Dear trans MLM

Please dont “settle” for anyone who treats you bad. I know from personal experience and I regret it everyday, so I am writing this post as someone who doesn’t want other trans MLM to go through the same.

On a few occasions, I had felt pressured to like someone or be with them simply bc they liked me. my thinking was basically “who knows when someone would ever like me again?” “so they treat me like shit, its not like a person like me could ever do better” “he’s straight and constantly misgenders me but i like him and he says he likes me too and thats all that matters” we need to stop believing that crap. you can do better.

help me get a binder!

Hi, I’m Ace. I’m 14 years old, and I’m a transboy.

My parents aren’t the most supportive, and thus, I’m terrified of coming out to them. I’m also too nervous to ask them to buy me the binder themselves- even under the guise of “it’s for a friend.”

While I do currently own a binder, it’s a cheap one from Amazon which was not my wisest buy, and it may be harmful to my health if I continue wearing it. Gc2b binders are seen as some of the best binders out there, and at a good cost too.

I’m scared this will be brushed off as selfish and useless, but just in case it isn’t-

Even one dollar will mean the world to me. You don’t have to donate, but if you do, thank you so much. It will mean so much to me.

And if you can’t donate, feel free to reblog/boost! The more people who see this, the better chance of me reaching my goal.

donate link is here

Tumblr History Community Survey
Do you like answering questions about yourself? Take this survey.

I love pie charts and I have Questions about the tumblr history community, so I made a survey. It isn’t terribly long. Please take it.

I’m using a very loose definition of the word “community” here. This is a survey for anyone who posts about or follows people who post about history, you don’t have to consider yourself part of a special club. All questions are optional, so you’re welcome to skip any questions that don’t apply to you or that you just don’t want to answer. Also, if anything on it is badly worded or just Bad, please let me know so I can fix it or remove it.

Also please reblog so that more people will see it! I’ll post about the results in a week or two. 


#bestofgintama quotes
episode 1: “you jerks!! and you claim to have gin tama?!”

Don’t Let Me Down

Shit Joker Imagine

Inspired by Don’t Let Me Down - Chainsmokers

As the two of you stood still, the sound of the slap echoed off the walls and bounced back into your ears. Slowly, with an exhale of breath, you turn your face to look at the Joker’s, eyes filled to the brim with hatred. It wasn’t like him to hurt you. He never had before. But as you stand before this man, you wonder if he could be the same one that promised never to lay a single hurtful hand to you.

You can’t even remember what you were arguing about. Were you even arguing? Did your sly mouth slip up and say something stupid? But even if you had, was it bad enough to earn a slap?

As the sting sets into your cheek, you look at him with a pained gaze, urging him to come out of his stupor. And just as a bare twitch of an eyebrow signals his final realization, tears fall from your eyes.

“Oh puddin,” he reaches out a hand, looking to touch your stung cheek, only to grasp at the air as you slide past him and rush up to your room.

Mister J closely follows behind you, surprisingly keeping his mouth shut all the while. He watches as you walk into your shared room and grab a duffel bag from under the bed, brows furrowing as you angrily open drawers and shove in clothes.

At that he begins to speak, “Sweetheart. Look at me.”

You stop for a second, only to humor him, and drag your gaze up to meet his. For the first time then, you think you can see some traces of actual emotion in his contorted features.

But before you could get caught up in his kicked puppy look, you return to packing your bags with a shake of your head.

“Sweetie,” he pleads, “Let’s talk about this.” He tries, drawing his lips into a sorry smile, hoping and failing to get you to stop.

“Honey,” He tries again, only with less patience, letting it show in the way his voice drops. “Don’t be irrational.”

And that’s when you snap.

“Irrational!” You screech, “Irrational?! You. Fucking. Hit. Me.” You say, taking a step closer to him as each word leaves your lips.

For a minute, the Joker almost wants to laugh at your outburst. If not for the seriousness of the situation, he would show how happy he was to finally see you so unraveled, shaken, angry. It was a side of you that he knew you had but would do anything to prevent anyone from seeing.

“Doll. It was an accident.”

You chuckle, “Is that what you’re gonna claim next time? Huh? That it was an accident?”

Mister J closes his eyes, willing the situation to go away, wanting things to go back to the way they were before.

“I’m sorry.” He apologizes. And this is probably the first time he’s ever formed those words with his own mouth. Surely, now, y/n has to see how badly he feels.

But instead of forgiving him, she fixes him with a numb, cold gaze.

“I don’t care.”

The Joker stands, defeated, forced to watch as his one and only companion walks out on him.


Back at your friends house, you lay on a bed engulfed in the darkness. As tears rush out of your eyes, you take a fist and pound it against your forehead, willing yourself to stay put. No matter how much you want to run back and fill the empty space not only beside you but in you, you know you can’t. You urge yourself to replay the moment he hit you over and over again while the memory of the pain settles in.

Despite all of the bad things he’s done, killed, stolen, he never once broke a promise to you. And while the promise of never hurting you seemed unrealistic given his reputation, you believed him and he let you down.



Sorry if it’s shitty. This was kinda last minute. I didn’t really think about it too much either but yeah…

i think you're so good
and i'm nothing like you art by: http://bourbonss.tumblr.com/post/148182841738/we-on-an-ultralight-beam

sheith mix
art by bourbonss

1. love like you - steven universe
2. can’t help falling in love with you - fleet foxes (cover)
3. you are the moon - the hush sound
4. garden - halsey
5. better together - jack johnson
6. i got you - jack johnson
7. the organ donor’s march - kim vermillion
8. here comes a thought - steven universe

Whatever you do. . .

… Don’t think about Keith being booted from the Garrison.

Don’t think of how he had nowhere else to go, the realization cutting through his heart like a blade.

Don’t think about him stuck in the desert that first night. Don’t think about him walking aimlessly, no idea what he was doing, no idea where he was going. Don’t think of him walking until his feet blistered and bled, until he couldn’t breath.

Don’t think of the hurt, the pain, the anger, the fear, the sadness, or that pressing thought that maybe he won’t make it, maybe he won’t wake up the next morning.

Don’t think of those never ending days of struggle, fighting to just get by and live. Don’t think of him learning how to survive with nothing, learning to live off of the land without any help, with nothing but his dagger and the clothes on his back.

Don’t think of Keith staying up all night, unable to sleep, looking up at the stars as he just thought about how his only friend, the only person he could turn to, might never return.

Don’t think of him staring up at the stars, wondering if it was all worth it. If his struggle was pointless. If he was ever going to make it out of the desert.

Don’t think about how finding that cave, the Lion, the markings carved into stone, and using it as his crutch, the only thing to give him reason, the only thing that kept him grounded.

Don’t think about the loneliness biting at his mind, or him talking to to himself, or the blistering heat pounding down on him, or the days he spent hungry, or the dusty winds tearing through his shack, or the cold, desolate nights full of nothing but the calls of animals in the distance.

Whatever you do, don’t think about how long Keith may have gone without talking to another human.