ok sorry i have some more Thoughts™ about what terrible scene the new les mis might entail, specifically about enjolras

you can bet your sweet ass that they will completely ignore the fact that he doesn’t show interest in women and you can BET that he’s gonna have one or more scenes with a Lady of the Week, having sex and casting her aside just to show how little he cares for anything but the cause. And they’re probably gonna go exactly like that old fanon *shudders* where he’s just an asshole who doesn’t care, who kills with a straight face (WHICH by the way i have some more Thoughts™ about that scene), and who doesn’t give a shit about his friends.

Of course I could be completely wrong and pleasantly surprised but honestly i don’t think so

Things I'm looking forward to at Mama 2016

Baekhyun serving seductive looks(featuring tongue action)

plus knowing the choreography to most performances

Jongin sleeping on beagle line pt. 2 and tormenting said beagle line in order to stay awake

Jongdae screaming when they receive an award

D.O being dragged (preferably suho or chanyeol) to give a speech

Chanyeol fumbling with the bloody microphones or faffing about with someone’s hair

Sekai sticking together like glue on stage and whispering about God knows what

Sehun being done with everything (I live for his resting bitch face)

Yixing going off on some mothas in his speech or looking lost for most of it. But we’ll definitely let his alter ego out for the performance

Xiumin being his adorable shy self (I demand a voluntary speech this year)

Suho being extra and embarrassing at least one member. Will probably dance to all girl groups

The boys finding ways to keep themselves entertained.

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Hog sometimes grabs Jamie when he has been very loud and vocal about wanting affection and get very, very pretend angry. Just grabs his prosthetic with one hand and brings him closer to his face "You brought this onto yerself Fawkes." And Jamie is already trying to get away, squawking and starting to giggle and beg for a little bit of humanity ... because Hog is about to become the dreaded tickle monster. Jamie can not win against the tickle monster.

Omfg I can not handle how cute this is. I bet Rat is super ticklish and Hog can hold him still without a problem so he can’t get away no matter what. He just has to giggle and beg and plead until Hog lets him go.

To rub it in, he’s probably putting kisses all over Rat’s face while he does it. He wanted affection, right?

For @gameofshipschallenges Until Hell Freezes Over

Pod x Sansa - Back to the Future AU

His knuckle’s probably broken and his arm hurts like hell but as he turns to Sansa looking up at him in awe, Pod wipes the grin off his face and holds his good hand out to her. Just say what comes to mind. No rehearsed lines.

“Are you okay?”

Honestly guys, Tony Stark is just such an awful person.

I mean he locked Wanda in her room, that’s pretty much internment. (Not to mention how he killed her parents!)

He shot Sam in the face, and I mean it was SO uncalled for and could’ve killed Sam!

He’s totally kissing Ross’ ass and taking the spot light, probably just because he always has to be the center of attention to fuel his ego!

He has the nerve to bring a kid with super strength into a fight! What a fucking asshole for endangering such a child!

Not to mention how he put his own friends on the Raft! He definitely planned for them to be there, what an asshole! Clint was totally right in making that comment about breaking backs!

Then he tries to fucking kill Bucky and Steve!? Steve was right in leaving him in the cold in a disabled suit like that! Now if only he died of hypothermia!

~My impression of a ridiculous anti-Tony post. Please note that this entire post was just a shit ton of sarcasm

Vampire to the rescue

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2gscwbg

by mckvch (RaiseYourVoice)

A mild commotion in a street up ahead drew his attention and at first, he assumed some drunk teens had decided to pick a fight but his sensitive hearing recognised one of the voices pleading for the other’s to stop and quivering with every word, clearly distressed and scared. Raphael usually didn’t care much about what the mundanes were up to but this time his feet led him right towards the noise and rounding a corner he spotted three rather bulky teenagers pestering a fourth one who had his back pressed against the wall, glasses slightly askew on his nose and a panicked look on his face.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Raphael raised his voice without a second thought and stepped closer when every pair of eyes turned to look at him. The guy who was bullied looked surprised, thankful but now even more scared - probably scared for Raphael, the vampire realised with some amusement - while the three guys actually started laughing after a beat of stunned silence.

Words: 1326, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Saphael Winter Tales

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2gscwbg
iKON reaction to their girlfriend cursing around

cr. of the gifs to the respectful owner(s)


he’d be rather surprised to hear her cursing about something. however he’d laugh it off, thinking it was kinda funny seeing her like that. he’d randomly burst out laughing at her for no reason, at least for her


probably he’d just freeze for a second, until his brain processed what actually happened. then, he’d laugh like there was no tomorrow and finally calm down to ask her why she was acting like that


expect a side eyed judgment from him. ‘’what the…’’ but he’d watch her, amused after a while, with a smirk on his face as he shook his head, finding this rather attractive on her


more surprised than him would be impossible. he’d widen his eyes and keep quiet, hearing her as his lips curved down, out of surprise. he’d be basically like a statue looking at her until she noticed him


‘’are you mad… or something?’’ but he’d end up laughing at the way she spoke those words off her lips. he’d try to control himself but he’d only end up laughing more because it looked funny


judging her forever, if he didn’t decide to join in ‘’kindly remind me not to get you mad, could you? thank you’’ probably he’d keep his eyes on her, staring like she was doing something nobody ever did


he’d pull out a jar ‘’every time you curse, you’ll put a dollar in, bring in my vacation.’’ this worked with his group so it’d probably work with his girlfriend, right? he’d just think, it coming from her would be quite weird

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I haven't been following you too long, but you don't seem to be one of the jackass BNFs. But now I'm curious, how famous are you in this fandom? I mean, Lana seems to know/recognize you well enough to joke with you & you have lots of followers...

Oh I doubt Lana would know me beyond “I’ve met you before” but mostly because she’s got an incredible recall memory for faces not because I think she’d know me.  As a fic writer I’m not particularly widely read because I tend to write in very niche corners of the fandom.  

But I write some pretty widely read character analysis and run a news blog that is probably the smallest of the existing news blogs in the fandom it’s not tiny.  I’m not that far from about 4k in followers on my main blog which is eh… what I consider medium follow count but most of the people with more than me in once fandom are gif makers and I’m not.  

There was a period of time last spring and this summer that Adam Horowitz was talking with me on twitter at length but that has become a little more infrequent.  If you are in Evil Regal fandom i’m pretty hard to avoid.  Oh.  And I’m a bogeyman way out of proportion of my influence by those who really really do not like Regina as a character.  Every so often some anti-Regina fans will complain about me personally to Adam.

Which… is really surreal to me.

SU stuff after new EP

It’s about Steven crying after Garnet unfused. You folks don’t know much about bbies. It’s not that he didn’t like Ruby and Sapphire, it’s the same as with covering your face with hands. But worse. There was Garnet and she’s gone and bby Steven is distressed bc of this and only this X”D He makes grabbing motions, he want her back ad he probably saw her far more before and knows she’s safe.

had to write this, as manyof you don’t see what really happned.

But yeah, Garnet deleyd it for so long probably bc of his negative reaction XDDD

TRUMP: I have the best temperament. Obviously.
CLINTON: Obviously. Yes. Obviously. You have interrupted me 70 times to say nonsense remarks that indicate you have not the faintest idea what you are talking about. Seventy times. I have spent my life doing this. You decided, like, last year that you were mildly interested in it and that you would probably be great at it. I wish I had that confidence. I wish any little girl did.
If I had coughed even once on this stage, I would have lost this debate instantly. And so you know what? I did not cough. Not even once. You sniffed and you lectured and you made faces and you sighed. And I stood there. Impassive. Like a screensaver. I focus-grouped my number of blinks.
But maybe it worked. Maybe, just this once, America saw a man yammer on for an hour and a half about a subject he knew nothing about to a woman who had spent her lifetime in that field, and America said, “Oh,” quietly, to itself. Maybe. But knowing America, maybe also not.
Zodiac's inner mind and demons
  • Aries: Bringing happiness into other's people life brings me joy, but shiiit I don't ever think of myself.. should I?
  • Taurus: I tend to get what I want, but I fuck up people's lives when I do... am I inconsiderate?
  • Gemini: I am social butterfly, but deep inside I know that no one is fucking there for me.. am I lonely?
  • Cancer: I may seem bursting with self confidence, but I have so many damn insecurities that no one knows about.. help me?
  • Leo: I have a resting bitch face, but get to know me before you judge a book by its cover.. can you stop fucking assuming?
  • Virgo: I am always thinking and analyzing, but only because I'm afraid of what my already fucked up future looks like.. please can you not hurt me?
  • Libra: Yes, I get along with most people but deep inside I probably only do that shit because I can benefit from them.. I guess I'm sorry?
  • Scorpio: People tell me all their secrets and yes I keep them ALL THAT SHIT, but do they ever consider that it may be all too damn much?
  • Sagittarius: On the outside I may seem fucking reckless, but in the inside i only mean the best.. why does this shit happen to me?
  • Cancer: I may seem like I have everything under control in my life, but NOPE I DON'T! I AM A FUCKING MESS. save me?
  • Aquarius: I don't care what people think about me, but deep inside I actually do and I remember all the fucked up bullshit things people have said about me.. Erase them please?
  • Pisces: I should escape from reality, but WHERE THE FUCK WOULD I GO?

Sniper fans right now


Police and school officials said those found responsible for the graffiti could face criminal charges and expulsion from school. 

Looks like our youth are starting out on the right foot. What does it say about America? Racism will NEVER die or go away, sad but true. I mean look this is just a high school kid and look at his way of thinking?! Who taught him that? Does he even know the impact those two statements have? Probably not and this is why it will never die! #Hate it!

Every major company is messing up big time

YG: abusive towards artists, seemingly a misogynist, prevents his groups from succeeding, prevented his wife from becoming a successful artist because he wanted to usurp her time and affection, in the face of a scandal he does nothing and just shoves said artist even further into the dungeon

JYP: cares more about his own comebacks than that of his groups, Twice and GOT7 are doing well but that’s due to members constantly promoting themselves (Jackson, Dahyun, BamBam, Tzuyu), 2PM only got like three weeks of work last year, Miss A comes back once in a blue moon or whenever Suzy feels like it, and 2AM probably doesn’t even exist anymore, also Wonder Girls (probably what JYP said)

SM: SuJu and f(x) are constantly being put on the backburner for other groups, TVXQ just in general, SNSD kicked Jessica, EXO lost three members in 4 years and they are currently being sued by said members, they’re debuting a new group that they are in no way prepared to promote or manage well, and basically everything went to hell in a handbasket after LSM stepped down

Cube: 4Minute is on the verge of collapsing, BEAST isn’t getting the promotions or comebacks they deserve and is falling apart at the seams, BTOB isn’t getting the time of day, and ACube renamed itself in order to avoid the backlash of impending collapse of its parent company and save APink

FNC: AOA only gets one comeback a year, Youkyung gets to play music when the stars align, F.T. Island and CNBlue work hard to prepare comebacks and then FNC releases the songs with no teaser and no hype which results in the comebacks not doing as well as they should/could

DSP: made a big friggin deal about finding a new KARA member only to have KARA disband a year later leaving the new member with nothing

Pledis: where’s After School? it’s been like three friggin years and now the most popular members (Uee and Orange Caramel) are preparing to graduate, Seventeen gets nothing from them in terms of financial support

Star Empire: ZE:A got so little group activity that one of the youngest members decided to enlist and the other members are now trying to make it as actors rather than singers

Woollim: INFINITE is an amazing group that only gets one comeback a year, if they got two they’d have EXO level of popularity, what’s going on with Tasty???, why did you wait so long to give Woohyun a solo???

Starship: WHERE THE HELL IS SISTAR?!?!??!!!??

You know what I realized today? That the Garrison mostly likely did not tell Pidge and her mom that the Kerberos mission ‘failed’ before the news televised  it.

By the looks on their faces, it appears this is the first time they’re hearing about it. 

I mean you would think that with something like this they would inform the family first  and then release what happened to the press. I mean this crew was  the best at what they did. Which is  probably why they were the first people to be out that far in space as Matt mentions in episode one. 

By the looks of it’s very late at night due to the lighting and Pidge being in pajamas. I also highly doubt something like this would just ‘leak’ to the press unless someone from the inside did it or the Garrison had known for a while about the disappearance. Which makes no sense AT ALL because they should know they made it there because of flight logs. I am betting they did though so they could fabricate some BS to tell everyone. Which of course, Pidge wasn’t having any of that so.

Yeah, anyway fuck the Garrison

How to tell if an INFJ loves you

How to tell if an INFJ likes you:

They share their music with you. They show you their current favourite song to listen to in the car or while getting ready in the morning.
They tell you to watch their favourite show or movie. They want to talk about it with you. They want to show you a piece of who they are and let you grasp it.
They send you links to things referencing something you talked or joked about earlier. They like making you smile.
They share a memory/story of a place that is special to them. It’s close to their heart and they want to let you in.
They smile whenever they see you.
Due to all the smiling and what they see as obvious heart-eyes, they may try to act aloof or “weird” so that you don’t catch on that they like you.
If they say that they like you to your face, they probably have a strong feeling that you like them back, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.
They talk about you. You’re on their mind. They feel you are a part of their life now.

How to tell if an INFJ really likes you:

They share their music with you. They show you certain bands or albums that they really like. It may be unconventional or even embarrassing but they like it. Usually it’s music that has stuck with them from their childhood or they just listen to a lot. If they recite the lyrics along with it it’s a good sign. They like to show off for you.
They send you links to things they think you might like. These are things that have enriched the INFJs life, and they want you to feel enriched by them as well. They want to give you this gift of enjoyment.
They take you to one of their secret special places. They want to experience it with you there this time.
They invite you to hang out with their friends. Believe it or not INFJs can have friend groups, but like other friendships usually it is tight knit and quite important to them. So inviting you to a group outing or event is a big deal to them.

How to tell if an INFJ loves you:

They share their music with you. They become quiet, very timid, and tell you that this is a song that they really connect with and is one of their all time favourites. It probably has very deep emotions and paints a vivid emotional landscape. (What does that even mean??? Maybe only INFJs will understand haha. They feel it in their soul.) They probably won’t sing along. They want you to just quietly listen and take in this important piece of who they are. They want to hear your feedback. For the love of God tell them you like it. Smile. They are very vulnerable right now. Once they get your affirmation, they will probably tell you why it means so much to them. If they don’t tell you, it’s probably because the song’s about you, and they’re hoping you’ll pick up on not necessarily the lyrics, but the emotional climate of the song, and interpret it as how they feel about your relationship. This is probably a test to see if you are able to connect to their wavelength… for you to hopefully peer into or at least acknowledge the deep emotional layers of their personality.
They show you photographs of places they’ve been or the people in their life. Looking back on old photos is something I rarely do, because of the emotional upheaval and sense of time passing, life changing. So to go through old photographs and share memories with someone would be a big deal to me. Especially if the INFJ thinks they looked silly back then or could get embarrassed.
They introduce you to their family/relatives. You are important enough to the INFJ that they will bring you into their innermost life. The people closest to them. (They may not be a close family but they have been part of the INFJs life the longest probably, and especially brothers/sisters may mean a lot to them.)


favourite messes