carmilla is such a self aware character i love her

louis + gold + the brits16 suit

for @yslrainbowflag, the real mvp


Happy Bellarke Fam Selfie Night!! This week is my birthday edition bc your girl turns 23 tomorrow 🙌🏻🙌🏻🎉

I love u all and thanks for putting up with my meta and my selfies, rain & shine

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hey guys this is my blurb for the 5sos + lgbt blurb night that @5soslgbt is hosting! I love love love what the guys over there are doing and therefore I cooked up a little something. 

this is for @brohkenlove because they suggested I do something with Ashton + Troye Sivan and truthfully how could I have said no to that? (warning: softness and schmoop ahead)

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anonymous asked:

Imagine tho, Gen 2 Nick didn't care about clothes, he just needed the one set to cover his frame. But Gen 3 Thicc Nicc realizes he's kinda interested in clothing and his appearance now. He's still very rumpled and scruffy looking, the original Nick was too, but he becomes much more aware of all the little details, how loved ones react to his appearance, what looks "good" on him and what doesn't. Starts varying his wardrobe and occasionally tries to clean up nice for the first time in a century

AAAAAAAA yes good <3 I suddenly got the image of nick shaving with a straight razor while getting all cleaned up so


I’ve been working on this off and on for a long time now but I’ve finally finished it. I had to take a break when I got sick.

Who wouldn’t want to fly through the air on the back of their own giant Quetzalcoatlus? Sounds like fun to me!

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hi everyone!! this is my first ever giveaway 🎁🎉🎈this giveaway is in celebration of monsta x and their comeback next week & how proud i am of them!! so anyway i’ve prepared some gifts & goodies to celebrate.


  • Trespass Mini Album
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  • message me!! talk to me about monsta x or anything!! who’s your bias, what’s your favorite song, why do you like them,  etc. 

giveaway ends December 1st

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