First off, I have two posts about these original sketches from the episode “The Avatar State”. This is the first one, which shows a scene that was probably cut from the final animation due to the time frame of an episode, but what adds some depth to our beloved characters, especially Sokka.

Okay, even though they’re pretty much the same, I just couldn’t leave out the first frame because Katara’s face looks so beautiful in there. And that’s basically the same reason why I wanted to add the last one as well since it’s a Kataang moment. Besides, they’re the first and final shots which actually made it into animation and glue this scene together.

Can I just say how sweet it is when Katara approaches Aang and before she even begins to talk, he hushes her and points towards her sleeping brother? The airbender warns the waterbender to keep quiet so they wouldn’t accidentally wake up the warrior. This explains why they’re talking with such low voices as nobody else was seen on deck in the final animation.

However, this made me wonder why Sokka would sleep outside on deck when there were two empty beds down below, where his sister and the Avatar slept. And then, paying closer attention to these sketches, I realized that he was gazing at the moon when he had fallen asleep. Sokka was still thinking about Yue, what had happened during the siege of the Northern Water Tribe had left a deep impact and he was hurt. It had most likely been a few weeks ago, which makes it understandable that he hadn’t got over it.

Screenshots used from piandao.org.

Okay but what if Shintaro proposed to Takane. Like, he wouldn’t do it in a public place, but he’d still get down on one knee and stuff. And then Takane would probably laugh in his face because she thought he was joking cause he’s made jokes about him proposing to her several times before but turns out this time he was being dead serious and then he actually starts crying and Takane’s like ‘woah wait a sec did you ask me for real?!’

HEY GUYS! Guess what? Spring finally came to make our lives shine in the dirty colonialist emisphere! And with spring, there is this sudden need of changes!
It’s with a big smile on my face that I announce you that I realized that I don’t give a fuck anymore about reminding myself through last.fm what music I like! So fuck last.fm! (but I gotta say, for a while, it was really nice).

ALSO, this blog, WHAT THE FUCK GUYS! WHAT THE FUCK! It started so good and look at it now, pathetic! I don’t wanna post bullshit anymore, and I also don’t want to suggest bands anymore (sorry.. I know someone appreciated that). ANYWAY, I will probably post some comics sometimes, or some insults, and that’s it (basically this is how it started, and this is how i liked it), and also maybe if I will ever do another zine I will let you know….
So thank you, people who were nice to me. It was cool sometimes <3


I am SO happy for Dan and Phil. They have come SO far, and accomplished SO much, it’s unbelievable. I’ve been watching those two for quite some time now, and let me tell you, they work their asses off. So let’s get something straight; they are doing this for US. To make US happy. They don’t give two shits about the money or fame. They do it so that we can get through the day, and put a smile on OUR faces. Yeah the tour prices might be a little pricey for some, and they probably got help writing the book. But cut them some FUCKING SLACK. They don’t deserve this. And if we are acting like we are now, ungrateful and complaining, than what kind of fans are we? That’s all I have to say

so far this event is really nice, except for how hard it is to find Topsi… The fact that the prizes are all new items is really impressive, and the random basket thing is also cute and thankfully not NC related. I like what they’re doing here, I hope they keep it up! I won’t complain about the art because they’re still probably finding artists to work for these things.

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Are there other (rival) groups of Killjoys? Would they ever fight against the fabulous four?

i haven’t thought about rivals against the four in particular, except maybe the ultra v’s (but let’s face it exactly 0 people actually like those assholes). there are definitely people who envy them, bc they think since theyre so well known theyre out there living it up and partying when thats not true at all

kaitlin mcrdeviantclub writes about the bloodmoons a lot, and god i love to hate them. basically, they’re a nasty gang who kidnap people, torture them, all that fun stuff. there are other nasty gangs too - but the bloodmoons are notorious in the zones. a big group of joys would probably go after them if they werent so scared of what they might do.

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hi, sorry to sound mean or anything and i'm not in the steven universe fandom, but i know a few artists who drew Rose Quartz when the show was just beginning and they only knew face from a framed photo in the show and now they're getting shit for it. It's not OK, there's a difference in this and drawing Rose Quartz skinny NOW, when they know. It's ok if you don't post since ppl will probably lose shit over it, I just wanted to say what I know. Sorry. Thank you for drawing wonderful things.

i find that to be a problem in any fandom tbh, when people dont bother looking at the dates something was submitted, esp if its old fanart, and then as the show progresses and reveals more info about the characters they begin to get flack for it. its happened to me before as well

but im like 99% sure ppl who are drawing rose thin are people who have recently joined or joined midseason and by that time we already knew what rose’s full figure looked like, so theres really no excuse there

but yea no worries! you didnt sound rude at all, thanks for your input (^・o・^)ノ”

Dear Phandom

Imagine. Dan and Phil are super excited, about to post the video announcing the new book. Phill giggles as he looks over at Dan, about to hit upload. “Everyone is going to SHIT THEMSELVES” Dan says, as he clicks the button, nervous and excited. Dan and Phil give each other a quick hug as they wait for the internets response. Their bright smiles slowly fade and their faces drop, as their fans are accusing them of not caring about them and only doing it for the money. Phil looks down. “I thought they’d love it,” he said. 

This is probably what is going on in the Howell-Lester household right now guys. Are you proud?

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I saw someone saying that since Ward didn't care about the scar's on 33's face, he loves people for who they truly are, and will still love Skye with her powers. What? Sorry, why would Skye care about what Ward thinks? The chick would probably try to blow him up if she ever saw him again. What? Do they think they'll have a moment where she loses control and he says he loves her anyway and they make out? Have they gotten that delusional?

They… I… he…


He doesn’t care that the woman he’s using has a scarred face? Wow! That’s totally a point in his favor!

And are they really acting as if this is something new? Have they not seen any of the May/Skye interaction this season? Or were they not paying attention because it’s interactions between 2 WOC and doesn’t involve their precious wooby?
May absolutely still cares for Skye in spite of her powers! May will do anything to protect Skye and help her control her powers! May would probably willingly die to help Skye!
Same goes for Coulson, actually!
Why would Ward “loving” Skye in spite of her powers be anything special?


I was tagged by mastersyndrome (omg you’re gorgeous!!!! 😍😍😍)

I saw you did some from the past right? so I’ll do that too! This is gonna go left to right okay?

1&2- about 13 years old…. good God… ummm 8 years ago! (I have no clue why my face is like that in #2… I think I was just being silly!)

3&4- a couple of months after I dropped out of high school (about 6 or 7 years ago?) I was probably 14 or 15. (what is with me and weird faces? I think in #4 I was trying to act surprised but…. it didn’t work.)

5- 16 years old, my mom wanted a kind of “graduation photo” because my friend from high school graduated that year (we were in the same class during high school).

6- 3 years ago, (18 years old?) my boobs look good in that one >-<

7&8- maybe a year ago? my favorite PJ’s! I love these two because I think I look like a doll.  (i think this was a month before I highlighted my hair)

9- a month ago, it was really cold and I thought I looked cute all bundled up. I kinda look like a chubby love interest in a K-drama >-< (at least… in my opinion).

10- and this, this is me now, 21 years old, I think I was trying to do “aegyo”.

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1. What was you warden’s first impression of Zevran? - Neither of them trusted Zevran at first. Atisha didn’t felt it was fair to kill him so she spared and he offered the services. Sophie thought about recruiting him before he could offer anything.

3. What did the Warden find attractive about Zevran? - Atisha’s favorite part are the tattoos and the face probably, the way he smiles and that he looks at her. Sophie liked his  mouth and his body, specially arms.

4. What did Zevran find attractive about the Warden? - I think the thing he would like the most about Atisha are her eyes. For Sophie, I think he enjoys the contrast, she is a warrior and a tanker, she is all strong, but she is a noble so she keeps part of her vanity on how she uses her hair and present herself to other people

5. Who made the first move? - Zevran, to both

23. Do they argue? If so, what about? - Sophie and Zevran barely argue at all, they normally argue about politics at most, Sophie is used to look at the big picture and he complains that she might forget some people and needs on the way. Atisha and Zevran argue a little bit more, normally about Atisha being so tied to her ‘duty’ and ‘always doing what is right even though its going to hurt her’

Thought: I think it’s a misconception that hiccup is ALL “cowardly;” he’s excited when the village is being burned down by dragons, he’s not afraid to go out on his own, he constantly rebels against what Stoick tells him to do, he’s not afraid to ride on the back of probably the fastest known dragon alive, etc. The only time he’s really been scared is when he’s in real actual danger like being face to face with a dragon that’s clearly out for blood, or is in danger of crashing into the ground or when he’s dealing with people/social situations. Which is totally normal, nothing cowardly about that.

OH MY GOD/ “Defective Pearl” thought

OKAY so, Jailbreak was AMAZING/ again SO MUCH happened in that episode that is worth discussing. BUT, something in particular caught my attention and had me wondering. 

Jasper says the following insults upon arriving in Beach City:

“Some lost, defective pearl”

“A puny, overcooked runt,” 

NOW. Amethyst has a possible explanation for Jasper’s insult, which can be found here.

But what about Pearl?

‘Defective’ is pretty harsh. But if we assume the reasoning behind Jasper’s words at Amethyst are correct, then Jasper is probably hinting at something…And the potential answer smacked me in the face when I was reading up on pearls and other gemstones.

I found the following (courtesy of wikipedia of course)

“The ideal pearl is perfectly round and smooth, but many other shapes (baroque pearls) occur. The finest quality natural pearls have been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty for many centuries.” 


“The ideal pearl is perfectly round and smooth,”

Okay…so a ‘perfect’ pearl looks like this/ should look like the following to be given that classification: 

….Perfectly round and smooth. Cool, it looks pretty sweet-…but wait, Pearl’s gemstone doesn’t look like this


many other shapes (baroque pearls) occur

And Additionally:

Pearl’s particular shape (though stylized for cartoon purposes I totally understand) isn’t even on this chart. If I had to call it, I’d say her gemstone most resembles a baroque pearl… 

But what is the definition of a baroque pearl? 

Baroque pearls are pearls with an irregular non-spherical shape. Shapes can range from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinch, or lumpy shapes.”

So…those pearls aren’t considered to be as nice, or valuable as a perfect, more rounded pearl is…

“The finest quality natural pearls have been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty

And Jasper called her defective….

PLUS when you apply this possibility to her character, it makes sense?? 

She insists on things being symmetrical and everything being organised in the most efficient manner possible, she LOVES being right or in the right, and in Coach Steven we see one of her greatest insecurities is not being strong enough…not being good enough.

….Oh Pearl…;A;

(I could TOTALLY be wrong on this of course, but food for thought??)

gonna go to the berlin premiere tomorrow and needed to calm myself down with some babies