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Hi ! I just read the ask where someone asked about who would get a cat with you and who would get a dog and im wondering if you could please do obe with bts, IF it's not much of a bother ofc

sure!! find monsta x’s ver (here)
ps i know bts are mostly dog owners,,,,,,but i did this off their personalities ^^

Namjoon would probably research what kind of cat to get and would choose one that’s in line with him, the abyssinian for example because it’s considered the smartest cat breed in the world. He’d end up excitedly telling you about its Egypt ion origins and you’d just be like “,,,,,,it’s cute let’s get one.” 

Yoongi is also a cat person, he’d get an exotic short hair because it has that overly cute, teddybear face and Yoongi would be like “Don’t look at me like that.”,,,,,,,,stare into the cats big brown eyes,,,,,,and scoff while picking it up into his arms and being like “Fine, you’re the one. Let me take you home.” 

Jin fits dogs better because dogs are more loyal and committed, he’d especially want a family oriented dog like a golden retriever! A dog that is welcoming and likes kids, Jin sees pets as another family member and he’d consider that dog your child basically. 

Hoseok would want an active dog, just like him so he’d pick a dalmatian. Early morning runs with the dog, then getting covered in puppy kisses at the dog park fits Hoseok’s cherry, up-beat personality so well! 

Jimin is loving and affectionate, he needs a pet that loves him just as much so he’d pick a dog. He’d go for a shih zu or maltese and would literally pick that puppy up and cuddle it more than he cuddled you. 

Taehyung loves all animals, but his personality reminds me more of a cat than it does a dog. He’d get a russian blue because they’re a rare cat breed, but they’re also fascinating and independent. He’d like how for the most part, that cat is fine on it’s own but every now and then it would settle itself on his or your lap - it’d be considered a gift from the cat to you two. 

Jungkook loves dogs, he’s basically a big puppy himself. He fits a bearded collie because of how happy and playful they are, plus the shaggy hair in their eyes makes Jungkook think they look even more laid-back. You’d find him nuzzling his face into your dogs fur all the time and being like “He doesn’t smell the best, but I love him no matter what.” 

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If Louis someday had a clothing line, what would it be like? And what about Harry's? Or the other boys?

louis’ would be stylish and simple but affordable, probably with lots of block colours and some subtle designs on the pockets or wherever, lots of boyfriend jeans + i have a feeling he loves patches so there’d be some of those too, and there’d be some surprisingly more extravagant pieces scattered here and there

harry’s would be more in your face with bold patterns and paisley and ruffly trimmings, a lot of the shirts wouldn’t have buttons on purpose, he’d sell headscarves that are made with the utmost love and care + would have a return guarantee and send personal thank-you messages to frequent customers

Star wars rebels season 4: what to expect

With season 3 under wraps, now we only have to survive the hiatus until next fall, when the Gohst adventures continue. But in the meantime let’s see what can we expect from season 4 and I will put my hopes on the table of things I hope to see.

Things we know that will happen in Season 4, thanks to Rebel Recon:

  • A Mandalorian arc involving Sabine and her family in the new Mandalorian civil war.
  • Mon Mothma and Saw Gerrera’s relationship and how it turned sour.
  • Lothal and the rebels’ fight for its liberation will be brought up again.
  • Hints about X-wings.
  • Old faces (They were very vague about this but probably refer to famous characters making an appearance in the series).

Things that I wish to happen:

  • An increase of Zeb’s rune time, I said it before but I feel that he is, alongside Hera, one of the most underused characters of the main cast. While Hera has also less screen time compared to Ezra on Kanan I think she’s written in a way that is far more impactful to the storyline than Zeb is.
  • Senator Bail Organa to return, as well Princess Leia.
  • New Imperials that act as underlings to Pryce and Thrawn, given that Konstantine is dead and Kallus has defected.
  • A flashback episode that shows us what happened between “The Honourable ones” and Kallus becoming fulcrum. This is not a must but I think that at least could be explored a little.

This is everything for me does anybody else have more suggestions of what do you want to happen in Season 4?

do you .. remember when i was panicking  a little because my mother lost a … gold necklace she borrowed from somebody and shamed  me in front of my entire family for stealing it from her………… even though i had not been home in 3 weeks at that point and …. if i was  to steal something why would i take.. a necklace………………….

she found it now ……….. came  and had her .. dramatic face on and fake tears in  her eyes and … started off saying she was sorry and i almost ….. believed her until she went on with a .. speech about how the  actual surprising thing is that i did not steal from her  and that she was such a good person for “feeling bad”  that i probably felt guilty for what i did

it is not that .. she genuinely believed i did it………….. she was fully aware that  she misplaced it and … when this happened and eventually people started to be skeptical because it was practically impossible for me to have done that….. she started to shift to accusing me  of being a heartless person for not “empathizing “ with her when she called multiple times a day to accuse me and complain that i should just  confess because she could not find it… and i said i don’t know what i can do i did not take it………..

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While we're on the topic of how Steven is going to handle the Diamonds, I just find it personally disappointing that it seemed to me like the Diamonds would be defeated in this epic "2nd Gem War" with the Crystal Gems led by Steven wielding Rose's weapons and their healed fallen Crystal Gem allies - but no, Steven will probably, like you said, just cry about how EVERYONE deserves forgiveness, even if they are TOTALITARIAN RULERS.

I will only forgive this show if the second gem war is actually a war. With the characters we know and love fighting for what they truly believe in and PUNCHING THE TERRIBLE VIOLENT POLITICAL OPPRESSORS SQUARE IN THE FACE. “There is no such thing as a good war” was such an awesome quote from Greg, and I want the damn writers to practice what they preach. 

Show. Steven. Punching. Yellow. Diamond. In. The. FACE.

-Mod G


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“@of-sevenseas: that‘s dark meg: YOU, OF ALL PEOPLE”

yuri with a comfey flower crown,,,

it’s from Phichit! it also sort of dislikes Victor or at least keeps throwing flowers in his face 

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do dark and ghost type pokemon lurk in his shadow and feed off his nervous energy im asking bc personally i think yuri would be realky cute w a mimikyu

he would! I keep waffling about his team but I think I’ve settled for sure on the Comfrey, an Espeon, either a Gengar or a Mimikyu and …. I dunno what else. My general idea was “friendship or affection evolves from Johto”. He probably doesn’t actually have any healing types on his team but they keep coming up and offering him eggs or singing at him. If he had a legendary it would be a Shaymin, I think.

Tears fill my eyes as I read the words on my screen. The world seems to stop spinning for the slightest second as I re-read the anonymous message over and over again, gripping on to the hope that the words will magically disappear. But they didn’t. Anon had done it; they’d figured out that the only way to make me take off my hijab was to call my hair ugly. My one weakness.

A tear streams down my left cheek.

Eight years of academy hijab training…wasted. I had to prove this extremely relevant and good-looking anonymous person wrong, I cared too much about what they thought. How could I live my life knowing that there is one person out there who thinks probably my hair is ugly maybe? How could I look myself in the mirror? How could I face my family? My shoulders shook as I cried silently, and my chair squeaked ever so slightly at the vibrations; as if it, too, was crying in sorrow.

It wasn’t until that moment that the second part of the message dawned on me… how would I prove them wrong without breaking the rules? Was it really against the rules? I reach into my hijab and pull out a scroll. At the very top, in cursive jet-black inked letters, the word ‘Rules’ stares back at me. My heart is racing as my eyes frantically read the scroll.

‘Rule #1: no killing people,’ it reads. I let out a whimper. There go my evening plans. 

Suddenly, my eye catches the next words. The scroll is rustling in my trembling hands as I turn my face away, tears spraying out of my eyes like the spit of a white person as they try to justify racism. The cursive words felt more like a curse of words, vivid and refusing to disappear as if I were still staring at them even through my closed eyes.

Rule #2: don’t show ur hair girl it’s ugly lmaooooo

Having a bad day?

Just take a look at the Japanese emperor caterpillar! they’re sure to cheer you up! they’re happy to see anyone!

These guys really love to peek, and their cute horns make it all the more better!

Soon. they actually just mean that hugs are coming to you soon, there’s nothing to worry about~

They’re also very silly. 

What do you mean I can’t listen to leaf?

They’re also very little but still love meeting new friends!

Look at this tiny one, stepping into the world to start peeking!

Tiny peekers in training! they’re doing well.

Need I mention cat ears?

When you’re feeling sad, just think about these emperor caterpillars. they’d probably love to peek and see a pretty human with a smile on it’s face. 

You know, Yuuri’s parents are kind of hilarious.

Because I don’t know about you, but if my kid had this on the wall of his room…

…then I would probably be aware of the name of the celebrity he liked. At the very least, I would recognize the guy’s face. Not to mention the dog.

And if that celebrity showed up, and I knew my kid liked him enough to name a dog after him, I would probably … I dunno … mention it?

Do you know what I wouldn’t say?

But let’s give Yuuri’s mom the benefit of the doubt here.

Maybe she didn’t see Victor arrive? She does call him “Vicchan” in episode 2, so she knows it’s the same person Yuuri named his dog after.

Yuuri’s father does not have this excuse.

The guy met Victor. 

Gee, Dad - you’re right! He really is just like Vicchan. Whose full name is Victor. As in Victor Nikiforov. Whose face is literally plastered all over your son’s room, not to mention the TV screen.

And I’m guessing Victor probably waltzed in and said, “Hi, I’m Victor Nikiforov!”

And Yuuri’s dad is still like Who? Idk some hot foreign guy.


  • keith, about to confess his galra heritage: there's something i need to get off my chest
  • lance, without thinking: is it your shirt?
  • lance, internally: oh my god why am i like this now he knows i like him this is the worst thing to ever happen to me oh god what is he going to say back oh no he probably hates me i cant ever show my face--
  • keith, unphased: no ??
  • lance, internally: of fucking course he didnt get it honestly its like hes from a different planet or something i swear
To everyone who is like “They didn’t actually kiss”:

As someone who does the art thing on a regular basis I can tell ya, they did. They probably tried to be careful with it for now.

You can’t just switch to a hug when you are like 1cm away from eachothers lips.

Also, here is what their general face shape looks like:

And here is what the kiss probably looks like:

Besides, Victor has hugged Yuuri before. (Y’know, that hug from behind? And they literally napped in a bed together. Oh and what about that time Vic got drunk and stripped and clung to Yuuri? I don’t think a hug from Victor would be surprising to Yuuri at this point. )

You can disagree though if you want. Just trying to put things into perspective.


Of course Yuri wants Victor there, with him, when he’s skating his FS. Even while shouting that he will face it on his own, he’s probably very nervous: this would be the first time Yuri skates his FS without Victor there, without Victor waiting for him in the Kiss&Cry. We all know Victor is a really important part of Yuri’s FS, and Yuri has being more confident because Victor is there, looking at him all the time. Standing by him. Because that’s all what Yuri needs.

But Yuri knows better. He knows how it feels to be far when your beloved pet is sick, he remembers the tears and the regret when you couldn’t be there to at last say goodbye. Yuri remembers that suffering so well, and he would hate to somehow be the reason why Victor could suffer the same pain he went through. So he just forgot the nerves and the fear and told Victor to go to Japan, that he will be okay skating the FS by himself —even if probably Yuri hadn’t even begun to think how he’s going to do that. Because it will be hard, Yuri is more confident now but it will be hard anyway, specially considering his mental weakness.

Yuri is trying to protect Victor, because he doesn’t want Victor to suffer. Even if he’s going to have a harsh time for it.

Yuri Katsuki is protecting Victor Nikiforov.

BTS before they won Artist of the Year @MAMA 2016: NOTICE ALL OF THEIR REACTIONS

  • Namjoon: bent over, super anxious, fidgeting with his fingers because after all this time, BTS is so so close to receiving the Daesang.
  • Jimin and Hoseok: crouched over like Namjoon, on edge w/anticipation probably thinking that maybe…just maybe they’ll win it again. 
  • Jungkook (probs a bit Jungshook on the inside): stretching his neck as a way with dealing with his nerves, then gives a small derpy smile-trying to stay chill regardless of who wins
  • Jin and Tae: not moving because it’s too much to handle, stiff postures with deadpan poker faces having no clue what to expect 
  • Yoongi: sitting casually and flashing the gummy smile to calm himself at the surreal prospect of winning the Daesang for a second time in a row
  • Collectively: Thinking about everything that has led up to this moment…from the hardships to all the hard work, and how they’ve always dreamed of being awarded the grand prize.

But then…THEIR NAME IS ANNOUNCED AS THE WINNER!!! It literally looks like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. They’re all so happy, relieved and in disbelief that they won AGAIN and that getting the Daesang wasn’t just a one time thing or a stroke of luck. Then of course to top it all off, THAT GROUP HUG ♥ 

listen, jontron has been horrible since GG’s inception. 
i mean that doesn’t make any of the recent and not-so-recent BATSHIT GARBAGE he’s said any less BATSHIT, but i’m just shocked it took him agreeing with Actual White Supremacists and his racist tirade in that debate stream to get people to realize that his ~Ironic Racism/Misogyny/Transphobia over all these years has either transformed into or always was genuine racism/misogyny/transphobia.
(rape mention past this point.) anyway my awakening moment was back in highschool (actually probably 2013 now that i think about it) watching GG for the first time, the iconic sonic 06 playthrough and thinking it was really funny!! i remember my face hurting from smiling and laughing so much. at least until jontron straight up said he wanted to rape a female NPC they ran into. and as a teenage girl AT THAT EXACT POINT IN TIME dealing with sexual assault and rape joke harassment shit from a male classmate, and watching funny videos on the internet to forget about what i was dealing with, that “joke” wiped the smile off my face and i immediately started crying and closed the video instantly and never finished watching the playthrough or touched another GG video until years after danny replaced jon. (and even then i didn’t stick around super long either - my mexican ass can only stand so many ~ironic~ ‘dirty mexican’ jokes and bad ‘accent humor’, even if not as overtly horrible as jon had been.)
anyway my point is that it’s just really funny that people who had been SAYING all these years that “he’s just kidding!! him saying rapey and racist things are just jokes!!!” are for some reason shocked now that it turns out he wasn’t joking at all, as if a totally not racist or misogynistic person would think it’s okay or be comfortable enough to joke about those things to begin with. it’s almost as funny as the fact that jontron thinks him making those kinds of comments has no effect on the audience he seems to crave so badly!!! (read: his non white, jewish, female, disabled, and victims of sexual assault former fans who got tired of his shit. not to mention alienating his ‘heroes’ like neil c. for openly being a pos where neil could see it LMAO.)

TL;DR: jontron has literally always been shit, he’s just been a lot louder about it lately bc he’s managed to weed out all his decent fans and left only his nasty hugbox who never challenge his racist rapey self.

In Chapter 61, right after Baz put out the forest fire and pulls off Simon’s cross, Simon says this:

“Then Baz looks at me like he always looks at me when he’s about to attack.”

Literally, this messes with me. Does this mean that Baz had his attack face on? Or that what Simon had always thought was Baz’s look of attack was really his look of love and lust? 


PAY ATTENTION the traits unique to the character your partner is writing. Read their bio, read it again. Just because they didn’t bring it up in the post, don’t forget to it. Think about how physical traits change how you interact with someone in real life.

Do they have a scar that your character’s eyes keep drawing to? Maybe long hair that tangles in your muse’s fingers when they run their hands through it. Is their muse taller? Shorter? How does that effect how your character interacts with them? What about non-human attributes such as horns, tails, ears or wings? It changes how your character will physically interact with their space.
For example; A character with wings takes up more space, has different physical requirements and limitations. Their clothing is altered (unless magical), it probably needs to be taken off differently. Coming from behind them could result with a face full of feathers or scales. They can’t rest on their back without causing pain, think about this as your character picks them up, holds or touches them.

When your muse interacts by touch, will their touch cause pain to an old injury, or tender place? Will it elicit positive sensation?

If a muse is disabled, how will that effect your muse’s interactions with them? Will they make more of a point to face a Hard of Hearing person, make their body language more pronounced? Will they be more deliberate in handing something to someone with sight-loss? Do they sit so they are eye-level when interacting with someone who uses mobility aids?

Think about these things as you are writing, especially if you struggle with talking about the concrete details of the scene. It may allow you to better communicate what you envision in the scene and it makes your partner feel validated in all the work they’ve put into writing a character!


I Don’t Mean It Pt 4

After reading Taehyung’s text, you immediately excused yourself from dinner and left, grabbing all your belongings in a hurry and rushing out the door. You could hear your name being called our from the other boys, but you couldn’t stop. Not when the tears were already falling freely down your cheeks. You didn’t know what to believe anymore. What am I really worth to them?

Taehyung watched you leave silently, slightly shocked that you left so suddenly. He saw the boys call after you as they were pretty confused with why you left in the middle of the dinner. He balled his hands in fists, not knowing why he was so angry. Was he angry at you? Or angry at himself for making you leave and probably cry. 

Jimin followed after you, guessing the reason behind your sudden behavior. He noticed the second Taehyung started texting you, the way your face changed and you looked like the you were about to cry in any second. But by the time he ran after you, it was too late. You had already shut the door to your apartment. He spent a few minutes trying to get you to open the door, but he knew deep down that you were in no mood to talk.

Namjoon stared at Taehyung and also noticed how irritated he looked. 

“Yah, Taehyung-ah. What the hell is going on?” he asked, looking right at him.

“How is he supposed to know??” asked Jin.

“Why do you think she fucking left?” asked Jimin, standing at the entrance at their dorm.

“Taehyung-ah, what is he talking about?” asked Hoseok.

But Taehyung didn’t answer. Instead, he chose to lock himself in his room.

A/N: I hope you liked part four. Some of you guys requested a drabble at the end, so thank you, I’ve been meaning to write one~ Do y’all want a part 5? let me know! Whats going to happen to the guys and Y/N? let me know what you think~ 

Previous Parts: Part 1  Part 2 Part 3


So chapter 7 of And Nearly Letting Go by @uncannycookie killed me and now I have feelings every time I look at my fridge.

I’m a bit worried that I’m coming across as an overzealous random weirdo on the internet… probably because I am acting like an overzealous random weirdo on the internet. But I /really/ like this story, it gels so well with what I think about the characters in such a lovely manner. Sorry for being weird about it…

i wasn’t actually sure what Mob wears in this scene… but I wanted something he could bury his face in and for some reason I keep drawing him in this jacket.

Lads here I know this is completely unrelated to the blog but this is a plea because I’ve noticed a lot of people asking about it in work.

PLEASE DON’T USE THOSE BLACK CHARCOAL FACE MASKS. The peely-off ones all over Facebook. Please.

Charcoal is not bad for your face (unless you’re sensitive maybe). The problem comes about when you have charcoal and peel-off in the same room, especially when the ingredients to make the peel off mask aren’t clearly stated (or a bit cryptic). From what I’m seeing there are even DIY black charcoal masks which include glue as an ingredient. nO
The masks are unreasonably harsh on the skin, and while your skin might feel great and smooth for a while after using them, it’s seriously damaging your skin’s natural moisture barrier and it’s probably pulling out a lot of the very fine hair on your face. That’s not a good thing. 

While the results and after photos of the peeled mask look impressive, most of what comes off on those “miracle masks” aren’t blackheads, but sebaceous filaments which are completely natural and healthy. You don’t need to pull them out. Everyone has them. There’s nothing wrong with them. They’re actually responsible for controlling the release of oil onto your skin. 

We’ve had people as young as 13 coming in to work asking if we make them. I’ve seen videos of adults crying trying to take them off, imagine how much they’re going to affect considerably younger, possibly sensitive skin?

Please, this isn’t even a plug for my work like honestly I’d rather if you got a fist of muck from the garden and put it on your face than use the black masks.