when I’m drawing.

Last TV show watched: Once Upon a Time

What are you wearing right now: A nightshirt.  

When did you create your blog: 2012 or 13?  I don’t remember and am too lazy to go look right now.  

What kind of stuff do you post: Art and writing reference, things about cartoons, my art and writing, and things about depression, anxiety, and asexuality.  

Do you have any other blogs: @ginandshattereddreams

Do you get asks regularly: no but it’s fun when I do :D.

Why did I choose my url: Because the guitarist from Fake? chose that name for me.  (tbh I don’t feel like I live up to it though.  It was supposed to be a name for a personal business that I failed at and I never changed it when I turned this into a personal sh*t blog.) 

Hogwarts House: Slytherpuff

Gender: Female  (Though tbh, I don’t want this uterus.  Never did.  Anyone else want it?  Take some of this breast tissue too.  It’s heavy and sometimes I can’t breathe because of it.  And my shoulders are screaming at me to get rid of it.)

Pokemon Team: Sadly, I don’t play.  I love the idea of it and I love everyone else’s enthusiasm, though.

Favorite color: ALL THE COLORS!

Average hours of sleep: It’s gotten better!  I can usually manage at least 4 now.  Sometimes 6!  

Dream job: Something involving art or writing.

I tag anyone who sees this and wants to do it :D.

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Nickname: Bean

Star sign: Scorpio

Height: 5’6”

Last thing I googled: “best movies 2016” me and my brother were deciding what to watch which is the hardest thing with our clashing taste in media

Favourite music artist: BTS

Song stuck in my head: Mystery by Hyoyeon

Last movie I watched: 10 Cloverfield lane- pretty good

What are you wearing right now?: Black long sleeve with cat? pjs

When did you create this blog?: this account has been though quite a few phases and url changes but started tumblr sept 2013 and become a fully kpop blog july of this year

What kind of stuff do you post?: Mainly BTS, but also other faves include got7 vixx ect who tbh I should post more of

Do you have any other blogs?: nope

Do you get asks regularly?: nope

Why did you choose your URL?: mixture of bangtan and got7, who are my ult faves so yeah (tried to fit vixx in it too but it wouldn’t work out)

Gender: Female

Favourite colour: idk grey? dark red, navy, dark green but I also like pastels for aesthetics lol

Average hours of sleep: too much lol as I often ignore work just so I can sleep but imma say 7-9

Lucky number: 3

Favourite character: Yoo Shi-jin from DOTS (I cri every time)

How many blankets do you sleep with?: a comforter and a soft blanket so always at least 2

Dream job: accountant 

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WHAT TO WEAR WHEN: You Are A Reptoid Disguised As An Anchorwoman And You Are About To Reveal Your Succesful Conquest of Earth On Live TV

  • Do not appear overly exuberant. Remember, you’re still in an office environment.
  • According to human studies, green tones make authority figures, like newscasters, appear “untrustworthy.” Good! Let the anticipatory fear chill them for reasons they cannot place. Then it will seem only natural and right when you turn to devour your feeble-minded and lecherous co-anchor, Don.
  • Yes, it is a celebratory time, but keep your skull jewelry subtle and chic, like these silver King Baby studs. Elaborate, jangly earrings are a definite “don’t” when you have something important to say, especially on camera. The only distracting glint should be that of your horrible razor teeth.
  • Nothing says “polished and professional” like a pencil silhouette — and nothing says “My unhindered legs are swifter than yours and I will soon taste your warm milk-fed flesh,” like a thigh slit. Luckily for you, this Pucci skirt has both.
  • In an outfit with a sharply tailored bottom half, try contrasting with a looser top — say a silk dolman blouse, like this one from Julie Haus.
  • Haul your iPad, mascara, train reading, slime-swaddled eggs and other office essentials in a roomy, neutral tote. The “Darcy” bag by Alexander Wang is a perfect fit.
  • Remember that the soft flesh of your pallid woman-suit will not imprison you much longer! Choose tones that flatter your own natural hues of bronze, gold, and iridescent green.
  • Don’t worry about “overdoing” the reptile textures you’ve missed so much while trapped in this smooth, doughy carapace. The key to texture-mixing is to choose contrasting sizes: in this case, for instance, notice the large repeating squares on the skirt, medium-sized scales on the pumps, and subtle pebbling on the bag.
  • Should you need to switch sexes in order to perpetuate the species, you can apply the same principle to pattern-mixing — a skill that’s absolutely a menswear must!
  • Above all, HAVE FUN! After all, the beauty editors who once tried to tell you what to do will soon be slaves or food for the glorious, terrible army of your millions of spawn.

“Table for Two”

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