Side to Side

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1293

Summary: With your loud music playing, you wake Bucky up in the middle of the day but the song seems to grow on him.

Warnings: Implied Smut, bad writing

A/N – As you can tell, I haven’t been as active on this blog so I’m still getting into the rhythm of writing Bucky again. I apologise again.

A/N 2 – This is my entry for my girl @caplansteverogers #caplansongficchallenge – and to use the prompt Side to Side – Ariana Grande – I hope you like it even though I think it’s a pile of crap.

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I don’t think Tyrell will blame Elliot

Assuming Tyrell is going tell the fbi he was held hostage, how could he blame Elliot for that, when he went to prison a few days after the hack?

Plus the fbi have their phonecall, how would Tyrell explain his ability to contact Elliot, or why he sounded so happy to talk to him?

I suppose Tyrell could take responsibility for the 5.9 hack, admitting he and elliot were working together. But then Elliot wanted to blow up buildings, and when he tried to stop him Elliot took him hostage.

But the idea that Elliot, was responsible for planning not only for an attack on that scale, but was also able to hide the most wanted man in America, even creating a whole restaurant as a cover, is pretty unbelievable.

Only someone with a lot of money, power, influence and resources could pull that of. Plus Dom wouldn’t just take Tyrells word for it, of course he would deny his involvement when he has been caught.

So for Tyrell to get out of custody so quickly, he would have to blame someone who would completely turn Dom’s investigation on its head…Agent Santiago

He told Irving that his collegues were already suspicious that he just happened to be in a meeting during the shooting in China. So it makes sense, that the darkarmy would pin the blame on him now he has furfilled his usefulness.

Also if Tyrell finds out during the interrogation it was Santiago’s decision to keep Joanna’s death under wraps, and for his son to be taken into care. That would give Tyrell a reason to want revenge.

Tyrell wouldn’t even have to lie to Dom, he could tell her when he tried to escape Santiago tracked him down, killed the cop that caught him, and took him back to the cabin.

I don’t think it would take much to convince her either, considering Santiago didn’t want her to go to the redwheelbarrow restaurant, and told her to go back to hq while he continued investigating. It looks like he was trying to cover up his involvement.

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omg ur so pure, I can’t imagine u having.... s e x I FEEL LIKE UR BLOG IS TOO PURE FOR ME TO EVEN SAY IT

omg nonny LOL :’+) no it’s okay!! tbh I don’t mind talking about it! sometimes ppl don’t have space to talk about sex cause they’re uncomfortable talking about it to their parents / friends / others so yeah but the most important thing is to use protection & be safe !! I’m always open in talking about anything :+)

Does anyone have The Young Veins box set? I want to see it. I can’t find any pictures online.

What did the View-Master look like or the beach towel or beach ball or anything?

The only mentions I can find of it are on Wikipedia and The Young Veins facebook page.

I got a binder.

I’ve been struggling with the idea of gender for a while. I’ve never been feminine - despite what the plethora of eyeshadow palettes may say about me - and I don’t know. There are days, a lot of them, when I want to present as more masculine because that’s what I’m feeling. But I don’t identify as a trans man? I’m a mix, I think… though I also don’t know if that means I’m gender fluid or non-binary?

Either way, I bought a binder. And I feel pretty ok with myself with it on… which, you know, doesn’t happen much. So there’s that.