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I watched the  backstreetboys documentary tonight on Netflix. Kevin mentioned how they didn’t want America to be introduced to them from the Quit Playin Games video (b/c who wants to see wet pouring off a male topless body?!). Lemme tell you. This commerical is what started it for me. Every day watching Maury w/ my dad. (This was before baby drama test results.) It played the same time every day. It ended up being my first album I bought on CD (with my own money), and my introduction almost to puberty. 

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loaded question

Her stained red lips and the taste of dry gin; he never stood a chance.

How a man who paraded his ego upon broad shoulders, was now a feeble lamb cloaked in the fabric of his bed sheets; beside him, a slender figure’s hurried hands laced themselves within the fabric of her clothing, insisting on dispersing from the very room the pair had explored.

This was a mistake; she had muttered, the words seething from her lips like minuscule weapons, grazing at the bravado of someone who was entangled in a monumental disorder. He had heard it all; the venomous words of the distasteful reminder - a man, who she believed to share similar qualities with the one who had cradled her so recently, was none other than the villain who sculpted her heart between his grasp and shattered it with careless palms. 

Now, here a rugged figure reposed, reaping the withdrawals of a woman who looked at him as if he were a savage animal; his knotted brows urging the words from his throat to plead her to stay. He never meant for this; he never meant for their lips to meet, nor his calloused hands to feel the silk of her flesh underneath the clothes she wore; but, he had - and he would have done so again.

He could apologise; but when did a man such as he apologise when his heart was in the firing line? With that, refusing to bat a weakened eye, his unclothed torso heaved itself from the bed before them; words slipping from his lips with nothing other than a pipe-dream.

“Aren’t you going to stay with me?” 

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i think your right about that post 👍

im glad you think so :O  I just wish tumblr would stop seeing everything as transphobic.  Her wording could of been better but people need to understand that people are gay because they are sexually attracted to the same type of people as them (body wise)  Like I’m gay and I’m only attracted to cis men cause the dick to bomb yo.    I just dont understand why people think that is transphobic.  

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The only place that your art style is all over is my heart. -Waggles eyebrows-

OMFG//// i see what you did there–playin it smooth EH

let me be your marijuana
let me be your heroine
sweet Bette and Madonna,
Marilyn and Lana,
baby give me everything but love
honey let me take it
we don’t have to fake it and
when we hug I won’t mistake it
let me be your drug,
this is only what we make it.
I don’t have to wake up next to you
just let me have great sex with you
and if this never has a heart then
we don’t have to break it, let’s not take it
all too serious but baby aren’t you curious?
I ain’t furious, just sayin
what games are we playin’,
who is it we are slayin, and
whose bed can we lay in when
I just wanna shake it?
and I know that you are young and
you have just begun and
I don’t wanna hold the gun I just
wanna have some fun but
I do like the way your face gets
when I tell you that I’m wet and
put you in your place, yet
you don’t want me
couldn’t flaunt me and don’t want me
to look elsewhere for someone to pull my hair
and touch me sweet right there
and don’t you wish
don’t you wish
don’t you wish we didn’t care?

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Why I followed: This might sound strange, but I followed with by instinct. I followed you before back when I had my Mario blog. I think I followed you on another blog of mine from the past, but I can’t remember at the moment. I’ve always enjoyed your Pit. It only seemed natural to follow you again now that I have the opportunity of being in the Nintendo verse/community again. 

Why you should follow them: Best Pit I’ve seen, tbh. I don’t think they could be topped. I’ve seen how flexible this mun is with threading with other muses, and that’s a rare quality to have!

Tips to Improve (from the theme to posts): I ain’t got any complaints!

Final Thoughts: points and laughs u no fly without palutena-bae haha….ha. ay. give me her ###-#### tho. we fam.