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“I was a really nervous kid. I was extremely sensitive. Incredibly perceptive. I think I was very keen to preempt anything that didn’t feel good. I hope this doesn’t come off as corny, but it really helped me be an actor. I mean, when I was a kid, I felt like I was this skin-covered antenna. And I could never get this antenna down. I was so aware of everything around me. I would watch people—looking for signs of danger all the time. It was so acute that I really was able to jump into other people’s skin. When I was 13, I parlayed that passion into a means to escape.”

cas would love all animals though so like

dean’s grudgingly okay with it when cas rescues stray cats and dogs, nursing them to good health and finding homes for them, because it’s not like he’s forcing dean to do anything about them and dean would have to be a complete monster to shoot him down over something like that

and maybe he raises an eyebrow when cas starts bringing in birds with broken wings but okay, birds are sort of cute too, when they’re not crapping all over the impala

the frog is weird though (“he has a sore throat, dean”) and then the bats are weirder (“yes, they do need their own room, dean, they like the dark”) and the morning he wakes up to find a raccoon busily searching through the dresser is one of the more surreal ones he’s ever had

it’s when cas brings in a box of baby skunks one night that dean decides he has to put his foot down

but everything he plans to say flies out of his head when cas smiles at him in tired relief as he approaches and says, “oh, good, I need your help. their mother’s gone, there are five of them, and they’re all hungry.”

so dean finds himself with a bottle full of goat milk and a tiny, surprisingly sweet-smelling skunk kit in the crook of his arm, and he can’t help smiling at the contented little grunts it makes as it eats

and he’s weirdly sad to see them go when it’s time to take them to the wildlife rehabilitator cas has made friends with, and he even offers to drive so he can say goodbye to them (not that he says that, but he’s pretty sure cas knows)

cas falls asleep on the drive back, so dean’s the only one there to notice the badly limping fox by the side of the road a few miles away from the bunker

he doesn’t even consider not stopping


In case you were wondering what happened to Alex’s backbone in season eleven, 
apparently he left it somewhere in season ten.

i’ve hit 3.5k followers (thank you) so i figured that it was about time i made my first tumblr awards! these are hp awards but multi fandom is fine, as long as you post some hp:


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So, I’d actually been planning to make this post waaaaay before (like months ago or maybe like last year) but was only able to do so now xD and I’m pretty happy about only doing it now because I just realized that as this side blog has celebrated/celebrates its 1st birthday (XD it’s been around a year since I made this blog), it is more fitting that this post be one to both commemorate 1 year of this blog’s existence and as an appreciation post to show my gratitude and love ~ :> So to all of you tagged, thank you for following and for bearing through my ramblings and everything xD I really appreciate each and every one of you :> and I hope that as time goes by, maybe we can all become good friends ? (some of you are already my mutuals ily guys) So thank you for everything again more power to your blogs and you all are the best

(i tried my best to type everyone’s name but i may have missed out on some. if so, please tell me ;-; )

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Here's what I wish for you: Dean behind you, his fingers pushing and kneading slow down your spine, dissolving the knots and tension in your shoulders, the brush of his callouses and knuckles washing the whole surface of your skin in an effervescent warmth; his breath in your hair and and his voice husky and gentle as he says, scratch this one off, we'll go again tomorrow. Come to bed. x

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Best thing about meeting up with your online art friends is that you come up with the stupidest crossover AUs with them. During AX ,we made the most convoluted and idiotic high school AU you’ve ever heard of. There are a lot of little things and I could explain everything, (like how Detention is a 1v1 fight between teacher and student, and being sent to the principal’s office means you’re gonna lose at LEAST a finger), but we’d be here all night.

BUT I WILL SAY one of my favorite things is that Rinehart is a History teacher, and it is just The Worst Time for Everyone Involved.

(Featuring thezombiedogz‘s Dingo, calanii‘s Perry, aconceptartblog‘s Duck, magiart‘s Pip, and my Eustal + Leadfoot