INEQUALITY.  DISHONESTY.   ENTITLEMENT.   they  say  we  get  the  leaders  we  deserve.  well,  here’s  what  i  think  america  deserves :  a  leader  who’s  not  afraid  to  look  you  in  the  eye  &  tell  you  what  he  believes.  i  believe  in  putting  people  first.  i  believe  in  PUTTING  AMERICA  BACK  ON  TRACK.  i  believe  in  opening  doors.  &  i’m  willing  to  work  with  both  sides,  so  that  we  all  get  what  we  want.     i’m  a  humble  man.  i’ve  never  forgotten  where  i  come  from.  i’ve  taken  my  licks,  but  i’ve  NEVER  TAKEN  YOUR  SUPPORT  FOR  GRANTED.  i  believe  in  putting  people  in  the  right  direction.  but  in  the  end,  we  should  all  be  free  to  make  our  own  decisions.  they  say  we  get  the  leaders  we  deserve.

I  THINK  AMERICA  DESERVES  FRANK  UNDERWOOD.   &  in  your  heart,  you  know  i’m  right.

Naked Hide-and-Seek ref in Outbreak
  • Jack: *over the comms* I'm here.
  • Gwen: *exasperated* Oh, what'cha playin' at now? Spooky voice in the speakers, is it?
  • Ianto: In fairness, last time he did this, it was sexier. And you weren't here! And I wasn't wearing trousers...
  • Gwen: *inhales, shocked* Ohhhh...!! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts!!! *repeats to herself like a mantra*

I miss Anders, I said. I’ll make a custom Hawke, I said. It’ll be fun, I said.

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So how was your first time

Hi! Would you write a oneshot where Daryl loves that the reader is a virgin and thinks her innocence is cute. He takes he virginity and while he’s eating her out he gives her her first orgasm and she’s so overwhelmed with pleasure so he talks her through it. Thanks!

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Me and Daryl were laying in bed with each other. He was playing with my hair and I looked up at him.


“Nothin , just like playin with you hair.” He kissed me on the head then started to kiss down my neck.

“Daryl.” I laughed a little, pushing him off.


“I- I’m a virgin.”

“Don’t matter to me, as long as you wanna do something.” I sighed a little.

“Yea, I guess.”

“Wait what?”

“Daryl, I’m ready. I want to sleep with you.”

“Really?” He moved some hair out of face. For some odd reason he thought that I was cute because I was a virgin. He was happy that I didn’t give it anyone else, we talked about maybe doing it.

“Yea.” I said as I started to kiss along his jaw bone and making my way down his neck. He started moaning a little. His hands going down to my zipper, undoing my pants. I felt his hands start to play with my clit, it made me feel this weird pleasure throughout my body. I started to main a little, I then felt his finger enter me. It was a little overwhelming from the pleasure, I knew that I was getting more and more horny as he entered in and out of me.


I started to take his shirt off and then threw it on the floor. I then felt his rough hands on my sides, lifting the hem of my shirt over my head. We both started to unbutton the others pants we both took a second to pull them off ourselves. He got on top of me and started to suck on my breasts. I pulled on his hair and scratched his back a little. Then I felt him kiss down my body, he started to kiss around my pelvic bone. I then felt his tongue on my clit, I moaned a little out loud. I felt him laugh a little. I then felt his tongue dart in and out of me. I felt this feeling in my stomach. It was weird, kept building up inside of me. I moaned out a little more and louder.

“Oh my god!” I said, I knew that the organism was taking over my body. My legs were shaking at this point. Daryl came back up and kissed my neck. I felt his hips thrust his length going inside of me. Hitting my spot on point. One hand was grabbing my right breast his finger rubbing my nipple. My nails digging up and down his back.

“Who’s my sexy bitch?” He growled in my ear.


“What? Cant hear you.” He said breathing heavily.

“I’m your bitch.”

“Yes you are.” I felt my organism lower, I could feel that his was too. He rolled over next to me and kissed my head.


“So how was your first time?”

“Pretty damn good.”

“Good that's it?”

“Yes.” I laughed.

“Guess I’ll have to show you an amazing time.” I smiled a little.

“Yea you will.”