alright losers the dress is blue and gold and i have evidence to prove it

here is the ORIGINAL PHOTO. i’ve taken color samples DIRECTLY from it that will very obviously SHOW the dress is blue and gold. just from these selections you can tell the dress is a variety of blue hues and brown hues. BUT WAIT THERES MORE

so let me further explain why this is such an issue for everyone to interpret. see that MASSIVE glare in the top right corner? yes, my friends, this is what happens when you don’t focus your cameras. whoever took this picture obviously did not focus the color on the dress, therefore giving the dress an eerie and almost surreal color that confuses your eyes. the reason for the lack of focus being an issue is WHITE BALANCE. if you don’t already know, the white balance of a camera shot is dependent on the whitest object in the picture. in this scenario, it is literally a light, which REALLY throws off white balance. therefore, all other whites in the picture are darkened or lightened based on that shade of white in the light itself.

SO, i’ve gone to photoshop to further show why this is a blue and gold dress. I’ve even heightened the contrast to prove there are colors in this dress.

this is at contrast +100 and brightness +120. i’ve taken color samples that are very, VERY significantly gold and light blue. THIS is where the center of the dress could be mistaken for white. 

and this is at contrast +100 and brightness -120. all of the color samples are DARK BROWN (fun fact: dark gold is also known as brown) and blue samples. since the browns are so dark at this setting, it COULD be mistaken for black. i guess.

if this STILL. doesnt prove anything to you, let me add that (in the scenario that this dress is not reflecting the colors of another source), there is NO WAY that either black or white would turn gold or blue when changing the brightness and contrast or any other setting. black and white DO NOT MIX with the color spectrum in that fashion. if you were to take an image made up of black and white and up the contrast, the image would go into different grayscales or a solid, rigid black and white photo. so UNLESS this dress is reflecting something out of shot (which, i should add, is extremely unlikely), THE DRESS HAS TO BE BLUE AND GOLD.

tbh i dont even know why this so hard to understand. i knew it was blue and gold from the beginning. i literally can’t even see the dress having any black even if the brightness were to be all the way down. i can possibly see white, considering it’s a shiny material and there’s a very high possibility white would reflect another color, but i’m almost positive it’s blue and gold and i dont understand why everyones between white and gold or blue and black. like what. yes its called an OPTICAL ILLUSION my friends, its obviously going to mess with your eyes, but take it from a photoshop pro that this is most definitely blue and gold and none of that mumbo jumbo debate over

Gruvia: Popularity and aspects of the pairing – Part II

Gray x Juvia: Why it’s so popular, and the aspects of the pairing – Part II

This is a continuation of my first post regarding Gruvia, the aspects of the pairing and why it’s so enjoyable to ship. The original was written in 2013; since then we have gotten more material to work with so I wanted to do this. No panels are repeated.


Gray and Juvia have this “unspoken bond” as the manga refers to it as. We can see through their team work that they read each other so well that sometimes words are unneeded.  Not only that, but Juvia seems to have a “Gray-sama” radar, where she can tell something is happening to him even if he’s not there. Likewise, in many instances Gray will also ‘magically’ appear to aid Juvia.  Examples include him saving her from being killed by Ultear, pushing her out of the way in order to not be struck by a mini dragon (twice in chapter 334, the second time he actually dies for her), and shielding her from Silver’s ice attack. The Meredy vs Juvia fight (sensory link; connection between Gray and Juvia together was successful) and the Gray vs Silver/Juvia vs Keith fights show case their connection level very well. At this point, these two are incredibly entangled in each other’s lives.


They comfort, and are there for each other when needed.  Actually, they don’t just need it; they want it. In many instances, Gray and Juvia seek comfort in each other.  Whether that be Gray reassuring Juvia in the Grand Magic Games, or him grabbing her hand and reassuring her with kind words such as “I’m here with you”.  The last chapter of the Tartaros arc clearly shows their desperation for comfort from each other.


As we all know, Juvia constantly cheers Gray on.  She always tries to lend a hand, even if she mistakes someone as a love rival. She supports his ambition to defeat E.N.D. very strongly, so much that she stands by his side no matter what the cost.  The water mage also did as Silver asked which he made a point to say it was for Gray’s sake. She terminated his father against her own will because she believed it would benefit Gray.  Likewise, Gray sees her has his support or else he would not seek her team work so often. The author continuously draws them near each other.


One of the major reasons why Juvia fell in love with Gray is because he took away the rain that plagued her throughout her entire life up until that point. That alone makes Juvia very appreciative of Gray and what he’s done for her.  Gray himself has shown appreciation in regards to Juvia as well whether it’s accepting her homemade bread with his face on it, thanking her for reminding him to smile (chapter 340), or setting his dad free (chapter 416), he is incredibly grateful.  Gifts are a way to show appreciation. In the 413 Days special, despite Juvia not knowing, Gray was thankful that her gesture with the scarf made him think of a happy memory with Ur; she made him feel better on a day when he usually feels lousy and down.  


At first glance, what stands out about Gray and Juvia is their compatible magic. Ice and water. It’s that simple, right? But it actually goes beyond that. These two balance each other. Juvia can be very open, meanwhile Gray can be very closed up.  She’s able to push his buttons; when he thinks he’s got her figured out she throws him off again. And that’s their dynamic.


Gray and Juvia are a great combination and couple, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. Juvia has a tendency to go overboard with her displays of affection, even making Gray uncomfortable at times.  Gray himself can also be very distance and withhold feelings. There was also a “rejection” of Juvia along the way, but since then these two have become closer. Juvia has toned down her fangirl side, and Gray has become a bit more open.   Furthermore, Gray’s “rejection” is not sticking and has not changed their relationship for the worst. They seem to be as strong as ever. But there will always be bumps in the road that Gray and Juvia will have to overcome.  Because they aren’t perfect is why it’s even more rewarding when they do get together.


They’ve come a long way. At the start, Gray obviously didn’t see Juvia as a partner or think of her as one of, if not, his most important person. They were enemies in fact. But even afterwards, Gray and Juvia gradually grew closer and got to know each other.  They spent time together at the guild, went on missions together (some even alone), worked together, protected each other, etc.  They took small steps.  They took big steps (Gray wearing Juvia’s scarf in 413 Days and their unison raid for instance). It all lead to the moment Gray finally broke down and show cased his vulnerable side to Juvia.


Gray and Juvia have a bright future together ahead of them. I and many others look forward to seeing where it goes and what will happen next. Special thanks to squisherific for her input as I wrote this. ^_^


"And yet to have come so far still bearing the Ring the Hobbit had shown extraordinary resilience to its evil."

For such a long time Frodo does not have THE NOTION OF THE RING. The Ring is a danger that threatens the Shire, to him It’s this evil thing making powerful beings like Gandalf or Galadriel almost crumble in fear,  weakness and defeat. For such a long time he does not experience Its pull, Its lure, Its grasp. We have seen so many instantly fall into Its grip, like shackles closing on their hands, hearts and minds turning them into Its puppets. Strings pulled so easily, so effortlessly with all will consumed and independence owned. Not with Frodo. Initially there’s so much pure heart in him, filled with home, with green, with dreams of the adventures and acts of honour and valour that the Ring cannot get through. All these shots with his hand opened, offering IT to whoever dares, whoever finds enough courage, enough strength , show his fear, show his insecurity but ultimately paradoxically PROVE strength of his will. They show how free he still is, how unaffected, how terrified of NOT ITS INFLUENCE but ITS DANGER TO HOME TO EVERYTHING HE KNOWS, CHERISHES AND LOVES SO DEARLY. It’s never a weapon, It’s never something he can use, he WANTS. It’s danger to FAMILIAR, TO BELOVED. Something to be always feared of, not desire to posess. So his hand is opened, not clinging to IT yet like to a life rope, not keeping IT close yet like MOST PRECIOUS possession, the only thing HE WANTS AND RECOGNIZES ANYMORE. No. Not yet. Because he does not want IT yet, he does not recognize IT yet for what IT is, he does not experience IT like all the others do - so strong is his will, so pure is his heart, so selfless is his soul. Carrying IT is a necessity still, FORCED UPON HIM OBLIGATION, he conducts with so much dare and courage OUT OF LOVE FOR HOME, FREEDOM AND THOSE CLOSE TO HIM. And then, after so long, still struggling, still forced, still mourning the loss of freedom he feels is coming, he closes his hand on IT. Not out of greed, not out of desire, not out of Its lure. Because it’s what he must do for everything and everyone he holds dear. He embraces the role of Its bearer with everything that this task implies: loss of will, freedom and eventually life. Because no one else would. And only then, slowly, oh so slowly he falls into Its rule.