The little hole near the bottom of airplane windows is called a breather hole, and it’s drilled into the 2nd of three acrylic windowpanes. It exists so that, if the outer pane fails, only a small air leak forms, which the plane’s systems can easily re-pressurize. The innermost pane is just there to protect the other two from passengers. Source

Himchan: Okay, we’re at the window, what do you want.

Daehyun: A burger.

Himchan: There’s no burger on the menu.

Daehyun: I want a burger.

Himchan: Daehyun, we’re at taco bell.

Daehyun: Quiero una burger.

Himchan: The number of people in this car is about to go down to quiero uno if you don’t shut the hell up.

Yakov: Okay we’re at the window. What do you want?

Victor: I want the burger.

Yakov: There are no burgers on the menu.

Victor: I want the burger.

Yakov: Victor, we’re at Taco Bell.

Victor: Quiero una burger.

Yakov: The amount of people in this car is going to go down to quiero uno if you dont shut the hell up.

yoongio & holiet
  • jimin:can you wake up ur crush
  • yoongi:ok
  • yoongi:*clears throat loudly*
  • yoongi:but soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
  • jimin:what
  • yoongi:it is the east, and hoseok is the sun—
  • jimin:
  • yoongi:arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, *dramatically clutches chest* who is already sick and pale with grief—
  • hoseok:*yawns*
  • jimin:the fuck
  • Jimin:Okay, we're at the window, what do you want?
  • Jungkook:A burger.
  • Jimin:There's no burger on the menu.
  • Jungkook:I want a burger.
  • Jimin:Jungkook, we're at Taco Bell.
  • Jungkook:Quiero un burger.
  • Yoongi:The number of people in this car is about to go down to quiero uno if you little shits don't hurry the fuck up.

if you could have any view from your bedroom window what would you choose? 
the view from my apartment right now is my favourite thing! i see a good part of montreal and the fleuve and all and the lights and night and <3 <3 <3 i love it so much i wish i could live here forever

what’s your favorite thing to do on a sunny day? 
depends on the season but when it’s not too warm i like to go for walks

what do you consider lucky? 
not sure how to interpret this one. as in like what good luck charms do i have? i don’t really have any

what made you smile today? 
smasha licking my hand :’)

what makes you happy? 
my cats, my friends, learning things about computers

My perfect day.

  • what they say:i'm fine
  • what they mean:dan just. i cant believe he did something so fucking disrespectful. that damn selfie of him and phil, phil with his cute little face, which is confirmation that they are on holiday??? with the lesters??? how fucking rude i hate dan howell i hate phil lester i hate them all i love them i hate them fuck this what the fuck honestly im deleting

Reigisa Week Day 6: Family

Nagisa’s sisters try to do Rei a favor, but they end up putting weird pressure on him. Or something like that lol if you recognize where their siblings are from you have my undying love

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Alex Gaskarth has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen, he is all for peace, love and equality. He has lifted up thousands of people after they have lost hope. And to sit there and say that he is hateful in any shape, way or form is just ignorant.


Thirteen songs for fluorescent skies and electric air, for empty buildings and human-flooded streets, for the rupture of one world and the growth of another.


We’ve done it now