The true icons of style, for me, it’s always those women who’ve been utterly themselves without apology. Whose physical presence and their aesthetic is really integrated in a non self-conscious way and a part of who they are. Women who know how they look is not all of who they are but just an extension of that. It’s about women who feel free to wear what they want, when they want, and how they want to wear it. 

Guys My Age (3)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 4k

Warnings: Lap dance to rough Smut. NSFW gifs.

Anon asked โ€œCan you please do a part 3 to โ€˜guys my ageโ€™ were Bucky asks reader for another lap danceโ€

A/N: The fic that started it all. Iโ€™m so glad people liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know if you want to be tagged. Also, dominant/jealous Bucky is just wow.ย Let me know if you want to be tagged HERE or HERE. Go away kids! And please use protection yโ€™all.

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Send one of the following symbols and one of my OC’s names and I’ll doodle:

original meme was deleted and couldnt reblog it for some reason so here ya go 

👀 OC in their typical underwear
💤 OC in their sleep attire
🔞 OC in something sexy
🏄 OC in what they would wear to the beach/pool
👔 OC in what they would wear to a formal event (such as a wedding)
☠ OC in what they would wear to a funeral
👖 OC in what they would wear to a casual event (such as a birthday party)
👑 OC dressed as royalty
🚪 OC in what they wear when lounging around at home
💕 OC in what they would wear on a first date
❌ OC in something they would absolutely never wear
🎃 OC in a costume they’d wear for Halloween
🎄 OC in an ugly Christmas sweater
🚓 OC in a prison uniform
🚲 OC in athletic gear
🐰 OC in a kigurumi of their favourite animal
❄ OC in what they’d wear on a very cold day
🔥 OC in what they’d wear on a very hot day
👕 OC in a T-shirt with something stupid printed on it (think Zazzle)
🎭 OC in another OC’s typical attire
📦 OC wearing something that isn’t clothes (such as a fig leaf, a barrel, etc.)
👻 OC in a really bad disguise
📷 OC in a stereotypical tourist getup
🙎 OC in something embarrassing
👗 OC in something from the 50’s
💀 OC in goth/emo/scene attire
💃 OC in some radical 90’s clothes
🌁 OC in a hoodie
🌋 OC in camping or adventuring gear
♠️ OC in their armor (or in some sort of fantasy armor if not applicable to their story)
🎨 OC in a cartoon character’s outfit
🏨 OC in a maid outfit
🏥 OC in a nurse uniform
🐑 OC in farmer wear
👍 OC in a crop top

First of all:

  • If he/she/they
  • Controls what you wear or acts upset when you wear what you want
  • Wants you to stay inside to themselves constantly
  • Get jealous over everyone
  • Cry or get mad when you have a problem and blame themself
  • Let you be completely dependent on them (or make it out to be that you could)
  • Tell you they can’t live without you
  • Make you feel the need to be whatever they want you to be
  • Make you feel like you’re walking on eggshells or should be
  • Cause you to cry at night because you love them so you won’t leave them but you’re confused
  • Cause you to feel like you’re in a cage
  • They. Are. Toxic.
  • It does not matter if they “mean to”
  • They are still toxic
  • They are still causing you pain
  • Your relationship is most likely codependent and/or emotionally abusive
  • You need to get out of that relationship
  • It will hurt
  • But as someone who has been there
  • It is much better to leave and cope
  • Than to not leave and have them leave you alone
  • Or to continue being emotionally abused
  • It’s serious
  • It is not “how he thinks a relationship should be”
  • It is not “his jealousy”
  • It is:
  • Potentially emotionally abusive
  • Draining
  • Painful
  • Potentially codependent
  • Damaging
  • Toxic
  • Toxic
  • T o x i c
  • I’ve been there, did that more than once because they will manipulate you. Even if they don’t mean to.
  • You w o n t be able to handle it if you don’t get out.
  • It is unhealthy
  • If this sounds like your relationship
  • Please please please leave
Teen Wolf Preference - How they show you’re theirs

A/n: The last one is one of my most popular posts so I wrote another with more characters this time!

Masterlist | Request Something!



You’d originally stolen his hoodie from his locker because it had been colder than you had expected and he had no objection. You ended up wearing it quite a lot and Stiles often encouraged it saying that you looked adorable before kissing you on the forehead and walking with his arm across your shoulders. While that was the truth he just hoped that his signature red hoodie was enough to let anyone interested know that you were taken and who by.


What better way was there to show that you had the Lacrosse team’s captain’s heart than to wear his Lacrosse jacket? It had his last name boldly written on the back and for the select few who had a more supernatural sense of smell, it was easy for them to realise who it and you belong to. You also loved it because you were constantly surrounded by his scent and it calmed you. When Scott realised he really loved you was when he was returning to class after leaving to ‘go to the bathroom’. You were getting really nervous and he could feel your heightened heart beat as if it was his own. But just as he got to the door your heart beat slowed down to normal and he saw that you’d pulled his jacket off of his chair next to you and slipped it on. Your small smile only got wider when he came back into the room and kissed you on the forehead before sitting down again.


Isaac was just generally unhappy if you weren’t wearing one of his scarves. You had figured him out pretty quickly and realised that it was his way of letting everyone know that you were his. He made up excuses: ‘you look cold’ or ‘it goes with what you’re wearing’ even when it really didn’t. But you didn’t really bring it up because he was happy and that’s what mattered.


Especially with his IED, Liam had trouble controlling himself when someone else started to flirt with you. On bad days they just had to look in your direction and Liam pounced on them before you or one of the pack could pull him off. Liam had done just that and almost really hurt one of your close friends because he thought he had been just too close to you. You’d yelled at him when you got to your house after school, the frustration of his over protectiveness just got to you. Liam ran off and you immediately regretted every word that had left your mouth. He came back only a couple minutes later with a silk pouch. Inside was a necklace with a charm in the shape of an L. “I know it’s kinda stupid but I was going to give it to you for your birthday, and … and I have one too.” He showed you his wrist where he was wearing a bracelet with the same thin silver chain and a charm of the first letter of your name. You knew you were falling hard for this boy.


Derek worried when you were at school. He knew you wouldn’t even think about cheating on him but he wasn’t so sure about the no-good hormonal teenagers. This wasn’t helped by Isaac and Stiles who had tried to flirt with you within Derek’s earshot. It didn’t end well. So he started leaving hickeys on your neck. You tried to cover them with your hair but they were always visible to anyone who was near enough. But they worked. Also, you couldn’t resist Derek stupid smirk any time he caught sight of them.


Jordan liked to pick you up from school to make sure everyone knew you weren’t available and often used his break to do so. If he had the time he would park down the road and wait at the gate so you could walk together with his arm around your waist. But he preferred it when he didn’t as he would pull right up to the door where you would be waiting. He told you that it was just so he could see you as he was often too busy but you knew he liked seeing the faces of the hormonal teenage boys who tried to hit on you. But you endured it and rushed round to open the door and kiss his smirking lips before he sped off again. “I can feel you rolling your eyes y/n.”


Every girl has their own scent that they spray on every morning and means you can usually tell who was coming around the corner or down the stairs, Lydia was no different. After you spent time cuddling and watching a movie she realised that her perfume had somehow got onto you. She decided there and then that she loved it when you smelled like her. Lydia also figured that if you were wearing the same perfume as her people would, albeit unconsciously, associate you with her.


Allison didn’t let anyone think that you weren’t taken. In the hallways, she would sneak up on you and wrap her arms around your waist, even if you were talking to someone. In class, she would hold your hand while sitting behind you. At lunch, she would place a finger underneath your chin so she could turn your face towards her and kiss you. Sometimes people would complain and tell you to get a room but Allison would just swear at them, after all, you wouldn’t exchange the affection for anything in the world.

โœง apprentice asks โœง

1. What is their full name? What does it mean? Do they go by any nicknames/aliases?
2. Do they have a familiar? What is it?
3. What type/s of magic do they specialize in?
4. Which of the major arcana best represents them?
5. What animal best represents them?
6. Describe their grimoire profile.
7. What is their Myers-Briggs type?
8. What is their natural alignment (lawful/neutral/chaotic good/neutral/evil)?
9. Which Hogwarts house would they be in?
10. Of the nine intelligences (logical-mathematical, existential, interpersonal, intrapersonal, kinesthetic, spatial, naturalist, musical, linguistic), which is their greatest strength? Their greatest weakness?
11. What did they think of Asra leaving? Of his gift?
12. What do they think of Nadia’s request that they go to the palace?
13. What do they think of the various animals they encounter at the palace?
14. What is their day-to-day outfit? What do they wear when the dress up (such as for the masquerade)?
15. What is their favorite type of weather/environment?
16. Do they have any prized possessions?
17. Do they collect anything?
18. What sort of first impression do they make?
19. How do they deal with conflict?
20. What are their principal goals?


I don’t know if it’s just me, but for a long time I had the “whatever terms”, as I like to call them, completely mixed up. Instead of saying “doesn’t matter to me!” I’d pretty much respond with “IDGAF” (sorry friends ^^). So let’s throw away that “어쩌라고” and get a little more nuanced with our responses. (Heads up! Sth = Something)
Let’s take a look -

상관 없다 – To not matter (I don’t mind)

A: 한식 먹을래, 중식 먹을래? / Do you want Korean or Chinese food?
B: 상관 없어, 난 둘다 좋아. / Doesn’t matter, I’m good with both.

A: 이 유리병 뚜껑을 잃어버렸는데 어떡하죠? / I lost the top to this glass bottle, what should I do?
B: 상관 없어요. 어짜피 버리려고 놔둔거에요. / It doesn’t matter, I put it there to throw away anyways.

아무렇지 않다 – To not be affected

A: 사람들이 뒤에서 너 얘기 하는거 들었어? 나라면 너무 화날거 같은데. / Did you hear what people were saying behind your back? I’d be pissed if it were me.
B: 그냥 할일 없는 사람들이라고 생각하면, 아무렇지 않더라고. / If I just think of it as people with nothing better to do, then it doesn’t affect me.

신경 안 쓰다 – To not care / not think about sth

A: 페이스북 보니까 네 전남친 새여자친구 생겼더라. / I saw on Facebook that your ex-boyfriend got a new girlfriend?
B: 아..몰라,  이제 신경 안 쓸래. / Ah.. I don’t want to care about it anymore.

A: 출근할때 너무 복장에 신경 안 쓰는거 아니에요? / Aren’t you being careless about what you wear when you come into the office?
B: 죄송합니다, 매니져님. / I’m sorry, (manager.)

관심 없다 – To have no interest in sth

A: 페이스북 보니까 네 전남친 새여자친구 생겼더라. / I saw on Facebook that your ex-boyfriend got a new girlfriend.
B: 아 그래? 근데 노관심 (관심 없어). / Yeah? I really don’t care (IDGAF).

A: 톰씨도 좋아하는 걸그룹 있어요? / Tom do you have a favorite (k-pop) girl group?
B: 아.. 다들 TWICE 좋아하던데, 저는 그런데 관심이 없어서요.. / Ah.. it seems like everyone likes TWICE, but I have no interest in those groups.

As always these aren’t word-for-word translated and are much more nuanced, therefore each translations wording varies a bit. (FUN FACT: If you replace every response with 어쩌라고 you get the worst possible response.) I hope these examples help you out, and more posts coming soon!

So we finally found out what Jensen was wearing when he flashed his underwear at Misha.

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“Alright Kreacher.. let’s go.”
Regulus for @onacloudpine

Taehyung: Hyung.

Yoongi: *fast asleep* Mmphh?

Taehyung: Hyungggg. *prods Yoongi’s shoulder*

Yoongi: *pulls blanket over head* Whassamatter go'way lemme be.

Taehyung: HYUNG!

Yoongi: *falls off bed with a startled yell* FOR FUCK’S SAKE YOU BRAT WHAT DO YOU WANT, IT’S 3 IN THE FUCKIN NIGHT!

Taehyung: *wide and tragic eyes* Y-yoongi-hyung what if dogs chew our shoes because it’s what we wear when we leave them?

Yoongi: ….. Shit.

Taehyung: Shit.

*two second pause*



~collective gross sobbing ensues~


Over analyzation time! I think the creators of Mulan were very careful when choosing the colors of her dresses. Her matchmaker dress is mostly pink and red, traditionally and stereotypically feminine colors. This is representative of the life she doesn’t want, and this is the dress she wears when “dishonoring” her family. When it comes time for her to save China, her dress is mostly shades of blue, a typically masculine color, she still has a hint of pink in her sash however, this is extremely symbolic, she’s brought out the more masculine traits that she feels comfortable with, but at the same time, she’s still a woman. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this what she’s wearing when she saves china and learns to accept herself for who she is.

Don’t underestimate…

just how much I’m happy to take control. I’ll happily decide what you wear. What you eat. When you sleep. When you go out. Who you spend your time with. When you touch. If you touch. How you greet people in everyday life. What you study. How you brush your teeth. What you think. When you die.

Genesis - 7.19

It’s a fashion-light episode but it DOES involve Spot, so. 

We start with Riker in sickbay getting some sort of spiny plant removed from his back after things “started getting romantic” with him and another crew member in the arboretum. 

Fuck so hard I roll over dangerous plants and don’t give two shits

Nurse Ogawa is here, which is always a pleasure, and she’s rocking a seriously voluminous updo, sort of a 1940s meets 1990s sensible French twist. I’m sure she loves having to remove Riker’s sexytime plant spines. That’s definitely what she went to Starfleet Nursing Academy for. 

Barclay is also in sickbay, because: Barclay.

He literally claimed he had something called “Terellian Death Syndrome” which is honestly a terrible name for a syndrome

Beverly has asked him repeatedly not to search the medical database before coming to her (AKA Never Search WebMD), but of course Broccoli does. She’s got her gorgeous strawberry shortcake season 7 hair happening:

MFW Barclay shows up in sickbay for the third time this week

The other patient being tended to is also a beautiful redhead:

The laying on of hands

Spot is pregnant and at first I was like “HOW THE FUCK DID SPOT GET PREGNANT” but apparently a) there are 12 male cats on board and b) Spot has a tendency to sneak out of Data’s quarters.

Okay, listen.

1. If there are AT LEAST 13 cats on board, WHERE ARE THEY? I want a Bridge Cat.

Bridge Cat: artist’s rendering

2. HOW IS SPOT GETTING OUT? This is a fucking SPACESHIP. Shit should be LOCKED DOWN. It’s literally AIRTIGHT. I GUESS she could sneak through, like, a vent or something but if you’re going to have cats on board, you need to PLAN for their fuckery.

This could be really bad

3. If the cats are WANDERING THE SHIP, aren’t you worried they’re going to end up in the warp core? Or that even just their fur is? WHO IS VACUUMING UP ALL THE FUR.

Anyway, Crusher is apparently also a veterinarian (which I guess makes sense since she treats all sorts of species) and says that Spot should deliver her babies soon. Nurse Ogawa then says that she’s also pregnant! THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT LATER, which is the only reason she says it.

Also important for later:

Oh yeah gimme that t-cell injection

I’ll just tell you now that all the weird stuff that occurs in this episode is a result of Broccoli’s mutated t-cells after he gets this shot (or something). It’s (enjoyable) nonsense so don’t worry about it. I just wanted you to see how much he loved getting this hypospray.

Picard and Data have to drive through an asteroid field to get a stray torpedo (bad). Data asks Barclay to keep an eye on Spot, since she’s about to give birth, and she likes Barclay best of all the people on board. You can tell by the way she looks at him:

This IS my “I love you” face

Broccoli is pleased, because no one likes him.


It’s actually very sweet; Barclay even seems to know something about cats and asks Data where she’s planning to have her kittens.

With Barclay’s luck, she will have them inside his pants while he’s wearing them, somehow

I just really enjoy Data’s display case here, with his violin case juuuuust open enough to let all the dust in, but not quite enough to actually see the instrument.

Spot’s in good hands:

Yarn, Spot? You cliche

Elsewhere on the ship, Worf is having a fucking feast:

No I asked for a SIDE of tentacles

This looks delicious, actually. Giant turkey leg? Some kind of weird dried fish? Potato salad on a bed of green beans? I’m in. 

Troi shows up, a little upset that Worf didn’t wait for her, since they planned to have lunch together. He’s mean and it’s weird. You can already tell something STRANGE is happening on the ship, mostly because Troi is NOT wearing a jewel tone:

Eileen Fisher for Spacefleet

Drink this look in, kids, because it’s one of the two non-uniform looks in this episode. We can see here that I THINK Troi is wearing some Danskin shimmer tights with her beige on beige minidress and matching waterfall cardigan. The color is not what we usually see on her, but it’s not terrible (except for my pre-existing anti-beige bias). It’s certainly along the lines of what I wear when I’m lounging around.

Secret pajamas except it’s not a secret. It’s just pajamas I wear in public

Ed. note: I copied that picture of my cat Violet to my clipboard earlier when I was making the images above and I accidentally pasted it here and I can’t bring myself to delete it.

Troi’s hair has reached its astonishing season 7 pouf levels and I just love everything about it. Anyway, Worf is acting like a real dick, but we do get another good look at those Ten-Forward outfits.


If I ever attend another con, that’s going to be my look because houndstooth is everything to me.

Later, Worf’s dickishness turns into something MORE:


This scene is super dark and it’s not totally clear what’s happening, but Worf basically just destroys his own quarters, including his pillows, then cuddles up with them on the floor. We do get a decent look at Worf’s jammies, which are brown and might be made of varying colors of burlap.

If anyone was gonna wear burlap pajamas, it would be the Klingons

I’m not sure what’s going on with that shoulder detail, but it can’t be that comfortable to sleep in? But again - Klingons aren’t exactly a culture that considers “comfort” to be something to aim for. If you showed a Klingon an Aerosole, he would 100% cut it in half and throw the halves in your face.

These PJs might also be linen, which would be WAY nicer to sleep in, but a little off-brand. I mean, a Klingon in linen? Can you imagine? Hold on, you don’t have to:

Pure white to better show off the blood of my slain enemies

So everyone is acting weird. Troi is like “I’m cold. I need a bath,” and walks off the bridge. The next time we see her, this is happening:

Deanna, sweetie? It’s more relaxing if you take your uniform off

As she’s taking her fully-clothed bath, Worf busts in and:


It’s actually very upsetting, and at first neither of them even really know how to react either:

Oh god did I just bite you

Did you just fucking BITE me??????

Troi goes to sickbay, where she gets my favorite disco blanket:

Disco Blanket: Because why shouldn’t a blanket be iridescent

To be fair, emergency blankets ARE shiny, so.

You better believe that’s an affiliate link, friend

Okay so THEN Crusher is examining Worf and she asks him to open his mouth and HOO BOY was that a mistake.

Does the replicator not have the recipe for Listerine, or

He SPRAYS her like a fucking dilophosaurus!! 


Later someone says her injuries were so bad that SHE WILL NEED RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY. That means in every episode after this (not many, but still), we are seeing a RECONSTRUCTED BEV. 

So everyone is losing it, basically, which doesn’t explain why Broccoli thinks this is a normal way to stand:

Is this how a human? Does a stand? How is stand

Finally, Picard and Data come back, and when they arrive, the Enterprise is just adrift. They board and find this:

Sir, if the t-shirt does not spark joy when you touch it, the book counsels you to throw it away. I was unable to apply this method as I do not feel joy, nor any other emotion

It’s the shed skin of a reptile, which: whaaaaaat? Ain’t no reptiles on this ship!

Narrator: actually, there were reptiles on this ship

Troi is still in the bathtub when Picard and Data find her, and she is like, half lizard because the t-cells released when Barclay got that hypospray are making everyone de-evolve. Sure. She looks terrible, which is a real feat since Marina Sirtis is such a Betty:

Honestly she’s still p hot

I think my favorite part of this makeup is the gecko-like fingertips. Excellent detail. Love the scales, love the contacts, love the unripe banana shade of green they used. All great. 

Data and Picard go check out what else is happening, and they find a caveman at one of the control panels:

Not a Starfleet regulation haircut

But what’s this? It’s not a caveman at all! It’s…

I heard dramatic eyebrows were back in

…Riker! I guess! The makeup on Frakes here is SO heavy that it’s not immediately apparent that it’s Riker, except that he’s wearing command red and has a beard. Plus, Picard says “Will?” upon this reveal. 


I’m saving this as my “flipping the bird” image to use forever.

Data and Picard manage to subdue Riker and get him to sickbay, after which they go to Data’s quarters to use his computer. But guess what happened?


Spot had her babies! They’re legit VERY small kittens and very cute. Data says they’re hungry, and wonders why Spot isn’t taking care of them. And then comes one of the best shots since chicken in the hallway:


IT’S AN IGUANA WEARING SPOT’S COLLAR. SPOT DEVOLVED INTO LITERALLY JUST AN IGUANA. I laughed so hard at this shot and I REALLY wanted the kittens to interact with the iguana, but they didn’t. I don’t know if that iguana was even on set.


Data notes that the kittens didn’t turn into baby iguanas, so he thinks maybe there’s some kind of cure for the devolution from pregnancy? Or something? This is where Nurse Ogawa’s recently-announced pregnancy comes into play. So he goes to sickbay, and Picard goes to see what’s going on in Engineering, and finds:

Help meeee

Barclay devolved into, like, a spider? I guess? Because this gene mutating thing is just nuts and does whatever the effects people think will look cool. (And they all do look pretty cool.)

Nurse Ogawa has devolved into Standard Neanderthal #4:

On loan from the American Museum of National History

And finally, the big boss: Worf. Worf turned into something with an exoskeleton that was able to make this dent in the sickbay door:


Picard and Data speculate that Worf thinks Troi is his mate (sure) and he’s trying to get through the door to her, so they synthesize her pheromones to draw Worf away from sickbay so that Data can focus on making a cure with Nurse Ogawa’s pregnancy hormones. Obviously. But first Picard has to get out of sickbay.


Picard manages to lure away the Worf-monster, which looks like this:

Part beetle, part conch shell, all covered in chocolate

It’s hard to see what’s happening but what you can see is just really gnarly:

Are there horny toads on Klingon?

Ultimately, Data is successful in making a cure and sends it through the air ducts so everyone on board is fine. And when Barclay finds out that it was his treatment that started it all, and that he might have a disease named after him:

A hypochondriac’s dream