At first Operation: Rhododendron Skookum was a no-go, first he dropped a deuce, then tried to eat the flower, twice, but we got there eventually! 🌸


~Hope is what I feel when I hold you in my arms~

[Just a little something as an attempt to remind everyone that the Outlaw Queen reunion was sealed with a warm hug and that we can keep our hope until everything is better.]

Regina is knocking on the door, calling Robin’s name. When it doesn’t open immediately, she has no more patience left in her and starts pounding on it, calling his name louder. Her pounding on the door matches the pounding of her heart, the sick feeling in her gut becoming more intense with every second that passes.

On the other side of the door, Robin doesn’t dare to move. He thinks he just heard her voice calling him, but he’s not sure. How can he be sure when he’s been dreaming of her voice, her touch, her smile every night and he woke up to realize it was all a dream? The guilt he’s been feeling strikes through his mind again. He’s been trying to move on with Marian -she’s just told him she’s pregnant- and he still hasn’t managed to get Regina out of his mind, out of his soul, no matter how badly he’s wanted it. But did he really want it? Did he really want to forget her? The pounding on the door gets louder, but Robin has almost gotten used to loud noises by now. It’s that voice that has his heart on his throat and his body unable to move. No, his imagination won’t play that game this time. In a sudden urge to prove to himself that it can’t really be her and with a frown on his face, he opens the door.

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atracaelum replied to your post: anonymous asked:Why do people car…

There’s such a societal pressure to be sexually active, and such a vocal narrative that your life is incomplete if you don’t feel like having sex or that there’s something seriously wrong with you.. having asexuality respected is vital. Vital.

there we go

plus there are these really twisted expectations - like people expect you to think that sex should be disgusting and scandalous but at the same time you should also like it and do it because that’s the natural thing, right?

that’s really confusing for both sexually active and ace ppl like wow

so... @ all yall. you gonna stay silent on the issues in baltimore?  i hope youre standing up for all social justice and not just what applies to you. sorry if you’re inconvenienced by the truth