A Look Into My Book

As you may or may not know, my second book, called You Don’t Have To Like Me: Essays on Growing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding Feminism comes out October 20th. 

I am very excited about it. I want you to buy it. So, I’m giving you a little preview. I’m very excited about the chapter titles, considering I edited the book around 6 times and probably changed the titles about twice as much as that. When I list them, you can infer things in your head like “what is this chapter about?” and “it’s very obvious as to what this chapter is about” Here they are:

1. “It’s A Girl!”

2. Mutt

3. Girl Under Control

4. Your Beauty Is Magic: On Loving My Face

5. Where Have You Been All My Life? (An Ode to Female Friendships)

6. I Am Exactly Like Other Girls

7. Shrink

8. Advice I’ve Received As A Woman

9. Feral

10. All The Diets And Exercise Routines I’ve Been On

11. Sex Ed For Young Women

12. Does This Skirt Make Me Look Feminist?

So there are the twelve chapters. The hardest one to write was about my disordered eating. The easiest one to write was about sex. There is also an intro and a conclusion, and an acknowledgements section where I thank both Dolly Parton and Nicki Minaj.

Up Next: I’m going to put some passages of the book as it gets closer to pub. And be free to send me questions about it if you have any.

And, to end this book post, I will also include a lovely preorder option. 

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I don’t trust people who call Chloe abusive and/or manipulative, especially after episode 4. Those people have probably faced very little adversity in their lives and are having trouble relating to someone who has had bad stuff they didn’t deserve happen to them for years. Chloe isn’t perfect which is exactly what I love about her character. Sometimes she acts out but her heart is in the right place.

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Prompt #7-wintershock

Darcy Lewis was a cool cucumber.

Yeah right, as if that would work. As if she could just keep telling herself that and everything was going to be fine again. Life wasn’t that easy.

Bucky’d been out on that damn mission for three weeks now - it was only supposed to take two. That was what they called a bad sign.

Darcy really didn’t like bad signs, or bad omens of any kind. Though her black cat was fucking awesome. So there superstition. Take that. In your face.

But not even cuddling with Ghost helped at this point. The kitten had gotten annoyed with all the cuddling and Darcy had at least half a dozen claw marks on her body. Bucky was probably going to be pissed about it when he came back - he’d never quite warmed to Ghost. And that feeling was very much mutual. Stupid overprotective idiot - both of them.

So, she’d been attempting to get her cuddles elsewhere for twenty-three days now. She’d given up on Ghost a few days ago, but Sam Wilson had been a pretty decent substitute - good guy, that one. But he wasn’t Bucky.

Yeah, the intern and the assassin - Harlequin had nothing on them. Nobody understood how it had happened. Heck, Darcy herself barely got what James Buchanan Barnes saw in her other than a wicked awesome chick with a great sense of humor.

Yep, totally made sense now.

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A couple of different things about the scene where Emma and David are checking out the snow wall and Killian joins them:

Okay, first of all, Emma calling Killian. We all fangirled over it a million times, but I’m never done. S4A didn’t give us an overflow of Captain Swan in every episode but what it DID give us was it being practically thrown in our faces that these two are a team. Emma was already checking it out with David. Did she REALLY need to call Killian? Probably not, she and David could’ve checked the wall by themselves. But she did, because he’s part of their team.

And on that, Killian literally circled the entire town checking out this ice wall because Emma called and asked him to. They haven’t given us a lot of Killian-centric episodes, but there are still a lot of things they add in to flesh out his character. And it just makes sense that this is the scene where he tells David he’s in this for real.

And on THAT, I totally love that David needed to hear that – and that it was as much up to Emma as him – before he fully accepted the idea of Emma being with Kilian. Maybe it bothers people because they feel Killian has already proven himself as a hero and as a person devoted to Emma, and he had and I think there was a level of acceptance already there. The nod David gave Killian in the S3 finale when he went after Emma with the book was not a coincidence. But regardless, that’s his daughter. It is realistic that he would need verbal confirmation from Killian that he was in it for real with Emma. But the important thing is he trusts what Killian says when he says it, because as I said there is already a level of acceptance there from everything that happened in S3.

Happy weekend! Here’s some hella punk Nerdanel.

Re: elves and tattoos, my headcanon is that it’s not super common, but students of Aulë can be pretty avid about their tattoos, regardless of race. The tengwar on her left knuckles are the initials of her first four kids (the others are on her other hand but facing the opposite direction). The letter on her neck is her initial N, and the tengwar on her right arm spell AULE. She’s also got the Two Trees, some roses, the star of the house of Fëanor, some cool designs, some hammers, and seven diamonds representing her kids. Plus probably some more you can’t see here.

Basically what I’m saying is HELLA PUNK NERDANEL and ELVES WITH TATTOOS


Do you love/hate/don’t feel strongly about this character?
do i love him? DO I LOVE HIM!?!?!?!?…!!!!!!!!!!!
What’s your favorite trait of this character?
he has hope, optimism, and positivity even in the face of disaster, a traumatic past, and a low sense of self-worth. 

What’s your favorite moment/event involving this character?
there are so many really… the funniest one is probably the whole detoxing scene w/ donna… gOD. i think one of my faves is also when he tells rose ‘you can spend the rest of your life with me’ …. i mean that floored me even on my first watch. and also like, don’t hate me but in eot my heart absolutely goes out to him more than it ever has in my existence like, he faces like his biggest fear and sacrifices himself because that’s WHO HE IS and he ends his life like caring for other people even when most people wouldn’t think the people deserved to be saved. ugh bye. im crying.

If you could have one power/attribute/etc. of this character, what would it be?
having a tardis would be great!

Have you ever pictured this character naked?
ahahaha…. *blushes furiously*

When did you fall in love/hate with this character? I you don’t have any strong feelings toward them, why not?
right about when he said “am i… funny? sarcastic? sexy? *click click*”

Who’s your OTP for this character?
rose, obvi
send me a character!

I need feminism because when I went to a concert a few days ago, a grown, drunk man pushed through the crowds and forcefully shoved me out of the way. I yelled at him “what the fuck, man” and he screamed loudly in my face “do you even fucking know this band, bitch?” I was absolutely terrified because he was at least a foot taller than I was and was drunk enough to probably not think twice about hurting me. He then tried to crowdsurf by pushing on top of me WITHOUT my permission as well as doing the same thing to several other underaged girls. I was kicked in the face multiple times by him. He even started saying creepy shit like “are you old enough for me to be on top of you” to several girls including me. Thankfully, the surrounding girls (whom I’ve never met before) helped me by pushing the guy off of me and asking if I was alright. They apologized on behalf on him, even though they had no idea who he was either and tried to push the crowd back slightly to give me room to breathe and leave the area. It’s sad that teenage girls have more class, respect, and all around humanity than a fully grown adult man. Girls need to stick together.


Nothing about this portrait is going as planned. Some parts of the face are too dark, which I obviously can’t change now, since I’m working with a ballpoint pen. Then there’s an ugly wrinkle in the paper (it just so happens to be hidden underneath the pen, what a coincidence), probably because I used too much pressure. And last but not least, the hair is a pain - it’s much more difficult than anticipated to get it to look as smooth and shiny as in the reference picture.

Oh well. I’m forcing myself to finish it, because I already invested too much time to just throw it away at this point. I’m also hoping it won’t look too bad once it’s done.

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Okay hi! So actually, I'm writing this fanfiction that's basically Rin x OC. There's going to be this scene where the couple will be talking about sex and I was wondering: What do you think Rin will behave like? Would he be all shy and blushing, or not bothered by the talk at all?

Rin would try to act cool and like it didn’t bother him, but would fail miserably. Even if he could keep a straight face, there’s no way he’d be able to hide his blush. He probably wouldn’t even be able to look at them directly. Because as much as he tries to act like the cool guy, we all know that Rin’s a big, soft, awkward romantic at heart.

Be silly with me. Kiss me in the middle of the street. Meet my family, let me steal your clothes, have water balloon fights with me. Let’s go to museums, aquariums, forests, lakes, and mountains. Explore with me. Go on adventures with me. Let me make you feel wanted. Let me write you letters, songs, and poems when I can’t figure out what I’m trying to say to you face to face. Let me in. Tell me your secrets, your goals, your conspiracies, and your fears. Tell me about your dreams. Let me take you to all my favorite places and let’s make memories there that we will never forget. Walk down Main Street at Disneyland with me. Watch me get way too excited when we go on the toy story rides. Let me be grumpy because you beat me in the game and let me be happy even though you probably let me win. Dance with me in the middle of a crowd. Let me kiss you in the middle of your sentences because I can’t stand another second without tasting you on my lips. Let me play with your hair as you fall asleep. Let me look at you.. Study you. Learn the ways you move and your little habits that you don’t realize you do. Tell me when I’m being an asshole. Let me know when you’re not feeling it. Let me know when I’m stealing your heart. Show me that I can still make you melt even though you’re already my girl. Steal my hat, push me in the water, take my phone and leave me notes or take hundreds of selfies. Draw me pictures when you’re bored in class. Skate with me, surf with me, sing along to our favorite songs with me. Sing to strangers with me when were stopped next to them. Don’t be afraid to look silly… Because even though some stranger is looking at us thinking “what the hell are they on?” Chances are I’m falling head over heels in love with you. Tell me that you want me. Lay on my chest. Get tangled up with me as we fall asleep. Push me off of you because it’s too hot to be cuddling. Always kiss me goodnight. Introduce me to your family. Watch me play video games with your younger siblings. Let me talk to your parents. Let them question me. Take me to the zoo. Watch me talk to the monkeys and giraffes like they can understand me. Let me love you. Let me show you that I care. Let me buy you things that you don’t need. Let me spoil you. Let me run into every vans store that I see and spend way too much time in there. Drag me into the stores you like and punch me in the arm because I keep asking if you’re done yet even though it’s only been ten minutes. Let me sing you a song I’m writing and restart like 6 times because It’s not coming out the way i want it to. Let me wake you up with 150 kisses. Let me tickle you because I love the sound of your laughter. Get dressy with me. Stay inside and watch netflix with me. Kiss me in the rain, under the fireworks, and at stop lights. Don’t be afraid to jump. I will be right there next to you. Don’t be afraid to fall. I promise I will catch you. Don’t be afraid to give me all of you. I will give you every part of me. Take a chance with me.

“My self-esteem is quite low so that’s why I go onstage to 70,000 people every night to get it back up”

BUT LIKE. LISTEN. Shhhhhh. Listen.

Niall in a constant state of self-reflection. Niall casually psychoanalyzing himself. “I love what I do,” Niall thinks, and then Niall thinks “why do I love what I do? what does that mean?”

Niall “my self-esteem is quite low” Horan, who has probably the healthiest self-image of any of them, hands down bar none. Niall, a pillar of self-awareness and deliberate action. Niall who is impulsive and goofy and loud but in such a careful considerate way. Niall who cares so much what people think and feel, but is so intentional about carving out his own space and having his own interests and being NIALL.

Niall who will wear the same stupid hat for months and months despite people vocally hating on it, but will shut down a goofy video series in the face of a few negative comments because he wants to protect his (older, stronger, more vulnerable) friend.

Little Niall at home alone before the X Factor, cooking himself dinner. Putting himself to bed. Grown-ass Niall at home alone now, cooking himself dinner. Putting himself to bed.

Niall who doesn’t want to lose sight of himself, so is constantly looking inward. Niall who questions his motivations. Self-auditing Niall. Supportive Niall. Humble Niall. Niall who takes care of Niall and then everyone else too. Niall who makes jokes about bad knees but trains quietly and deliberately for months to recover after surgery. Niall who doesn’t ask to be validated, who doesn’t want anyone to worry about him. “It’s a big day in my head! Haaha”


I would rather bang Jack
  • Gavin:Have you ever had sex, but thought about yourself?
  • Geoff:No.
  • Ryan:What?
  • Michael:What does that mean?
  • Geoff:I assume you do a lot but I have no-
  • Michael:What does that even mean???
  • Jack:It's an American Psycho reference.
  • Gavin:There's always that thing where people picture other people while they're banging and I was wondering if anyone has ever just like pictured their own face.
  • Michael:Nope. I've never imagined banging myself.
  • Ryan:Isn't that what the mirror is for?
  • Jack:I imagine the least sexy thing during sex with me is me.
  • Geoff:I would absolutely- I am probably the one person in the world I wouldn't want to have sex with.
  • Gavin:So you'd wanna bang Jack more than you?
  • Geoff:Yeah. I would rather bang Jack than me. I know way too much about me.
  • Jack:... Hi Tumblr, how're you guys doing? Haven't seen you in a while.
Grimmjow vs. Cat Things

Author’s choice list. :)

I like to tease Grimmjow about how he’s a kitty. It gives me life. But how would Grimmjow actually react if various cat-related items were placed in front of him? And because it feels right, it will be Orihime and Chad who are responsible for the following experiments. Since that’s probably what they all did in Hueco Mundo.

1. Grimmjow vs. the piece of string

Orihime: [dangling string in front of Grimmjow’s face]

Grimmjow: Hey. Get that out of my face, woman.

Orihime: [dangling string in front of Grimmjow’s face]

Grimmjow: Cut it out!

Orihime: [dangling string in front of Grimmjow’s face]

Grimmjow [whacking string out of the way]: I SAID STOP IT

Orihime: He batted it! He batted it!

Chad: [thumbs up]


2. Grimmjow vs. the laser pen

Chad: [pointing the laser pen at Grimmjow’s feet]

Grimmjow: …

Grimmjow: I won’t chase that.

Chad: [wiggling laser pointer]

Grimmjow: I don’t even want to chase it.

Chad: [wiggling laser pointer faster]

Grimmjow: I don’t -

Grimmjow: OH FUCK IT

Chad: Cats cannot resist a laser pen.

3. Grimmjow vs. the scratching post



4. Grimmjow vs. the catnip mouse

Chad: Here, Grimmjow.

Grimmjow: Dude, if you want me to eat drugs, bake it into a brownie like a normal person.

Grimmjow: I’m not going to gnaw on a stuffed mouse!

Chad: What if I came back with a catnip toy in the shape of Aizen’s head?

Grimmjow: …then I might have to reevaluate.

5. Grimmjow vs. the bath


Orihime: Wow, cats really do hate baths!

6. Grimmjow vs. the spray bottle

Grimmjow: …I am going to rip off your fucking arm if you don’t stop spraying me in the face.

Chad: …

Chad: Okay.

7. Grimmjow vs. the piece of tinfoil on his head


Orihime: M-maybe we should take it off!

Chad: After he stops spinning around in circles.

8. Grimmjow vs. the closed door

Grimmjow: Guys? What are you doing in there? Guys? Guys?

Grimmjow (rattling door): GUYS???

Chad: If we let you in, you’ll just want out again.

Grimmjow: I WILL NOT

9. Grimmjow vs. the cat tower

Orihime: Grimmjow! You’re actually sitting on it?

Grimmjow: …

Grimmjow: I like to be high up.

10. Grimmjow vs. the kleenex box

Chad: Grimmjow, did you try to stick your head into the kleenex box?

Grimmjow: …

Grimmjow: Maybe.

Chad: Do you want help getting it off your head?

Grimmjow: No I live here now.

who u should fight: english romanticism edition

william blake: don’t fight blake. just don’t. trust me on this one. he’ll just rewrite your face while he’s rewriting christian mythology.

william wordsworth: sure, fight him. why not? dude was a total nerd so he shouldn’t be hard to defeat. catch him off his guard when he’s being sad and staring at nature and waxing poetic about its transcendence or something.

samuel taylor coleridge: don’t fight this guy. he has enough on his plate as it is. leave the poor dude alone.

mary wollstonecraft: do not even attempt to fight her. she does not give a single fuck and she’ll probably kick you in the face before you can make your move. do not fight her.

robert southey: kick his ass. just do it. what a loser.

charlotte turner smith: don’t fight her. her life’s hard enough as it is and besides, she has given birth to twelve children and survived. don’t fight her.

john clare: idk he loved nature and he didn’t care for punctuation. sounds like an ok dude to me. fight at own risk, i guess, if you want.

anna laetitia barbauld: don’t fight her. she’s a lot more powerful than she seems.

walter scott: sure, fight him if you want. but is it really worth it?

lord byron: fuCKING FIGHT THIS LOSER. he may seem like just a short dandy with a bad leg but he’ll definitely kick your ass. you’ll have a cool story to tell, though.

percy bysshe shelley: approach this one cautiously. on the one hand fight him because he can be a total twit sometimes but on the other do not fight him because while he may seem harmless, he’s actually a hyperactive fireball of a human being and is very much capable of taking you down.

mary wollstonecraft shelley: do not fight this woman. do not even try to. erase the idea from your mind. why on earth would you want to fight her in the first place?

thomas love peacock: don’t fight him. although his name makes him sound like a total nerd, he’s got a quick wit and can crush you with just a few words. pass this one. 

leigh hunt: definitely fight him. he’s a sentimental softie who likes flowers and books and whining and sitting in his salon. you’ll totally win. unless his friends come to help him. in that case, run.

john keats: do not fight keats. jesus christ. why would you even try to? he’ll annihilate you faster than you can say ‘romanticism’. 

  • Yang:Urgh I'm hungry.
  • Taiyang:Hello hungry I'm dad.
  • Yang and Ruby:Dad!
  • Taiyang:Hello girls.
  • Ruby:What are you doing at Beacon?
  • Taiyang:Oh Ozpin called me for a favor. He needs a Hunter to search for a Grimm that apparently took the whole left side of a man.
  • Weiss:That's terrible.
  • Taiyang:Oh he's all right now.
  • *Yang puts her hands to her face*
  • Yang:Oh my god dad.
  • Taiyang:What? I'd tell you a good chemistry joke but I probably wouldn't get a reaction.
  • Yang:Stop dad. Please.
  • Taiyang:Okay, fine. No more jokes. I did bring a gift for your partner who likes to read however. It's about anti-gravity and it's impossible to put down.
  • Yang:DAD!

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i feel like if they were all in the same room, this is what it'd be like around about FT: freaking out in the corner or face-palming Jikan: scaring the crap out of everyone Salvadore: not understanding what the hell is going on Pendulum: sleeping and not being able to fit in the room. idk about Mallory and Necromancer Mallory tho :D

Father Time is just trying to keep things in order and he’s like trying to get everyone to CALM TF DOWN AND STFU

Necromancer Mallory is probably sitting back laughing at all the chaos

Mallory is just huddled in the corner

i swear to god if production reveals the twin twist like, “You all know about the BOB and takeover twists but what you didn’t know is that there was  A THIRD TWIST. Yes that’s right for the whole summer, one of you has actually been playing with a twin. NONE OF YOU KNEW. you’re all probably shocked!!!! LOOK AT THE SURPRISE ON ALL OF YOUR FACES! YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER EVEN GUESSED THAT LIZ HAD A TWIN!” i’m gonna be so fucking annoyed. 

i want to kiss Luke in the rain. i know it’s cheesy and extremely cliche (probably not even that enjoyable realistically) but i can just picture grabbing a fistful of his soaking wet t-shirt and pulling him up against you, him looking down at you thinking about how how gorgeous you look while the rain drops trickle down your face, kissing him and feeling like your love is as powerful as the monstrous rumbles of thunder that feel like they could shake the earth down to its core. looking up at him and watching the few accumulated raindrops that gathered along some of the loose strands of his blonde hair splash down against his nose before reaching your hand up to run your fingers through his soaking wet hair as you push it back from his forehead. he would just giggle while looking down at you and then say, “alright, i know you love the rain, my little mermaid, but let’s get you inside before you catch a cold!” and he would probably scoop you up in his arms and throw you over his shoulder while running back inside