Good Graces - Alfie Solomons Imagine

All this Alfie on my dash today – got me in some kind of way!!  Here’s a little ditty about an angry Alfie trying to get back in the good graces of his lady.

No one could clear out a room quicker than Alfie Solomons.   His legendary temper struck fear in the hearts of men who normally struck fear in the hearts of men.   Currently he stood red faced, with shoulders hunched before a petite brunette; –  who was supposed to be whimpering and cowering under the verbal onslaught he had just released.  

It wasn’t going exactly as he planned.   And he was pretty sure the fact that her one foot had started tapping was not a good sign.   He dragged his fingers through a patch of scraggly, ginger beard as he met her gaze across her desk.   She didn’t waver.  Fuck.   Relationships were hard.   Much harder when you hired a beautiful and fiery tempered minx to do your paperwork, and subsequently couldn’t keep your hands off her long enough for her to do said paperwork.   Because banging her on your desk daily was definitely much more satisfying.

He was pretty sure his odds for a right proper desk banging were slipping away today.   Alfie wasn’t one to give up on any negotiation so easily though.

“Listen sweetie.  I’m only saying…”

Her hand come up to stop him mid-sentence, and though his brow furrowed, he was dying to hear what she had to say.  Fuck she was beautiful when her temper was up.

“Do you see an apron?”   She lifted her skirt a teasing height.

He only saw a good amount of shapely thigh and raised a brow.

“Do I look like Ollie?  Ya think I’m gonna go stand in the corner like a good lil boy?   What the hell ya playin?”

“Well, I was hoping to play with ya but…”

She walked around her desk to come stand before him.   Chin tilted to meet that glare most buckled beneath, but her eyes were spitting fire and Alfie was sure he just about came right then and there.

“Listen sweetie,” she mimicked his endearment,  “Ya wanna fuck ya stay here and be a gentleman.”  She ran her hands up his chest, leaning in to press close against him, feeling the hardness in his trousers.  A smirk played upon her beautiful full mouth, but Alfie stood his ground; half praying she’d give in and half wanting her to poke the grizzly bear just a little bit further.  

“Ya wanna play boss, ya get yer ass back in the office and boss someone else around, and I’ll just start here without ya, and ya can play catch up later when yer business is all done.”   She removed her hands from where they had settled at the top of his trousers, and ran them down her own body, a wicked gleam cast his way.

“And ya better hope I don’t finish my business first.”

Alfie watched her hands roam down between her legs and the air hissed between his teeth, then a mumbled “ yeah, well … sorry luv.”

She leaned back against the desk, arms folded across her chest.  “Damn right yer sorry Aflie,” she shook her head, but her eyes had begun to soften, “Honestly, playing that gamble with me.”

Alfie stepped into her space, gently pushing her legs apart so he could settle himself between her legs.  His strong, lean fingers reached down to the hem of her skirt, lifting it slightly so they could trail up the soft, silky smoothness of her legs.

“How about I give you good odds for a very favourable return?”

She arched into him, grabbing his suspenders and dragging them down the strong shoulders.

“That would be a good start.  You’re gonna have to do that thing I like… and I’ll tell you what, you double down on that offer and ya got yerself a fuckin deal Mr Solomons.”

His hands grasped about her waist and he set her upon the desk,  “Fucking hell luv, that mouth of yours.”   His mouth crashed down upon her own, and she kissed him soundly, but briefly - before pushing his head down her body.

“No sweetie, the deal was about your mouth.”


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Hello, love your blog. I'm going to Scotland and was wondering if you could translate some slang before I go? Thank you

Cool! Scottish slang is VERY different depending on where you are, I live in the highlands so…I’ll try to cover as much as possible.

  • Aye - Yes/yeah/i agree
  • Ye wee prick - you rude idiot
  • What are ye playin’ at - Can you not
  • Piss off - I don’t know, sorry
  • I don’ey know - Do i look like Einstein to you or something?
  • Ya want a cuppa - bitch you’re getting tea whether you like it or not
  • It’s pretty nice today eh? - The rain demons have given us a break 
  • Ya wanker - dumbass
  • My mates - The people i tolerate 
  • Ye wanna go to the pub - I want to get drunk and fight you
  • Wanna sesh? - Wanna go get drunk in the woods 
  • Inbreed (Commonly said to me JOKINGLY from my dad) - You are not a pure Scot.
  • Any occult like chanting i.e. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7OFo6zth00 (My team for example) - Another team is nearby
  • What ye on mate? - You better be high because thats stupid 
  • Lad - you are a friend (Very rare if you are called a lad by a Scot, it is the equivalent to being blessed by the pope)
  • It’s all gone tits up - Shit went down
  • Your a bonnie lass - I wish to bed you
  • Decent banter - It was a good night
  • Bantz - It was great
  • Go suck one - I hate you
  • ye love me - I’m sorry
  • Sorry mate - I really ducked up   
  • FREEDOM! - Somebody from another British country is nearby

Mun can’t think of any more, ask me if you need anymore and have fun!


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A/N: Boomer clearly won that survey the other day. So… here we go. Sex in a pile of leaves… ENJOY! ;-)

Words: 1427
Warnings: smut

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when Isak says "I'm not a baby" to Even 👀👀 I know what u playin

HAHHAHA!! I smiled to myself as I wrote it. I didn’t think you guys would notice. I’m dyiinnnnggggg


the group text convo right now, probably
  • amir: did yall see
  • rowan: what im playin w/ stickers
  • corey: nah d00d link me
  • amir: check uriah's insta
  • corey: we gotta work with this soulless block of cheese?
  • amir: idk but i just roasted his ass lol go like my pic
  • rowan: this jar of mayonnaise got another thing comin