Just in case anyone is wondering, Lio and I are working on a trick in which he gets up on his hind legs so I can hold him up as he stares into my eyes.

We are weirdly intense friends.


Ran 6 mind-numbing miles on the treadmill at the gym this evening and something came to mind towards the end of the run. There was a good possibility that I could’ve been one of the most experienced athletes, endurance or otherwise, in the gym during my workout.

That’s pretty fucking cool.

I have no idea if I’ve ever shared it, but I keep a memory of my “Day 1” with me stored in my phone. I can honestly remember trying to figure out the buttons on the treadmill, full of self-doubt, decked out in my all-black Nike apparel (because black is slimming or something, right?), like it was yesterday.

So fucking cool.

Warning, foul-language on the way. Also turning my Anon off for a bit after this.

Okay, I generally dislike being confrontational, mainly because it just takes up too much energy. But let it be known that I can be a petty ass bitch when the time calls for it. And the time calls for it. I’ll be honest, I was trying to avoid this drama like the plague. I had no interest in getting into the middle of a spat between dubbers on YT. But before I knew it, I was involved in this giant fuckfest of fuckery and lies. Let me paraphrase Marinette for a bit, I fucking hate liars. A friend of mine is being harassed and being the grown ass, responsible woman I am, I’m jumping in on it… because you know, I’m totally a responsible, sensible adult.

Yesterday afternoon, I was participating in a live stream with @princess-sakura-serenity. If you are a fan of watching ML comic dubs, you probably know who I’m talking about. I’m sure a fair share of artists also know of her since she swings by to ask for permission before dubbing their work. Sakura is also one of only two people [currently] I’ve allowed to dub my content. So whilst we were having a good time during the stream, Sakura had to leave early because she received another false copyright claim and started getting a panic attack.

There is evidence that some of the claims, if not all, were made under the influence of the owner of this channel. And please, for the love of god, don’t harass her. That is not the intent of this post. This is the same person that I’ve alluded to in a post before, here. This user had been convincing others to leave copyright strikes on Sakura’s videos and may still be doing so. I know this from conversations between the people involved. Now we don’t know for sure if all of the claims are her doing. It could also be a case of her fans thinking they’re doing her a favor. It could just be some random assholes. But the fact that she’s responsible for some is enough for me to have to say something.

I’m writing this post because I want to raise awareness. I want fellow fans and fellow artists out there to be protected from users like this. I’m not here to tell anyone what to do. But I do want other artists to take a moment to consider who they are giving permission to. I have had a fair share users ask me for permission solely for the sake of asking permission. Once they got it, they completely disregarded my sharing policy. So please do be careful. Don’t let others disrespect you.

Before anyone accuses me of being biased towards the situation because Sakura is my friend, I want to point out that I have also personally dealt with this user. While she has been cordial with me, in a sense, I cannot find it in my ability to see her words as sincere and trustworthy. Of course, this is my opinion. Be sensible. Make your own judgment calls.

If you want to know about my experience, there’s more under the cut.

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  • me:sitting, minding my own business
  • brain:hey
  • me:?
  • brain:you should just like....chomp down on your finger
  • me:what
  • brain:yeah, just stick your finger in your mouth and bite down on it like a carrot and bite it off
  • brain:it'll feel great
  • me:no, it really won't, and I'm not doing that.
  • brain:you gotta though
  • me:why
  • brain:you just gotta
  • me:sighs
  • brain:somebody's gotta do it
  • me:literally nobody's gotta do it
  • brain:somebody's gotta do it
  • me:....
Neither will God be confined by the trivial uses human beings often want to make of God’s power and presence. Carter Heyward observed that we sometimes think of God as a big aspirin about whom it can be said, ‘Take a little God, you’ll feel better.’ This God fixes all our problems for us, finds us parking spaces in crowded malls, and bails us out of tight situations. God gives clear guidance about every possible decision. Heyward suggests that it is far more biblical to think of God as enigmatic or incomprehensible. God is not in our control or at our beck and call. God does not exist to do our bidding or to make our lives more convenient. Often God does not make everything all better. Illness, pain, and death are not always fixable; but God is present in the midst of them.
—  Lynn Japinga, “Language about God”

anonymous asked:

Oh my God I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable!! If it makes you feel better I definitely meant the sentiment more than you are literally the mom. Kind of like that on really chill teacher who ALL the kids trust, love, and respect1/2

So all the kids hang out in their classroom and just talk whenever they can. Like that teacher is the school “mom”? And that’s more how I meant Fandom mom. If that makes any sense. Again I’m so so sorry. I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable :(

AHHHHH NO NO DON’T WORRY i know exactly what you meant!! i know your intent wasn’t to make me feel uncomfortable or anything, so no worries, i’m not blaming your nor do i have any ill feelings towards you about it.

it’s just that being called mom is??? really weird??? it sorta feels like i’m responsible for everyone who calls me that (and a friend of mine in a similar situation expressed the same thing to me), and i can barely take care of my own life, haha. 

plus, i have absolutely no intention of having children/adopting, which is part of it. which is, again, just me having a weird reaction. it’s absolutely not your fault!! 

the biggest thing i think is that i don’t wanna come off as intimidating/scary, or like i’m this Big Important Figure in the Fandom. accepting a title like that sort of feels like i’m being put on this Fandom Pedestal where it seems like i have a lot of power/influence/etc when i’m really just a regular ol’ blogger. newer people may feel intimidated by that and will refuse to talk to me b/c they feel like i won’t talk to them or i won’t notice them (or, worse, that they’re beneath my notice, which is absolutely not true at all)

i’ve already had a few people say that they find me intimidating/scary b/c my presence in the fandom is fairly wide spread, and i don’t wanna perpetuate that (intentionally or otherwise) by sort of accepting that kind of title. and it feels like i’d be isolating new people who don’t know all the all the Ins and Outs of the Fandom. kind of like Fandom Gatekeeping?? which is a thing that does tend to happen, and it’s something in particular that i really dislike

i don’t wanna feel like i’m the ringleader of some clique that feels too much like the Popular Kids Table in Highschool. i sorta just wanna relax and exchange ideas with everyone in the fandom who wants to talk to me, be it my friends or people i’ve never met before. i want to feel approachable!! 

i say this mostly b/c i’ve seen this sort of thing happen in online communities before, and it always made me feel like an outsider or left out of the group, b/c i wasn’t part of the “In-Crowd.” it was really isolating and awful, and i absolutely hated that feeling. i don’t wanna make anyone else feel like that!!

i’m just a person who likes to post art and headcanons and i like to exchange ideas with people. occasionally i’ll write fics, or a ten page meta about Bakugou’s character development, or why i think he doesn’t wear socks. whatever happens to catch my attention at the time. i don’t view myself as more or less important than anyone else in the fandom. i don’t wanna feel like i’m in some sort of fandom hierarchy, is all. i just wanna relax and have fun

if y’all wanna perceive me as the fandom mom (or aunt, or friend, or mom friend; i’ve gotten several suggestions for this), then go ahead!! that’s your own perception of me and i’m not about to change it. but i’m just like everyone else in the fandom; i enjoy talking about a series that i love and producing content for it, and looking at the amazing content everyone else makes. 

just call me Sai!! that’s who i view myself as. just Sai. just a person who likes to post and draw and write silly things on the internet. my ideas and the things i create are no more or less important than anyone else’s. 

again, i know you didn’t have any intentions of making me feel uncomfortable!!! you were just expressing what you thought, is all. i just feel like this is a thing that could easily go in a direction that i don’t like, despite the kind sentiment behind it 

anyway, i hope what i said makes sense!! again, this isn’t your fault, and i’m not blaming you at all. i just have… weird feelings about situations like this. it’s all me dude, so no worries. 

and thanks for the concern!!!

My ASL textbook was made in the States and I live in Canada.  Which isn’t usually a problem, but there are some cultural differences in certain signs.  

For example, part of our current unit is clothing types.  This girl in my class signed “leather” today, the way it’s taught in the book.  We were all like “yup that’s leather” but the prof.  He just starts laughing and is like “no that’s not the sign don’t sign that” and everyone’s like “what are you talking about?  that’s how it’s signed in the book and on the homework DVDs” and he’s like “okay yeah that’s the sign for leather in the US but in Canada that means BDSM.”

So that’s how I now know the sign for BDSM because that’s totally something useful to know :P

We also had an entire class dedicated to learning swear words a couple weeks back because “Deaf people are gonna swear at you sometimes so you need to know what they’re saying and how to respond.”  Did you know there’s like five different ways to sign “fuck” depending on the context?

Also in the very first class last year, my friend went to sign “thank you” to the prof but signed “fuck you” instead.  Very first thing she signs to the prof and she tells him to fuck off.

We also had another class partially dedicated to learning the different signs for sexual orientations.

This post was just supposed to be about the BDSM thing, but my prof is pretty cool.  He’s Deaf and British and gay and has a cat and he speaks (as of the last time I heard which was like February so it’s probably more now) eleven sign languages and is learning three more and works for the UN translating between sign languages and has a possibly maybe almost boyfriend who he tells us about all the time (apparently he might have convinced him to go on a date so I hope it goes well for them).  He brought his cat to class with him once because he didn’t realize it’d gotten into his car until he got to the uni and didn’t want to leave it in there all day.

Anyway.  My ASL class is pretty cool.  Just thought you should know.