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Lmao making this has made me realize that I have shit taste in music I’m sorry for all of the musicals

One Song Glory- RENT
Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice
Therapy- Tick Tick Boom
Killer Queen- Queen
Me and I- ABBA
Dead Girl Walking (reprise)- Heathers
I Won’t Say- Disney Hercules
Cheerleader- OMI

Habits- Tone Lo
Therapy- Tick Tick Boom
Dirty Gold- Angel Haze
What the Heck I Gotta Do-21 Chump Street
Paris- the Chainsmokers
I’m Gonna Be- The Proclaimers
Cheerleader- OMI

i’m reading a very manly 1950s account of a hunt for el dorado but i’m thirty pages in and the narrator has already described his traveling companion as “handsome” 4 times, “extremely handsome” twice, “exceedingly handsome” once, his voice as “quietly husky” and “a husky whisper,” his fingers as long and deft, his body as “tall and cat-like,” and his eyes as some variation of ice-blue at least three times.

just men being dudes. dudes being pals. it’s great. this is great.

  • Jace: Magnus, can you-
  • Magnus: Not you again, shadowhunter. What do you want this time?
  • Magnus: "Portal me to Paris, Magnus."
  • Magnus: "Heal my broken heart, Magnus."
  • Magnus: "Reinforce the wards, Magnus."
  • Jace: -help Alec because he's bleeding?
  • Magnus: "Help Alec because-" WHAT
You Don’t Have to be Superman

(Put a read more in cause it got kinda really long oops)

  • Ladybug and Chat Noir are together
    • Like together together
    • Very much together
    • And everyone knows it
  • They don’t know each other’s identities because it’s not safe, not with Hawkmoth still out there
    • When they defeat him, that’s when they’ll tell each other, they promise
  • They defeat Hawkmoth when they’re twenty three and Gabriel Agreste goes to prison
  • Their Miraculouses are running down, or Adrien needs a minute to himself, or something, but the point is, they split up and are going to meet up that night and reveal themselves
  • Marinette doesn’t count on Tikki and the earrings disappearing as soon as she transforms
    • It’s awful, but she and Chat are in this together and they’ve got a hotel room booked so she’ll just meet him there
  • Adrien doesn’t count on there being a lot of paper work when it turns out your father is a supervillain
    • There’s a lot
    • Nathalie is handling it mostly but they still need his signatures and no one is letting him out of their sight
  • Marinette goes to the hotel room and waits for Chat to arrive
    • He doesn’t
  • Adrien glances at the clock every few seconds, trying to pull himself away from the mess of his life for long enough to get to Ladybug
    • He can’t

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Miraculous Ladybug: Enemies AU

I know it’s popular and all but I just have SUCH A HARD TIME with enemies AU so you know what we’re gonna just approach this one a bit differently: 

  • In Origins, things go down VERY differently and Hawk Moth successfully manages to convince Paris that Ladybug and Chat Noir are wicked, power-hungry thieves who’ve stolen magical items that don’t belong to them, and he is but the poor, weak guardian tasked with trying to reclaim the stolen Miraculouses before they find and steal the others and become unstoppable. Akuma victims are heroes chosen by fate to do what he cannot do himself, and he deeply regrets the necessity for them, but Paris must fight this. For the sake of their city, they must fight back, and they must win. 
  • Paris is immediately and completely behind this. The whole damn city buys it hook, line, and sinker: Ladybug and Chat Noir are the enemies of Paris, and they must be stopped. Hell, being chosen by a butterfly is a badge of honor. Just about everyone would accept one eagerly and without question–who wouldn’t want to be chosen as a protector of Paris, to have the chance to be a hero for a day and chase magical thieves across rooftops! Even if you don’t really remember it, there’s still video later and of course everyone knows
  • Alya runs the Ladyblog as a super-villain tracker and it is full of interviews with various former “heroes” and theories about what makes someone a “worthy” host for an akuma. Also, endless posts gushing about Hawk Moth’s status as a lonely and outnumbered guardian who can only empower others but never take the field of battle for himself and how hard it must be for him. 
  • Marinette is like “oh fuck”. Chat is like “still better than rotting at home”. Tikki is also like “oh fuck”. Plagg is like “still better than the Black Plague incident”. 
  • Everything is a big fucking mess and Hawk Moth is having the time of his goddamn life
there’s this girl

Title: there’s this girl
Fandom: miraculous ladybug
Rating: K+
Characters: Ladybug (Marinette), Queen Bee (Chloe)
Summary: Queen Bee has a secret. It’s not what Ladybug thinks.

“So there’s this girl.”

Ladybug cocked her head and stared at her friend with wide eyes, mouth falling open to say something, but the look on Queen Bee’s face stopped her in her tracks. Bottom lip caught between her teeth, gaze heavy on her hands clasped tightly in her lips, she looked hesitant and unsure, lacking the confidence and charisma that usually oozed from every pore. Ladybug didn’t know how to respond. It wasn’t every day that Queen Bee chose to open up to her or any of the other heroes of Paris; she held her secrets and identity tighter than any of them did.

“For my father,” she’d say when asked why and rarely said more. Ladybug wasn’t arguing—she did the same thing—but it was different to have someone so similar working beside her. While she enjoyed Volpina’s presence, and Chat Noir was her partner, Queen Bee was something entirely new and unexpected, but not unwanted. Ladybug had spent so long explaining why secret identities were important, and while everyone had accepted that long ago, Queen Bee was the only person who seemed to understood why.

“So there’s this girl,” Queen Bee had said, completely out-of-the-blue and sending Ladybug’s thoughts into a whirlwind, unprompted on an early Saturday after an akuma battle under the silver sunrise of the Paris morning. “And I don’t know what to do.”

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Hi where can I find the opera?

ovo - you read my tags.

You can listen to La Esmeralda the opera here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). And you can watch a snippet of an avant-garde production here. Victor Hugo’s libretto can be found here (bless Gutenberg), and the English translation here

Hugo’s libretto departs from his own book in a number of ways, such as Esmeralda being more discerning (”Wherever love enters, soon follows despair.”). Gringoire is not in the opera at all, and Quasimodo unfortunately doesn’t have much presence. A significant change is that Phoebus turns out to be a decent man (see, Disney was not the first one to do it!). He admits in front of all good society, including his fiancee that he loves Esmeralda (”If some one must be her protector, I am the one— and doubt me not / Her wrongs are mine, and who insults her / Must answer for it on the spot.”), and shows up at Esmeralda’s execution to testify against Frollo and exonerate Esmeralda. Esmeralda escapes execution but Phoebus dies anyway (and I’m not sure if Esmeralda actually dies) and everyone is singing about “Fatalité!”. Oh, and you have Clopin being a total pimp and lackey for Frollo:

What purpose brings you to this orgy? Has your lordship any orders to give me? You are my master in sorcery; Speak—I will do all.

CLAUDE FROLLO (grasping Clopin’s arm excitedly, and dragging him to the front of the stage).
I have come to end all. Listen!

My lord!

I love her more than ever. You behold me quivering with love and with anguish. I must have her to-night.

You will see her pass by here—in a moment; It is the way to her home.

Postscript: “The libretto, which was full of poetry, life, and passion, ended with the word “fatality.” Madame Victor Hugo has pointed out that, curiously enough, the first crushing failure was not the only fatality attending the work of which M. Nourrit and Mlle. Falcon were the executants, a lady of recognized talent the composer, Victor Hugo the librettist, and “Notre Dame de Paris” the subject. The fatality seemed to pursue the very actors: Mlle. Falcon lost her voice; M. Nourrit shortly afterwards committed suicide in Italy. About the same time too a vessel called the “Esmeralda,” on her passage from England to Ireland, foundered with all her crew, and a valuable mare with the same ill-starred name, belonging to the Duc d’Orleans, ran foul of a horse in a steeple-chase and sustained a fracture of the skull.” - taken from Victor Hugo and His Times by Alfred Barbou

More notes on HoND here.

What about a Hamilton TV show?

Guys! I just had this crazy idea. Hamilton is set in such a long time period, that if a movie should ever come out, it might be hard to make very great. But what about a historical TV show?

We all know and love these historical shows, like The Borgias, Reign and Tudors, to name a few. Hamilton would make an awesome TV show that would teach us about the American Revolution.

The show could for example have two or three seasons. Either act I and act II or like season one: before the war, season two: during the war and season three: a-after the war. Every episode could represent one song from the workshop?

I mean, we need more information. We want flashbacks to the Caribbean. What about Burr, sir’s family and Theodosia sr? Valley Forge? Jeffersons’ time in Paris? Ben Franklin?

What do you think? Is this idea completely stupid?

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Okay, aside from the fact that i literally stalked your blog looking for more and more bughead fics, i just wanna say that your writing is amazing! Also, a prompt (if you're still taking them) - Jughead and betty both head off to college and meet each other after being apart for quite some time! *Goes back to obsessing over bughead, and cole sprouse*

Thankyou so much! And actually I love this one I’ve been itching to do a grown up bughead, in this one they have graduated college and have careers!


Betty smiled softly as she dismissed her classroom.

“Alright my loves, I’ll see you all tomorrow! Don’t forget tomorrow is Friday, movie day! so wear your most comfortable pjs.”

The first graders, jumped from their seats, heading to the door, but not before stopping for a hug or high five from their favorite teacher.

“Bye miss Cooper!”

“Bye guys.” Sighing as her last student left she leaned against her desk, a content smile on her face.

She loved her job. Being the first grade teacher at Riverdale elementary was not what her mother had in mind, but she loved her students and she loved riverdale. Always had.

She lived in a tiny apartment, smack dab in the middle of the town, her sister lived with her husband just fifteen minutes away and Ronnie came to visit every month.

She was happy, she had everything she could have wanted.

“Except a man.”

She laughed at her inner Veronica.

Veronica was constantly trying to set Betty up, sure she had gone on dates, but no one matched up.

“You’re 25 B, don’t you want babies of your own? A husband?”

She would just shake her head and smile at Veronica. Veronica was happily married to the head of a successful building company. They lived together in California. She didn’t have kids yet but Betty was pretty sure that was in the near future.

“When the right guy comes along I’ll know, for now I’m okay. I’ve got you don’t I?” Betty would giggle.

She hadn’t had a serious boyfriend since…

Well you know who.

Jughead jones, love of her young life.

They had been going strong all of junior and senior year, but when it came time for college Jughead had gone off to Chicago, they tried long distance but with hectic schedules it just never worked out.

She thought about him a lot though. What was he doing now? Did he have a wife? Was he a father? She always thought he would be a great father. She knew he was writing, she had three copies of his first novel.

Closing her eyes for a second she smiled. It didn’t help to think of the past, but sometimes it was an easy distraction.

Turning back to her desk she started gathering her papers. She had quite a bit of coloring to grade.

Jughead stepped out of his car and took a deep breathe.


He hadn’t been back here since the summer of senior year.

The air smelt fresh, and the quiet chatter of the residents walking home from work was a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Chicago.

Jughead was a writer now, fairly successful if he did say so himself, he had his own magazine business.

He mainly worked from home, all of his workers emailing him their articles and photos, while he worked on writing his next novel.

Chicago wasn’t working for him not anymore.

There was nothing for him there.

Riverdale was his home, even when he had been homeless he felt safe here.

He was a loner, always had been.

In his last year of college he had met a girl. She was great, funny, smart and beautiful.

They dated three months before Jughead called it off.

Surprisingly enough , out of all her amazing attributes , she was missing one major one.

She wasn’t Betty Cooper.

He had no idea where Betty was or what she was doing, she could be living in Paris for all he knew, but being here in riverdale, it brought back all those memories, the good and the bad.

He remembered the day he left, the way he held onto her so tight, he shouldn’t have let go.

Shaking his head of all those thoughts he made his way into pops, god he missed this place.

After hugging the man in charge and pops offering him anything he wanted on the house, his eyes zeroed in on his old booth, it was empty and he was sitting in it, laptop out, before he even had the chance to blink.

Sliding the burger in front of Jughead, pops smiled

“Somethings never change.”

He smiled, taking a huge bite of his burger before returning to his laptop, suddenly the bell chimed , and his eyes glanced up to see who had come in.

He dropped his burger on the plate, eyes wide and jaw slack.

It was Betty Cooper.

And damn did she look good.

Her silky blonde hair had grown long, and was resting in beautiful waves half way down her back, the curves he had been lucky enough to explore as a teenager were enhanced and accentuated by the little yellow sundress she wore showing off her long tan legs. Her pouty smile was present showing off her dimples as she waved a graceful hand to pops.

She was even more beautiful than he remembered.

Suddenly a little boy, had run up to her and she was squatting on the ground speaking to him and tweaking his nose before squeezing his shoulder as he ran away. She was always amazing with children.

As she made her way to pops, he finally felt the nerves he had been waiting for. He wanted to hide behind his laptop, but he also wanted to grab her and carry her away forever.

She was leaning against the counter talking to pops when suddenly she had whipped around , bright green eyes connecting with his ocean blue.

Her eyes widened, and a grin broke out on her face, before she made her way over to him.

“Jughead jones.” She said laughing sliding into the booth across from him.

“Betty Cooper” he smiled , before it slipped off of his face “sorry, I don’t know if Cooper is still your last name” his eyes glanced down at her slender fingers sighing in relief when he noticed she didn’t have a ring on.

“It’s still Cooper, although these days I usually go by ms. Cooper” she laughed

His eyes brightened

“You’re a teacher!”

Smiling proudly ,she answered

“First grade, riverdale elementary! And you’re a writer, I bought your first novel, it was amazing.”

He blushed looking down at his laptop

“Thanks bets, and I always knew you would work with children. I mean you had to deal with me all through high school, you have the patience of a saint.”

She giggled

“You weren’t so bad.” She winked.

Pops placed a strawberry milkshake in front of her, smiling and walking away.

She stuck her finger in the whip cream looking up at him.

“Just like old times right?”

He looked at her and nodded, a curious expression on his face.

As Betty stuck the straw in her milkshake , she started

“So what are you doing in riverdale? Stopping in for a visit of the old alma matter?”

He laughed

“No, I think I’ll be sticking around here for a while.”

She looked up catching his eyes and staring into them

“Oh, so do you have a place?”

He nodded

“Yeah I’m shacked up in the Riverdale apartment s for now.”

She grabbed his wrist excitedly

“That’s where I live! We’re practically neighbors!”

He couldn’t help the excitement he was feeling.

“Oh yeah? Well maybe you can help me unpack, you know how I am with organization.” He shrugged sheepishly

She was nodding like a crazy person, the gorgeous smile still present on her face

“Definitely! We can do that tonight!”

He smiled, matching hers.

“It’s a date!”

She blushed and went back to her milkshake.

He wasn’t going anywhere, not this time.

He was gonna get the girl. And he was gonna keep her.