[[BTS reaction to another member playfully flirting with their girlfriend. Requested by anonymous]]

[[Wow! ok this will cool I guess]] 

~Jin~  On the outside: “Eyyy what are you two talking about?”  

On the inside: “What the hell— that is my girlfriend you little shit…”

~Suga~  On the outside: Laughing along. “This is seriously nice right? Us three talking you flirting haha.” 

 On the inside: “Dude— back off that is my girlfriend not yours…I am so going to kill you in a second…” 

~Jhope~ On the outside Laughs along to some jokes and notices the flirting. “Hehe, that is funny!” Claps  

On the inside: -Glares- “I will fucking kill you, if you carry on!”

~Rapmon~  On the outside. Notices the flirting. “I know she is sexy and fine but she hears that from me all the time, no need to say more.” 

On the inside: “I will slap you all the way to Hong Kong you won’t feel your cheek.” 

~Jimin~  On the outside: “H-h-hehe….”

 On the inside: “You better move before I hurt you—” 

~Taehyung~ On the outside: “Yah— MOVE AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND!!” Nu need for an inside…

~Jungkook~ On the outside: Stares— 

On the inside: “Deathly maknae stare— burn already…” 

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when oliver and felicity are finally a couple can u imagine the banter, the smiles, the wit, the kisses on the cheek (and everywhere else), the cute moments were gonna hve ! they're gonna be funny and sweet and sexy as hell :) it's gonna be awesome and the proposal he's gonna give her "the whole universe changed look" and we're gonna cry and the ring will be awesome she'll babble. Well i'm obviously losing my shit, hve a nice day or night or afternoon i dn't know what time it is in the us :)


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Did you see the ask on Nush's blog about Gabby's video and her saying there is nothing she really likes about Brighton that it's not a place to live if your in your 20's and she can't wait to move to London. Well then why in the hell did she move there then?!? She talked it all up big and shit when she was moving there. Omg what is with this girl?!

Like I said before, now she got all the fame she could from Zoe, she’ll move on to another youtube ‘friend’. Let’s stop pretending we didn’t know why she moved to Brighton in the first place. She had no friends, no family, nothing in Brighton but Zoe and Alfie. She was oh so excited to move there because she loved the town sooooo much, right? Now she’s probably got enough money to move to London and suck seek some more subscribers from work friends.

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dear person of your choice, dear past me, dear datemate, dear pet (tell me about weird shit your dogs do hell yeah)

dear person of your choice:

since u asked me this I will say dear u!! dear charlotte my lovely sweet child I miss you to no end all the time and I’m really looking forward to the next time we hang out bc ur a doll and I love uuuuuu so much!!!!! we need to plan what we can do together when you’re back in san jose omg we should get ice cream again that was super fun

dear past me:

u will eventually have short white hair like you’ve always wanted and it will look cool and u won’t even care when ur parents bring up how back in the day you used to say how you would never cut or dye your hair and you will feel comfortable liking whoever you wanna like and expressing the fact that you don’t really feel like a girl!! so don’t worry about it!! :’)

dear datemate ( warning this will probably be really gay ):

dear 74r0 ur a wonderful gay and tho we have not been dating for a very long time I have known you for so long!! long enough to feel 100% comfortable around you and it makes me so happy!!!!! yeah!!!!! I’m gay!!!!! but yeah honestly bless you I’ve already spent our whole friendship complaining to you but now I just complain 200 times MORE bc ur forced to listen to it muahahahahaha fukr!! I know it’s a little weird dating me because I’m grey-aro and that’s tough but you’re a trooper >:O bless ya ❤️❤️

dear pets:

dear baron: I love you to death even tho u never stop begging and you like to growl at me. I know ur not being mean and ur just weird so it doesn’t bug me!! also I think it’s really funny when you can’t decide if you want to cuddle with me or growl I love it. I’m glad that we were lucky enough to adopt you and I was lucky enough to raise you!!

dear gramps: I love u to the moon and back even though u lay on your back when you sleep and it makes you snore really loudly. I love when I am having a bad day and you get so happy to see me you jump up and down like you forget you are fat. I’m really glad i raised you and don’t tell Lindsay but I’m glad she ended up needing to leave you here with us!!

dear daisy may: mom spoils you and you bark a lot but you’re still an absolute angel oh man you’ve been through so much hard shit in your short little life but I’m so so glad that you belong to us now and that you’re safe and you won’t ever have to go through that scary stuff again. also it’s just a plus that you look like a lamb and when you’re happy you chew on shoelaces it just makes you that much cuter. I love you more than there are daisies on eartha and I’m glad mom took you in from the shelter!!

thank you for the ask charlotte~~

make me choose: alicia/will or alicia/peter → joliecious


Top 10 films of 2013
 1. The World’s End, directed by Edgar Wright

Cancer & Pisces


Pisces: I found your diary today…

Cancer: WHAT OMG did you read it? Shit I wasn’t even serious it was a joke I swear to God and Jesus and all that… wow please don’t think I’m crazy!

Pisces: I sure as hell hope you weren’t! I mean I totally want six kids with you although I’m not sure about naming our first born Frank? 

Cancer: So, you don’t think I’m crazy?

Pisces: *shakes head*

Cancer: Well then guess who’s getting some tonight?

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hi so you're amazing you basically got me to ship bagginshield from your blog alone tbh. do you have any must-read recs for them that you can recommend to another lost shipper soul?

omg WHAT???  YES WELCOME TO BAGGINSHIELD HELL (where tea is at four, no need to knock)

Here is my fic rec tag which I’ll add to (I don’t read as much as I used to, reading for uni kind of takes up a lot of my time) but I’m sure everyone will have a load of recs for you, don’t be afraid to ask :D  which reminds me, baggvinshield has a plentiful fic rec tag that I’m working my way through so go there too!

(and may I humbly offer my own for consideration too with promise that a longer installment is currently being edited :P)

Idek what I’m doing omfg

Jin: what are all of you lazy asses doing get up

Namjoon: what the hell are you doing up at 5:00 am in the morning we have free day today remember

Jin: no what the hell are you doing in bed?

Namjoon: i just told you today is our schedule-free day

Jin: it ain’t for momma Jin do you know what type of shit we have to go through everyday just to help you children

Yoongi: hyung what the hell are you talking about

Jimin: did someone not give Jin hyung’s sleeping pills

Jungkook: he has sleeping pills what you never told me wtf

Jin: watch your mouth jungkook

Jungkook: i didn’t even-

Jin: shhhhhhh

Hoseok: did you fail at cooking for the first time


Hoseok: well shit ok


Taehyung: yes sir

Jin: what

Taehyung: are you kidding me you just said to listen to you

Jungkook: yeah

Jin: no you called me sir not ma’am

Namjoon: what

Yoongi: what

Jungkook: what

Taehyung: what

Jimin: what

Hoseok: what

Jin: I switched guys

Namjoon: that makes sense

Jungkook: did you have a thing for maknaes is that why you liked me most bc i go for noonas

Everyone: wait whAt

Stop stereotyping zodiac signs 2k15

Aries are sensitive fucks who don’t get mad easily just irritated

Lmao aquarius actually do care they’re just to busy running a blog to be attentive

Taurus give too much love and actually don’t only care about their selves

Geminis aren’t even bipolar they just know how to not be fake like the rest of us and portray their emotions because they fucking feel like it

Libras talk a lot of shit and their love life is unbalanced and weird as hell but at least their sauce game A1 and they make some bomb ass FOOD

Omg most pisces are not even shy and sweet Yall be hurting my feelings you blunt assholes omg go to an art class and like my recents on Instagram 😕🌅

Scorpios are not even mysterious what the fuck they talk too much . (Well like once you know them )

Lmao do virgos even have their life together

Capricorns are lazy as hell and leaks all the test answer cheats

bitch cancers would fucking slit your throat and make it into an etsy choker fuck out of here with that “they need a savior bullshit “

Sagittarius are so dramatic and emotional but well composed like if you don’t stop

Leos just need a hug and never meant to come across as a bitch