When you’re trying to be cool and not drag your BFF ( @tobors ) into total drama hell but you draw him in the art style anyways….

“You are my Johnshine, my only Johnshine…”


“You make me happy, when skies are grey.”

“Stop it…”

“You’ll never know, John-”


“How much I love you.”


“Please don’t take my Johnshine away.”

“…Okay fine, that was cute.” John admits. “It would’ve been cuter if we weren’t in a morgue.”

“Quite right.” Sherlock clears his throat. “Back to work, then.”


My Storenvy Closing Sale 

I will be closing my storenvy on Monday (22nd August)!! I’ve added new prints+postcards!! The D&P charms will not be restocked so grab the last few designs now before its too late! With every purchase you will receive free stickers and if $30^ will get a free Polaroid card!!! 

I will not be opening it any time soon because I will be moving by the end of the month. I would need to settle down, find a place to print and learn how to mail in UK before I can start my sales again!!


For Malaysia: I will be attending Animangaki (AMG2016)!!
For UK: I might be attending MCM London and Bristol Anime Con!!