Finding Home

Author: Emma

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Mild Violence

Author’s Note: This is the first part in a series I’m working on. I’m feeling wildly self conscious lately about my writing so if this fic doesn’t get much activity I’ll probably just scrap it. Also, this was just a quick intro but there will be a whole bunch or fluff, smut, and angst in later chapters. Let me know what y'all think?

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[headcanon] Janna knows about Star’s crush on Marco.

Whether she found out on her own (because let’s face it: she’s Janna and Janna knows everything) or Star told her because they’re now friends is not really important, though I DO like that they’re indeed good friends now.

Gift Of The Card” begins with Janna helping Star (in her own, creepy, twisted way) finding some kind of deep / secret-ish stuff about Marco (probably Janna’s idea), because that’s what a good friend would do. She isn’t actually a big fan (like, not a tall) of the whole “let’s talk about my crush” stuff but any excuse is good enough for invading the dork’s Marco’s privacy (not that she needs any, as shown back in Season 1 during “Mewberty”).

It’s also interesting how she hasn’t any real reaction when Marco shows up with those ballet shoes. This is Janna we’re talking about: she loves teasing Marco about pretty much everything, in her own creepy/flirty way. And here, the dork shows up wearing freaking ballet shoes and bragging about his clothing choices, a scene that’s actually begging to be struck by one of Janna’s well-known snarky remarks. 

Except, it just doesn’t happen.
She just stares at him, unimpressed.
That’s her “I don’t understand what she sees in him. look.
Because she knows.

Yet another post full of forced Starco Trash™.

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I don't know if this has been done yet but what about the RFA walking in the room while MC is dressing

Yoosung: His face is immediately going dark. “W-Wah!! S-Sorry, MC!!” He’s most likely gonna be hella awkward about it later, trust me

Zen: You screech. “Zen get out!!” “Oh? I didn’t know you didn’t want me in here, babe~!” He’ll laugh as he’s leaving, and probably give you a wink. Zen you sly lil shit

707: HELLA OVERDRAMATIC, his face is going red though, trust me. *lOOOOOONNNgggg gasssppp* “I..I’m so sorry! I…I have failed both you and the Honey Buddha Chips..! Please! I ask your forgiveness…” *meanwhile you wanna punch him in the throat*

Jaehee: It’s gonna fluster a bit. But she’ll handle it maturely and casually. “Oh! My apologies, MC..” (yOU CAN SAY IM JUST LAZY ALL YOU WANT BUT THAT IS HOW I FEEL JAEHEE WOULD HANDLE IT??)

Jumin: LITERALLY DOES NOT CARE. “I have to change in here too..It’s nothing I haven’t seen..But..if you wish for me not to look, then I won’t.”

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That podcast is about accepting yourself for who you are, and about the adversity that he faced being gay and getting shit for it. Ash in the recent week cut her hair, and constantly gets shit for not declaring her relationship with AK. I think that in itself is draining and it probably boiled over this week. Doesn't mean they broke up or whatever, I mean she literally just was seen wearing AKs necklace and Ali wore the ring to the baseball event with the Olympians recently.

Wait what, she wore ash’s ring. WHERE WERE YALL WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME

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30. Have you ever considered plastic surgery if so what would you change about your body? Not a suggestion btw


If I had the money I’d probably try and get jaw implant so I wouldn’t need to use my bear to constantly create the facade that my face is something other than egg shaped, umm besides that I would probably want to start looking into like hair transplants because hair loss runs in my family and I’ll be damned if I lose my hair.

Besides that there are things I don’t like about my face like the asymmetry of my eyes and stuff like that but it’s not anything that plastic surgery could fix and it’s not that big a deal anyways so I don’t dwell on it too much

Makeup Tumblr, help me!

Y’all gave me such great advice last week about coconut oil (namely, the best use for it is frying eggs. fried eggs in coconut oil = perfection, coconut oil in hair = greasy mess)

ANYWAY I want something to put on my face to make my pores invisible or at least a little less noticeable. I used to have some kind of moisturizer that really did a good job of it, but they stopped making it. I don’t remember what it was, but it came from the drugstore.

I would prefer if it came from the drug store, but if it really works I’ll go to sephora. I don’t really do anything to my face– I wear very little makeup (brows, blush, mascara, that’s it 95% of the time), so I don’t want to get too Korean about it. I don’t have time to baby my face like a stunning Korean woman, ok?

Actually I probably DO have that much time, but I use it to read, so anyway, this is a one-step kind of thing I’d like.


The Blacklist 4.02

To be honest, I didn’t watch the first half of the episode but I don’t think it matters cause I saw the most important part- the Keenler reunion/hug. As angry (and now it’s more aloofness) as I’ve been at the writers for what they’ve done with the show and Liz, I admit I still really like Keenler. Of course, Rez is still awesome- I loved that even as hurt and angry as he was about Liz faking her death, he was adamant about saving her and was always understanding of her feelings and her point of view.

And seriously the look on their faces when they saw each other.

Then the hug, which was so reminiscent of their first hug (probably bc it was their only other one lol).

I still don’t have endgame type hopes for Keenler but I’m still going to appreciate their moments.

Them finding out you have a small chest | Sehun, Jinyoung & Jin reaction

For the anon. Sorry this is only three, you can send in the request again and we can do more~

But tbh if they love you they won’t care b/c that’s just how you are ^-^


Would notice but not say anything. If you happen to bring it up he’d just be like, “Of course I noticed, but I don’t care.” 


Would be a gentleman about it. Like, if you were kind of insecure, he’d just be like, “But I love you??? Why are you worried about it???”


Would probably find it cute.
“You’re beautiful big or small jagiya~”

-Admin KT

Take this quiz and find out! It’ll have you check off all traits that you think apply to your muse, then calculate a color. DO NOT REBLOG!

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QUIZ RESULTS: Dark Olive Green #556B2F

Your dominant hues are green and yellow. There’s no doubt about the fact that you think with your head, but you don’t want to be seen as boring and want people to know about your adventurous streak now and again.

Your saturation level is medium - You’re not the most decisive go-getter, but you can get a job done when it’s required of you. You probably don’t think the world can change for you and don’t want to spend too much effort trying to force it.

Your outlook on life is slightly darker than most people’s. You try to see things for what they are and face situations honestly. You’d rather get to the point than look for what’s good.

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Get to Know Me (OOC meme!)

Nicknames: Kelly (real name), Kyle, Peaches, Lowkey, Spider Fingers (last 3 in ffxiv lmao)
Gender: No thanks. ^^  (I’m hella gender-fluid)
If I had a cat, what would I name it: Jumin, Elizabeth the 3rd, Felix, Gidget, Jinx
Height: 5′8″
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Favorite color: Magenta & Teal
Time right now: 1:21 PM
Average hours of sleep: HAH. 5-9 hours or so.
Favorite number: 7
Last thing you googled: Honestly? I don’t remember. Probably something boring and school related. I’m at school currently.
Blankets you sleep with: A comforter and a blanket at the foot of the bed. In the winter, I have like 50 + an electric heater blanket.
Fictional character you want as your younger sibling: Probably Yoosung from Mystic Messenger. That boy is adorable. We could game together.
Favorite Band / Artists: Panic! At the Disco
Dream trip: My weeb ass really, REALLY just wants to travel all over Japan.
What am I wearing right now: This, but in a baseball tee. And jeans.
When I made this blog: … What about when I made it?
How many blogs I follow: Currently? 502.
What I post about: Final Fantasy XIV, fanart, anime gifsets, dank memes, Mystic Messenger (I’m trash), and things that generally appeal to my trash sense of humor.

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i was diagnosed with EDS 3.5 years ago, but i didn't want to talk to other EDSers/spoonies at the time (a lot of other stuff was going on at the same time). now i would like to meet more spoonies but idk how. can you recommend some EDS/spoonie blogs?

So, probably the easiest way to get in contact with other EDSers, is to find out if there is an EDS support group in your area. You can usually find Facebook pages for these or check out the Ehlers Danlos Society’s list.  The nice thing about support groups is that they meet face-to-face and in your area, this means that the people you’ll talk to will often have great tips on what good doctors you have nearby, and can make great friends!

If you don’t have the spoons, however, to visit a support group that’s fine. The EDS Inspire forums are another great way to connect with a bunch of spoonies instantly. You can post information or ask questions and get responses quickly.

So, the support groups or forum is, in my experience, the easiest way to make spoonie friends since most people go on there expecting to reach out to people. I haven’t made very many friends on Tumblr because the platform is mostly just a follow and reblog sort of thing, which means nobody typically reaches out to you and I have too much anxiety to start up a conversation with someone. But then again, there are people in this community who have made a lot of friends! 

As far as Tumblr blogs go, you can just type “Ehlers Danlos Syndrome” into your search bar (if you’re on the computer that would be located on the top left corner) and follow the blogs that pop up. Here’s a list of the some of the blogs I follow:








and there are a whole lot more! Honestly, I could go on forever. I’ll set up my blog shortly to make it so that you can just go to my home page and view the blogs I’m following. A few of them are Service Dog blogs, but I’d say the vast majority are EDSers. 

Best of luck!

TRUMP: I have the best temperament. Obviously.
CLINTON: Obviously. Yes. Obviously. You have interrupted me 70 times to say nonsense remarks that indicate you have not the faintest idea what you are talking about. Seventy times. I have spent my life doing this. You decided, like, last year that you were mildly interested in it and that you would probably be great at it. I wish I had that confidence. I wish any little girl did.
If I had coughed even once on this stage, I would have lost this debate instantly. And so you know what? I did not cough. Not even once. You sniffed and you lectured and you made faces and you sighed. And I stood there. Impassive. Like a screensaver. I focus-grouped my number of blinks.
But maybe it worked. Maybe, just this once, America saw a man yammer on for an hour and a half about a subject he knew nothing about to a woman who had spent her lifetime in that field, and America said, “Oh,” quietly, to itself. Maybe. But knowing America, maybe also not.

Because meta is Deadpool’s whole shtick, issuing overt commentary on the tropes, texts, and genres of which he is a part is already solidly in his wheelhouse. Deadpool can ease audiences into his sexuality by directly commenting on how (sadly) groundbreaking it is, and then throwing people’s probable discomfort with it directly back in their faces. That’s what he does, that’s what he is supposed to do. That’s what makes him subversive, and it’s also exactly what makes him HIM. The joke isn’t on his queerness, the joke is on you for being surprised that he’s queer, for being uncomfortable with it, and for needing extra justification for it in the first place.

In other words, Deadpool’s queerness can be narratively ‘justified’ as an opportunity to talk about how messed up it is that queer characters have to justify their queerness to audiences in the first place. The meta itself gets to be meta here, and the joke comes completely full-circle.

Deadpool’s earnest pansexuality can be a jumping-off point for humor that takes aim at the petty gatekeeping of homophobic geek dude-bros, the exhaustingly stable heteronormativity of the larger Hollywood superhero genre, the crassness of media queerbaiting, and the continuing gag-inducing use of gay-panic as humor in much of our mainstream entertainment. These are things that deserve and indeed are begging for the snarky commentary and outright mockery of the Merc with a Mouth. It would be utterly consonant with his character’s canonical legacy to subvert and poke in-your-face fun at these lingering strands of cultural baggage, which Hollywood is still in the very slow process of trying to unload.

Sniper fans right now


#i don’t know what is the most heartbreaking thing here #the fact that magnus thinks alec deserves the luxury of following his heart #or that when he says it to alec #the next thing alec does is proposing to lydia TO PROTECT HIS FAMILY #and when he will tell magnus about it #magnus will probably misinterpret his decision as rejection #just look at magnus’s face after alec agreed with him #HE WAS LITERALLY BEAMING #magnus was so proud that alec was finally starting to accept who he is and his sexuality #AND MAGNUS WAS HOPING ALEC WOULD OPEN UP TO HIM #but there had to be an arranged marriage #and the last gif is a look of pure heartbreak and i’m so not ready for this episode #PROTECTMAGNUS2K16

You know what I realized today? That the Garrison mostly likely did not tell Pidge and her mom that the Kerberos mission ‘failed’ before the news televised  it.

By the looks on their faces, it appears this is the first time they’re hearing about it. 

I mean you would think that with something like this they would inform the family first  and then release what happened to the press. I mean this crew was  the best at what they did. Which is  probably why they were the first people to be out that far in space as Matt mentions in episode one. 

By the looks of it’s very late at night due to the lighting and Pidge being in pajamas. I also highly doubt something like this would just ‘leak’ to the press unless someone from the inside did it or the Garrison had known for a while about the disappearance. Which makes no sense AT ALL because they should know they made it there because of flight logs. I am betting they did though so they could fabricate some BS to tell everyone. Which of course, Pidge wasn’t having any of that so.

Yeah, anyway fuck the Garrison

I went on tinder looking for hook ups. I figured I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and just started college so I didn’t need a new commitment. After banging about 20 guys I come across this one who has on his profile “I promise I can make you smile, I hope I can make you laugh.” And I think, oh great. What a dweeb, I’ll match him and probably laugh in his face at how cheesy he is.

We talked and he caught my attention with how he was a video game nerd. So I decided to go on a date with him. Four months later and I’m in love with this dweeb and as I’m writing this he’s asleep with his arm around me.

Every major company is messing up big time

YG: abusive towards artists, seemingly a misogynist, prevents his groups from succeeding, prevented his wife from becoming a successful artist because he wanted to usurp her time and affection, in the face of a scandal he does nothing and just shoves said artist even further into the dungeon

JYP: cares more about his own comebacks than that of his groups, Twice and GOT7 are doing well but that’s due to members constantly promoting themselves (Jackson, Dahyun, BamBam, Tzuyu), 2PM only got like three weeks of work last year, Miss A comes back once in a blue moon or whenever Suzy feels like it, and 2AM probably doesn’t even exist anymore, also Wonder Girls (probably what JYP said)

SM: SuJu and f(x) are constantly being put on the backburner for other groups, TVXQ just in general, SNSD kicked Jessica, EXO lost three members in 4 years and they are currently being sued by said members, they’re debuting a new group that they are in no way prepared to promote or manage well, and basically everything went to hell in a handbasket after LSM stepped down

Cube: 4Minute is on the verge of collapsing, BEAST isn’t getting the promotions or comebacks they deserve and is falling apart at the seams, BTOB isn’t getting the time of day, and ACube renamed itself in order to avoid the backlash of impending collapse of its parent company and save APink

FNC: AOA only gets one comeback a year, Youkyung gets to play music when the stars align, F.T. Island and CNBlue work hard to prepare comebacks and then FNC releases the songs with no teaser and no hype which results in the comebacks not doing as well as they should/could

DSP: made a big friggin deal about finding a new KARA member only to have KARA disband a year later leaving the new member with nothing

Pledis: where’s After School? it’s been like three friggin years and now the most popular members (Uee and Orange Caramel) are preparing to graduate, Seventeen gets nothing from them in terms of financial support

Star Empire: ZE:A got so little group activity that one of the youngest members decided to enlist and the other members are now trying to make it as actors rather than singers

Woollim: INFINITE is an amazing group that only gets one comeback a year, if they got two they’d have EXO level of popularity, what’s going on with Tasty???, why did you wait so long to give Woohyun a solo???

Starship: WHERE THE HELL IS SISTAR?!?!??!!!??