[About his wig] “They did an awesome job. I had to go to makeup and costume rehearsals a few times before we actually started shooting and both departments did such an incredible job in choosing costumes. Basically, I’m wearing several layers of — I don’t know what it is — it’s old rags, and stuff like torn shirts, but it’s really an incredible costume. And the wig? Well … I’ve read a lot of discussions on websites about the wig, because in the books it’s clearly two colors — the grey or white and red. A lot of people are very concerned that might look ridiculous in real life, but I think they did an incredible job – [the] makeup people. I thought it [looked] perfectly natural. The last time I had long hair, I was 24. That’s quite a while ago, so it felt good to have long hair again.” - Tom Wlaschiha


“Then everyone died. The end.”

Uh…This idea came from the fact that there are so many Tiny Box Tims now. There is bound to be one that hates other versions of him for sure. He just wants to be special… 

At least there is one Markiplier…right?


Never let it be said that I don’t follow through on my promises (x). Also, I decided to only use POC Bill because he deserves more love and I adore his designs!

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And as usual, if I missed anyone, let me know!! This video is dedicated to my bro for life, youareunbearable. Enjoy!

SONG NAME: Magic by Mystery Skulls

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  • Zelena:If you kill me, Robin will only see you as the woman who killed the mother of his child.
  • Regina:I mean, technically, I already am that--in an aborted timeline at least--and he didn't seem too shaken up about it.
  • Regina:No one is, really.
  • Regina:Honestly, I thought it would be a much bigger deal but, hey. I'm not gonna question it.

hey guys ! im starting this new thing on my lame blog where i make url inspired edits for you guys who request it or icons for those who just need one.

++ rules :

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*** you can have both edit and icons 

***icons come in a pack of three depending on the characters