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Request: Imagine working with Gemma in the office, you’re  always quiet but you go to a SAMCRO party and show your wild side. Jax gets to see a little more of your wild side.

I dunno, I had fun with this. Hope y’all like it.


“So are you gonna come or what?”
You eyed Gemma over the invoices you were inspecting and raised your eyebrow.
“Is that a joke, Gem?”
She crossed her arms over her chest, pursed her lips and leant against the doorframe leading to the workshop.
“You’ve been working for me for four moths, (y/n). Anyone would think you don’t like us.”
“Oh I dont.”
Gemma laughed and you smirked at her before putting the papers back on the desk.
You began putting each invoice into an envelope ready to be sent out when there was a knock on the door.
A blush instantly rose to your cheeks and you glanced up.
“Sorry te interrupt.” The thick scottish accent spoke. “Clay wants ye te take some supplies up te the cabin.”
“Okay.” Gemma nodded.
You stood and grabbed the pile of envelopes off the desk.
“I should um go and post these.” You waved them in the air and Gemma nodded to you.
“Thankyou sweetheart.”
With an awkward wave to Chibs you made your way to the door.
You closed the door behind you and took a step when a gust of wind lifted the envelopes out of your hands, sending them fluttering to the ground.
You muttered as you knelt and gathered them, embarrassed of your clumsiness.
The mention of your name from inside the office caught your attention and you tilted your head towards the closed door, curious as to why you were being discussed. “Why does she only talk te ye?” Chibs asked. “Im guessing she aint coming te the party.”
“She’s just shy, thats all.”
“Aye, or maybe she just cant handle ‘er drink.”
You knew Gemma well enough to know she would have a smirk on her face but her next words surprised you.
“Take it easy, Scot. She’s a good girl, but she’s insecure. I’m sure in time she’ll come round.”
The familiar blush crept up your neck and you stood and made your way to your car, keeping your head down as you trekked across the lot.
Once you were in the safety of your car, with all the doors closed you let out a sigh you weren’t aware you had been holding in.
Gemma was right. The only reason you had stayed away from the parties was because you were shy. You had seen the crow eaters and the clothes (or lack of) that they wore and you didn’t exactly fit in with that crowd. But its not that you didn’t want to go. 
You bit your lip as you stuck the key in the ignition.
Fuck it.
You’d go tonight. It was time.


Take a deep breath.

You rolled your shoulders and adjusted the skirt you had convinced yourself to wear.
Music was already pumping and from where you stood, at the gate to the Teller Morrow lot, you could already see a few of the Tacoma members smoking outside.
Just twenty minutes. Thats all.
Maybe a drink, or two.
You could do this.
You unscrewed the bottle of vodka in your hand and took a swig.
With one last deep breath you took a step. One after the other, you made your way into the lot.
One of the Tacoma members noticed you and gave you ‘the nod’.
Without thinking you flashed him the finger guns, and upon realising your dorkiness, you shuffled hastily inside the club house, leaving an intrigued-and amused- member outside.
Maybe this was a mistake.
People were almost everywhere. The club house was swarming with life and with the amount of leather and bare skin clouding your vision it was a wonder you managed to lay your eyes on Tig.
He met your gaze from across the bar and the way his jaw practically hit the floor in disbelief sent your trademark blush across your cheeks.
“Holy shit!” Tig yelled, catching the attention of the people surrounding him. “She came!”
Chibs, Jax and Opie all glanced in your direction and had to do a double take when they saw it was in fact, the shy office girl in the doorway of their clubhouse.
With their eyes on you you felt more uncomfortable than you thought possible and you waved nervously.
Juice was walking past when he saw you. His eyes widened and glanced between you and the guys, a look of ‘Can you believe this?!’ on his face.
“(y/n)! I didn’t think you were coming!” He gestured for you to join him and you stepped forward nervously.
“Neither did I.” You confessed.
He wrapped his arm around your back and pulled you forward, gradually crossing the room.
The gap between you and the rest of the guys closed as shoulders pushed past you and Juice stopped in front of Jax.
“Look who showed.” Jax smirked.
“Shes actually here.” Tig said, shaking his head in disbelief but a grin on his face.
“Ye know we have our own bar, (y/n). Ye didn’t have to bring yer own drink.” Chibs gestured to the bottle of vodka in your hand.
You shrugged. “I don’t like sharing.”
“Thats my girl.”
You turned to see Gemma, a proud grin on her face and you welcomed her embrace.
“Chucky, get some shots ready.” Jax ordered.
“What are we toasting?” Juice asked eagerly as Chucky passed him a shot.
“(Y/n). She finally showed.”
You blushed but accepted the shot glass Opie passed you.
Everyone raised their glasses.
“To (y/n)!”


The crowd had diminished slightly, with a few of the partygoers heading home or outside as the night went on.
Happy was in the corner of the room, with a crow eater on her knees in front of him.
Chibs and Bobby were chatting to a few of the Tacoma guys over on the sofas.
And you were sat around a table, with a few half naked Samcro members.
The guys had been surprised when you had decided to join their game of poker, and when they had teased you about it, (”Its more of a guys game.”) they had been even more surprised to hear the  words ‘Strip Poker’ come out of your mouth.
But of course they couldn’t say no.
The rules you’d discussed were simple. At the end of the round the player with the highest hand wins and everyone else had to remove a piece of clothing.
Tig was down to his boxers, although you all had a sneaking suspicion this wasn’t because of the game, but in fact because he liked taking his clothes off.
Opie had started of modest, only removing a sock at a time and he still managed to have his jeans on but was shirtless. Not that you were complaining.
Jax and Juice had been eager to rid their shirts and they sat in their shirtless, except for their kuttes. Jax had his boxers on and his socks while Juice sat with his jeans on, but barefeet.
You however, were still fully clothed, except for your cardigan which you had draped over the back of the chair.
One by one you slammed your cards on the table, revealing your cards and you muttered a ‘Shit’ as you saw the results.
Jax had won.
He smirked at you across the table and you lifted the glass of vodka to your lips, taking a long swig.
“Come on, boys. And girl.”
“You don’t have to, (y/n).” Juice smiled at you.
He was sweet, you thought to yourself. But a games a game.
Opie removed his jeans, Tig took off his boxers (earning him a few groans) and Juice stood and untucked his jeans.
All eyes were on you, anticipating your next move.
Jax met your eye across the table and raised his eyebrow.
You smirked and stood.
You snaked your hand under your skirt and pulled your panties down your thighs. Pulling them off your legs you sat back down.
The guys watched you in disbelief as you dropped them in the middle of the table.
“Holy shit.”


“I dare you to give Happy a lap dance.”
Juice glared at you, while you, Jax, and Opie all laughed.
“Hey you wanted to play, man.” Opie chuckled.
“I change my mind, I pick truth.”
“Nah uh. No backsies.” You said as you took a sip of vodka.
Juice sighed and glanced around the room nervously, looking for the Tacoma Killer.
He sat on the sofa next to Kozik, both of them deep in a conversation.
“It was nice knowing you all.” Juice sighed and crossed the room. “Make sure my funeral has a big turn out.”
Jax laughed and the three of you watched intently as Juice stood in front of Happy. “No fucking way.”
Happy glanced up at him, waiting for Juice to speak when Juice turned, his back facing the sofa.
He threw you one last death glare and took a deep breath before slut-dropping in between Happys legs.
“Oh my god.” 

You laughed, at Happys alarmed expression.
His face became even more alarmed when Juice placed his hands on the Killers knees and proceeded to shake his ass in his face.
Happy jumped off the sofa as the three of you erupted in laughter. Juice was straight on the defence, stuttering apologies with his arms up. He was practically waving a white flag and Happy stepped to him, hovering down on him.
He muttered something to Juice that none of your could hear and you all watched as the colour drained from Juice’s face.
Slowly he turned back and walked towards the bar.
The three of you sniggered as he approached.
“I liked it better when you didn’t talk.” Juice snapped and slammed a shot down his throat before checking over his shoulder to make sure Happy wasn’t coming to get him.
You all sniggered again before Opie turned to you.
“Your turn.”
“I dare you to cockblock Chibs.” Juice blurted out.
All the guys looked at you and you shrugged.
“Too easy, Juicey boy.”
You kissed his cheek, feeling slightly bad for his dare, and walked across the room.
Chibs was leaning against the pool table,a blonde crow eater in front of him running her hands across her chest.
You approached confidently and when you reached the couple you shoved the blondes shoulder.
“Touch my old man again and I’ll shoot you in the fucking throat.”
You snarled.
The blonde glanced between you and Chibs before slinking off outside.
“What te fuck are ye playin at, luv?” Chibs asked, a mixture of annoyance and amusement in his voice.
You shrugged. “Truth or dare.”
Chibs laughed and looked behind you, to wear the guys were watching from the bar.
“Dont shoot me in the throat for this.”
“For wha-“
Chibs crashed his lips against yours and your eyes sprung wide open in sock.
Its was over before it began and Chibs pulled away, a cheeky grin on his face as he pulled you into a hug.
“If ye wanted to be my ol lady ye coulda asked.”
You laughed and patted his back before leaving his embrace and heading back to the bar, where Opie was applauding your efforts.
“Nicely done.”
You curtsied and slid on to the barstool next to Jax.
He smiled at you and you smiled back, immediately noticing the presence of his hand on your knee.
At the same time you both turned to Opie.
“Truth or Dare?”


Only the good rock and roll was ever played in the clubhouse but tonight you had managed to convince the boys to let you play something a little different to their usual choices.
The boys had been impressed when you had rapped Biggie Smalls’ ‘Hypnotise’ word for word, and even more so when you had finished your ‘performance’ by downing eight shots straight after the other.
And Chibs’ thought you couldn’t handle your liqour.
The party was dying down, although from your position, dancing on the bar Coyote Ugly style, you woulda thought it was still in full swing.
You got down from the bar and took a break, leaning against it while you caught your breath.
“Nice moves.”
Jax was watching you with a playful smirk on his face and you smiled at him.
“We should go ride.”
“Where do you wanna go darlin? Im too drunk to ride my bike.” Jax said as he took a swig off his beer. He placed an arm on the bar behind you, your bodies only inches apart.
“Who said anything about a bike?”
Jax raised an eyebrow and licked his lips, his eyes looking you up and down.
Maybe it was the liquid courage,or maybe it was the way he had been looking at you all night. Either way, something came over you and you grabbed his head and pulled his lips to yours.
You pulled away with a smug smile on your face and you grabbed Jax’s hand, tugging him to the hallway.
He didn’t resist, eager to see what exactly you had in mind and he followed you eagerly.
You lead him into the room and ordered him to close the door.
He obeyed and while his back was turned you lifted your shirt over your head and whipped off your bra.
When he turned back to face you you were sat on the edge of the bed, wearing only your skirt, your bare breasts on display.
Jax licked his lips and pulled the kutte off his shoulders. He placed it on the back of the chair and stalked across the room towards you, pulling his shirt over his head as he moved.
You admired his chiseled abs and jax stopped in front of you.
With a wink you unbuckled his belt and tugged his jeans and his boxers down his thighs, his already hard length springing free.
He watched you as you took hold of him and ran your tongue over your lips.
As you wrapped your lips around his cock Jax let out a moan.
“You should come to the parties more often, darlin.”


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Good Graces - Alfie Solomons Imagine

All this Alfie on my dash today – got me in some kind of way!!  Here’s a little ditty about an angry Alfie trying to get back in the good graces of his lady.

No one could clear out a room quicker than Alfie Solomons.   His legendary temper struck fear in the hearts of men who normally struck fear in the hearts of men.   Currently he stood red faced, with shoulders hunched before a petite brunette; –  who was supposed to be whimpering and cowering under the verbal onslaught he had just released.  

It wasn’t going exactly as he planned.   And he was pretty sure the fact that her one foot had started tapping was not a good sign.   He dragged his fingers through a patch of scraggly, ginger beard as he met her gaze across her desk.   She didn’t waver.  Fuck.   Relationships were hard.   Much harder when you hired a beautiful and fiery tempered minx to do your paperwork, and subsequently couldn’t keep your hands off her long enough for her to do said paperwork.   Because banging her on your desk daily was definitely much more satisfying.

He was pretty sure his odds for a right proper desk banging were slipping away today.   Alfie wasn’t one to give up on any negotiation so easily though.

“Listen sweetie.  I’m only saying…”

Her hand come up to stop him mid-sentence, and though his brow furrowed, he was dying to hear what she had to say.  Fuck she was beautiful when her temper was up.

“Do you see an apron?”   She lifted her skirt a teasing height.

He only saw a good amount of shapely thigh and raised a brow.

“Do I look like Ollie?  Ya think I’m gonna go stand in the corner like a good lil boy?   What the hell ya playin?”

“Well, I was hoping to play with ya but…”

She walked around her desk to come stand before him.   Chin tilted to meet that glare most buckled beneath, but her eyes were spitting fire and Alfie was sure he just about came right then and there.

“Listen sweetie,” she mimicked his endearment,  “Ya wanna fuck ya stay here and be a gentleman.”  She ran her hands up his chest, leaning in to press close against him, feeling the hardness in his trousers.  A smirk played upon her beautiful full mouth, but Alfie stood his ground; half praying she’d give in and half wanting her to poke the grizzly bear just a little bit further.  

“Ya wanna play boss, ya get yer ass back in the office and boss someone else around, and I’ll just start here without ya, and ya can play catch up later when yer business is all done.”   She removed her hands from where they had settled at the top of his trousers, and ran them down her own body, a wicked gleam cast his way.

“And ya better hope I don’t finish my business first.”

Alfie watched her hands roam down between her legs and the air hissed between his teeth, then a mumbled “ yeah, well … sorry luv.”

She leaned back against the desk, arms folded across her chest.  “Damn right yer sorry Aflie,” she shook her head, but her eyes had begun to soften, “Honestly, playing that gamble with me.”

Alfie stepped into her space, gently pushing her legs apart so he could settle himself between her legs.  His strong, lean fingers reached down to the hem of her skirt, lifting it slightly so they could trail up the soft, silky smoothness of her legs.

“How about I give you good odds for a very favourable return?”

She arched into him, grabbing his suspenders and dragging them down the strong shoulders.

“That would be a good start.  You’re gonna have to do that thing I like… and I’ll tell you what, you double down on that offer and ya got yerself a fuckin deal Mr Solomons.”

His hands grasped about her waist and he set her upon the desk,  “Fucking hell luv, that mouth of yours.”   His mouth crashed down upon her own, and she kissed him soundly, but briefly - before pushing his head down her body.

“No sweetie, the deal was about your mouth.”


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as soon as taeyong says come on in summer 127 aka at 2:25 n the hot ass music starts playin what is it synth idk n it makes u feel like ur in an 80s club.. thats the meaning of life


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A/N: Boomer clearly won that survey the other day. So… here we go. Sex in a pile of leaves… ENJOY! ;-)

Words: 1427
Warnings: smut

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We We’re ‘Studying’

Title: We were ‘Studying’

Originally posted by evieshook

Author: Gráinne x

Pairing: Harry Hook x Evie

Request: Harry and Evie studying but not really.

A/N: Honestly I had no idea where this was going to go… I don’t even know what to classify it as… half fluff half almost smut. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy. This was a fave to write. Thank you Anon. Let me know what you guys think?

Much Love G xx ❤️

Evie gasped at the cold sensation of Harry’s hook caressing her neck.
“Yes love?” Harry smirked
“Stop it you asked me to help you and I’m trying to but…”

Evie rolled over off her bed and onto her feet. Hands on her hips trying and failing miserably to give Harry the death glare.
“Not gunna work on me love”
“Practically invented tha ma self” Harry grinned cheekily at her.

Evie grabbed the books off the bed and placed them on her desk.
“Well that’s enough for today. Can you close the door on the way out please” Evie pressed as she made herself look busy.

Harry’s eyebrows knitted in confusion, he didn’t mean to upset Evie but it would appear he did.
“Don’t Harry I’m not playing this game with you anymore”

Rolling off the bed Harry stood up leaving his hook on the bed and walked carefully towards Evie, when he reached her he grasped her shoulder and turned her to face him. Evie felt his presence the moment he reached her, it was like she was drawn to it because no matter where he was she can always sense roughly how close he was.

Evie tried to stop Harry from turning her round, fearing he’d see the blush that spread across her cheeks from the moment not too long ago on the bed. However, Harry was stronger than Evie and managed to get her to face him.

“Love? I didn’t mean ta upset ya?”
“You didn’t I’m fine” Evie whispered trying to conceal her red face
“Are you embarrassed?” Harry teased gripping her chin and urging her to look at him.
“No I just can’t play this game with you anymore. It hurts”
“What game? I’m not playin a game?” Harry murmured confused.

Evie groaned pushing Harry back to gain some space, the smell of him was intoxicating, he smelt of sea, sand and woodchips.
“This thing you do every time we’re together in public or alone, you’re playing with something that means a lot to me.”

Harry growled frustrated she wasn’t getting it.
“This thing is nat a game Evie, ya talking about your heart well guess what ye have had mine since ye brought me here.”

Evie stood still, mouth open and closing as Harry just spilled everything.
Having enough of her staring at him like a silly fish Harry grasped her face in his hands and kissed her.

Taken back by what was happening it took Evie a good few seconds to catch up not that she’d admit it. It started off a small kiss but grew more intense. Harry lead Evie backwards not once breaking the kiss as she bumped into the desk. Reaching down Harry hoisted Evie up and placed her down on the desk, spreading her legs to stand in between. Their kiss slowing down as they broke apart to breathe, albite heavy from the intensity of the kiss.

Harry held Evie’s face in his hands, caressing the fallen stray hair from her face. This gave Evie a better angle to start taking off Harry’s clothes. Jacket first she slowly reached up sliding the jacket over his taught muscles and off completely dropping it to the floor with a slight thud. She reached up to tug at his shirt but his hands grasped hers, glancing up Evie noticed a pink blush formed across Harry’s neck and cheeks.
“I want ta make sure you want this too?”

Evie smiled and lead his hands to the back of her dress letting him make the decision to pull the zipper or not. Harry grinned and pulled the zipper down, bringing his lips back to meet hers again, softly at first and then more intensely as he parted her sweet cherry lips with his own sending wild tremors coursing through her veins as he began to remove her dress.


The loud bang broke Harry and Evie from each other as they looked towards the sound of interruption. Harry noticed them first because Evie was still sat on the desk back facing the door.
Mal, Carlos, Ben and Jay all stood mouths open wide gawping at the half naked pair in Evie’s room. 
Evie blushed profusely at being caught half naked, Harry noticed her discomfort and went round the table to block the others from her view.

“Well this is a sudden change” Mal snickered
“We were studying” Evie protested as she got her dress on and came back into view.
“Yea each other’s mouths” Carlos mocked
“Careful lad I’ll hook ye” Harry warned, gripping the zipper on Evie’s dress and pulling it back up again for her.

Evie shivered at Harry’s touch as he pulled the zipper back up on her dress. A pink blush spread across her cheeks as she realised he was trying to protect her from the discomfort of being seen and caught naked… half naked still all the same.

“Well if you two are done studying each other’s anatomy mind helping us with a problem?” Mal teased.

Harry glanced down at Evie and nodded grabbing his jacket from the floor and hook from the bed.
“Wha are we waitin for?” he hollered.

Evie grinned as she followed after the group, grasping Mal’s open hand and walking out together.
“Studying my ass” she winked.

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Tummy Kisses - Taeyong (Drabble)

{A/N Sorry this is late,, I don’t really have an excuse for it being so late~ Enjoy! I hope it holds you all over for a little while! -Admin Taebreeze

P.S. The tests are from the P.O.V of Taeyong, who is texting a friend of Y/N’s.}

*Y/N does not have a specified gender!*

  • Holy shit tum kisses.
  • His dramatic ass would put the phone on the dresser, out of reach of the both of them, laying back down on the bed.
  • “what did they say??” y/n would ask, all innocent
  • Taeyong turns the volume down on the tv
  • he down on his stomach, perpendicular to y/n
  • lays his head on their tum
  • he smiles all sly-like
  • “what?” y/n asks
  • “Nothing. I just love you. Thats all.”
  • hes being all mischievous tho and anyone from a mile off could tell.
  • y/n reaches down to poke his nose and he SNATCHES their hand, kissing their fingers gently
  • y/n giggles, ofc
  • the glare in taeyong’s eyes are seriously nothing to joke about, his mind is SET
  • “tae- what????”
  • “how come…”
  • he starts playin with their fingers all cute like, but his voice is anything but- very deep and sensual 
  • “how come you never tell me what you like, dear?”

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