okay but au where dean and cas are best friends and dean comes over to cas’ house but on the way to his room he stops by cas’ sister’s room to say hi to her parrot. 

and the parrot goes “i think i’m in love with dean” and dean’s just like wtf but then anna comes in all hysterically nervous laughter trying to cover for her brother and she’s all like “haha yeah i’m totally in love with you haha i just didn’t tell you ‘cause you’re cas’ best friend and you’d never return my feelings haha” 

and dean’s like shit she’s right because he’s already more or less in love with cas but then cas comes in to find dean and the parrot says “castiel i can’t believe you’re in love with dean” and dean’s like “what is the truth” and anna’s like “gotta blast” and that’s how dean and cas get together. 

because of the damn parrot.

Hey so, in July Sesshomaru’s spanish voice actor will come over for a con, so I will get a VIP ticket and try to get him to record a little something for me and all the spanish speaking InuYasha fans, Kagome’s voice actor will be here too, so why not hooking up with that too? They’re yet to reveal the next invited VA sooooo crossing fingers its InuYasha’s VA! (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡

Random AU stuff under the cut cause not sure if I like it

It’s a Shuriman AU cause I spend so much time rping with Shuriman characters that I got to thinking weird ass ideas so what if Sona was adopted by a newly arisen Azir who, in investigating the changed world came across a rumor of Etwhal and upon finding could not bear to leave the poor child there alone. So Sona lives in the arising Shurima honing her magic under Azir’s tutelage.

I like the outfit probably needs more gold but hey. And yes her hair turned brown. Sand magic that’s why.