I ship YuuYoi it’s my Owari no Seraph OTP and idc I fucking love it I’ll go to Hell and back with this ship idc what anyone says

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Omg Vee!! I know this is random but do you know who else advertises detox tea, besides B and D? Tom Felton. I saw it on his ig yesterday and nearly screamed what the hell

What in the ACTUAL hell? Draco’s hocking shit-tea? How disappointing.

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Do you have any favourite SeKai moments? I'm personally a sucker for their backhugs.

them trying and failing to hide that they were holding hands 

kai kissing sehun’s shoulder after he won the game for them (some people think that this is a sniff?? and i h8 that kai smelling sehun is a thing too)

any of these (ive said it before this is their thing)

whatever the hell this is

i don’t even know what this is?? like theres clearly space and look more hand! holding!

sehun being obvious

these lil shits with their matching shirts and jackets

japan is their country can you believe that kai proposed to sehun and then they got married?? (i still cant believe that these are official photos omg)

this translation kept me up at night for like a week nestled and exchanged breaths?? who talks like that outside of fic?? 

honestly this is kind of rude? but mostly funny poor lay.  and kai grabbing sehuns neck like that bye

and a hell of a lot more but one of my all time favourite sekai moment was Kai losing his chill at the mamas:

this is not an edit i repeat this is! not! an! edit!  kai did this shit on stage after sniffing sehun THREE times when the others were giving their speeches:

look! at! his! smile! again not an edit

This got kind of messy lmfao but yeah these are some of my fave moments.

OMGCP and Captains

Okay, this got deleted last time I tried before I could save the draft, so here is a shorter version:

Captains in hockey are leaders on and off the ice. Officially, their only role is as the only player authorized to discuss on-ice calls made by officials. They don’t have to be the BEST player on the team, but they do need to have a thorough understanding of the rules.

Jack is an obvious choice for captain because the man breathes hockey. Ransom and Holster are also pretty obvious choices. But what happens after they graduate?

I’ve heard some alternate theories, but I argue that Bitty is the obvious choice for the next captain:
1. He’s done it before with his old team in Georgia. Yeah, it’s nothing compared to college level, but we know he’s capable of it.

2. We’re only about ¼ into Bitty’s third year, and we’ve already seen him growing as a player. (“There you go, #15!!!”) He made a lot of progress since his first year with Jack’s help, but now Jack’s support is from the sidelines. There is no longer a “star” on Bitty’s team and he has a little more room to spread his wings and will need to step up to fill that void. I think this will be a big year for his development as a hockey player.

3. Bitty has been slowly growing into more of a leadership role off ice as well. It started in his second year (actually the end of the first year when he toured the frogs during their first appearance). He took it upon himself to look after the frogs, and has continued with the new tadpoles. He’s even taken over Shitty’s old Haus tours and put his own warm, welcoming spin on it.

4. As far as plot goes, Bitty is the logical choice for team captain in his senior year. Becoming captain will create new challenges for him not only in his hockey life, but also his social life, romantic life, and even his academic life. After all, this IS Bitty’s story. I think he’s the obvious choice for captain and it will be really interesting to see how he handles it.

(More under the cut because omg this did NOT end up shorter than the original lol)

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Here already – what the hell?? 

Damn you guys, I bloody love you guys and I can’t express how much it means to me that you bunch of well talented beautiful people follow my little crappy blog. It really really does mean the world to me! So thank you! 

Once again, in no particular order, some shout out to my regulars! <3 

You have stolen my heart and Bones’ too - you’ve made us part of your crew and I am greatly honored! Love you dude! 

You are spectacular to RP with and perfect to talk to. I love our muses and friendship. Thank you for everything, stay brilliant just the way you are! 

You’re brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I freaking love everything that we’re doing so much. You’re wonderful. Never change. 

My heart breaks every time I reply to our thread, but I can’t help but love it, and the way you characterize Jim. Marvelous and perfect! <3 Stay awesome. 

My little girl – that’s a bit weird, but honestly, I adore roleplaying with you. I can get into the zone to write with you so easily because I feel it! So thank you for that!! 

OC’s are the damn bomb, especially when it comes to yours! Our muses get along so well and I’m so damn happy! Stay brilliant. 

Our RP is so much fun to do - exploring how the two feel after Beyond is a magnificent treat that I get to explore with a fantastic partner! Thank you for doing this with me! <3

Kingsman! Yes. Yes and yes! Thank you for letting me do this with you. I am already in love with it and your Jim!! <3

Now to all the Jim’s - those who I have just started RPing with, and those that I want to - because you can never have to much McKirk – 

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i dont get why people get mad at the whole ‘omg why does studyblr act like everything is so simple and ease, sunshine and coffee’ like.. …. . this site is a god damn place to escape.  it’s nice to take a break from the reality of a shit life to come onto this site and have people giving you hope that everything will be okay. so no, i will never be mad at people whose hopeful about schoolwork, who encourages people to keep going, you need people like that. i will never be upset about that one concept of this community. it’s cool if you wanna be realistic and be like ‘life is unfair’ like of course, but why.….. . be grumpy about people trying to constantly be positive??? 

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I've got this headcanon that Castiel would be a meme trash can

omg best headcanon

cas browsing the interwebs and stumbling across the best memes™

and he starts using ‘em in causal conversation. without noticing.

dean could be like “here! we found the [monster of the week]! it’s that boy” and cas just fkn says “oh shit waddup” meanwhile sam loses it in the background and dean is like “what the hell cas”

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What did your lucid dream about Draco include?

omg it was wacky as hell. so, like, it was during battle of hogwarts and he ended up not walking to the otherside and than after Harry killed Voldy everyone was all woo!! and happy and shit but Draco was all by himself and so I went to talk to him and I gave him a hug and died a little because i love him

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...you say "bye" all the time in the group chat whenever we bring up Namswoon tho...

I think you’ve misunderstood something. Let’s review:

//Namjoon photo pops up

Admin K says: “BYE”



♥︎Admin K

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Ahh Citra that Sims post inspired me to play that game and now Dean is a firefighter and Cas is an artist ^_^ Dean likes cooking and Cas likes gardening. Dean naps on the sofa while Cas watches documentaries beside him. I love this game why didn't I play it sooner??

HELLS YEAH I SUCCESSFULLY GOT SOMEONE TO PLAY THE SIMS THROUGH A POST ABOUT DESTIEL holy shit what is this power. this is too much power for one person.

but omg YES isnt watching cas gardening so relaxing and calming?? because you KNOW canon!cas would enjoy the heck out of it!! i mean in a way its ALMOST like being an angel i guess because you give life to something and you take care of them and cas would love it so much because this is what angels were supposed to be for humanity!! not the massacre-bringing and selfish divine mess that they are now!!

and we all know that dean has canonically always been able to cook i mean the first thing he did when he discovered the kitchen in the bunker was make a goddamn homemade burger for god’s sake and it’s such a DEAN THING TO DO because cooking means giving nourishment to a person which also means keeping them alive and well and healthy and everything he’s always wanted to do since he was little and struggling to run outside on his tiny legs from the fire to protect his baby brother!!! besides, cooking can be very therapeutic for a person who genuinely likes it and i think its the perfect way to like,,LET GO for dean in between hunts i guess?? 

SHIT MAN IDK MAYBE ITS NOT EVEN THAT DEEP but i like to think of it that way.

ANYWAY im glad youre enjoying the game but never forget to hydrate yourself every now and then because roleplaying destiel on a video game can only do so much to satisfy your thirst if you know what i mean wink wink

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Shit fam, I follow a Narnia blog and you and when I see "Peter" headcanons, I just always get confused it's like??? Is this going to be about oral sex or like swordfighting??? Who even knows??? It's a giant grab bag of what the hell, I suppose.

omg oral sex or swordfighting oml

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Mom: *walks into room* Here. *holds out package* Me: *takes package and reads 'Adam and Eve* *thinks 'oh shit' and opens box* Mom: *snickering*Me: *pulls out sparkling purple dildo* MOM WHAT THE HELL?!Mom: Happy Birthday! *leaves* This happened halp


ok at first i got an email with my room assignment for college right and i was in a double that shared a bathroom with another double and ok thats fine whatever but i recently got another email that says a whole different room assignment and apparently im in a quad now??? what the mcfuck?? i Cannot share a room with three other people i will go crazy im gonna email them and ask why i got reassigned omg i cant deal with three other people and who even knows what the bathroom situation for that room would be like is it a community bathroom? hell no i dont play that shit imma email them i need answers smh

Best Moments from The Color Purple (not chronological + spoilers)
  • “hows bout us just remains friends” when Celie rejected Mister
  • the first time Sofia said Hell No
  • the tender interpretation of the cloth as the baby
  • the Celie / Shug kiss, like nobody told me there was gay shit omg !!
  • the face Shug made whenever Celie stood up for herself
  • every time Cynthia Erivo opened her mouth
  • “ I wanna do nothing” the stunted sassy voice Cynthia uses when she’s angry or being too real
  • when Harpo ran off from the fight holding squeak saying “she (sofia) beat me too!!”
  • the strength of the platonic/romantic woman/woman relationships, but overall, the strength of finding/loving yourself
  • #blacktalent #blackexcellence AN ALL BLACK CAST IS WHAT THIS WORLD NEEDS
  • each time those three ladies came out, the soundtrack has nothing on how it really feels hearing them like that
  • honestly however good you think it sounds, hearing the voices interact with each other live is so much better. it’s like they repeatedly found my heart’s frequency and shattered it
  • when Celie comes in for “Dear God- Sofia” or any moment when she does an low, almost talking internal monologue and is happy
  • “no i think i’ll feel better if i kill him”
  • “If you ever needs help with anything just call. There don’t have to be no plumbing.” and the face Celie makes upon being offered sexual favors by a man was so funny. She was like uhhhh thanks (but it was awk because her ex husband who was evil before walked in)
  • When Shug poses in front of Celie and is still kinda a mess
  • Okay and just a moment for how ironic it is every time someone calls Celie ugly because Cynthia Erivo is so utterly gorgeous
  • “she a lowdown hoe is what everyone’s tryna say”
  • “We got to sayyyyyy-A-a-aa” the pause
  • “I wash her body and it feel like I’m praying.” Just Celie feeling arousal probably for the first time ever because all her sexual experiences were, well, rape. And she’s a lesbian (in my interpretation of the story) and the only women in her life were her sister and Sofia (who’s like a sister to her)
  • The Sofia / Squeak fight
  • When Celie leaves but she comes back and tries to get Mister with a chair and people hold her back
  • “I may be poor, I may be black, I may be ugly, but I’m here.” And then the face Shug makes after Celie walks out
  • Look who’s wearing the pants nOWWWWWWWWW
  • Sofia’s laugh
  • Just every single moment I was in the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater. I honestly don’t believe I’ll ever see a performance that good.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND BUY A TICKET. The theater is relatively small and even the cheapest seats are good seats. 


*stumbles out of bed… checks tumblr*


wait… what

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I guess this is what happens when you do two comic dubs by two very popular artists…..

So um… Hey all my new followers…. 

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Hope you like Undertale, Comic dubs and lots of shit posting!

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What would the clash say to their babies as they hold them for the first time?

Joe: communism is the only way


Paul: BOI…I’m gonna drop this someone help

Mick: one day you’re gonna grow up and it’ll be hell omg