After Papyrus, felt like drawing some Gasters in fun outfits. In the mood for some void dad.  

I’m still figuring out how I want to interpret him. Like I like him classy and composed, but I also want at least a little sense of humor in there. I picture him MST3K-ing by himself over all the timelines as he watches from beyond the code. Like, 60% cryptic and terrifying, 35% science puns, and 5% the kind of person who would make a lot of vines, if he were corporeal. Haha, I know it’s dumb, but I like silly “hey son watch me do a sick backflip into the Core” Gasters a lot more than I ought to. :V

But what would be his fashion style…? If only there existed a real person, or two, that were super cool and distinguished but also giant nerdy dorks.

This is what happens when i paint while being angry. You can see the process of the mouth animation here

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You pull a face, and poke it towards the stage, and we la-di-dah, we sing and dance and tumble around. And all you see up here, it’s not people, you don’t see people up here, it’s all fodder. And the faker the fodder the more you love it, because fake fodder’s the only thing that works anymore. It’s all that we can stomach. Actually, not quite all. Real pain, real viciousness, that we can take. Yeah, stick a fat man up a pole. We laugh ourselves feral, because we’ve earned the right, we’ve done cell time and he’s slacking, the scum, so ha-ha-ha at him! Because we’re so out of our minds with desperation, we don’t know any better. All we know is fake fodder and buying shit. That’s how we speak to each other, how we express ourselves, is buying shit. 

Black Mirror [2011-Present]

Do you like talking about smutty stuff, but have no where to go/no one to talk to? You probably like a k pop group and got some weird kinks? This network is for you!


  • Follow @gay4jimin and @btshorrorcore
  • reblog this so we know who’s interested
  • you gotta be over 18, non-negotiable
  • idk just be cool
  • it’d probably be a good idea to hit either of us up to chat, we’re pretty cool people anyways so

Looking for

  • people who like being open with their sexuality
  • people who want to explore their sexuality
  • probably other gay people, let’s be real lmao
  • people who like k pop groups

Why should I join?

  • Not only do you get the pleasure of being friends with a bunch of sexual deviants online, you also get to have a bunch of people to talk to about your own sexual deviancy. Lucky you.

The deadline to join will be 2/15/2016, we will pick the members after that date.

So, if you’re like me, and you…

-Love the Danvers Sisters
-Think they’re the best part of the show
-Want to see them interact more

I wholeheartedly recommend Adventures of Supergirl. Chapter 2 came out today and it’s GREAT. Because Science! Sisterly Bonding! And also Sewers! (I needed a third ‘s’ thing. ….It’ll make more sense if you read it.) 




Anyways at least it’s done…

So I always thought Clementine used to date Jonquil, and seeing how Jonquil is like, Casanova or whatever, she may have caught a few tricks from him ahahah

So Clementine and Jonquil are exes… right…right???? huh???

@tamarinfrog, here have more of my really bad jokes

Also congratz on HOI! I can’t wait for more (no pressure though, I finally know how hard it is to draw and all) and the more canon stuff that comes out the more jokes I could make *nervous laughing*

(you could tell when I got really lazy)

62 Shadowhunters Icons from Raising Hell (Episode 4)


17 Isabelle Lightwood
14 Alec Lightwood
10 Magnus Bane
11 Clary Fray
10 Jace Wayland (or whatever you use as his second name)

*I will be uploading more this week of eg. Simon, Clizzy etc. I just wanted to post this before this weeks episode

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cake for breakfast, chapter twenty-one


It was our third annual gift exchange and it would have been a huge slap in the face to the holiday if we went yet another year without a tree to act as décor.  And since Soledad (begrudgingly) put me in charge of the tree, I might have gone a bit overboard and decided to get a white tree with pink garland and gold glittery baubles. It looked really nice with my Instagram theme and I thought it was a happy twist on the holiday. Soledad? Not so much.

“I think it’s great,” Niall sang, popping the cap off of his third beer.

“That’s not fair, he’s drunk,” Soledad groaned, pointing her finger accusingly at Niall. “He’s of poor judgment.”

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I’m really tempted to do like, playlists for clans/lairs for other people because a) making playlists is always fun, b) making playlists for other people is also hella fun, and c) I could potentially get some money from that

so, uh, are people interested in getting 5-8 song playlists for their lairs and/or specific dragons/groups for like, 10-15kt? or more if they want more songs; they’d be something like the playlist I have on my blog here–