Little Girly MBTI Things

INTP: Little smudges of mascara on your lenses because you forgot to let it dry before you put your glasses back on

INTJ: Wearing the same shirt two days in a row because no one saw you wear it yesterday

ENTP: Nude lip gloss

ENTJ: High heels clicking on marble tiles

INFP: Big, comfy sweaters, with sleeves that go over your hands

INFJ: A “perfect” messy bun

ENFP: graphic t-shirts from your favorite fandom

ENFJ: handmade friendship bracelets that you’ve worn for years

ISTP: Picking at your nail polish and wondering why the heck you wasted your time painting them

ISFP: Leftover glitter on your eyeshadow brush

ESTP: Grass stains on your jeans because someone said girls can’t play football and you had to prove them wrong

ESFP: Missing the bus because you tried on seven different outfits before deciding what to wear to school

ISTJ: A perfect French manicure

ISFJ: Those little strands of hair that you tuck behind your ears after they escape your french braid

ESTJ: Wearing a button-up shirt and feeling all professional

ESFJ: Talking to your friend on the phone while trying on dresses for a party

Concert Check list:


-It depends, but a charger

-An extra change of clothes

-Lady products

-Money (Merch is expensive, bring more than you think you need.)

-A bag of some sort (I prefer a drawstring bag, its portable and it closes so people won’t take your stuff.)

-Water (yes, I know, they’ll sell water there and it’s probably very expensive for a bottle. What would you do in case you couldn’t get to the vendor and you needed some?)

-Any medicine you need


-Hand sanitizer

-Something to cut your fingernails (Please trust me on this one, if you break your nail or get a hangnail, it’s no fun to be at a concert when it happens.


-Wear some sneakers or comfortable shoes if you know you’ll be standing at some point.

-Wear light material in case it gets hot.

-Don’t be obnoxious

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curvycutieteenybopper asked:

Can someone please elaborate the difference between feeling masculine and feeling male? Having a hard tine figuring out if im agenderflux or agenderfluid.

ooooooh this is a good question!!

what this poses is identity vs expression

to “be male” is something that has to just feel right, and logic has no bearing on it

it’s something deep in your sense of self that informs where you land on the spectrum that takes a lot of introspection and time to figure out

masculinity on the other hand is a gender *coded* performance that has no bearing on actual gender

using myself as an example, I know I’m not fully female, but I want to be seen as such. So I like long hair, painting my nails, wearing skirts, putting on makeup etc etc and I’m taking HRT and tuck regularly

so everyone else would pretty much think I’m binary trans looking at me which is what I want because my *gender expression* is feminine or female-coded

and yet regardless of all that I feel down to my core that there’s a lot more to my identity than just ‘female’ not because it makes sense but because it feels right

so I’d recommend you try to suss if your expression is a symptom of your ID or if it’s unrelated, then just keep living your life with this in the back of your mind and I’m sure you’ll be able to land on an ID that makes the most sense to you

-Mod Aspen

anonymous asked:

What kinks do you think Luke might be into? Personally, I think he's into overstim and pain kink. And he's a sub.

He’d definitely be into overstim, whether it was for him or you because he loved begging you to let him cum just as much as he loved hearing you begging and pain kink omg, he’d literally love it when you tugged too hard at his lip ring or pulled his hair and ran your nails down his back, digging them into his sides.

I think he’d also love watching you ride him wearing really lacy, sexy lingerie and heels. THE HEELS WOULD ALWAYS BE SUCH A TURN ON FOR HIM OMG. If you were ever wearing heels, he’d always make sure he made you keep it on when he hoisted your legs over his shoulders and ate you out.

Body worship omg. Luke would love placing wet, hard kisses to every inch of your body while telling you how much he loves you, making sure when he was done there were small marks in the shape of his fingers and lips all over your body so the next morning he could press soft kisses to them again while tracing them with his thumb.

Just in general, I think he’d be quite submissive, and he’d love making you feel so good, letting you ride his thigh whenever you felt like, eating you out after a long day to make you feel good, treating you like a princess while having sex. Just making you feel satisfied and hearing you let out breathless moans and telling him how good he was to you would turn him on.

But I think every now and then, he’d get a little dominant like after a good show or when they win something, he’d just love to push you into the wall and fuck you until you couldn’t say anything other than his name. And he’d bite your neck and squeeze your boobs and hold your hands above you while he pressed his sweaty body against yours, pressing you harder against the wall bYE IM LEAVING

anonymous asked:

How can I be more girly? / pretty? Like hair, nail, clothes wise? What should I buy?

Have your hair down, I would say curl it. Nails defo use a baby pink or a hot pink nail varnish. Don’t wear trainers because that’s the least girly thing ever, wear flats or heels. Tight skirts and dresses help show your figure better than jeans, pretty crop tops/ bralets are girly too. Wear pink lipstick that automatically makes you look girly! Hope this helps chick 💗💗

anonymous asked:

hii i was wondering if i could ask your advice?? I go into sixth form this new term and I was wondering what to wear with skinny jeans and mom jeans it's a little bit harder for me because my school only allows grey, black and white to be worn and very little of the clothes I own are that colour!! I just thought to ask you because your style is great!! Thanks and have a great day xx

ok but black is great - out of those 3 thats the one id wear most. u can get blacky grey faded denim mom jeans, wear with some chunky sandals, docs or loafers, a black turtleneck jumper & funky nail polish and badass makeup. or for a cuter look u could wear an oversized jumper with skinny jeans, or a black denim skirt & tights? you can also get black & white checkered/tartan trousers that are super nice (check uo or ark for inspo then find cheap on ebay/depop/charity shops). charity and vintage shops are your best friend honestly. black clothes are so versatile and the colour scheme is very complimentary!!! blue / green / red / purple / gold / silver rings and necklackes go very well if youre allowed jewellery for a little extra somethin?? mom jeans go with pretty much anything~!! u could get a white oversized chiffony/silk shirt and wear it half open tucked into mom jeans or even skinny jeans/tapered trousers, pair with nude-brown lipstick & purple/brown smokey eyeshadow for a hella good look Xx

anonymous asked:

Everybody now wears makeup have fake nails have extensions on so yeah it might not be real but so what doesn't mean shit as long as your personality is real it's alright x

:))) True baby!! Xx

fairyprincesstommo asked:

how do you know you're gender fluid? I'm pansexual and I know this for a fact but there's just this little things that bugs me because i want to be a boy but I want to be a girl? like, I dress like a boy but I still wear dresses?

okay i hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly, but I think everyone has a bit of a problem with their gender identity.

dressing like a boy does not mean you are one. our society’s views of what’s feminine and what’s masculine is flawed and it’s a social construct to put us into labels, and it’s inherently sexist. for example: have you ever noticed that everything “feminine” is delicate? like painting your nails, doing your makeup and hair, being in dresses, etc. it’s all very dainty and delicate. this is sexist because it implies that men cannot be delicate. same goes for “masculine” things. whatever a man does is rugged and tough and vaguely dirty. if you think of the most masculine man ever in existence, you’ll probably think of a cis man with hair on his chest and abs and kind of a sweaty glow about him. this implies that women cannot be hard workers, or cannot work in “dirty” environments. it’s sexist both ways.

therefore, to break that social construct, we need to realise that gender is not related at all to the way you dress. you could be a man and wear dresses. you could be a man and paint your nails. you could be a woman and be muscular. you could be a woman and chop all your hair off.

therefore, gender is what you feel you are. gender is what you identify as, regardless of the way you dress. i’m genderfluid, but i mostly dress “feminine”. i know a trans girl who wears mostly “masculine” clothes. your clothes are what you feel comfortable wearing, and if you’re comfortable wearing something that society tells you is of the opposite sex, that’s fine! that’s you and your style and you should rock it.

nobody can tell you what your gender is. sometimes, you can’t even know what your gender is, so you just identify as non-binary it’s all totally cool.

you should do what makes YOU comfortable.

some tips for improving self love:

  • take selfies. even if you don’t post them anywhere. 
  • observe hygiene. bathe regularly. brush twice a day. wear deodorant and/or perfume.
  • if a piece of clothing or a lipstick or nail polish make you feel pretty, wear the shit out of it. 
  • moisturize
  • hydrate
  • try to eat healthy, but don’t beat yourself up when you want mac and cheese or a brownie. 
  • treat yourself to a luxurious bath every once in a while
  • clean your bedroom. move your furniture around. you won’t believe what a slight change can do for your mood.
  • dance more. listen to happy music. 
  • surround yourself with friends who value you beyond your looks.
  • buy cute and/or comfy underwear.
  • get a haircut, even just a trim can make you feel like a whole new person.
  • pick your favourite feature about yourself and worship it. 
  • exercise. stretch and flex your muscles. marvel at the capabilities of your body. now do the same for your brain. 
  • try not to compare yourself to other people. you will never look like them. you’re always going to look like you and YOU are beautiful. 
  • don’t sweat it if you have days where you hate your face or body or hair. it happens to everybody and it’s unavoidable, just know that those days don’t have to be every day.
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The Gender Tag part 2! (part 1 here) teaandtulips

1. How do you self-identify your gender, and what does that definition mean to you?
2. What pronouns honor you?
3. Describe the style of clothing that you most often wear.
4. Talk about your choices with body hair. How do you style your hair? Do you have facial hair? What do you choose to shave, or choose not to shave?
5. Talk about cosmetics. Do you choose to wear makeup? Do you paint your nails? What types of soaps and perfumes do you use if any?
6. Have you experienced being misgendered? If so, how often?
7. Do you experience dysphoria? How does that affect you?
8. Talk about children. Are you interested in having children? Would you want to carry a child if that were an option for you? Do you want to be the primary caretaker for any children you may have?
9. Talk about money. Is it important to you to provide for a family financially if you choose to have one? Is it important to you that you earn more than any partner you may have? Do you prefer to pay for things like dates? Are you uncomfortable when others pay for you or offer to pay for you?
10. Anything else you want to share about your experience with gender?

My Mom Doesn't Think Boys Should Wear Nail Polish
  • <p><b><p></b> <b></b> *While watching WWYD tonight*<p/><b>Mom:</b> Somethings are for girls and somethings are for boys<p/><b>Me:</b> Boys and girls can like whatever they want<p/><b>Mom:</b> Oh, so you would let your son wear nail polish?<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes<p/><b>Mom:</b> You would let your son wear MAKE UP? Would you let him wear a BRA?<p/><b>Me:</b> In ancient Egypt men wore makeup and it was considered very masculine and a symbol of power and wealth. Ideas of masculinity and femininity have continuously changed throughout time and still continue to change to this day. Gender is a social construct and should not define how we live our lives. And if my son wants to wear a bra I don't see how that affects me. We shouldn't let what society says a girl and a boy should be decide how our kids will be. If my daughter wants to play football she can, if my son wants to wear makeup he can.<p/><b>Mom:</b> *now yelling* Well I hope you get one of those “special children" who feel like they are in the wrong body or like the same sex and then we'll see just how “liberal” and “let be" you are.<p/><b>Me:</b> *now storming back up stairs angrily* Well I'm so glad you didn't have any “special children"<p/><b>*side note:</b> I think it's really funny how my mom refers to people of the lgbtq+ community as “special" because you guys are. You're all beautiful and special and unique and smart and talented and so very very very important and don't let people like my mother let you think differently.*<p/></p><p/></p>

anonymous asked:

As an honest question, am I making assumptions by giving a friendly smile (as in "I got your back if anybody starts shit,") to someone who may or may not be trans/trans*/nb/whatever when I see them in public? Being genderqueer myself, getting shifty looks/people trying to avoid eye contact but still staring feels so gross. But I also worry that by assuming somebody is non-cis that i'm just contributing to stereotypes about what a "man" or "woman" looks like. I hope this makes sense.

I dunno, I think a friendly smile from one queer person to another is a pretty cool thing.  If someone has a queer/non-cis presentation I think it’s probably relatively safe to assume that they’re queer/non-cis.  Of course I suppose to some extent that might depend on your geographical location and the prevailing culture where you live, but I know that here in the deep south if someone appears AMAB but is wearing nail polish and heels or if someone that seems like they’re probably AFAB but they’ve got a lavender buzz cut and axe tattoos, I feel pretty comfortable giving them a little smile and I assume an encounter with them is likely to be more friendly than someone that appears to be a straight white guy wearing confederate flags.  I mean, we can never know who someone is for sure without asking them, but I feel like there are a number of visual cues that are pretty solid indicators for someone being somewhere on the queer spectrum.

anonymous asked:

(Amab) So I'm not that feminine looking and have a large tall (around 6 foot 3)and hairy body and I'm starting to feel like I can't be girly ever and I don't know what to do about it

You can certainly become more feminine! There are certainly lots of tall feminine people; it isn’t a bad thing. If your hair bothers you, you can have laser hair removal, get your hair waxed, or just shave. It’s okay to have body hair; we all do. Makeup can help you feel more feminine too. Perhaps try some maxi dresses. They work very well for tall people, and look amazing. Get your nails done! Invest in some cute and feminine sandals, and perhaps wear softer and flowy-er clothing. You are perfectly valid and can be as “girly” as you want to be, regardless of your size. There is no such thing as “never”; you are always able to alter your presentation, whether in small or major ways. 



I propose you 10 Hot Summer Trends that you can wear and personalize according to your style. I think these cool looks are perfect for music festivals, beach parties, color runs and any other fun events that your joining for this season. 

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anonymous asked:

Why do you paint the nails and buy girl clothes for your Son who's a boy? You do realize he's a boy right? Stop making him into a girl. It's one thing if that's what he chooses when he's a bit older but right now he's so young don't confuse him.

Are you stupid? Like really? You think my 9 month old is aware that pink is for girls? Do you think he comprehends that only girls wear nail polish? It’s less confusing now than ever!

anonymous asked:

Hey so I'm planning a curse to make my abuser feel the pain he put me through and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for things I could use to amp up the spell like specific plants or crystals. So far I have a batch of war water in the making

So, here’s the thing about abusers, they are insidious and probably worm their way into your mind and consequently your magic. I’m not opposed to curses, I just personally get nervous about mixing someone else’s stuff up with my stuff unless I am in a place to be able to distance/separate/or be removed from the situation involved. Does that make sense? So, that should be something you should address. Maybe you a binding spell first or a cord cutting spell, or wear some gloves to wash your hands of the person.

Then figure out what kind of spell will it be? A jar spell with a representation of them? Fill it with piss and vinegar and your war water and nails and broken mirrors and glass and shake it up. if stuff goes awry, you can bust it open and throw it away.

I would also check out my curse tag for some links to curses by other people.