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She is half human though…Games MC…Also

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Dear MC , it’s either:
1) Illuminati 
2) Templars 
3) Triads

You had it on your  exam!

If those three are lead by humans in Eldarya then this is so disappointing, you have no idea… >.>

boom - first mention!

I don’t know what it is but I do like this…

Not 100% accurate but I ‘ll take this any day!

This is heaven!

Do you ever look at a building and imagine what happens inside every little window? Do you plan out what rooms could be an office, an art studio, or even a library that’s magically bigger when you enter the room. It’s like looking at a cross section view from an anthill, except on a much larger scale, filled with endless possibilities 

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“the fuck? who are you?” and “just… come back alive, okay?” with peter! :)

this is really cheesy omg im not sorry

The hazy light of the TV screen lit up your bedroom. It was late at night, and the only thing stopping you from falling asleep was the noise of Arrested Development playing in the background. 

You slid out of bed, rubbing a hand against your sleepy face as you walked across the room to turn off the TV. You stood on your tippy toes, pressing the power button until the screen turned black. Content with the silence, you turned around and trudged back to bed. But just as you were about to crawl in, there was a knock at your window.

“What the..?” you mumbled to yourself, padding over to source of the noise. You pulled open your curtain, a steady stream of moonlight filling up your room. There was a figure sitting on your roof, and your groggy mind couldn’t comprehend who it was. You pushed open the window, sticking your head as you spoke, “The fuck? Who are you?” you asked, squinting at the form.

He turned around, his masked face hiding his annoyed facial expression, “Seriously (Y/N)? I could have been a robber and that was your reaction? ‘The fuck? Who are you?’”

“Peter?” you questioned, watching as he climbed across the roof.

“The one and only,” he smirked, perching himself in front of you and peeling off part of his mask.

You stepped out of the way, letting him crawl into your room. He hopped onto your floor, completely pulling off his red mask.

“Were you sleeping?” he asked, looking around your dark room.

“I was about to,” you shrugged.

“Aw, I’m sorry for walking you,” he apologized, walking over to you and pressing a kiss against your forehead.

“’tis okay,” you mumbled, burying your face into his suit. “Why are you here?”

“Thought I’d come visit my girl before I put some suckers in jail,” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around you.

“Thats my boy,” you laughed, letting go of him and poking his nose. 

“I dont have much time, but maybe we can watch a quick episode of Arrested Development before I leave?”

You nodded, walking back to your bed as he went and turned on the TV. You sat on the bed, waiting for Peter to come.

“This episode is hilarious,” he commented, sitting down next to you. He laid back on your pillow, pulling you down with him so you rested comfortable on his chest.

“You know, for spandex this suit is pretty comfy,” you giggled.

“You can thank Mr. Stark for that, he hooked me up with this,” Peter proudly stated.

The both of you quietly watched TV for the next half an hour; you cuddled up against Peter’s chest as he intently watched the show, laughing every now and then at some joke. Your eyelids became heavy, and you felt yourself slowly drift off to sleep.

There was a dip in the bed, and the weight of Peters body was no longer present.

“Peter?” you sleepily asked, opening up one eye, “Where are you going?”

He stopped in the middle of your room, slowly turning around. “I was hoping not to wake you.”

“Spider-Man duties?”

“Yeah, Spider-Man duties.”

“Okay,” you quietly responded, “Just…come back alive, okay?”

Peter smiled, swiftly walking back to the bed. he gave you a quick kiss, his forehead against yours as he spoke, “Always.”

want one?

Might be a little in active

I start my new job today 😧

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Never Have I Ever - Teen!Samuel Drake x Reader

 "Never have I ever snuck out.“

 They don’t need to know. Keeping a finger up.

 "Never have I ever snuck out to go to a party.”

 Okay, I can keep my fingers up honestly for that one.

 "Never have I snuck out with a boy.“

 They don’t need to know. Keeping a finger up. Wait, isn’t it supposed to be my turn?

 Tap, tap, tap.

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